2011 职称英语《理工类 B 级》
第 1 部分:词汇选项(第
  1~15 题,每题 1 分,共 15 分)
下面共有 15 个句子,每个句子中均有 1 个词或短语有底横线,请从每个句 子后面所给的 4 个选项中选择 1 个与划线部分意义最相近的词或短语。 答案一律 涂在答题卡相应的位置上。 1 Mary has blended the ingredients. A mixed B made C cooked D eaten 2 They agreed to modify their policy. A clarify B change C define D develop 3 The economy continued to exhibit signs of decline in September. A play B send C show D tell 4 A notably short man, he plays basketball with his staff several times a week. A practically B considerably C remarkably D completely 5 The dentist has decided to extract her bad tooth. A take out B repair C push in D dig 6 It is absurd to predict that the sun will not rise tomorrow. A ridiculous B funny C odd D foolish 7 A lot of people could fall ill after drinking contaminated water. A muddled B polluted C mixed D troubled 8 The room is dim and quiet. A tiny B pleasant C dark D agreeable 9 The index is the government's chief gauge of future economic activity. A measure B opinion C evaluation D decision 10 It's prudent to start any exercise program gradually at first. A workable B sensible C possible D feasible 11 He is renowned for his skill. A remembered B recommended C praised D well-known 12 You have to be patient if you want to sustain your position. A maintain B establish C acquire D support 13 She stood there, trembling with fear.
A jumping B crying C swaying D shaking 14 Medical facilities are being upgraded. A renewed B repaired C improved D increased 15 Mary looked pale and weary. A gloomy B ugly C silly D exhausted 参考答案
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. C
  5. A
  6. A
  7. B
  8. C
  9. A
  10. B
  11. D
  12. A
  13. D
  14. C
  15. D
第 2 部分:阅读判断(第
  16~22 题,每题 1 分,共 7 分)
阅读下面这篇短文,短文后列出了 7 个句子,请根据短文的内容对每个句子 做出判断。如果该句提供的是正确信息,请在答题卡上把 A 涂黑;如果该句提供 的是错误信息,请在答题卡上把 B 涂黑;如果该句的信息文章中没有提及,请在 答题卡上把 C 涂黑。 The Smog (烟雾) For over a month, Indonesia was in crisis. Forest fires raged out of control as the country suffered its worst drought for 50 years. Smoke from the fires mixed with sunlight and hot dry air to form a cloud of smog. This pollution quickly spread and within days it was hanging over neighbouring countries including Malaysia , Singapore and Thailand. When the smoke combined with pollution from factories and cars, it soon became poisonous(有毒的)。 Dangerous amounts of CO became trapped under the smog and pollution levels rose. People wheezed(喘息)and coughed as they left the house and their eyes watered immediately. The smog made it impossible to see across streets and whole cities disappeared as grey soot(烟灰)covered everything. In some areas, water was hosed (用胶管 浇)from high-rise city buildings to try and break up the smog. Finally, heavy rains, which came in November, put out the fires and cleared the air. But the environmental costs and health problems will remain. Many people from South-Eastern Asian cities already suffer from breathing huge amounts of car exhaust fumes(汽车排放的废气)and factory pollution. Breathing problems could well increase and many non-sufferers may have difficulties for the first time. Wildlife has suffered too. In lowland forests, elephants, deer, and tigers have been driven out of their homes by smog. But smog is not just an Asian problem. In fact, the word was first used in London in 1905 to describe the mixture of smoke and thick fog. Fog often hung over the capital. Sometimes the smog was so thick and poisonous that people were killed by breathing problems or in accidents. About
  4,000 Londoners died within five days as a result of thick smog in 19
  52. 1 Indonesia was in crisis because of the drought.
A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned 2 The smog spread to neighbouring countries. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned 3 The air-pollution index went up to 300 within a few days. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned 4 Water was used to try to break up the smog. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned 5 Many Indonesians blamed the government for the drought. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned 6 The forest animals haven't been affected by the smog. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned 7 The word “smog” first appeared in 19
  52. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned 【参考答案】
  1. A
  2. A
  3. C
  4. A
  5. C
  6. B
  7. B
第 3 部分:概括大意与完成句子(第
  23~30 题,每题 1 分,共 8 分)
阅读下面这篇短文,短文后有 2 项测试任务:(
  23~26 题要求从所给的 6 个选项中为第
  2~5 段每段选择 1 个正确的小标题;(
  27~30 题要求从所给 的 6 个选项中选择 4 个正确选项,分别完成每个句子。请将答案涂在答题卡相应 的位置上. Ford 1 Ford's great strength was the manufacturing process??not invention. Long before he started a car company, he was a worker, known for picking up pieces of metal and wire and turning them into machines. He started putting cars together in 18
  91. Although it was by no means the first popular automobile, the Model T showed the world just how creative Ford was at combining technology and market. 2 The company's assembly line alone threw America's Industrial Revolution into overdrive (高速运转)。 Instead of having workers put together the entire car, Ford's friends, who were great toolmakers from Scotland, organized teams that added parts to each Model T as it moved down a line. By the time Ford's Highland Park
plant was humming(嗡嗡作响) along in 19
  14, the world's first automatic conveyor belt could turn out a car every 93 minutes. 3 The same year Henry Ford shocked the world with the $5-a-day minimum wage scheme, the greatest contribution he had ever made. The average wage in the auto industry then was $
  2.34 for a 9-hour shift. Ford not only doubled that, he also took an hour off the workday. In those years it was unthinkable that a man could be paid that much for doing something that didn't involve an awful lot of training or education. The Wall Street Journal called the plan "an economic crime", and critics everywhere laughed at Ford. 4 But as the wage increased later to daily $
  10, it proved a critical component of Ford's dream to make the automobile accessible (可及的)to all. The critics were too stupid to understand that because Ford had lowered his costs per car, the higher wages didn't matter except for making it possible for more people to buy cars. 1 Paragraph 1 . 2 Paragraph 2 . 3 Paragraph 3 . 4 Paragraph 4 . A Ford's Followers B The Assembly Line C Ford's Great Dream D The Establishment of the Company E Ford's Biggest Contribution F Ford's Great Talent 5 The assembly line made it possible to . 6 Ford was the first to adopt . 7 Higher wages enabled many people to . 8 Ford's higher-wage and lower-cost strategy was strongly . A criticized by the media B the low wage in the auto industry C own a car D produce cars in large numbers E the 8-hour-shift'practice F combined technology and market 【参考答案】
  1. F
  2. B
  3. E
  4. C
  5. D
  6. E
  7. C
  8. A
第 4 部分:阅读理解(第
  31~45 题,每题 3 分,共 45 分)
下面有 3 篇短文,每篇短文后有 5 道题,每道题后面都有 4 个选项。请仔细 阅读短文并根据短文回答其后面的问题, 4 个选项中选择 1 个最佳答案涂在答 从 题卡相应的位置上。
第一篇 Immigration and Problems
Hundreds of thousands of people supporting immigration rights in the US filled streets all over America in early 20
  06. Many held signs and American flags and asked
to be treated as citizens - not criminals. Many of these supported legislation from Senator John McCain that would open a path to citizenship to immigrants who were already in the country illegally. Proposed legislation from other politicians called for stricter measures - including rounding up undocumented immigrants and sending them back to their home countries. Canadian officials say that immigration applications continue to rise. Some want to keep the doors open. They need the labor. About 4
  00, immigrants were allowed 000 into the country in 2005 , according to the Canadian Government statistics. However, all this growth means that cities need to adapt. Newcomers don‘t always make a smooth transition into jobs for which they are skilled. So industries are using mentoring programs to help new immigrants find proper jobs. With the large numbers of undocumented African immigrants arriving in the Canary Islands and showing no sign of abating, the Spanish Government has decided to get tough. There will be no more mass amnesties for illegals, and anyone coming to Spain without permission will be sent back,the government has announced. About
  23,000 migrants landed on the islands in 20
  06, and riots have erupted in some crowded reception centers. This has promoted local authorities to appeal to the United Nations for help. France‘s new immigration and integration law gives the government new powers to encourage high-skilled migration. It takes effect in 20
  07. The new law authorizes the government to identify particular professions where France has a talent shortage. Then the government will help these identified employers find immigrant workers with needed skills or qualifications. The selected foreign employees will be granted “skills and talents” visas, valid for three years. But some concern that itll cause brain drain in developing countries. 31 Many immigrants swarmed into streets in the US in early 20
  06, demanding that they should be treated as A animals B citizens@ C civilians D criminals 32 Some Canadian officials want to keep the door open because A Canada is in desperate need of talented people. B Canada can feed a much larger population. C Canada is suffering from labor shortage.@ D Canada is a multicultural country. 33 What has the Spanish Government decided to do? A Help immigrants find proper jobs. B Let immigrants freely enter the country. C Integrate immigrants into the Spanish culture. D Take tough measures against illegal immigration.@ 34 After France‘s new immigration and integration law takes effect, it will A lure overseas students back home B undermine the unity of the country
C drain developing countries of talent@ D induce resentment among the French workers 35 The phrasal verb rounding up in paragraph 1 could be best replaced by A capturing@ B encircling C separating D frightening
第二篇 Mind-reading Machine
A team of researchers in California has developed a way to predict what kinds of objects people are looking at by scanning what‘s happening in their brains. When you look at something, your eyes send a signal about that object to your brain. Different regions of the brain process the information your eyes send. Cells in your brain called neurons are responsible for this processing. The fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) brain scans could generally match electrical activity in the brain to the basic shape of a picture that someone was looking at. Like cells anywhere else in your body, active neurons use oxygen. Blood brings oxygen to the neurons, and the more active a neuron is, the more oxygen it will consume. The more active a region of the brain, the more active its neurons, and in turn, the more blood will travel to that region. And by using fMRI, scientists can visualize which parts of the brain receive more oxygen-rich blood??and therefore, which parts are working to process information. An fMRI machine is a device that scans the brain and measures changes in blood flow to the brain. The technology shows researchers how brain activity changes when a person thinks, looks at something, or carries out an activity like speaking or reading. By highlighting the areas of the brain at work when a person looks at different images, fMRI may help scientists determine specific patterns of brain activity associated with different kinds of images. The California researchers tested brain activity by having two volunteers view hundreds of pictures of everyday objects, like people, animals, and fruits. The scientists used an fMRI machine to record the volunteer‘s brain activity with each photograph they looked at. Different objects caused different regions of the volunteers’ brains to light up on the scan, indicating activity. The scientists used this information to build a model to predict how the brain might respond to any image the eyes see. In a second test, the scientists asked the volunteers to look at 120 new pictures. Like before, their brains were scanned every time they looked at a new image. This time, the scientists used their model to match the fMRI scans to the image. For example, if a scan in the second test showed the same pattern of brain activity that was strongly related to pictures of apples in the first test, their model would have predicted the volunteers were looking at apples. 36 What is responsible for processing the information sent by your eyes? A A small region of the brain.
B The central part of the brain. C Neurons in the brain.@ D Oxygen-



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