reform vt /n 改革,改造 【考】welfare reform 福利改革 【例】They reformed the voting system 他们改革了投票制度 【派】reformer n 改革者 reformism n 改革主义 demonstrate vt 展示,论证;vi 举行示威游行 【考】demonstrate against 游行反对… 【派】demonstration n 示威 inspect vt 检查,视察 【考】inspect sth/sb for 检查,察看 【派】inspector n 检查员 inspection n 检查 interfere vi 干涉,介入 【考】interfere in/with 干扰,妨碍 appease vt 平息 【例】There was a clever attempt to appease the people 这是平息人们怒火的好方法 reconcile vt 使协调,使和解 【考】reconcile to 使顺从于 commit vt 犯(错误、罪行) ,使承诺,把…托付 【考】commit suicide 自杀 commit oneself 使承担义务 be committed to sth 致力于… verify vt 核实,查对 【例】Bill’s statement was verified by several witnesses 比尔的陈述得到了几位目击者的证实 strip vt 剥夺,脱去…的衣服 【例】Jim was found guilty and stripped of his rank 吉姆被裁定有罪,同时也被免去了军衔 investigate vt 调查,研究 【例】Police were investigating the cause of an explosion 警方正在调查一起爆炸事件的起因 【派】investigation n 调查 depend vi 依靠的,依赖的 【考】depend on sb 依靠, 依赖 【派】dependent a 依靠的 be dependent on sb 依赖某人
resist vt 抵制 【例】Many people resist change 很多人不喜欢变化 【派】resistant a 抵制的; resistance n 抵制 contemporary a 当代的 n 当代人 【例】contemporary literature 当代文 moral a 道德的 【例】moral sense 道德观 moral standard 道德标准 【派】morality n 道德 moralism n 道德教育 native a 出生的,当地的 【考】native speaker 说母语的人 realistic a 现实的,实际可行的 【例】Is that a realistic target?这是一个现实的目标吗? responsible a 有责任的 【考】be responsible for sth 对某事负责 wicked a 邪恶的 【例】The criminal denied that he had done anything wicked 罪犯否认他做过邪恶的勾当 helpless a 无助的 【例】the helpless victim 无助的受害者 ethic n 伦理,道德标准 【例】professional ethics 职业道德 guideline n 指导原则 guidelines of the employment 雇佣的指导方针 rumor n 谣言 【例】rumor has it that……有谣言声称 immigrant n 移民 【例】illegal immigrants 非法移民 individual n 个人 a 个人的 【例】the welfare of individual 个人的福利 【派】individualism n 个体主义 individuality n 个性
consequence n 后果,结果 【考】negative consequence 不良后果 commercial consequence 商业后果 【派】consequent a 随之发生的 consequently ad 因此 status n 地位,身份 【例】social status 社会地位 population n 人口 【例】the density of population 人口的密度 crime n 犯罪 【例】commit crime 犯罪 abuse n 虐待,滥用 【例】drug abuse 吸毒,child abuse 虐待孩童 【派】abusive a 辱骂的 gang n 一帮,一伙 【例】a gang of robbers 一群强盗 【派】gangster 黑帮

  3、节省和浪费:save time/money/space; economical, thrift waste time/money/space; costly, lavis
  4:人的心理健康:independent, cooperative, competitive, considerate, confident, creative, sociable, perseverance; selfish, isolated, conservative
  5、人的身体健康:health, disease, strong, strength, energetic
  6、娱乐:colorful, pleasure, joy, recreation, entertainment, relax tired, boring, lonely
  7、环境:environment, pollute, poisonous, dirty
  8、安全和危险:safe, danger, risk
  9:经验:experience, social experience, enter the society
  10、人际:humane, fair, unfair, help, assist, freedom, freely 生活充满不公正的地方:life is full of minor irritation/injustice 追求学习/职业:pursue one's academic interest/professional career 学习知识/技术:pursue/acquire knowledge/technology/skill 被看作学习的……榜样:be held up as a good example 交流经验/知识:share experience/ideas/problems/knowledge 发挥/起到重要作用:play an (important/active/great) role/part 逃学/缺课:skip school/a class/a meeting/a lecture
知识/经验丰富:rich in knowledge/experience 确立/追求目标:set/pursue a goal/higher standard 到达目标:achieve/accomplish/stain the goal/aim/objective 克服困难:overcome obstacles/difficulty 面临危险/困难:be confronted/faced with/in the face of danger/difficulty 阻碍了成功:stand in the way of success, be an obstacle/barrier to success/growth 阻碍了发展:hamper/impede/stunt the development of 持传统的看法:hold conventional wisdom 发表看法:voice/express one's opinion 持相反/合理的观点:take the opposite/fresh view 揭穿某种一贯的说法:shatter the myth of 求得帮助:enlist one's support/help 缩小差别:bridge/narrow/fill the gap/gulf (between city and country) 把成功/错误归咎于:attribute/own the success/failure to 对……重要:be indispensable/important/vital to 施加压力:put/exert a academic pressure on 重视:assign/attach much importance/significance to 强调:place/put much emphasis/stress/value on 把注意力集中在:focus/concentrate one's attention/efforts/thoughts upon 提供机会/信息:provide/offer/furnish an opportunity/information for sb. 抓住机会:grab/seize/take the opportunity 得到机会:enjoy/gain access to a opportunity/information 有可能:there is (little/much) possibility/likelihood that, chances/the odds are that 展开竞争:compete against/with sb. for the prize/position/control/the mastery of 对我很有/没有什么意义:make much/little sense to me 带来无穷的幸福/满足:be a source of happiness satisfaction/contentment/pride/complaint 献身于:devote/dedicate/commit oneself to a cause/career 大不(没什么)两样:make much(little/no) difference 真正重要的是:what really matters/accounts is … 改变生活旅程:change/alter the course of life 建立在大量的学习/实践上:built on tremendous amount of study/practice 进行调查/执行任务:conduct/carry out an study/task/experiment 辞去工作/学习:leave/quit one's job/work/school 参加考试/竞赛等:enter (for) the examination/contest, race 参加活动/讨论:take part/participate/be engaged in sports/activities/discussion 影响思想/态度/事件的形成:shape one's thinking/attitude 进入大学/社会/家庭/劳力市场/职业:enter a school/college/society/the work force/professionals 实现自己的理想/愿望:realize/fulfill/achieve one's dream(hops/wish/desire) 减轻压力/紧张:reduce/alleviate/relieve the stress/pressure/tension 提高社会地位:enhance/improve/upgrade social status/position/standing rise to the
position of leadership 提高技术/能力:sharpen (increase/improve/enhance/boost) one's skill/ability 加快/促进发展:accelerate/facilitate/advance/enhance/boost the development of 随着生活节奏的加快:with the quickening pace/rhythm/tempo of modern life/society 开阔眼界/兴趣:broaden one's interest/outlook, expand(broaden/enlarge) one's mental horizons 有助于了解/发展/宣传/解决:contribute much/little/greatly/to a better understanding of/the popularity of/the growth of/the solution of 有助于解决问题:go a long way to(towards) solving the problem 迷恋名利/分数:be obsessed/preoccupied with grades/fame/fortune 把时间花/浪费在:spend/waste time doing sth., put in hours doing sth. 利用机会/技术:make (full/better) use of/take advantage of opportunity/time, tap/harness technology potential/skills/talent 把知识/经验运用到…:apply/put the theory/knowledge/experience… to practice/daily life/good use 取得进步:make much progress/strides/gains in 充分发挥潜力/能力:develop one's ability/potential to the full, give full play to one's ability 充满激情/渴望:have a burning desire/a great passion for 基本表达(Basic Elements of English Writing): 越来越:be increasingly + adj., be on the rise, the growing number of 人们认为:it is generally/widely believed/held/agreed that 许多问题:a host of/a number of problems 引起人们注意:claim call/attract general/public/world attention to sth. 意识到:there is a growing awareness/realization of/that, awaken sb. to the fact/danger 适应新的形势/变化:adapt/adjust/accommodate oneself to new environment/change 接触各种思想/经历:be exposed to new ideas/experiences/problems 接触社会:come into frequent/close contact with the world/society 获得成功:achieve/accomplish success 提出观点/建议:advance / put forward / come up with the arguments/ideas/suggestions 作出努力:make tremendous/persistent/sustained effort to do sth., take great pains to do(with work/study) 影响学习/工作:interfere with studies/work 产生影响:have/exert a profound influence on life/personality, have a dramatic/undesirable effect on 较好地驾驭生活:be a better pilot of one's life 剥夺机会/权力:deprive oneself of the chance/right/opportunity 取代就的方式:substitute for/take the place of the old way 采取措施:take effective steps/measures to 控制我们的环境:take/gain increasing control over our own environment
躲避危险/挑战:shy/run away from the dangers/challenge 满足要求:meet/satisfy/accommodate the demand of 补偿损失:compensate for/make up for the loss/damage 解释某现象:account for/explain the phenomenon 对……很好的了解:have a better understanding/appreciation of, have a new perspective on. provide/gain an insight into 把某因素考虑进去:take sth. Into account(consideration), give much thought to 品位人生/自由/青春:savor the life/freedom/youth 培养对……的信心:develop/foster one's interest/confidence in 经历变化/困难/艰险:undergo/experience great changes/hardships/experience 表现出自信心等:project one's confidence/feeling/image

  1. I have had great deal of trouble.(跟得上班上 的其他同学)
  2. I don't mind your(你延期做出决定) the decision as long as it is not too late.
  3. In the Chinese household, grandparents and other relatives(起 着不可缺少的作用) in raising children.
  4. Mark often(试图逃脱罚款) whenever he breaks traffic regulations.
  5. When I (发现他骗我) I stopped buying thins there and started dealing with another shop.
  6. I suggested he (使自己适应) his new conditions.
  7. What a lovely party! It's worth( 牢记一生 ).
  8. If you won't agree to our plan,( 他们也不会同意 ).
  9. His remarks left me ( 想知道他的真实目的 ).
  10. If you had ( 听从了我的劝告,你就不会陷入麻烦)
  11. Though you stay in the sea for weeks, you will not( 失去联系 ) the outside world.
  12. The fifth generation computers, with artificial intelligence, ( 正在研制 ) and perfected now.
  13. How close parents are to their children __( 有很强的影响 ) the character of the children.
  14. The room is in a terrible mess; it (肯定没打扫过) .
  15. With tears on her face, the lady (看着他受伤的儿子被 送进手术室) Answer:
  1. keeping up with the rest of the class. 「超级句型」trouble 可以用在句型"have trouble doing sth. " 做某事有困难"中,这时,trouble 可以用 difficulty 来代替。 「超级短语」keep up with 意为"跟上……",指并肩前进,并驾齐驱,不至落后、掉 队。catch up with 意为"赶上",指从后边追上或改变落后状。
  2. delaying making 「超级单词」mind 作及物动词,后面通常接名词、代词、V-ing
形式、复合结构、从句等。 Delay 后接动词时,应该接动词的 ing 形式。
  3. play indispensable roles 「超级短语」play a part/role in 起着……作用,饰 演……的角色。
  4. attempts to escape being fined 「超级单词」escape 后面要接动名词形式。常与 介词 from 搭配,如 He has escaped from the fire.
  5. caught /found him cheating me 「超级句型」find/catch+宾语+宾补,如 I found him standing by the river.
  6. should adapt himself to 「超级句型」suggest 作"建议"时,其宾语从句中要用虚 拟句型"suggest that sb. (should)do sth."结构;从 suggest 还可以联想到宾语从句中 同样要用虚拟语气的相关动词如:insist,demand,order,ask,advise 等。 「超级短语」 adapt oneself to 使自己适应或习惯于, 其他搭配: adapt from 根据…… 改写/改编
  7. remembering all my life 「超级单词」Be worth doing……/值得做某事,还有说法 是 worth sth. 如:He is worth the praise.
  8. neither will they 「超级单词」neither 表示"两者都不", 表示"也"、"也不" 的 句子要部分倒装。如:If you won't go, neither



   reform vt /n 改革,改造 【考】welfare reform 福利改革 【例】They reformed the voting system 他们改革了投票制度 【派】reformer n 改革者 reformism n 改革主义 demonstrate vt 展示,论证;vi 举行示威游行 【考】demonstrate against 游行反对… 【派】demonstration n 示威 inspect vt 检查,视察 【考】inspect sth/sb for 检查,察看 ...


   索古特英语 英语 口语 索古特英语-是一个极力推崇免费英语学习的网站! 索古特英语-是一个极力推崇免费英语学习的网站! 提供英语听力,VOA,口语,双语阅读,全英文短文阅读,行业英语,英语试题 WORD 下 载,中高考英语资料,大学四六级英语,考试英语,英语动画,初中高试题。每日更新!!! 1. abnormal a. 不正常的> I’m normal, you’re ~ ! 2. abolish v. 废除 > CET-Ban ...

新东方在线四六级 - [四级词汇] 2011英语四级考试单词记忆口诀(7)

   QQ邮件订阅:新东方在线四六级 [四级词汇] 2011英语四级考试单词记忆口诀(7) 口诀七: gull:海鸥 hull:硬壳 lull:安静 mull:沉思,思考 bull:公牛 dull:蠢笨的,迟钝的 cull:屠宰,采摘 前面唱歌(g)的是海鸥, 海鸥喝水(h)用硬壳, 拉(l)住海鸥快安静, 飞到山(m)后去思考 海鸥不(b)同意变公牛, 打(d)它一下变白痴, 前面加c去屠宰。 新东方四六级名师在线:随时免费... 全文↓ 来自:新东方在线 [四级语法] 2011英语四级考试基础语 ...


   1. a series all all of of of 一系列,一连串 一系列 一连串 2. above 3. after 4. ahead 5. ahead 6. all 7. all 8. all 9. all 10. all 11. all 12. all 13. as at but of 首先,尤其是 首先 尤其是 毕竟,究竟 毕竟 究竟 在...之前 之前 time 提前 once 突然,同时 突然 同时 几乎;除了 都 几乎 除了...都 除了 a sudden 遍及 agai ...


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   最专业的学习资料下载网站 最专业的学习资料下载网站 abnormal / ?’nT:m?/a.不正常的;转态的 abolish / 佟?Tli?/ vt.废除,取消 abrupt/ 佟?rΛpt/a. 突然的,意外的,唐突的 absurd / ?’s?d/ a.不合理的,荒唐的 abundance / 佟?Λnd?s/n.丰富,充裕 academy / 佟???i/n.私立中学;专科院校 ...


   2006 年 12 月 一, In a purely biological sense, fear begins with the body's system for reacting to things that can harm us -- the so-called fight-or-flight response. " 从纯生物角度来说, 恐惧始于人体系统对会伤害我们的事情的反应即所谓的"战斗或 逃脱"反应. An animal that can't d ...


   组英语六级重点词汇,是通过总结历年考试真题而得出来的, 下面这 41 组英语六级重点词汇,是通过总结历年考试真题而得出来的,尽管是 纯英文式的,没有中文解释, 纯英文式的,没有中文解释,但是对备考英语六级的网友而言还是有一定帮助 的! 公然反抗/ 证明, 证明, 1. defy 公然反抗/ verify 证明,确定 / certify 证明,证实 / rectify 纠 正,整顿 / justify / magnify / amplify / simplify / specify 具体指定 ...



   新东方在线 [] 网络课堂电子教材系列 考研翻译基础班 第八讲:翻译技巧:句法翻译法 定语从句的翻译 一、前置法:把定语从句翻译到所修饰的先行词前面,可以用“的”来连接。 He who has never tasted what is bitter does not know what is sweet. 没有吃过苦的人不知道什么是甜。 Space and oceans are the new world which scientists are trying ...


   1.完形填空 1.完形填空(Cloze test)的内涵意思是 完形填空(Cloze test)的内涵意思是 什么? 什么? Cloze test直译为中文后,其意为“闭合, test直译为中文后 其意为“闭合, 直译为中文后, 完整” 这项考题的理论基础是: 使…完整”。这项考题的理论基础是:将人们 对事物全部、完整的理解看作是一个闭合的圆, 对事物全部、完整的理解看作是一个闭合的圆, 则圆上的任意两点之间都有着逻辑上的关系。 则圆上的任意两点之间都有着逻辑上的关系。 如果从这个圆上任意挖 ...


   江苏省南通市 2011 届高三第二次模拟考试 英 共两节, 第一部分 听力 (共两节,满分 20 分) 共两节 语 第 I 卷 (三部分 共 85 分) 三部分 做题时,先将答案标在试卷上。录音内容结束后,你将有两分钟的时间将试卷上的答案 转涂到答题卡上。 第一节 (共 5 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 5 分) 共 小题; 听下面 5 段对话。每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最 佳选项,并标在试卷的相应位置。听完每段对话后,你都有 10 秒钟的时间来回答有关小题 ...


   绪论 科技英语的特点与写作 "It appears that you've got the offer of a very good job." "A wonderful job." "Are you going to take it?" "I don't think so." "Why not?' "I don't want to." “听说有个很好的工作要你去干。” 听说有个很好 ...


   (一)段首句 1. 关于……人们有不同的观点。一些人认为…… There are different opinions among people as to .Some people suggest that . 2. 俗话说(常言道)……,它是我们前辈的经历,但是,即使在今天,它在许多场合仍然 适用。 There is an old saying. It"s the experience of our forefathers, however, is correct it in ...