Module 6
  1.Burning coal has led to (全球的) warming.
  2.Sometimes, some reforms aimed at the improvement of society can cause (国内 的) unrest.
  3.Our team is as strong as theirs, so chances are that one team will be (勉强地) beaten by the other, or they'll end with a tie.
  4.The 20-kilometre-long subway is so far Guangzhou's largest (建筑) project.
  5.Professor Smith is busy doing (历史的) research.
  6.It's f outside. You'd better put on warm clothes.
  7.I hope these reforms will r poverty and injustice.
  8.The fat old man looked r in his tight pink trousers.
  9.This hotel can a up to 5, 000 guests.
  10.When he was at university, he majored in e. 答案:
  10.engineering Ⅱ.根据句意,用所给单词或短语的适当形式填空

  1.Lincoln fought against the slave-owners, aiming to slavery.
  2.As a young boy, he becoming a scientist.
  3.No one can the wheel of history.
  4.I think the word is unnecessary in the sentence. You'd better it .
  5.My friend I should make more efforts to improve my oral English.
  6.He had to work day and night to his big family.
  7.It doesn't any if you learn the theories by heart without putting them into practice.
  8.Please your bag so that I can sit down.
  9.Several new railways are in China.
  10.He his unusual clothes and behaviour. 答案:
  1.bring an end to
  2.dreamed of
  3.hold back
  4.cross; out
  6.provide for
  7.make; sense
  9.under construction
  10.becomes famous for Ⅲ.翻译句子
  1.他当医生的愿望实现了。(come true)
  2.他来不来对我都一样。(equal to)
  4.我们从这里步行到车站要 30 分钟。(take)
  5.听了那个消息以后,她再也忍不住放声大哭。(hold back) 答案:
  1.His dream of being a doctor has come true.
  2.It is equal to me whether he comes or not.

  3.We suggested that the work (should) be started at once.
  4.It takes us 30 minutes to walk from here to the stations.
  5.After she heard the news, she couldn't hold back her tears. Ⅳ.单项填空
  1.The old building the 6th century is going to be rebuilt. A.dated from B.dating from C.dates from D.date from 答案:B 因为 date from 不用于被动语态,所以只能用 dating from 这一主动形式作 the old building 的后置定语,故选 B。
  2.The big new hall built a few years ago is large enough to over three hundred people. A.provide B.contain C.include D.accommodate 答案:D 考查动词辨析。provide“提供”;contain“包含”;include “包括”; accommodate“容纳”。据题意应选 D。
  3.I'd like you to my name from your list. I don't want to be involved in the matter. A.guide B.modify C.fill D.remove 答案:D 考查动词辨析。guide“指导,指引”;modify“修改”;fill“填充”; remove...from...“把……从……中删除”,故选 D。
  4.After a further investigation, the police have down their list of suspects. A.narrowed B.set C.written D.fixed 答案:A 句意:经过仔细调查,警察已缩小了嫌疑犯的范围。narrow down 缩小…… 的范围,符合句意。
  5.Her expression suggested that she to punish anyone in this room. A.intend B.should intend C.intended D.was intending 答案: 当 suggest 作“建议”讲时, C 其宾语从句用虚拟语气形式, 即从句谓语用(should) +do,但当 suggest 作“表明,暗示”讲时,其宾语从句不用虚拟语气形式,根据句意此题 只能用 suggest 作“暗示”“表明”讲。
  6.?You are late again. ?Bad luck. A car accident happened not far outside the town and so we were on the way. A.held on B.held up C.held back D.held out 答案: 考查动词词组辨析。 B hold on“别挂断”; hold up “耽搁”; hold back“阻止, 抑制”;hold out“坚持,提出 ”。据句意应选 B。
  7.The people in the earthquake areas were with free food by the government. A.offered B.given C.supplying D.provided 答案:D A、B 两项都不能与 with 搭配;而 C 项若改为 supplied 也可以;故应选 D。 provide sb. with sth.为某人提供某物。
  8. (2010湖北省部分重点中学联考)I witnessed the whole terrible accident, so I was taken to the police station and described it. A.at length B.at stake C.on purpose D.on end 答案:A 句意:我目睹了整个事故的过程,因此被带到了警察局并向警方详细地叙述 了事故的经过。at length“详细地”。
  9.He worked all day that article. A.on B.out C.over D.off
答案: 此处表示整天都在写文章, A 即“致力于写文章”, 应用 work on。 work out“计 算出,解决”;work over“殴打”;work off“发泄”,这三项均不符合句意。
  10.The accident him his life. It 5 years for his wife to off the debts he left. A.spent; cost; take B.took; spent; pay C.cost; spent; take D.cost; took; pay 答案:D cost sb. one's life“使某人丧失生命”;It takes some time for sb. to do sth.为固 定句式,意为“做某事花费某人多长时间”;pay off“还清”,故应选 D。 Ⅴ.完形填空 It is interesting how NASA chose their astronauts for landing them on the moon. They chose men __1__ the age of twenty and thirty-five. There were about fifty of them. Many were __2__ air pilots. __3__ were scientists with two or three degrees. NASA telephoned each man they were going to choose, and told him the plans and the __4__ they might get in. They then asked him if he was willing to be trained as an astronaut. “How could any man __5__ such an exciting job?” One of them said, “Dangerous? Of course. It's dangerous __6__ most exciting.” The health and physical condition of them was, of course, very __7__. Only those in very good health and physical condition were chosen. While being trained to be astronauts, they went through many __8__. They studied the star and the moon, and they also studied geology, the science of rocks. This was necessary __9__astronauts would have to look for rocks on the moon. They would try to find rocks which might help to tell the __10__ of the moon. They were all __11__ to fly in helicopters. These helicopters landed __12__ down to give them some experience of the way the spaceship would __13__ land on the moon. They were also taught the __14__ facts about the conditions in space. They learnt all the __15__ details of the spaceships and rockets. They visited the scientists and engineers who __16__ them. They visited the factories where they were __17__. They learnt how every __18__ of a spaceship and its instruments work. They also learnt every detail of ground-control __19__. In a word, to be chosen as an astronaut, one must be in good health, __20__in science and good at piloting.
  1.A.at B.between C.of D.on 答案:B “他们选择年龄在 20 到 35 岁之间的人。”A 有较大干扰性。at the age of 意 思是“在……岁的时候”, 从空后的 twenty and thirty-five 我们可以看出, 到 35 岁是对宇 20 航员的年龄限制。
  2.A.experienced B.old C.new D.young 答案: 从下句__3__ were scientists with two or three degrees, A 我们可以看出, NASA 对 所选的宇航员的素质要求极高。这里指他们中的许多是经验丰富的飞行员。
  3.A.None B.Few C.Others D.They 答案:C 本句承接上句而来,“很多是有经验的飞行员,也有一些是两到三个学位的 科学家。”
  4.A.dangers B.sadness C.hardship D.troubles 答案:A 从后文的“Dangerous? Of course...”我们可以看出 NASA 告诉他们计划以及 他们可能会遇到的危险。
  5.A.accept B.receive C.offer D.refuse 答案:D 从后文“It's dangerous __6__most exciting”可以看出被选中的人是不会拒绝 这么令人兴奋的工作的。
  6.A.but B.if C.though D.however 答案: dangerous 与 most exciting 是宇航员要体验的两个完全不同的方面, A 因此前后
  7.A.bad B.high C.necessary D.tough 答案:C 对宇航员的健康以及身体条件的要求非常必要。
  8.A.jobs B.places C.courses D.ways 答案:C 从下句“They studied the star...the science of rocks”我们得知这些宇航员要进 行很多课程(course)培训。
  9.A.for B.because C.in case D.so that 答案:B 由语境可知前后为因果关系,又因为 for 表原因时一般表示推断,不符合语 境。
  10.A.story B.background C.age D.name 答案:C “他们要尽力找到那些能帮助他们研究出月球年龄的岩石。” 其他选项均 不符合逻辑。
  11.A.shown B.trained C.told D.let 答案:B 这些人都要接受培训。
  12.A.straight B.hard C.indirectly D.directly 答案: A 有一定干扰性。 D straight 意思是“直”, 表示“不弯”, directly 表示“中 而 间没有其他步骤,直接做某事”,因此 D 为最佳答案。
  13.A.possibly B.likely C.actually D.really 答案: 他们将直升机直接降落, D 以此获得飞船真实登月时的体验。 actually 意为“实 际上,事实上”,多用于强调事实。
  14.A.expected B.unexpected C.unknown D.known 答案:C 前面讲了一些大家所知道的登月所遇到的困难,“他们同样也要学一些不被 大家所知的太空中的状况。”
  15.A.technical B.good C.artistic D.musical 答案:A 他们学习所有的关于飞船和火箭的技术上的细节。
  16.A.drew B.produced C.designed D.made 答案:C 联系上下文,我们可以知道是这些科学家和工程师设计了这些飞船和火箭。 B 有一定干扰性。从后句 They visited the factories where they were __17__ 得知 B 不符合题 意。
  17.A.repaired B.built C.developed D.fixed 答案:B 从空前的 factories 得知答案。
  18.A.part B.movement C.machine D.body 答案:A “他们学习宇宙飞船及其仪器的每一部分是如何工作的。”
  19.A.house B.stop C.system D.station 答案:C D 项有一定干扰性。从空前的 detail(细节)看 D 项不符合题意。
  20.A.well-done B.well-fed C.well-kept D.well-informed 答案:D 最后一段是对以上三段的总结。从第三段我们可以看出,一个宇航员需要研
究星星和月亮,需要学习地质学等,由此可知他们必须见识广博(well-informed)。 Ⅵ.阅读理解 That the Leaning Tower of Pisa no longer leans quite so much after a £20 million project to save it has proved to be a great success. The tower, which was on the edge of collapse, has been straightened by 18 inches, returning it to its 1838 position.
“It has straightened a little bit more than we expected, but very little helps,” said Prof. John Burland, the only British member of the rescue committee. “The tower is still very slightly moving towards being upright.” The tower, which has been leaning almost since building work first began in 1173, closed to the public in 1990 because of safety fears. The 183-foot tower was nearly 15 feet off vertical and its structure was found to have been weakened by centuries of strain (作用力). Prof. Burland said it could have collapsed “at any moment”. However, it took nine years of quarreling before any work was done. The last attempt at straightening the tower was carried out. Concrete was poured into the foundations, but the result was that the tower sank further into the soil. The straightening work involved digging out around 70 tonnes of earth from the northern side of the tower, causing it to sink on that side. Before the digging started, the tower was fixed with steel ropes and 600 tonnes of lead weights. However, halfway through the project, concerns at the ugliness of the weights led to their removal and the tower leaned greatly. The weights were hurriedly reattached. In one night, the tower moved more than it had averaged in an entire year. The tower's stonework has also been restored. The Italian government stepped in after a tower collapsed in Pavia in 1989, killing four people. Experts suddenly realized that the tower at Pisa, which was similarly built and on the same sort of earth, could do the same.
  1.What would be the best title for the passage? A.The Building of the Leaning Tower of Pisa B.Saving the Leaning Tower of Pisa C.The Collapse of the Leaning Tower of Pisa D.The History of the Leaning Tower of Pisa 答案:B 归纳标题题。文章第一段就提到“...has proved to be a great success”,而



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