必修四 必修四
Module 4
  1.When the boiler (爆炸) many people were hurt by the steam.
  2.He was (诊断) with cancer so he was filled with despair.
  3.She was the (受害者) of a road accident.
  4.I'm busy now. Please make a (简明的) speech.
  5.The desert climate (养活) little plant life.
  6.He was b up in the countryside by his grandpa.
  7.The matter has quite e my memory.
  8.Please help me to f out my income tax.
  9.China Daily is a l newspaper in English.
  10.This book was first p 10 years ago. 答案:
  10.published Ⅱ.根据句意,用所给单词的适当形式填空

  1.Can you imagine how they the depth of the sea?
  2.As we all know, climate plays an important role in .
  3.Is this a physical change or a change?
  4.Though he with a deadly disease, he never lost heart.
  5. scientist devoted himself to research work and made many all his life in this The field.
  6.He works for a company that reference books.
  7.This kind of plant into China from Europe.
  8.We should try our best to more food ourselves and import less.
  9.The gold medal to Mr. Turn for his excellent performance in the contest.
  10.Mr. Smith had to work seven days a week, for he had a very large family to . 答 案 :
  4.was diagnosed
  7.was introduced
  9.was awarded
  10.support Ⅲ.完成句子
  1.他希望靠卖饮料来谋生。 He hopes to drinks.
  2.由于交通阻塞,他开会迟到了。 He was late for the meeting a traffic jam.
  3.他太幸运了,能够从那辆燃烧的汽车中逃出来。 He is lucky enough to the bus.
  4.济南作为“泉城”因为它的 72 泉而为我们所知。 Jinan is us “Quan City” its 72 springs.
  5.这房间由厨房改成了厕所。 The room a kitchen a lavatory. 答案:
  1.earn; his; living; by; selling
  2.as; a; result; of
  3.escape; from; burning
  4.known; to; as; for
  5.was; converted from,to Ⅳ.单项填空
  1.The bank has offered a reward for any information the arrest of the men. A.getting to B.leading to C.causing D.making
答案: 考查动词辨析。 B 句意: 银行悬赏搜集信息, 以便将那些人绳之以法。 to“到 get 达”;lead to“导致,以便”;cause“引起(往往是麻烦、问题等)”;make 后跟名词往往表 示“制作”。由句意可知应选 B 项。
  2.I don't know when his next novel will . A.come out B.publish C.come about D.go out 答案:A A、B 两项虽都有“出版”之意,但 publish 为及物动词,而空缺处需要不及 物动词,故应选 A。
  3.Even an old car is better than . A.neither B.none C.all D.not 答案: 句意: B 即使有一辆旧车也比没有车好。 据句意可知空缺处需一否定代词。 neither 虽表否定,但是表示两者的否定,故应选 B。
  4.Though he didn't agree with us at first, we soon him to our way of thinking. A.transferred B.modified C.converted D.exchanged 答案:C 考查动词辨析。transfer“转移,移动”;modify“修改,改动”;convert“使 改变”;exchange“交换”。根据句意可知应选 C 项。
  5.The author gave an example in support his argument. A.of B.about C.in D.on 答案:A 考查介词。in support of 为固定词组,意为“支持……”。
  6.The mystery was when he admitted he had been there all the time. A.cleared off B.cleared away C.cleared up D.cleared out 答案: 考查动词词组。 C clear off“离开”; clear away“散去, 消失; (烟、 雾等)消散”; clear up“把……弄清楚 ,澄清”;clear out“清除,整理”。由此可知 C 项符合题意。
  7.So far, quantities of time spent playing his computer games. A.was B.have been C.were D.has been 答案:B quantities of+n. 作主语时,谓语动词应用复数,再由时间状语 so far 可知应 用完成时,故应选 B。
  8.No matter how much you may dislike the adverts, there's no way to them in an age of globalization. A.miss B.escape C.meet D.see 答案:B 考查动词词义辨析。句意:不论你多么不喜欢广告,在这个全球化的时代, 没有方法能够逃避它们。 miss“丢失, 错过”; escape“逃避, 逃脱”; meet“遇见; 见到”; see“看到”,只有 B 项符合句意。
  9.Lenovo is famous for the of personal computers. A.process B.production C.producer D.product 答案:B 考查名词辨析。A 项指“过程,处理”;B 项“生产”;C 项“生产者”; D 项“产品”。由此可知 B 项符合题意。
  10.(2010湖北省部分重点中学联考)Rio De Jeneiro has won the right to host the 2016 Olympic Games, and the Brazilians will be occupied in building stadiums. A.as usual B.on a large scale C.in return D.in a row 答案:B 句意:里约热内卢获得了 2016 年奥运会的举办权,巴西政府将忙于大规模 地建设体育场馆。on a large scale“大规模地;大范围地”。 Ⅴ.完形填空
The famous scientist Albert Einstein died in 19
  55. His__1__now is in the central state of Kansas of the U.S.. It belongs to a retired(退休的)__2__doctor, Thomas Harvey. __3__did this happen? And why? In the 1950s, Albert Einstein and Thomas Harvey__4__each other when they both lived in Princeton, New Jersey. Einstein was working at Princeton University__5__Doctor Harvey was working at Princeton Hospital. When Einstein died, Doctor Harvey was__6__to examine his body. It was then that he started to study__7__has become a long time examination of Einstein's brain. His goal was to__8__some physical evidence(证据)of the scientist's genius(才华). Doctor Harvey, __9__, did not tell Einstein's family that he__10__the great man's brain. It was only later__11__the family learned of Doctor Harvey's work. They did not__12__the idea at first. After Doctor Harvey explained his idea to them, they agreed to__13__him to study the brain. Doctor Harvey then asked__14__scientists to help. They cut the brain__15__three pieces. They marked each piece before placing it in containers__16__chemical formaldehyde(甲醛)to protect it. Doctor Harvey has been__17__Einstein's brain since then. He has carried it with him as he moved from place to place. He has also lent parts of the brain to other scientists__18__study. Only one researcher has found something__19__. A doctor at the University of California found that the left part of Einstein's brain has more certain cells(细胞)than__20__. Such cells are known to feed brain. This may mean that the cells could affect intelligence.
  1.A.body B.heart C.brain D.head 答案:C 从后文可知是爱因斯坦的大脑被保存在美国的 Kansas 州。
  2.A.actual B.chemical C.natural D.medical 答案:D 一个退休的医学博士。
  3.A.What B.How C.Who D.Which 答案:B 这是怎么回事呢?
  4.A.realized B.recognized C.learned D.knew 答案:D 两个人都住在普林斯顿城,因此互相认识。
  5.A.as B.because C.while D.since 答案:C while 表示对比转折,意为“然而”。
  6.A.called on B.called at C.sent up D.sent off 答案:A call on 此处意为“要求(某人做某事)”。
  7.A.which B.how C.that D.what 答案:D study 是一个宾语从句,从句中缺少主语,故用关系代词 what 引导。
  8.A.invent B.discover C.prove D.examine 答案:B 他的目的是从身体方面找出爱因斯坦聪明的证据。
  9.A.perhaps B.therefore C.thus D.however 答案:D 由上下文语境可知此处表示转折关系,故用副词 however。
  10.A.bought B.sold C.kept D.made 答案:C 但他并没有告诉爱因斯坦的家人他保存着他的大脑。
  11.A.that B.when C.before D.after 答案:A 强调句型 It was...that...。
  12.A.hear of B.like
C.suggest D.offer 答案:B 当爱因斯坦的家人知道此事后,开始他们是不认同这个主意的。
  13.A.promise B.let C.have D.permit 答案:D 后来他们同意让他研究爱因斯坦的大脑。
  14.A.other two B.two other C.more two D.two another 答案:B “另外两个科学家”,用 two other scientists 或 another two scientists。
  15.A.off B.by C.into D.about 答案:C cut...into three pieces“把……切成三块”。
  16.A.for B.about C.of D.with 答案:D with 此处意为“带有,装有”。
  17.A.learning B.studying C.searching D.selling 答案:B 全文一直在讲“研究”爱因斯坦的大脑。
  18.A.for B.on C.into D.about 答案:A for study“以供研究”,for 表示目的。
  19.A.easy B.difficult C.particular D.common 答案:C 有一个科学家发现了特别的东西。
  20.A.ever B.enough C.usual D.normal 答案:D 某种细胞比正常情况下多一些。 Ⅵ.阅读理解 Computer programmer David Jones earned $35, 000 a year designing new computer games, yet he cannot find a bank prepared to let him have a check card. Instead, he has been told to wait another two years until he is
  18. He works for a small firm in Liverpool, where most young people of his age are finding jobs. David's biggest headache is what to do with his money. Though he has high payment, he cannot drive a car, or get credit cards (信用卡). David got his job four months ago, a year after leaving school with six O-levels (普通成绩) and working for a time in a computer shop. “I hope it will come to more than that this year.” He spends some of his money on records and clothes, and gives his mother $20 a week as he lives with his parents. But most of his spare time is spent in working. “Unfortunately, computing was not part of our studies at school,” he said. “But I had been studying it in books and magazines for four years in my spare time. I knew what I wanted to do and never considered staying on at school. Most people in this business are fairly young, anyway. I would like to earn a million and I suppose early retirement (退休) is a possibility. You never know when the market might disappear.”
  1.Why is David so different from other young people of his age? A.He earns an extremely high payment. B.He has got a job. C.He lives at home with his parents. D.He does not go out much. 答案:A 细节理解题。本题的相关信息在短文的开始,David 作为一个十几岁的孩子 每年就能挣 35, 000 美元,这一点绝对是他与同龄人的不同点。故正确答案为 A。
  2.David's greatest problem is that . A.he can't be treated as an adult (成人) by the bank B.he can't make as many games as he wishes
C.he doesn't know what to buy with the money D.he is too young to drive a car 答案:A 推理判断题。文中没有直接讲出该题的答案。但依据第一段所提供的相关信 息,判断 A 选项是正确的。故正确答案为 A。
  3.He was employed by the company because . A.he had worked in a computer shop B.he had written some games C.he is clever and works hard at his lessons D.he had learnt to use computers at school 答案:B 细节理解题。本文的第一段提供了相关信息。David 设计电脑游戏,因而受 雇于一家公司。故正确答案为 B。
  4.He left school after taking six O-levels because . A.he was afraid of getting too old to start computing B.he did not enjoy school C.he wanted to work with computers D.he wanted to earn a lot of money 答案:C 细节理解题。本篇短文的第三段第一句。“David get his job four months ago, a year after leaving school with six O-levels and working for a time in a computer shop.”该句与 C 选项含义相同。故正确答案为 C。
  5.Why does David think he might retire early? A.He thinks computer games might not always sell so well. B.He wants to stop working when he is a millionaire. C.One has to be young to write computer programs. D.He thinks his firm might close down. 答案:A 细节理解题。与其相关的信息点在本文的最后。David 说:你不知道什么时 候市场就没有了。其含义与 A 选项相同。故正确答案为 A。



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   1. 他的叔叔过去住在乡下,现在住在城里。(used) 2. 他一点也不喜欢喝咖啡,宁可喝茶。(prefer) 3. 对学生来说,学会一门外语是多么重要啊!(how) 4. 5. 这件大衣值多少钱?(cost) 他把他的一生献给了宇宙飞船的研究。(devote) 6. 你最好现在不要把坏消息告诉他。(had better) 7. 他是一位有经验的驾驶员,他习惯于在各种各样的天气情况下开车。(used) 8. 今晚你应该复习功课,而不应该看电视。(instead) 9. 没有什么能阻止这孩子冒 ...