2011英语专业八级人文知识模拟题(九) 英语专业八级人文知识模拟题( 英语专业八级人文知识模拟题
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1 Which of the following is the British oldest daily newspaper? A The Telegraph B The Guardian C The News of the World D The Times 2 The river Thames is in . A Wales B Scotland C England D Northern Ireland 3 The Industrial Revolution started in . A the Great Britain B the United States C Canada D Austrilia 4 Which of the following is true under Thatcher’s administration? A The proportion of owner-occupation decreased. B Public housing became more important. C Many public houses were sold to people. D The UK became more European-like in its housing arrangement. 5 Britain has its nuclear naval force since . A it’s one of the developed countries in the world B it’s a traditional sea power C it has an advanced industry D it’s able to produce submarines 6 Which of the following is the oldest national Sunday newspaper in Britain? A The Times
B The Guardian C The Observer D The Financial Times 7 Big Ben was named after . A Christopher Wren B Benjamin Hall C Ben John D G. Stephenson 8 The Capital of Wales is . A Swansea B Cardiff C Rhonda D Belfast 9 is England’s biggest naval base. A Portsmouth B Southampton C Plymouth D Dover 10 There are two major national parties in Britain: the Conservative party and . A the Liberal Party B the Democratic Party C the Labour Party D the Republican Party
答案 1 D, 英国历史上最悠久的日报是。 2 C, 泰晤士河位于英格兰。 3 A, 工业革命最早从英国开始。 4 C, 1979年撒切尔夫人成为英国第一任女首相。她提出的政策称被为“撒切尔主义”。其内 容包括国有企业私有化,采用货币主义政策以控制通货膨胀,削弱工会的影响,加强市场因 素在经济中的作用,将公有住房卖给公众,强调法律和秩序。在一定程度上讲,她的计划是 成功的。她领导英国经济度过了一段最繁华的时期。 5 B, 英国拥有其海军核力量与其一贯的霸主地位是密切相关的。
6 C, 创刊于1791年,是英国创刊最早的星期日报纸。 7 B, 据说 Big Ben 得名于它在1859年修建时候的建造者 Benjamin Hall。 8 B, 威尔士位于大不列颠的西部。首府:加的夫。 9 A, 英国最大的海军基地是普茨茅斯。 10 C, 英国奉行的是两党制。其两大主要政党是保守党和工党。
2011英语专业八级人文知识模拟题(八) 英语专业八级人文知识模拟题( 英语专业八级人文知识模拟题
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1 What country is known as the Land of Maple Leaf? A United States of America B United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland C New Zealand D Canada 2 The national anthem of Canada is A Canada The Beautiful B O Canada C God Defend Canada D Advance Canada Fair 3 The capital city of Canada is A Montreal B Toronto C Albert D Ottawa 4 According to the Official Language of Act of Canada, there are two official language in this country: they are A English and Spanish B English and Portuguese C English and French
D English and Celtic 5 Canada is a world producer of nickel, zinc, and asbestos…… A primary B second C third D fourth 6 The highest peak in Canada is , which is the Yukon Territory of northwest Canada. A Mount Lawrence B Mount Superior C Mount Logan D Mount Huron 7 St. Lawrence and River Columbia are shared by both A America and Mexico B America and Canada C America and Cuba D America and Brazil 8 Apart from Paris, France, Montreal is regarded as the largestcity in the world, known as “Paris the Second”. A Spanish-speaking B Portuguese-speaking C German-speaking D French-speaking 9 , the third largest city in Canada, is well known as Ice-Free Harbor. A Montreal B Quebec C Toronto D Vancouver 10 Canada is the world’s country in terms of land area. A largest B second largest C third largest D fourth largest

  1.D 加拿大国树为枫树, 期国徽和国旗上都有枫叶的图案, 因此长期以来枫叶被视作加拿大 的象征。
  2.B 加拿大国歌是《啊!加拿大》 。
  3.D 加拿大首都是渥太华,位于安大略省东南部与魁北克省交界处,是加拿大的经济政治中 心,同时也是加拿大的文化中心。
  4.C 1867年的《不列颠北美法案》将英法两种语言定为加拿大联邦政府和魁北克省社会公共 机构的官方语言。1968年的《官方语言法案》规定英语和法语均为加拿大官方语言。
  5.A 加拿大是世界锌和石棉的第一大生产国,钾碱产量居世界第二,黄金产量居第三,铜产 量位居第四。
  6.C 加拿大最高峰为洛根峰,海拔6050米。
  7.B 美加边境有两条国际河流,一条是哥伦比亚河,另一条是圣劳伦斯河。
  8.D 蒙特利尔的法裔加拿大占全市人口的三分之二, 是除了法国巴黎以外世界上最大的法语 城市,素有“小巴黎”之称。
  9.D 温哥华总人口190万,是加拿大第三大城市和工商业中心,也是不列颠哥伦比亚区的最 大城市、加拿大西海岸主要港口和横贯加拿大全景铁路线的终点。它还是一个天然良港,动 机不结冰。
  10.B 加拿大位于美国以北,是世界上仅次于俄国的第二大国家。
2011英语专业八级人文知识模拟题(七) 英语专业八级人文知识模拟题( 英语专业八级人文知识模拟题
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  1. is the core of the English Government. A the Sovereign B the House of Lords C the House of Commons D the Cabinet
  2. Melbourne is located A in Canada B in New Zealand
C in Ireland D in Australia
  3. forced Nixon to resign in 19
  73. A The Watergate Scandal B The Iran-Gate Scandal C The Un-American Activities Committee D The New Right
  4. The young people in the post-WWI era are referred to as “” A the Boom Generation B the Lost Generation C the Yuppies D the Cowboys
  5. was greatly influenced by Chinese and Japanese poetry. A Ezra Pound B Walt Whitman C Robert Frost D Edgar Allan Poe
  6. Which of the following novels was NOT written by Charles Dickens? A David Copperfield B The Pickwick Papers C Oliver Twist D Women in Love
  7. A myth is a tale originally with religious significance that explains the actions of gods or heroes, the causes of natural phenomena or both. A non-fictional B fictional C gothic D poetic
  8. The force of a/an act is identical with the speaker’s intention. A illocutionary B locutionary C perlocutionary D prelocutionary
  9.Saussure distinguishes the linguistic competence of the speaker as A parole B language C system
D langue
  10. The noun “tear” and the verb “tear” are A homophones B homographs C complete homonyms D allophones
答案及解析 DDABA DBADB 英国内战(1642-16
  1.On August 22, 1642, the First Civil War began. The king’s men were called Cavaliers, and the supporters of Parliament were called Roundheads. 16
  2.Charles was tried by a High Court of Justice, found guilty of have levied war against his kingdom and the Parliament, condemned to death, and executed on a scaffold outside the Banqueting House at Whitehall on January 30, 16
  49. 查尔斯在一级高级法院受审,犯有对王国和议会发动战争之罪,被判死刑,并于16
  1.30 在宴会宫窗外的绞刑架上绞死。
2011英语专业八级人文知识模拟题(六) 英语专业八级人文知识模拟题( 英语专业八级人文知识模拟题
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1 Which poem is not written by Freneau? A The British Prison Ship B The Wild Honey Suckle C The Indian Burying Ground
D The Flood of Years 2 Thomas Jefferson’s attitude ,that is , a firm belief in progress, and the pursuit of happiness, is typical of the period we now call . A Age of Evolution B Age of Reason C Age of Romanticism D Age of Regionalism 3 Which of the following is NOT one part of the Leather Stocking Tales by Cooper? A The Spy B The Pathfinder C The Pioneers D The Deerslayer 4 Which statement about Thoreau is NOT right? A He was a lover of nature. B He was particular kind of romantic. C He was polemicist. D He was a thorough transcendentalist. 5 Which of the following has been called “the manifesto of American Transcendentalism” ? A Divinity School Address B Self-reliance C Nature D The American Scholar 6 As a philosophical and literary movement, flourished in New England from the 1830s to the Civil War. A sentimentalism B transcendentalism C modernism D rationalism 7 The period before the American Civil War is generally referred to as . A the Modern Period B the Realistic Period C the Romantic Period D the Naturalist Period 8 All the following are the works by Nathaniel Hawthorne EXCEPT . A The Marble Faun B Typee C The Scarlet Letter
D Mosses from an Old Manse 9 Which of the following is not a work of Emily Dickson’s? A I Heard a Fly Buzz when I Died. B The Raven C This is My Letter to the World. D I Like to See it Lap the Miles. 10 Whitman’s poems are characterized by all the following features EXCEPT . A the strict poetic form B the free and natural rhythm C the easy flow of feelings D the simple and conversational language
答案 1 D, 《似水流年》是布莱恩特的作品。其他全为弗伦诺的作品。 2 B, “理性时代”。 3 A, The Spy 不属于《皮靴子》系列。 4 C, 梭罗崇尚自然生活简单,与世无争,不入尘嚣。 5 C, 超验主义的宣言是 Nature 一书的发表。 6 B, 19世纪30年代到内战期间是超验主义,以爱默生等为代表。 7 C, 内战前是浪漫主义。 8 B, Typee 是 Herman Melville 的作品,其他全为霍桑的。 9 B, The Raven 《大乌鸦》是艾伦?坡的作品。其他全为艾米莉的。 10 A, 惠特曼的诗自由、清新、琅琅上口、易于理解,但并不是按照严格的格律来写。
2011英语专业八级人文知识模拟题(五) 英语专业八级人文知识模拟题( 英语专业八级人文知识模拟题
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1 How many members are there in the House of Commons? A 650 B 524 C 72 D 651 2 Which of the following people didn’t use to be the British Prime Minister? A Margaret Thatcher B Winston Churchill C Horatio Nelson D John Major 3 By tradition, the leader of the majority party is appointed by the Sovereign in the United Kingdom. A Prime Minister B Member of Parliament C Lord of appeal D Speaker of the House 4 The Tories were the forerunners of , which still bears this nickname today. A the Labour Party B the Conservative Party C the Liberal Party D the Social Democratic Party 5 In the United Kingdom, the party which wins the number of seats in the House of Commons becomes the official Opposition. A largest B second largest C third largest D fourth largest 6 The term “British disease” is now often used to characterize Britain’s decline. A political B educational C military D economic 7 The 1980s was remembered as the decade of . A globalization B nationalization C privatization
D competition 8 Today, in Britain, is called a “sick” industry. A coal mining B iron and steel C textiles D shipbuilding 9 The first steam engine was devised by Thomas Newcomer at the end of the 17th century, and the Scottish inventor modified and improved the design in 17
  65. A Abraham Darby B James Watt C John Kay D Richard Arkwrightthe 10 created the industrial working class, the proletariat, and it later led to trade unionism. A The Chartist Movement B The Industrial Revolution C The French Revolution D The Glorious Revolution
答案 1 D, 下议院共有651名议员。 2 C, 撒切尔夫人,丘吉尔和梅杰都曾经做过英国首相;而纳尔逊(1758-18
  05) ,英国海军 统帅,因作战负伤,右眼失明,失去右臂。后任地中海舰队司令,在特法尔加角海战中大败 西班牙联合舰队,本人受重伤阵亡,号称 Viscount Nelson。 3 A, 在英国,按照传统,多数党的领导人由君主任命为首相,首相从本党内部挑选一些领 导人担任各部部长职位。 4 B, 托利党



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