17) 试卷类型:
I. Vocabulary Directions: There are 20 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence and mark your answer on the Answer Sheet.
  1. We go out for dinner a couple of times a month. Sometimes we __ a movie.(28课) A. take in B. keep down C. take over D. take after
  2. The modern 7-inch long pencil can draw a line 35 miles in__(44课) A. gap B. interval C. length D. distance
  3. A university is an educational institution which awards degrees and __ research. A. carries out B. carries off C. carries about D. carries for
  4. The captain of the ship __ the passengers that there was no danger. A. confined B. insisted C. ensured D. assured
  5. The speaker is the person who __ a speech transaction.(9课) A. initial B. initiates C. initiatives D. initiation
  6. Never one to __ second best, John tried his best to solve the problem. A. admit B. accept C. convince D. receive
  7. The Atlantic hydrographic chart is being __ continuously; even as we speak submarines are charting the Arctic basin under the ice.(55课) A. rehearsed B. revised C. renewed D. retiled
  8. The suppliers undoubtedly will get rich at the of the customers.(45课) A. expanse B. spend C. warrant D. expense
  9. When all the present oilfields are__ , its is possible that the North Pole may become the scene of oil activity.(46课) A. exhibited B. exhausted C. exploited D. exposed
  10. The man __ that most poets and scientists are male.(36课) A. deal with B. point out C. hold up D. hand on
  11.Whereas outside the USA, Coke tends to be a young person's drink, inside the USA anybody of any age can drink it on any__ without embarrassment.(17课) A. choice B. occasion C. occupation D. occurrence
  12. The waiters will refill your coffee cup several times for no extra__(
  17) A. expand B. offer C. price D. charge
  13. A professional degree will __ an average annual income of about twice that of college graduates. (45课) A. feel like B. result in C. hold on D. keep to
  14. That caves of Altamira, which were __ in northern Spain, contain interesting paintings by early cave dwellers. A. found B. invented C. discovered D. created
  15. A green building is __ to have reduced its environmental impact by 60% compared with an equivalent conventional building.(60课) A. established B. estimated C. computed D. counter
  16. If you do not know the subject, you will not understand what is said or written, even if English is your mother __ what is said or written
A. speaking B. language C. saying D. tongue
  17. You will find the figure of a conqueror or a general on all the highest __ in the great cities of the world.(29课) A. pillows B. pillars C. columns D. plugs
  18. Personal worth and self-esteem is the basis of a good __ health.(33课) A. physical B. mental C. practical D. natural
  19. If you suspect that the illness might be serious you should not __ going to the doctor.( 大纲模拟试
A. put off B. hold back C. put aside D. hold up
  20. You'll have to buy some new shoes as these are __(模拟试题三词汇第3题) A. used up B. wasted away C. broken down D. worn out II. Grammatical Structure Directions: There are 20 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence and mark your answer on the Answer Sheet.
  21. I could see from his face that he__ bad news. A. had received B. receives C. received D. has received
  22. The peasants __ their land. A. deprived B. were deprived C. deprived of D. were deprived of
  23. He failed his exam, __ proved that he wasn't working hard enough. A. what B. which C. this D. of which
  24. So frightened __ in darkness that she did not dare to move an inch. A. was the girl B. the girl was C. such a girl was D. that the girl was
  25. An Olympic Marathon is 26 miles and 385 yards, approximately__ from Marathon to Athens. A. the distance B. distance C. the distance is D. is the distance
  26. All flights __ because of the heavy storm, we decided to take the train.(来自《2009年GCT考试英语模
A. having canceled B. being canceled C. having been canceled D. canceled
  27. He preferred not to__ with that group. A. identifying B. identify himself C. identify D. being identified himself
  28. He speaks English, but not __ his sister does. A. as good as B. as well like C. so well as D. like well as
  29. My grandma noticed that the girl __ a short-sleeved dress, so she gave the girl a new sweater.(52 课) A. was worn B. was wearing C. wears D. wearing
  30. Though in New York, Peter had always preferred to record the plain facts of small town life. A. raised B. was raised C. raising D. raises
  31. She walked softly __ make any noise. A. as to B. not to C. not so as to D. so as not to

  32. It's no use__ me. I don't know more than you do. A. in asking B. asking C. for me to ask D. you ask
  33. We've bought a new house. We'll move in soon and we need to buy __ furniture. A. some other B. another C. other D. others
  34. Please have your doctor __ that prescription. A. signed B. to sign C. signing D. sign
  35. A biologist does not merely describe organisms, but tries to learn __ act as they do. A. what to cause them B. what cause to them C. what causes them to D. causes them to what
  36. "Has he come back? .... Yes, he __ back for three days. A. has come B. had come C. is D. has been
  37. Ecology, __ the relationships between organisms and their environments, is also important in petroleum geology.(32课) A. the study of B. it study C. that study D. studying
  38. If all the continents and mountains were bulldozed flat, the earth __ covered by water.(55课) A. would be B. would have been C. would had been D. would been
  39. Those __ have six or more close friends are likely to describe themselves as "very happy".(50课) A. who B. whose C. which D. they
  40. Some habits of__ are incompatible with good health. A. my husband B. my husbands' C. my husband's D. my husbands
为什么要勘探南极洲 么要勘探南极洲》 出自课文 《
  56.Why Antarctica Is Being Explored 为什么要勘探南极洲》
and use. The Antarctica treaty applies to all areas (the high seas excepted) below latitude 60 degrees south. This line, running around the globe some 2,000 miles from the South Pole itself, just misses the lower tip of South America, and is well below the Cape of Good Hope and New Zealand. There are a number of small islands between this line and the Antarctic continent, but the waters here are known to mariners as "the screaming Sixties" because there is so little obstruction to the world-circling winds. In contrast, in the northern hemisphere, the lands lying above the sixtieth parallel of latitude include much of Scandinavia, Siberia and Alaska, all of Greenland and Iceland, with a total population of several million. Great mountains help subdue the winds; a spur of the Gulf Stream and part of the Japan Current temper the frigid airs of this polar region. This, and the presence of the Arctic Ocean in the center of the great land mass, give the area a markedly different conformation and climate from that around the opposite pole. Antarctica seems a vast basin of rock, filled and overflowing with a load of ice. In the heart of the continent it is almost as high as the summits of the Alps, yet soundings show that in some places the rock floor is below sea level. Actually, the ice accumulation is less than it was perhaps 1,000 years ago. Its seaward flow is not so voluminous as it once was, and as a result there are patches of bare rock here and there along the coast and inland. They were scoured clear of soil ages ago, but one may sometimes find moss or lichens growing, though virtually no
flowering plants.
  41. Unlike the North Pole, the South Pole is A. not fixed in one position B. the same as the South Magnetic Pole C. on land covered with ice D. on water
  42. The large area in the southern hemisphere is taken up by A. the major part of South America B. oceans C. Australia D. Africa
  43. The makers of the Antarctic Treaty clearly wanted to A. prevent the Russians from settling in Antarctica B. prevent possession or control by any nation C. conserve its natural resources D. insure the safety of the natives of Antarctica
  44. Land animals on the Antarctic continent A. are insects only B. are relics of the prehistoric past C. are fur-bearing animals and cold-blooded D. exist only in the fossil state Questions 45 to 48 are based on the following passage:
出自课本《 Cancer吸烟和癌 吸烟和癌》 出自课本《
  11.Smoking and Cancer吸烟和癌》
Americans smoke six thousand million cigarettes every year (1970 figures). This is roughly the equivalent of 4,195 cigarettes a year for every person in the country of 18 years of age or more. It is estimated that 51% of American men smoke compared with 34% of American women. Since 1939, numerous scientific studies have been conducted to determine whether smoking is a health hazard. Research teams have conducted studies that show beyond all reasonable doubt that tobacco smoking, particularly cigarette smoking is associated with a shortened life expectancy. Cigarette smoking is believed by most research workers in this field to be an important factor in the development of cancer of the lungs and cancer of the throat. Male cigarette smokers have a higher death rate from heart disease than non-smoking males. (Female smokers are thought to be less affected because they do not breathe in the smoke so deeply.) The majority of doctors and researchers consider these relationships proved their point and say, "Give up smoking. If you don't smoke--don't start!" Some doctors and research workers--though their small number is decreased even further--are less sure of the effect of cigarette smoking on health. They consider the increase in respiratory diseases and various forms of cancer may possibly be explained by other factors in the human environment--atmospheric pollution, increased nervous stress, chemical substance in processed food, or chemical pesticides that are now being used by farmers in large quantities to destroy
insects and small animals. Smokers who develop cancer or lung diseases, they say, may also, by coincidence, live in industrial areas or eat more canned food. Gradually, however, research is isolating all other possible factors and proving them to be statistically irrelevant. Apart from the scientific statistics, it might be helpful to look at what smoking tobacco actually does to the human body. Smoke is a mixture of gases, vaporized chemicals, small particles of ash, and other solids. There is also nicotine, which is a powerful poison, and black tar. As the smoke is breathed in, all these components form deposits on the membranes of the lungs. One point of concentration is where the air tube, or bronchus, divides. Most lung cancer begins at this point. Smoking also affects the heart and blood vessels. It is known to be related to Beurger's disease, a narrowing of the small vessels in the hands and feet that can cause great pain and lead even to the amputation of limbs. While all tobacco smoking affects life and expectancy and health, cigarette smoking appears to have a much greater effect than cigar or pipe smoking. However, nicotine consumption is not decreased by the latter forms, and current research shows a causal relationship between all forms of smoking and cancer of the mouth and throat. Filters and low tar tobacco are claimed to make smoking to some extent safer, but they can only reduce, not eliminate the hazards.
  45. What can we mainly get from the passage? A. Smoking is harmful to health. B. Women smokers are healthier than men smokers. C. The increased diseases have something to do with pollution. D. Smoking cigarettes is more harmful than smoking pipes.
  46. Cigarette smoking is believed by doctors to __ A. reduce nervous stress B. causes lung and throat cancer C. make life shorter but exciting D. broaden the blood vessels
  47. Women smokers have a lower death rate than men smokers because __ A. women smoke light cigarettes B. women smoke less cigarettes C. women's bodies can prevent nicotine D. women don't breathe in the smoke so deeply
  48. What is Beurger's disease? A. It is a kind of lung cancer. B. It happens in the hands and feet. C. It happens in the heart while smoking D. It is a kind of throat disease.
课外文章) Questions 49 to 52 are based on the following passage:(课外文章)
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