语法 12
  1.(2009山东)I felt so bad all day yesterday that I decided this morning I couldn't faceday like that. A.other B.another C.the other D.others 答案:B 句意:昨天一整天我都感觉很糟糕,所以今天早晨我决定不能像那样面对另 一天了。another 泛指别的任何一天;other 作定语,其前通常加 some, several, one 等限定词; the other 强调两者中的另一个;others 不作定语。
  2.(2009江苏)Nine in ten parents said there were significant differences in their approach to educating their children compared with of their parents. A.those B.one C.both D.that 答案:D 句意:十分之九的父母认为,与自己的父母相比,他们在教育孩子的方法上 有很大的不同。这里 that 指的是 approach。
  3.(2009陕西)Jane was asked a lot of questions, but she didn't answerof them. A. other B. any C. none D. some 答案:B 句意:Jane 被问了很多问题,但她一个都没回答出来。首先排除 A 项,因为 没有“other of...”形式;设空处前有否定词 not,根据句意,排除 C 项;some of...“……中 的一些”,不合句意,故被排除;any 与 not 连用表全部否定,符合句意。
  4.(2009重庆)Over the past 20 years, the Internet has helped change our world in way or another for the better. A.any B.one C.every D.either 答案:B 句意:在过去的 20 年里,因特网以某种方式改善了我们的世界。在本题中, in one way or another 是固定搭配,意为“by some means,methods, etc.”。
  5.(2009四川)I like this house with a beautiful garden in front, but I don't have enough money to buy. A.one B.it C.this D.that 答案:B 句意:我喜欢这套前面带有漂亮花园的房子,但是我没有足够的钱去买它。 在代词中,one 用于泛指某类中的一个;it 用于特指,指前面提及的单数个体;this 用于指 已经提到的或已知的人、物、主意等;that 那个,用于名词或代词前,指人或事物,尤指在 空间或时间上较远的物等。
  6.(2009全国Ⅰ)One of the most important questions they had to consider wasof public health. A.what B.this C.that D.which 答案:C 句意:他们必须考虑的最重要的问题之一就是公众健康问题。此题考查的是 that 的指代用法,that 在此等于 the question。
  7.(2009全国Ⅱ)Charles was alone at home, withlooking after him. A.someone B.anyone C.not one D.no one 答案:D 句意:查尔斯独自一人在家,没有人照顾他。no one=nobody 没有人。
  8.(2009全国Ⅱ)The CDs are on sale!Buy one and you getcompletely free. A.other B.others C.one D.ones
答案:C 句意:CD 减价销售了!买一赠一。此处 one 用来代替 a CD。
  9.(2009北京)Being a parent is not always easy, and being the parent of a child with special needs often carries withextra stress. A.it B.them C.one D.him 答案:A 句意:作家长不容易,作一个孩子有特殊需求的家长更具有压力。此题考查 代词。it 指代前面的“being the parent of a child with special needs”。
  10.(2009上海)?Wow! You've got so many clothes. ?Butof them are in fashion now. A.all B.both C.neither D.none 答案:D 句意:“哇!你衣服真多啊。”“但是没一件是跟得上潮流的。”根据句意, but 表转折,空格处应用否定词 none。
  11.(2009浙江)It took building supplies to construct these energy-saving houses. It took brains, too. A.other than B.more than C.rather than D.less than 答案:B 考查短语辨析。根据后句“也需要脑力。”可知要建设节能房屋不仅仅(more than)需要建筑材料。
  12.(2009福建)?How amazing it is that astronauts are exploring outer space! ?It's a challenge, I guess, man against nature. A.of B.for C.by D.about 答案:A 考查介词。应答句中的 I guess 是插入语,因此所填介词与 challenge 连用, 表所属,用 of,选 A。
  13.(2009辽宁)Children need friendstheir own age to play with. A.of B.for C.in D.at 答案:A 考查介词短语用法。 of their own age 他们自己年龄阶段的。句意:孩子们 需要和同龄的朋友一起玩耍。
  14.(2009陕西)He invited me to a dance after the showChristmas Eve. A.at B.on C.in D.by 答案:B 考查介词用法。此处介词位于具体日期前,因此用 on,选 B。
  15.(2009湖南)Most Americans would prefer to keep their problems themselves, and solve their problems themselves. A.to; by B.by; to C.for; to D.in; on 答案:A 本题考查动词短语的固定搭配。keep their problems to themselves 意为:把问 题留给自己;solve their problems by themselves 意为:自己解决问题(强调亲自动手,不凭借 外力)。
  16.(2009四川)A great person is always putting others' interestshis own. A.below B.above C.in D.on 答案:B 考查介词。句意:伟人总是把别人的利益置于自己的利益至上。above“(重 要性)超过,胜过”。
  17. (2009全国Ⅰ)Everybody was touchedwords after they heard her moving story. A.beyond B.without C.of D.in 答案: 句意: A 他们听到她的动人的故事后, 人人都非常感动却难于言表。 beyond“超 出;越过”。

  18. (2009北京)The wine industry in the area has developed in a special way, little foreign ownership. A.by B.of C.with D.from 答案:C 句意:这个地区的酒厂以一种特殊的方式发展,仅有少量外资产权。with 表 示“有;具有;带有”。
  19.(2009天津)The art show wasbeing a failure; it was a great success. A.far from B.along with C.next to D.regardless of 答案:A 考查介词短语。句意:那次艺术展绝非失败,它是一次巨大的成功。far from sth./from doing sth.“远非;几乎相反”,符合句意。
  20. (2009江苏)This special school accepts all disabled students, educational level and background. A.according to B.regardless of C.in addition to D.in terms of 答案:B 考查介词短语。句意:这所学校接受所有残疾学生,不管学业水平和背景如 何。由句意可知 B 正确。 Ⅱ.强化闯关
  1.(2009宁波模拟)I miss Mary and would hateif our friendship is over for good. A.that B.it C.this D.one 答案:B 表示喜欢、憎恨等心理方面的动词,如 love, like, appreciate, hate 等后加上 it 作形式宾语,再加 if/whether 从句作真正的宾语。
  2.(2009杭州二中月考)Mr. and Mrs. Scot prefer a restaurant in a small town toin so large a city as New York. A.that B.the one C.one D.it 答案:C one 是不定代词,代指同类异物,在此句中相当于 a restaurant(单数,泛指)。 A、B 两项均为特指,D 项 it 指同类同物。
  3.(2009浙江五校联考)I wish I could offer you some cake but there'sleft. A.nothing B.none C.nobody D.no one 答案:B nothing 指物,表没有什么;none 指人或物,表数量,根据题意,空白处应 为 none,特指上文的 cake 没剩下。
  4.(2009浙江六校联考)The president was expected to makeclear to the world that China was ready to work with other countries. A.them B.its C.itself D.it 答案:D it 在这里作形式宾语,真正的宾语是由 that 引导的宾语从句。
  5.(2009嘉兴一模)The thieves ran away separately,carrying a bag. The police then divided into groups to follow them immediately. A.all B.each C.every D.either 答案:B 句意:小偷们分头跑走了,每人带走了一个袋子,然后警察马上分成几个小 组分头去抓他们了。each 在这里作代词,表每一个贼,而 every 不能作代词,只作形容词。
  6.(2009杭州学军中学月考)?Do you havefor the party, Mary? ?No, we still have to get another five chairs and some fresh flowers. A.something B.everything C.anything D.nothing 答案:B 根据题意,是在问晚会的一切准备工作是否已就绪,所以选用“everything” 表每样东西。

  7.(2009杭州学军中学月考)?I can't believe he's fifty. He looks so young. ?neither. A.Me B.I C.He D.Him 答案:A 在口语中,“me”可独立地代替“Ⅰ”,例如:“?I like coffee better than tea.”“?Me, too.”
  8.(2009宁波十校联考)?Excuse me, I want to have my hair cut, but I can't find a barbershop. ?There'sat the corner of the street. Just go straight. A.it B.some C.the one D.one 答案:D one 用来指代上面的 a barbershop,为泛指的单数名词。
  9.(2009温州二模)It is easy enough to download and copy, but you should at least writeby yourself. A.anything B.everything C.something D.nothing 答案:C 句意:从网上下载和复制是很简单的,但是你至少应该自己写一些东西。此 处应该用 something。
  10.(2009金丽衢十二校联考)Lei Feng is a hero,, I think, who will be remembered by Chinese forever. A.who B.it C.which D.one 答案:D one 此处为同位语,与前面的 hero 构成同位关系,同时作后面定语从句的先 行词。
  11.(2009金丽衢十二校联考)Silk from China found its way to India, the Middle East and Rome,spices and glass, which were not known to China. A.in charge of B.in exchange for C.in terms of D.in addition to 答案: in charge of“负责, B 掌管”; exchange for“以……换”; terms of“根据, in in 按照”;in addition to“除……之外”。
  12.(2009杭州二中)?Would you please take a message for me when you see Kate? ?. A.By no means B.By this means C.By means of D.By all means 答案:D by no means“决不,一点也不”;by this means“通过这种方式”;by means of“通过,借助于”;by all means“当然,没问题”。
  13. (2009浙江五校月考)He came back late, which time all the guests had already left. A.after B.by C.at D.during 答案:B 句意:他回来得很晚,那时所有的客人都已离开了。根据后面的时态:过去 完成时表过去某一时间或动作之前已经发生或完成的动作或存在的时态。常用 by, before, when 等引导词引导时间状语。
  14.(2009杭州质检)Though he is in his late sixties, the well-known biologist begins each daya sense of adventure and a sense of curiosity. A.in B.with C.of D.at 答案:B begin with 是固定短语,意为“以……开始”。类似的用法还有 start with(以……开始)和 end up with(以……结束)。
  15.(2009杭州质检)This kind of social phenomenon could exist only for a few months, but it will disappear. A.in no time B.on the time
C.at a time D.at one time 答案:A in no time“立即”;at a time“每次,在某时”;at one time“曾经”;B 项 短语不存在。
  16.(2009嘉兴一中二模)their son away to college, the old couple got more room in the house. A.As B.With C.For D.Through 答案:B with 在此句中意为“由于”,as 作此义解时,是连词,后面要跟句子,故只 能选 B。
  17.(2009嘉兴一中二模)the fact that the product is safe, many people have stopped buying it. A.In spite of B.For fear of C.On account of D.As a result of 答案:A in spite of“不管、尽管”;for fear of“以免,怕的是”;on account of“由 于”;as a result of“结果”。句意:尽管产品是安全的这是个事实,许多人还是停止购买 了。
  18.(2009绍兴质检)the support of the central authorities and the whole nation, Tibet has made great progress in its economic and social development. A.Thanks to B.As for C.In spite of D.But for 答案:A 句意:多亏了中央权力机构以及全国的支持,西藏在它的经济和社会发展方 面取得了巨大的进步。thanks to“幸亏,由于”;as for“至于”;in spite of“尽管”;but for“要是没有”。
  19.(2009金华十校联考)Pleasant music is often playedclasses to make students refreshed and relaxed for a while. A.after B.between C.among D.over 答案:B between classes 指“在课间”。
  20.(2009宁波十校联考)Albert Einstein once said,“People owe my successmy talents. Actually my success liesmy diligence.” A.to; on B.to; in C.with; in D.for; on 答案:B owe...to 意为“归功于”,而 lie in 意为“在于”。



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   来源于【http://www.ssoc.com.cn/fanwen/】详细出处参考Nhttp://www.cdsc.net.cn/post/1121.htm ...


   qModule collect collection tidy tidy up doll fan stamp untidy least take up all the time interview wow as 1 收集 收集 收拾,整理 干净的 收拾 娃娃 扇子;狂热爱好者 邮票 不整洁的,零乱的 最少的;最小的 占用 一直,总是 采访,会见 噢 作为;如同 山地自行车运动 排球 驾驶帆船 有创造力的 懒惰的 有用的 发展,发达,进步 技能,技巧 营地,野营;帐篷 露营,野营 as wel ...