The Attributive Clause
定 语 从 句
Exercise 1 :用关系代词填空 用关系代词填空
who / that
  1. The boy is playing ping-pong is my classmate.
  2. The e-mail I received yesterday which/ that was from my sister. who / that
  3. I hate people talk much but do little. which / that
  4. The car my father bought last month is very beautiful.
  5. The man hair is white is his grandfather. whose
  6. Is there a student father is a business man? which
  7. This is the house in we have lived for 10 years.
  8.I’ve never heard of the people and things you talked about just now. that
当先行词同时指人和物时,关系代词 只能用that.
  1. My father and his teacher talked a lot about that the persons and things they couldn’t remember. that
  2. Say all you know.
  3. Is there anything I can do for you? that
当先行词是something, anything, nothing, all 等词时,关系代词只能用that.

  4.This is the first play I have seen that since I came here.
  5. This is the best novel I have read. that 当先行词被序数词,最高级 序数词, 序数词 最高级等词修饰时,关系 代词只能用that.
  6.Who is the girl is standing under the tree? that that
  7. Which is the machine we used last Sunday.
当主句是who或which 引导的特殊疑问句 或 引导的特殊疑问句, 而中心词指人或物时,关系代词只能用 that.
Jack saw a bicycle advertisement in a newspaper. The price was 68 dollars. So he went to the shop and asked to see the bicycle. The salesman was happy to show him . Jack checked the bicycle carefully. Soon,he said , “There isn’t a lamp on this bicycle ,but there was one on the bicycle in the ad.” “Yes ,sir,” answered the man , “but the lamp isn’t included in the price of the bicycle. “Not included in the price of the bicycle ?” Jack said angrily, “but the lamp was in the ad.It should be in the price.” “Well ,sir ,” answer the shop owner coldly, “there was also a girl on the bicycle in the ad ,but we can’t give you a girl with the bicycle,either.” It is an ad Jack is a person The bicycle in the ad is the one
A guessing
It’s an invention which is used for keeping off the rain .
Gone with the wind
It’s a book that was written by Margaret Mitchell.
It’s the Wall that was built by Chinese people.
It’s an animal that/which….
Match the two sentences
  1.I’m reading a book. The book is about Bill Gates. I’m reading a book that/which is about Bill Gates.
  2.He is a teacher. The teacher teaches us Chinese. He is a teacher who/ that teaches us Chinese.
  3.I don’t like the man. He is smoking. I don’t like the man who is smoking.
  4.Where is the picture? You bought it last week. Where is the picture that you bought last week?
  1.The person you should write to is Mr Ball . whom
  2. The teacher from I learnt most was Mrs Zhu . who/whom
  3. The runner you are asking about is over there . who/whom 4 .The girl you are looking for is in the classroom . that
  5. The meeting we shall take part in will be held in a hotel . which
  6. The factory I worked in for over two years has been closed . that
  7. The airport is 30 kilometres away is the only one in the city who
  8. The person won the race was a woman from Sichuan .
Discussing Topic 1: What kind of teacher do you like ? Topic 2: What kind of books would you like to read ? Topic 3: What kind of classmate do you like ? Topic 4: What kind of students do you think the teachers like best ?
在学习定语从句时常会出现以下的错句) 改错 (在学习定语从句时常会出现以下的错句)

  1. The house that they built it in 1987 stayed up in the earthquake.
  2. I will never forget the poor boy who have no arms.
  3. We have done everything which can be done .
  4. He is the only man who I know in the city .
  5. I have been to the park which there are a lot of flowers .
  6. The park where the old people usually go to is called Zhongshan park .
  7. Jim asked that who won .
  8. Look ! The tree where Jack is climbing is quite tall .
Thank you very much !


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