2011 中考英语话题作文精编范文指导 一、关注时事
关于日本地震:材料 A strong earthquake attacked Japan at 1:46pm. I was shocked when I heard about the bad news. Why there were so many disasters in the world? I looked up some files about the top fourteen worst earthquakes in the past one hundred years from internet. And some earthquakes even came with tsunamis. It was said that 300 thousands of people died in 2004 as a result of the earthquake and tsunami happened in Indonesia. And 242 thousands of citizens died in Tangshan Earthquake in 1976 in China. Also in 2008, another big earthquake happened in China, and more than 7 thousands passed away. How awful it is when we talk about these figures. Everyone should cherish what we have now. I felt scary when I watched 20
  12. But the disasters happened are more fearful. Dalian is not far away from Japan, my colleague told me that she would be too panic to go to bed tonight. It is funny. I did not worry about that. No one can expect what will happen in the next minute. Just enjoy every minute in our life. 关于盈江地震:材料
The death toll from an earthquake that hit Yingjiang County in southwest China's Yunnan Province Thursday noon has risen to 25, local authorities said. 云南省德宏州盈江县 10 号发生里氏
  5.8 级地震,死亡人数上升至 25 人。 So far, 250 people are confirmed injured in the
  5.8-magnitude earthquake, with 134 in serious condition, the provincial civil affairs department said in a statement late Thursday. 据云南省民政厅的消息,截至 10 日 23 时 30 分,云南盈江发生的
  5.8 级地震已经造成 25 人死亡,250 人受伤,其中 134 人重伤。 The earthquake has toppled the homes of 1,039 families and left 4,994 others seriously
damaged, mainly in the county seat near the border with Myanmar, it said. 房屋倒塌 1039 户、3147 间,严重损坏 4994 户、22054 间,轻度损坏 7532 户、24950 间。 The National Committee of Disaster Reduction, Ministry of Civil Affairs and Yunnan's provincial government have dispatched 9,700 tents, 15,000 quilts, 15,000 clothes and other materials to the quake-hit region. 国家减灾委、 民政部和云南省民政厅已紧急调运 9700 顶救灾帐篷、 15000 床棉被、 15000 件棉大衣和其他物资,帮助地震灾区紧急安置受灾群众。 How to Survive an Earthquake If earthquake happened, firstly, don't panic and calm down. Secondly, find some safe place to stay and don't run in such a hurry. If in the room, one should hide himself/herself under something hard, such as desk, table or even bed and keep away from shelf and cupboard, and never take a lift to go downstairs. If in the open air, find an open place and never get close to cars or waterside. Thirdly, we should help each other when we meet trouble. At last, no matter how strong the earthquake is, if only we have the belief to defeat it and never give up, we must be able to overcome any difficulties.
二、环保问题 环保问题
★ 范文 环境问题今天环境变得越来越糟糕,环境问题影响着人们的工作,学习,生活等,而我们的 工作,生活,生产等又使环境污染越来越严重……,如何保护我们的环境?请以“ How to protect our environment? ”为题写一篇短文。提示:存在问题:
  4.白色垃圾等。要求:如何改善/保护环境?至少:3 至 4 个方面。 How to protect/save our environment/world? As we all know, the environment around us is getting worse and worse /more and more seriously today. Water is polluted, we have no clean water to drink. Many trees are cutting down, some animals are getting less and less. Some factories are pouring dirty air into the sky. The population is increasing faster and faster, resources are getting less and less…etc. Not only does it affect our lives and health, it also has a great affection in the future. People’s health has been greatly affected by air, noise and water pollution. Many people died of diseases. In order to live a better life, something must be done to stop the pollution. It’s our duty to protect our environment. We shouldn’t throw away rubbish everywhere. Trees are very helpful and important for us. We should plant more and more trees in order to live better and more healthy in the future. If everyone makes contribution to protecting the environment, the world will become much more beautiful. In a word, if everyone pays more attention to our environment, there will be less pollution and our life will be better. “There is only one earth”, I hope everyone will protect our environment well. 限塑令 ★ 范文 有关限塑令问题 根据国务院发布的"限塑令",自 2008 年 6 月 1 日起,在所有超市、商场实行塑料购物 袋有偿使用制度,超市、商场一律不得免费提供塑料购物袋。请你写一篇英语短文,要求包 括以下内容: 现状:目前中国每天消费近 30 亿个塑料袋,造成了严重的资源浪费和环境污染; 限塑令的意义:减少塑料袋使用量,提高公众的环保意识; 提倡:重拎布袋子,重提菜篮子。 参考词汇:禁令 ban 意识 awareness 提倡 advocate The problem of "white pollution" caused by used plastic is becoming increasingly serious, in
which plastic shopping bags play an important role. In China about three billion plastic shopping bags are consumed every day, which results in a great waste of resources and heavy environmental pollution. Luckily, the government has put a nationwide ban on the use of free plastic bags, demanding that all stores and supermarkets not provide customers with free plastic bags after June
  1. I agree with the rule, which people can’t get the free plastic bags in the shops, supermarkets. It advocates people to use their cloth bags and baskets. It’s good for our environment. So I hope all the students in our class stop using the plastic bags, and to use our own cloth bags. I hope we can take care of our environment. Let’s make our world more and more beautiful. 节约用水 节约用水 ★ 范文 节约水是我们每个人的责任 As we know, water is very important to man, we can’t live without water. The amount of water which is suitable to drink is less and less. But some people don’t care about it. They waste a lot of water in their daily life. Even worse, they pour dirty water into rivers. They throw rubbish into rivers, too. Many rivers and lakes are seriously polluted. Something must be done to stop the pollution. And I think it’s a great shame to waste while millions are in great need of water. I think what we can do is that we have to save every drop of water as possible as we can. For example, we must turn off the tap immediately after we use it. We can use a basin to wash our hands and faces. It’s also a good idea to encourage my friends and family members to join me! Only in this way can we live happily. If we don’t save water, the last drop of water will be a tear-drop of us. I believe if everyone makes a little effort, we can make a big difference. 低碳生活 ★ 范文 现在全世界都在倡导“低碳生活” (low-carbon life) ,即:降低二氧化碳的排放,采取 低能量、低消耗、低开支的生活方式。低碳生活对我们大家都有好处,请你写一篇短文向一 家英文报社投稿。内容包括:你的具体做法、你的感受以及建议。 提示词语: good for, everyone, ride a bike, think, make a difference, environment, suggest, be reuse Low-carbon life is good for everyone. To help with the environment, I always walk or ride a bike to school instead of taking a car. Besides, I will try to use things that can be recycled and I never forget to turn off the lights when I leave the classroom. I think it’s my duty to live a low-carbon life. And even the simplest activities can make a real difference to the environment. So I suggest we should reuse books as long as possible. And we’d better not spend much money on expensive clothes. If everyone does something for the environment, I believe the earth will be a better place.
学习 ★ 范文 根据中文提示和英文书信内容,写一封意思连贯、符合逻辑、不少于 60 词的回信,信 的开头和结尾已经给出,其字数不计入所完成的回信内。 假如你叫 Zhang Fang,是美国中学生 Lucy 的笔友,你收到了她的电子邮件。请根据她 来信的内容写一封回信。针对她的困惑,谈谈你的看法,同时提出一些建议,并表达对她的 祝愿。 Dear Zhang Fang, I have been in this school for two years. My school’s not too bad. But I haven’t got used to it. Some of the teachers are very good, especially my science teachers. They try to make lessons interesting. I like to have their classes and spend much time on it. So I usually get ‘A’ in science exams. But I don’t like having English and history classes. There are too many things to memorize and they’re so boring. Besides, it seems that the teachers can only read again and again. They don’t try to make lessons interesting. Whenever the lessons start, I feel sleepy. I often get ‘C’ in the exams, sometimes ‘D’. The final exam of this term is coming. What shall I do? Could you give me some advice? Yours,
Lucy Dear Lucy, I’m very happy to hear from you. Don’t worry too much. Many students have the same problem like you. I think it’s very common for students to dislike memorizing. Here’s my advice. But in fact English and history are not as boring as you think. If you try the following things, you may find they are interesting and you will not feel sleepy in class again. First you had better learn the new lessons by yourself and write down the difficult points before lessons. It can make you become interested in what the teachers say in class. Second you should listen carefully and try to answer the teachers’ questions. It can help you understand better and memorize more quickly. What’s more, you also need to review the lessons regularly after class. If you still feel unhappy, you can have a talk with your teacher to ask for help. I really hope my advice can help you out and get ‘A’ in English and history exams. Keep trying, I believe you will enjoy the school life and make great progress with your study. Yours, Zhang Fang 生活 ★ 范文 假如你是韩梅,下面是一封你的笔友 Alice 给你发来的 e-mail, 请根据 e-mail 的内容,给他 写一封回信。与她交流看法,并帮她排忧解难。 提示词语:listen to, mother’s love, care about, communicate with, get along with, smile Dear Han Mei , I’m afraid I’ve got a big problem recently. My mother talks too much to me. She always tells me, “Be careful while crossing the street.” “Put on more clothes.” “Did you do a good job at school?” and so on. I’m annoyed(烦恼). What shall I do? Can you give me some ideas? Alice Dear Alice, As a teenager, I met the same problem as you. But now I can get on/ along better with my mother. Here are some ideas for you. Your mother talks much, because she cares about you. I'm sure your mum loves you very much. Maybe it shows your mother’s love. So I think you should listen to her. If your opinions are different from your mother’s, you can communicate with her, and tell her what you’re thinking about. If your mother doesn’t take your advice, just keep silent and give her a smile. I hope what I say here can help you a lot. Han Mei 娱乐 ★ 范文 根据中文提示和英文书信内容,写一封意思连贯、符合逻辑、不少于 60 词的回信。 (信的开 头和结尾已给出,其字数不计入所完成的回信内) 。请不要写出你的校名和姓名。
  75.中学生学习时间长、大力大,专家建议学生每天课后应采取适当的方式放松自己。为此, 不同的同学有不同的放松方式,有的爱看电视,有的听音乐,有的做运动…请你谈谈你通过 哪些方式放松自己并说说原因,谈谈你的感受。 提示词语:relax, TV, music, think The Senior High School Entrance Examination is coming. In order to make a success in the exam I think it’s high time for us to relax a little. Or we’ll be too nervous to work well in the exam. In order to relax ourselves, we can turn to some of our hobbies, different students have different ways Some watch TV, some listen to music… But for me I enjoy taking exercise most. Whenever I feel tired, I always spend an hour (in) walking or jogging in the park. Besides, I also play table tennis with my friends after class. In my opinion, taking exercise can not only rest our brains and eyes but also help build our bodies. I think it’s really helpful to both my health and my
study. I hope all of my classmates can join me in getting relaxed. I wish you all every success in the coming examination! 运动 ★ 范文 假如你叫李飞,是学校“校园英语报”的编辑。你收到你同学张丽的姐姐的来信。请根据这位 姐姐的要求,给张丽写一封回信。 Dear Editor, I am really worried about my sister, Zhang Li. She always watches TV or reads books in her free time. She doesn’t like going out to exercise. I’m afraid that she will be not strong enoug



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