Module 1
  1.The film was a huge (商业的) success.
  2.That was a/an (极其) cold winter morning.
  3.As a new teacher, Susan tried to (促进) good feelings between students and her.
  4.She had the time and the (灵感) to develop her talent.
  5.It is important to assess the (可靠性) of the data.
  6.A small child has to learn to keep its b before it can walk far.
  7.Quick! Call an ambulance! This is an e!
  8.The club members have the p of using the lending service of the library.
  9.Plant the seeds at a d of about 2 cm.
  10.Her a from the party made her good friends very angry. 答 案 :
  10.absence Ⅱ.根据句意,用所给单词或短语的适当形式填空

  1.They still haven't a name for their baby.
  2.The facts are clearly in the report.
  3.In that area, they started an movement to protect wild animals.
  4.We are being on Grammar tomorrow.
  5.A camel in the desert.
  6.They held completely different views, and , he had to stay in hospital for a whole month.
  7.Those in authority were in a position.
  8.He saved my life of losing his own.
  9.Nobody has ever the lonely island.
  10. all the fish died did the villagers realize how serious the pollution was. 答案:
  1.come up with
  5.came into sight
  6.as a result
  8.taking a risk
  9.set foot on
  10.Not until Ⅲ.完成句子
  1.我们应尽量保持工作与休闲的平衡。 We should try to .
  2.上个赛季他们晋升为甲级队。 They the First Division last season.
  3.这天气使大部分人不能出席。 The weather .
  4.她的长篇小说中有三部已改编成电视节目。 Three of her novels have been .
  5.你最好带上钥匙以防我不在家。 You'd better take the keys . 答案:
  1.keep a balance between work and relaxation
  2.were promoted to
  3.discouraged most people from attending
  4.adapted for television
  5.in case I'm out Ⅳ.单项填空

  1.The movie we are watching the early days of World War Ⅱ. A.sets in B.is set in C.sets off D.is set off 答案: 根据句意此处表示“以……为背景”, B 且主语为 The movie, 因此用 be set in。 set off 意为“出发,动身”,不符合句意。
  2.The thought of the test terrifies me. Which of the following is wrong? A.taking B.doing C.sitting D.making 答案:D take/do/sit the test 表示参加考试,而 test 不可与 make 搭配,故答案为 D。
  3.They may not offer me much money. I won't take the job. A.In that case B.In any case C.In case D.In my case 答案:A 句意:他们给我的工资可能不会多,如果是那样的话,我就不会接受这份工 作。A.假如那样的话,在那种情况下;B.无论如何,不管怎样;C.以免,以防;D.就我的情 况而言,根据题意选 A。
  4.In the face of a failure, it is the most important to keep up good state of mind. A.a B.in C./ D.the 答案:A a good state of mind 表示良好的思想状态,state 表示“状态”为可数名词。
  5.I waited 10 o'clock, but he still didn't come. A.after B.before C.by D.until 答案:D 句意:我一直等到 10 点,可他仍然没有来。故选 D。
  6.It's a great to know you, a world famous physics scientist. A.precaution B.privilege C.privacy D.prescription 答案:B 名词辨析题。A“预防措施”;B“荣幸,特权”;C“隐私,秘密”;D“药 方,处方”,据句意认识你这样世界著名的物理学家很荣幸,答案为 B。
  7.A Norwegian called Carstens Borchgrevink became the first man to the Antarctic mainland. A.set forth B.set up C.set foot on D.set off 答案:C A、D 出发,动身;B 建立;C 踏上,据句意答案为 C。
  8.He has been to general manager because of his excelent work in the company. A.proposed B.produced C.promoted D.programmed 答案:C be promoted to 表示被提升为;A 提议;B 生产;D 编程序,均不合句意。
  9.You needn't tell me about the matter, for it has been clearly in the report. A.stated B.talked C.said D.mentioned 答案:A 句意:你不必讲述这个事件了,因为在这份报告中已作了详细的陈述。 state“陈述”, 符合句意。 为不及物动词; 的宾语为说的具体内容; talk say mention 意为“提 到”。
  10.People should their children being addicted to computer games but them to study scientific knowledge. A.encourage; to; discourage B.discourage; to; encourage C.encourage; from; discourage D.discourage; from; encourage 答案:D 句意:父母应当阻止孩子沉溺于电脑游戏,而要鼓励他们学习科学知识。 discourage sb. from doing sth.劝阻某人做某事;encourage sb. to do sth.鼓励某人做某事。
Ⅴ.完形填空 Every moment, every day, you're breathing air. You generally can't see the air you breathe. How do you know if it's __1__? There are two major kinds of air pollution: particle pollution and ozone pollution. __2__ ozone pollution levels are generally going down, __3__ of particle pollution are now dangerously high. Particle pollution is very fine and almost __4__. However, it is very dangerous to people. Particle pollution, also known as soot, can __5__ asthma and other breathing problems. It can also cause heart attacks and strokes in older people. Some major __6__ of particle pollution are vehicles, power plants, and __7__ wood and trash. Ozone pollution can also __8__ on asthma attacks. It can also cause shortness of breath, wheezing, and many serious lung and breathing __9__. A major cause of ozone pollution is burning fossil fuels in automobiles, factories and refineries. Most of the polluted areas are major __10__. “Where there are lots of people, __11__ you're going to find higher levels of __12__,” explains Janice Nolen, a spokesperson for the American Lung Association. “Because we have a lot of __13__ in those areas, and because, especially in the eastern United States, we rely on coal burning to __14__ the electric power that we use for our homes and offices, we have a lot of pollution that comes from __15__ coal, burning gasoline, and burning diesel fuels.” Air pollution has a serious effect on people __16__ 18 years old. “Children and teenagers __17__ in more air than adults do. They're outside and often more __18__,” says Nolen. “Eighty percent of their lungs __19__ after they're born, and will continue to develop until they're 18 years old. Their lungs are actually being __20__ by the air they breathe. 本文是一篇说明文,主要介绍两种不同形式的空气污染??臭氧污染和微粒污染。
  1.A.fresh B.dangerous C.clean D.dirty 答案: 由下文“There are two major kinds of air pollution”可知, C 答案选 C, clean“清 洁的”。fresh“新鲜的”;dangerous“危险的”;dirty“肮脏的”,均不符合句意。
  2.A.Since B.As C.When D.While 答案: 由“are generally going down”和“are now dangerously high”可知, D 前后句 存在对比关系,因此答案选 D。
  3.A.types B.levels C.classes D.principles 答案:B 依据“ozone pollution levels are generally going down”可推知,答案选 B。 type“类型”;class“种类”;principle“原则”,均不符合句意。
  4.A.invisible B.chemical C.industrial D.environmental 答案: 由 and 连接的成分要对等可知, A 答案选 A。 fine“颗粒细微的”与 invisible“看 不见的”词义对等。chemical“化学的”;industrial“工业的”;environmental“自然环境 的”,均不符合句意。
  5.A.solve B.settle C.cause D.cure 答案: 根据下文“It can also cause heart attacks and strokes in older people.”可知答案 C 选 C。
  6.A.origins B.resources C.foundations D.sources 答案:D 由下文“vehicles, power plants...”可推知,此处表示污染的来源,因此答案 选 D,source“来源”。origin“起源”;resource“资源”;foundation“基础”,均不符合 句意。
  7.A.gathering B.burning C.piling D.cutting
答案:B 依据“wood and trash”可知,此处表示燃烧的木材和垃圾,因此答案选 B。 gather“聚集”;pile“堆放”;cut“切,割”,均不符合语境。
  8.A.bring B.depend C.insist D.take 答案:A bring on“导致”;depend on“依赖”;insist on“坚持”;take on“呈现”, 依据句意可知,答案选 A。
  9.A.difficulties B.symptoms C.problems D.signs 答案:C 此处表示臭氧污染可以引发许多严重的肺部和呼吸。difficulty“难事”; symptom“症状”;problem“问题”;sign“征兆”,依据句意可知,答案选 C。
  10.A.factories B.villages C.towns D.cities 答案:D 由“Where there are lots of people”可知答案选 D。
  11.A.generally B.frankly C.especially D.particularly 答案:A 根据语境可知,这里答案选 A,generally“一般地”。frankly“坦率地”; especially“尤其”;particularly“特别”,均不符合题意。
  12.A.life B.pollution C.education D.noise 答案:B 句意:在人多的地方,你会发现污染较严重。
  13.A.cars B.houses C.trees D.flowers 答案:A 按常识,应该是车多才会导致空气污染,所以答案选 A,其他选项均不符合 句意。
  14.A.use B.waste C.generate D.consume 答案: 根据语境可知, C 此处表示我们依靠燃煤来发电以供我们的房屋和办公室使用, 因此答案选 C。use“利用”;waste“浪费”;consume“消耗”,均不符合句意。
  15.A.mining B.producing C.using D.burning 答案:D 结合下文的“burning gasoline, and burning diesel fuels”可知,答案选 D。
  16.A.above B.under C.of D.at 答案:B 由下文“Children and teenagers”可知,此处答案应选 B。
  17.A.breathe B.suck C.bring D.give 答案:A 依据句中“more air”以及下文“They're outside”可推断,此处表示儿童和 青少年比成人呼吸更多的空气,因此答案选 A。
  18.A.honest B.wise C.active D.naughty 答案:C 既然“They're outside”,那么他们应该是更活跃,因此答案选 C。
  19.A.fail B.work C.function D.develop 答案:D 由下文“continue to develop until they're 18 years old”可知答案选 D, develop“发育”。fail“失败”;work“工作”;function“起作用”,均与句意不符。
  20.A.polluted B.shaped C.destroyed D.formed 答案:B 结合语境可知此处应选 B,shape“决定……的形成,影响……的发展”。 pollute“污染”;destroy“毁坏”;form“使形成(表抽象)”,均不符合语境。 Ⅵ.阅读理解 Houses fall down. Trees fall over. Large holes form in the ground. Could Alaska be sinking?
That's what some villagers in Alaska have been asking themselves recently and scientists think they know why. Warmer temperatures may be causing Alaska's frozen ground to thaw (解冻). About 85 percent of Alaska's land surface has permaforst (永久冻结带). Permafrost supports the ground above it?including trees, houses, and roads. But why is the permafrost thawing? Some scientists say that human-caused pollution is leading to global warming. And most scientists agree that Alaska has been getting warmer. They say that the warmer temperature is causing permafrost to thaw in some areas. The thawing permafrost can cause problems for people, plants, and animals.
The collapsing (倒塌) is a problem in the villages in Alaska which are built on permafrost, and some of them may have to move to safer ground, where there is no permafrost. The Alaskan town of Glennallen saw its old post office collapse. And, according to James Walters, a permafrost expert at the University of Northern Iowa, house-moving companies have been very busy. “Melting permafrost can also destroy trees and forests,” Walters said. “When holes in the ground form , trees fall into them and die. This could turn a forest into a swamp (沼泽), and animals which need the forests will have to move elsewhere.” “The melting could cause severe problems.”Walters says, “This could take hundreds of years, but in the end Alaska will look quite different from what it looks like now.”
  1.Which of the following can be used as the best title of the passage? A.Alaska?A Frozen Land B.Is Alaska Sinking C.Pollution and Global Warming D.Alaska is Polluted 答案:B 主旨大意题。全文讲述阿拉斯加地区由于冰冻地带融化,出现房塌树倒,地 洞形成等情况,所以用“阿拉斯加在下沉吗”作题目,起到画龙点睛的作用。故正确答案为 B。
  2.The main reason why permafrost is thawing



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