考研英语作文冲刺: 考研英语作文冲刺:十大经典实用句型
  1. It --(
  1) It is obvious to most of us, in particular the younger ones, that SVO。 (
  2) It goes without any slightest question (doubt) that SVO。 (
  3) It can be said with much certainty and confidence that SVO。 (
  4) It has been repeatedly pointed out by some authoritative sources that SVO。
  2. To --To tell the truth / To be honest / To be more exact / To put it in a more accurate way
  3. As --(
  1) As far as I am aware, SVO。 (
  2) As is well-known to the general public, SVO。 (
  3) As is often the case, SVO。 (
  4) As often mentioned by some experts, SVO。
  4. There be --(
  1) There is no denying an obvious fact that, SVO。 (
  2) There is certain element of truth in saying that SVO。
  5. What --(
  1) What matters is that SVO。 (
  2) What needs to be emphasized rahter than overlooked here is that SVO。 (
  3) What must be rememberd about the situation is that SVO。 (
  4) What I have to pointed out here is that SVO。
  6. which
SVO, which SVO
He jumped out and killed himself, which is baffling many people。 (
  1) (
  2) , which is of great importance (benefit) to our life (society)。 , which is damaging both physically and spiritully。

  7. It is … that … I bought a book yesterday。 It is yesterday that I bought the book。 I love you because you love me。 It is because you love me that I love you。 adv。
  8. Only + adv。 If we have fund, we can protect cultural heritage。 Only if we have fund, can we protect cultural heritage。 We can solve the problem in this way as soon as possible。 Only in this way can we solve the problem。 Only in this way, to tell the truth, can we … It … only …
  9. … as … as … It is important to protect cultural heritage。 Nothing in this world is as important as to protect cultural heritage。 The biz shoule be responsible for society。 Nothing is as important as the biz’s responsibility for society。 Nobody should be as responsibility for society as the biz。
  10. not … but … not because … but because …
We should protect heritate because the heritage is a part of our history。
We should protect heritage not because we can make money out of it but because the heritage is a part of our history。 谓宾搭配 economy (经济方面) save money, save resource, improve efficiency environment(环境方面) purify air/water, protect forest/soil education(教育方面) promote educational justice, instruct kids community(社会组织方面) make community peaceful and harmonious, reduce crime family(家庭方面) stabilize family, consolidate family relationship (link) healty(健康问题) improve health, add satisfaction 动词 lead to, give rise to, bring about, originate from, derive from, be rooted in, have a lot to do with, be involved with 名词 personal interest, living pressure, financial desire, time, health, knowledge, schooling family issues (divorce, single parenting, violence, prejudice) job (employment, income, promotion, stress, office politics, condition) psyche (depression, satisfaction, fulfillment, pride) society (system, economy, cultural, communication, population)
environment (pollution, worsenting situation, resources)
考研英语作文最后冲刺: 考研英语作文最后冲刺:议论文写作指导 http://www.sina.com.cn 2009 年 12 月 18 日 14:23 Ⅰ九 UNIT Ⅰ九大主题词汇 计算机、 一 计算机、通讯类 1 计算机 commit computer crimes 进行电脑犯罪活动 Most computer crimes can be traced back to hackers. 大多数计算机犯 罪都是电脑黑客干的。 access the Internet 进入互联网 accomplish the operation simply with a click of the keys 敲击键盘 即可完成操作 administrator 管理员 auto search 自动搜索 bandwidth 宽带 be multilingual 可以使用多种语言 be networked with … 与…联网 be no longer imaginary 不再是幻想 blogger 写博客的人 chat on-line in Internet 网上聊天 distance learning 远程教育 on shopping on-line 进行网上购物 facilitate the growth of the cyber-economy 推动网络经济的发展 Internet café 网吧 跨考教育
Internet fans 网迷 Internet geek/netter 网虫 Internet video chat 网上视频聊天 It is difficult to know whether the information on the Internet is reliable or not. 很难确定互联网上的信息是否可靠。 Millions of computers are connected to one another in a worldwide network called Internet. 不计其数台电脑在世界范围内互相联系在一起称作 互联网 Printed sources continue to remain an important method for researching materials. 使用印制资料仍然是获得研究资源的重要方法。 provide on-line employment services to job seekers 为求职者提供网 上择业服务 There is an advantage to being multilingual. 懂得多种语言很有益处。 with the gradual popularization of the Internet 随着互联网的不断普 及 put out your message through E-mail 使用电子邮件发出讯息 net-addiction 网瘾 provide entertainment in the form of computerized games 提供电子游 戏形式的娱乐 2 其他通讯手段 allow people to carry telephone with them all the time 使人们能够 随时随身携带电话 Calls were connected manually by switchboard operators. 过去电话由 接员人工接通。 Cellular telephones are portable units that can be used away from home. 手机是出门在外也可以使用的便携装置。 Cellular telephones can be used to access information virtually anywhere and anytime. 手机实际上可以用于随时随地接收信息。 make wireless communication possible 使无线通讯成为可能
phone can connect to the Internet 手机可以连接到互联网 send a short text message to sb.’s cell phone 给某人的手机发短信 cable television systems 有线电视系统 digital television 数字电视 pick up the signals from satellites 通过卫星接收信号 provide a large number of (many more) channels 提供很多(更多)频道 satellite television service 卫星电视业务 advances in digital communications 数字通讯的发展 improve the quality and efficiency of telecommunication 提高远程通 讯的质量和效率 modern digital telecommunication 现代数字远程通讯 send messages faster and more accurately 更快、更准确地传送信息 二经济、 二经济、改革类 1 旅游业 About six or seven percent of the Gross National Product comes from tourism. 国民生产总值的 6%-7%来自旅游业。 be one of the major industries of this country 是该国主要产业之一 belong to the service industry 属于服务性行业 benefit through peaceful development and cultural understanding 从 和平发展和文化认同中获益 carry exchange and investment to … 吸引交流和投资到… focus attention on the role tourism can play in elimination of poverty 重视旅游业对消除贫困的作用 serve as a dynamic catalyst of emploment, wealth, investment and poverty elimination 对就业、财富、投资和摆脱贫困起到有力的催化作用 Tourism business preserves cultural and heritage traditions. 旅游 业保护传统和文化遗产。
do-it-yourself/independent travel 自助游 during the height of travel 在旅游的高峰季节 golden week for tourism 旅游黄金周 visit historic sites/spots 参观历史名胜 2 农业 be not fertile enough to justify cropping 不够肥沃,所以不值得耕种 cultivate inferior 开垦贫瘠土地 The supply of good land is limited. 良田资源是有限的。 to feed a large population 养活众多的人口 cause pollution and health problems 引起污染和健康问题 chemical fertilizer 化肥 destroy harmful insects 消灭害虫 Insecticides also kill helpful insects. 杀虫剂也会杀死益虫。 save water during irrigation 节水灌溉 use up ground water 用尽地面水 increase food production to help feed the growing world population 提供粮食产量为不断增加的世界人口提供食物 keep soil from drying out and prevents the loss of soil 避免土壤干 化和流失 One important form of soil conservation is the use of windbreaks. 土 壤保持的一个重要方法是利用防风林。 be carried out in a way that does not damage the environment 以一 种不破环环境的方式被执行 avoid a possible grain shortage 避免可能出现的粮食短缺 deserve to be called a broad-minded policy 应被视为有长远眼光的策 略
invest more in agricultural technology 加大对于农业科技的投资 Sustainable development methodes are designed to save resources. 开 展可持续发展的目的在于节约资源。
3 政治 Political systems have evolves over several centuries. 政治制度是 经历了好几个世纪的发展演变而来的。 undergo an economic and political transformation 经历经济和政治变 革 well handle the relations among reform, development and stability 妥 善处理改革、发展和稳定之间的关系 accoplish the great cause of national reunification 完成祖国统一大 业 contribute to international peace and prosperity 为国际和平和繁荣 作贡献 4 经济 attract more foreign investment 吸引更多外国投资 resources-efficient development mode 有效利用资源型发展模式 sharpen the international competitiveness 加强国际竞争力 secure the fair competition on the marker 保障市场上公平竞争 place emphasis on the future development 强调未来发展 try to gain a large market share 谋求更大的市场份额 maintain the competitiveness in market contests 保持在市场竞争中的 竞争力 reserve and promote the sound and cooperative economic and trade tries between the two countries 保持和促进两国之间稳健合作的经济和贸易联系 教育、 三 教育、就业类 1 教育
achieve universal comsulsory education 普及全民义务教育 adult education 成人教育 conduct the education of the younger generation 对年轻一代进行教育 special education for the disabled children 为残疾儿童开设特殊教育 spread education 推广教育 take education seriously 重视教育 be firmly convinced that education pays 坚信受教育是有益的 borrow heavily from the western traditions in education 在教育上大 量借鉴西方惯例 develop a well-informed, critically thinking, and civically engaged citizenry 培养知识丰富、善于独立思考、能很好履行义务的公民 Family education is as important as public education. 家庭教育和学 校教育一样重要。 Knowledge is priceless treasure. 知识是无价之宝。 talent training and quality education 人才培养和素质教育 transmit to youth the best of our culture 将我们最优秀的文化传给青 年一代 understand the necessity of education 懂得教育的必要性 alleviate/reduce/lighten burdens on the students of elementary and secondary schools 减轻中小学生负担 arouse attention from all sectors of society 引起全社会的注意 call for alleviating burdens on students 呼吁减轻学生负担 Children get a better education today than at any time in the past. 今天的孩子受的教育比以往任何时候都要好。 Edution must be conbined with practice. 教育必须与实践相结合。 A college education in the United States in expensive. 美国大学教 育的费用昂贵。
Increasing enrollment causes a sharp rise in educational costs. 扩 大招生导致教育费用急剧上升。 Students pay their tuition fees and living costs from income earned through the work-study program. 学生用勤工俭学的收入缴纳学习费用和生活 费用。 2 教学及教学方法 adopt a new approach in teaching 在教学中采用一套新做法 allow more time for individual instrucion and group discussion 给 予更多时间做个人指导和小组讨论 impart knowledge to one’s students 把知识传授给学生 involve both bearning and teaching 涉及教与学两方面 make radical improvements in teaching 从根本上改进教学 stick to the traditional teaching methods 固守传统教学法 teach students according to their aptitude 因材施教 3 教学管理 (
  1)学校 abide by the school rules 遵守学校的规章 collect subscription for the putting up of a charity school 募捐筹 建慈善学校 found an establishment of a private school 建立私利学校 make the most economical of school facilities 充分利用学校资源 part-work and part-study school 半工半读学校 (
  2)学生 be a good student in comparison with sb. 与某人相比,算是好学生 be concerned about the students ideology 从思想上关心学生 be heavily burdened with schoolwork 学校功课负担太重
dropouts 辍学者 encourage the students to think their own thoughts 鼓励学生独立思 考 errors common among students 学生常犯的错误 give heart to students 鼓励学生 give individual attention to each student 给每个学生以个别关注 Good teachers impart wisdom to his students. 好老师赋予学生智慧。 It is the duty of a student to study hard. 努力学习是学生的本分。 self-supporting graduate student 自费研究生 try one’s best to have the students take the initiative in learning 尽力调动学生的学习积极性
  3)学科 a developing borderline science 一门正在发展的边缘科学 an extensive subject 一门内容广博的学科 complete undergraduate study 完成本科学业 inspire self-cons



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   1. a series all all of of of 一系列,一连串 一系列 一连串 2. above 3. after 4. ahead 5. ahead 6. all 7. all 8. all 9. all 10. all 11. all 12. all 13. as at but of 首先,尤其是 首先 尤其是 毕竟,究竟 毕竟 究竟 在...之前 之前 time 提前 once 突然,同时 突然 同时 几乎;除了 都 几乎 除了...都 除了 a sudden 遍及 agai ...


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   蛙的故事 最近发生了几桩怪事儿。 我在北威斯康星州的树林中有一座小木屋。是我亲手搭建的,前面还有一间 花房。住在里面相当惬意。实际上我是在户外做音频制作和环境方面的工作--作 为干这一行的工具,我还装备了一间带电脑的工作室。 还有一只树蛙也在我的工作室中住了下来。 去年十一月,我第一次惊讶地发现他(只是这样称呼罢了,事实上我并不知道 该称“他”还是“她”)坐在电脑的音箱上。我把他放到花房里去,认为他呆在 那儿会更舒服一些。可他又跑回来呆在原地。很快我就习惯了有他做伴,清晨我 上网查收邮件和阅 ...


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   1.I’m an office worker. 我是上班族。 2.I work for the government. 我在政府机关做事。 3.I’m happy to meet you. 很高兴见到你。 4.I like your sense of humor. 我喜欢你的幽默感。 5.I’m glad to see you again. 很高兴再次见到你。 6.I’ll call you. 我会打电话给你。 7.I feel like sleeping/ taking a walk. 我 ...