3)目前的博客中可能存在的问题 The Popularity of Blog In recent years, blog has become very popular. More and more people have created their own blogs and often visit others’ blogs. They use blog to reveal their inner voice, or collect and share thoughts and things they find interesting. In brief, blog is an online dairy or a frequently updated personal page. Why does blog become so popular in such a short time? Firstly, it is the widespread of Internet that provides a platform for the appearance and popularity of blog. Secondly, anyone can create his own blog as he wishes. Blog has no fixed rules and needn’t’t professional knowledge and skills, which enables millions of people to have a voice and connect with others. Thirdly, blog covers all kinds of topics from daily life to political forums, from individual thoughts to world events. Among millions of blogs, you can always find something you are interested in. However, blog has some problems. For one thing, plagiarism (剽窃) in blog is not unusual. The protection of blog copyright cannot be guaranteed. For another, many blog contents are in a mess, and some even include unhealthy things. Therefore, blog still has a long way to go before it becomes mature.

  3)你的看法 Certificate Craze On Campus In recent years, getting a certificate has become a new craze among college students. Just randomly ask a student on campus what he or she is busy doing; quite possibly, you may get the answer that he or she is preparing for a certificate of some kind. Why does this craze appear? There are mainly two reasons behind this phenomenon. First, it is the employment pressure that forces college students to get more certificates. With the admission expansion of colleges, a lot more graduates have to face the fierce competition in the job market. How can one make himself more competitive? More certificates at hand, maybe. Second, diploma and certificates are still important standards by which many employers measure a person’ s ability. In order to increase the qualifications for a job, the students compel themselves to run from one exam to another. From my point of view, we should be more rational when it comes to certificates, since certificates do not necessarily prove one’s ability. Being crazy in getting certifications blindly is nothing but wasting time. To conclude, we should focus on improving our ability but not getting a certificate of no practical value.
四六级冲刺备考 考生们已进入 2011 年 6 月四六级考试复习阶段。考生该如何提高应试能力、在四六级考场上稳定发挥 呢?各大名师探讨四六级应试技巧,希望大家能从中找到适合自己的方法。 Private Tutoring
  1.为孩子聘请家教目前非常普遍 为孩子聘请家教目前非常普遍
  2.家教的利与弊 家教的利与弊

  3.我的看法 我的看法 Private tutoring is “in”.A recent investigation shows that about 80 percent of pupils have private tutors, Such a popular practice indicates that people are attaching greater importance to education. Many parents, for various reasons,missed the chance of obtaining a good education. When their children meet with difficulties in study, they are helpless, private tutoring is the only solution. As private tutoring is usually one-to-one, the teacher knows the strong points as we11 as the weak points of the pupil, clearly。 However, private tutoring has its own disadvantages; for one thing, it takes up so much of the pupils’ time that they can hardly find enough time for rest and entertainment, which are essential for their physical and mental health. For another, some teachers, busy“shuttling” from one family to another, tend to neglect their regular teaching duties. What’s more, some teachers are eager to help pupils do well in the test, offering the so-ca11ed tips for test Generally speaking, its disadvantages outweigh its advantages. Greater emphasis should be laid on classroom teaching and practice, on the improvement of teaching quality and on the tapping of the pupils’ potentials. Only in this way can we generation be healthily brought up。
Styles of Living
  3.我的看法 Some people enjoy living together with their parents after they have grown up. They hold the opinion because , living with parents , they can take better care of their parents and vice versa. Meanwhile, they can turn to their parents for help if they get into trouble or have some difficulties. To them, life in a big family seems to be more enjoyable than that in a small family. Others, however, prefer to live separately. They cherish the idea to be independent of their parents, seek more freedom and wish to have a place of their own, in which they can do what they like. Bedsides, they don’t want to be overprotected by their parents but long for chance to face the society by themselves. As to me, I like an independent life style in spite of the fact I love my parents. Different generations have different life styles and values. What one generation likes may not be another generation’s fondness. Living separately, each generation can enjoy different value. In addition, by leading an independent life , I can train my character and develop my own ability to deal with things encountered in my life.


新东方在线四六级 - [四级词汇] 2011英语四级考试单词记忆口诀(7)

   QQ邮件订阅:新东方在线四六级 [四级词汇] 2011英语四级考试单词记忆口诀(7) 口诀七: gull:海鸥 hull:硬壳 lull:安静 mull:沉思,思考 bull:公牛 dull:蠢笨的,迟钝的 cull:屠宰,采摘 前面唱歌(g)的是海鸥, 海鸥喝水(h)用硬壳, 拉(l)住海鸥快安静, 飞到山(m)后去思考 海鸥不(b)同意变公牛, 打(d)它一下变白痴, 前面加c去屠宰。 新东方四六级名师在线:随时免费... 全文↓ 来自:新东方在线 [四级语法] 2011英语四级考试基础语 ...


   a series all all of of of 一系列,一连串 一系列 一连串 above after ahead ahead all all all all all all all as at but of 首先,尤其是 首先 尤其是 毕竟,究竟 毕竟 究竟 在...之前 之前 time 提前 once 突然,同时 突然 同时 几乎;除了 都 几乎 除了...都 除了 a sudden 遍及 again time same 再一次,重新 再一次 重新 一直,始终 一直 始终 仍然,照样 ...


   文都口语讲师刘广昌:英语口语练习技巧 文都口语讲师刘广昌:英语口语练习技巧 授渔派”明星教师,文都口语集训营培训讲师。 有丰富的英语 刘广昌 文都英语四六级“授渔派 授渔派 口语授课经验,重视与学生的交流和互动,着重提高学员的语言应用能力和自学英语的能 语言应用能力和自学英语的能 语言应用能力 力。授课风格灵活多变,可操作性 可操作性强。 可操作性 主讲:大学英语口语与听力。 1、练就“假嗓子”功夫: 练就“假嗓子”功夫: 说明:说英语时,声音浑厚,富有磁性,听起来像外国人 操作:每天跑步 ...


   英语四六级考试写作话题练习:博客 1)近年来“博客”越来越流行,许多人利用“博客”来表达心声、交流想法 2)博客流行的原因 3)目前的博客中可能存在的问题 The Popularity of Blog In recent years, blog has become very popular. More and more people have created their own blogs and often visit others’ blogs. They use blog to re ...


   大学英语四级口语考试能力等级标准 大学英语四六级口语考试考务管理系统 " 口语考试成绩合格者由教育部高等教育司发给证书,证书分为 A 、 B 、 C 三个等级, 成绩低于 C 等的不发给证书 " 大学英语四、六级考试口语考试能力等级标准如下: 等级 A 等 B 等 C 等 D 等 等 级 描 述 能用英语就熟悉的题材进行口头交际,基本上没有困难 能用英语就熟悉的题材进行口头交际,虽有些困难,但不影响交际 ...


   大学英语四六级考试的写作方法指导 一、语言第一位 四、六级写作重点考查考生的英语(论坛)表达能力。阅卷老师最重视的是语言,考生最需要提高的 也是语言。有的同学以为使用一些高难词汇就能取得高分,其实不然。中英文写作都讲究“平淡如水”、“简 洁就是美”、“绚烂之极,归于平淡”。美国作家海明威经常使用小学词汇,但他是诺贝尔文学奖的得主,可 见语言的好坏不在词藻的华丽与否,而在于使用得是否得当。中学词汇用好了,完全可以取得各种英语写 作考试的满分。当然基础较好的同学,恰当使用高难词汇有助于提高分数。 ...


   大学英语四级考试写作高分模板 对比观点题型 要求论述两个对立的观点并给出自己的看法。 (1) 要求论述两个对立的观点并给出自己的看法。 1.有一些人认为…… 1.有一些人认为…… 有一些人认为 2.另一些人认为…… 2.另一些人认为…… 另一些人认为 3.我的看法…… 3.我的看法…… 我的看法 The topic of ①(主题)is becoming more and more popular recently. There are two sides of opinions of it ...


   上海新东方英语六级考试写作学习笔记 第一课??概述 第一课??概述 ?? 自我介绍 1. 英语专业 2. 领事馆 3. 新东方 ü 课程安排 1. 概述和书信 2. 书信和对立观点题 3. 对立观点和单一观点题 4. 单一观点和图表 5. 图表,改错和完型 课程要求 1. 预读??范文,模板,泛读 2. 复读??例文,笔记 3. 实践??押题 ü 评分原则??内容与结构 总体评分 1. 找:idea 2. 扫:从,写作方法 3. 感:文字,文法,文体,文笔 检查扣分点 1. 作文格式 2. ...

英语六级考试写作高分策略:一靠背 二靠练

   一、解题技巧 写作解题时间为 30 分钟,分为三步:5 分钟审题和构思,20 分钟写作,5 分钟检查可 能犯的错误。下面分步骤说明。 (一)审题和构思 事实上提供给写作的时间不止 30 分钟。一般来说,各考场会提前 5 分钟左右将答题卡 一发到四六级考生手里, 大一点的考场甚至可能提前 10 分钟发卷。 5 到 10 分钟不允许学 这 生作答,但考生完全可以用来做作文部分的审题和构思工作。注意审题一定要仔细,按要求 写作,不得擅自改动题目,给定的提纲不得有遗漏,否则会按比例扣分。尤其注意,不 ...


   官网 - 文都首页 - 考研公共课 - 考研高端辅导 -- 四六级 - 公务员 - 医师资格 - 司法考试 - 网校 考试书城 - 在线测评 - 博客 - 论坛 - 知道 - 分享到人人 考试资讯 政策法规 机考信息 推荐专题 名师指导 辅导资料 在线答疑 网络课堂 资料中心 视听 专区 考试图书 日积月累 CET46 期刊 英语四级| 英语四级 听力 口语 写作 阅读 词汇 综合 真题 模拟题 汇 综合 真题 模拟题 请输入您要找的内 英语六级| 英语六级 听力 口语 写作 阅读 词 论坛 ...


初三英语复习单元练习卷8A Unit4-6

   8A Unit 4 一、根据中文及所给单词,用正确形式填空 1. In Winter some (野生的) animals spend much time sleeping. 2. Dogs have a good sense of (嗅觉). 3. It’s dangerous for a child to play with (锋利的) knife. 4. Our P.E teacher always (鼓励) us to take more exercise. 5. When did ...


   千万别学英语 (NOT STUDY,BUT LEARN)      [韩]郑赞容 著   [韩]李贞娇 译      作者简介      郑赞容:1957年出生于汉城,1980年毕业于汉城大学造景系,1984年9月,赴德国留学,到德国后,原以为自己的德语基础还不错的他,由于听、说能力太差吃尽了苦头。后来,他用自己研究的独特方法学习德语,6个月后就顺利地通过了德语资格考试,并于1989年获得Dordmund大学空间计划学硕士学位,又于1993年获得Hannover大学造景及环境开发学博士学位。 ...


   Example1: 微型化制造设备与微型制造系统 The Micromation of Manufacturing Equipment and Micro-manufacturing System 摘要:介绍了微型机床与微型工厂概念提出的背景和科学意义,综述了目前微型 工厂/微型制造系统的研究发展概况,探讨了制造设备与系统微型化的关键问题, 指出了一些需要开展的研究方向,并提出了几项建议。 Abstract: The conception background and scientific ...


   中考英语考纲基础知识练习(状语从句) 中考英语考纲基础知识练习(状语从句) A卷 选择填空: 选择填空: 1.We don’t do morning exercise if it tomorrow. A, rains B, will rain C, rained D, rain 2. China has been a member of WTO, English is more useful than before. A, Since B, Though C, When D, If 3.Do ...

北京成人学位英语2009.11.21(A) 试卷及答案

   北京地区成人本科学士学位英语统一考试(A) 2009.11.21 北京地区成人本科学士学位英语统一考试 Part I Reading Comprehension (30%) Directions: There are three passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices m ...