Module 3
  1.This could have serious (后果) for the economy.
  2.He had (喝,用尽) a large quantity of alcohol before the died.
  3.The latest figures show a clear growth (趋势) in the service sector.
  4.The lake is (丰富的) in trout.
  5.You are so angry, but I think you are (有正当理由的).
  6.He is o by hobbies.
  7.It rained a lot, but a it was a good trip.
  8.I can't stand the attraction from the a food there.
  9.His voice was u to me at first.
  10.They e their guests in a restaurant. 答 案 :
  10.entertained Ⅱ.根据句意,用所给单词或短语的适当形式填空

  1.His novels belong to a great but vanished age. They are,, old-fashioned.
  2.He's an odd character; I can't quite him .
  3.We got to Rome, but our luggage in Paris.
  4.Her character seems to have undergone a complete since her marriage.
  5.You really angered him by his wishes.
  6.He is dressed in jeans and T-shirt.
  7.He had made progress in English, and the teacher praised him.
  8.The refugees' main are food and shelter.
  9.Most of his jokes are in poor .
  10.This perfume has a light fresh . 答案:
  1.in short
  2.make; out
  3.ended up
  5.going against
  10.fragrance Ⅲ.完成句子
  1.由于坏天气,我们的班机给耽搁了. Our flight was delayed, .
  2.对于刚发生的事,请谈谈你的看法好吗? Could you please just now?
  3.一只毛毛虫变成了蝴蝶. A caterpillar is a butterfly.
  4.他们的长期奋斗以失败告终。 Their long struggle .
  5.黑暗中我只看出了一个人的轮廓。 I could just in the darkness. 答案:
  1.owing to the bad weather
  2.remark on what happened
  3.transformed into
  4.ended in failure
  5.make out a figure Ⅳ.单项填空
  1.It is required that all the students in uniform. A.one B.were
C.to be D.be 答案:D require 引导的从句中的谓语动词用虚拟语气即(should)+动词原形。
  2.“What did he say about me?” he asked as as he could. A.casually B.gradually C.informally D.closely 答案:A 考查副词辨析。A 随意地,漫不经心地,B 逐渐地,C 非正式地;D 严密地, 据句意。选 A。
  3.That's an/a different matter. A.complete B.altogether C.total D.entire 答案: 形容词 different 应由副词来修饰, B 故答案为 B, altogether 此处意为“完全地”, A、C、D 在语义上尽管符合逻辑,但却为形容词,无修饰形容词功能。
  4.The arrival of electricity our lives. A.transported B.transferred C.transformed D.transmitted 答案:C 句意:电的使用的改变了我们的生活。A“运输”;B“转移”;D“传送”, 均不合句意。
  5.It was very dark, so I could just a figure in the distance, unable to tell who it was. A.make it B.make out C.make for D.make up 答案:B 句意:天很黑,所以我只看到远处一个人的轮廓,看不清是谁。make out“辨 认清楚”,符合句意。make it“成功”,make for“向……方向去;促成”,make up“组成; 凑齐”,均与句意不符。
  6.We call it information technology or IT short. A.of B.in C.for D.with 答案:C for short 表示“……的缩写”;in short 表示“简言之”,A、D 搭配不正确, 据句意答案为 C。
  7.It was in so poor light that I couldn't what the newspaper said. A.let out B.speak out C.make out D.cry out 答案: 句意: C 光线太暗, 我实在不能确定报纸上的内容。 out“泄露”; let speak out“大 胆地说,大声地说”;make out“看出,辨认出,理解”;cry out“大声呼喊,大声抱怨”。 故选 C。
  8.From the way her sitting-room is decorated, you can tell she has a wonderful in arts. A.sense B.flavor C.style D.taste 答案:D taste 意为“口味,鉴赏力”,have a sense 有……之感。flavor 指某种食品的 味道;style 表示风格,且不可用于此句式。故选 D。
  9.Annan often states that the developed countries should greatly reduce the debts which the underdeveloped countries to them. A.to owe B.owe C.owing D.owed 答案:B 由句型结构可知,空白处是 which 所引导的定语从句的谓语,A 项和 C 项都 不能作谓语;同时,句子所陈述的是现在的事实,因此时态应用一般现在时。owe 此处意为 “欠”。
  10.He had a habit of making humorous . A.remarks B.marks C.grades D.remarkably
答案:A make remarks 发表评论,B、C 表示“成绩”,不合句意,D 项是副词,不 合乎语法要求。故选 A。 Ⅴ.阅读理解 A A new weapon is on the way in the fight against smoking in Europe. Soon when smokers buy cigarettes, they might see a shocking photo of a blackened lung or a cancer patient staring back at them from the packet. Some boys may think of smoking as cool and sexy. Their friends won't agree when they see their packets of cigarettes lying on the table. The European Union announced on October 22, that it had chosen 42 photos that showed the damage cigarettes could do to the body. It called on member nations to put these pictures on packets to discourage young smokers. To catch the attention of teenagers, the special packets warn of long-term medical dangers, like cancer. Short-term effects, like bad skin, are also on the list. “The true fact of smoking is disease, death and horror. That is the message we should send to the young,” said David Byrne, an EU health official. “Hopefully these pictures will shock students out of their love for cigarettes.” The EU head office hoped the pictures would work better than current written warnings on packets of cigarettes. The warnings included “smoking skills” and “smoking can lead to a slow and painful death”. So far, Ireland and Belgium have shown interest in the photos. Canada has used similar pictures and warnings on cigarette packets since 20
  00. The country has recently seen a fall in the number of smokers. According to studies, smoking_is_the_single_biggest_cause_of_avoidable_death_in_EU. Every year more than 650, 000 smokers die, more than one person a minute.
  1.What would be the best title for the text? A.New Ways to Stop Smoking B.Pictures to Shock Smokers C.New Packets of Cigarettes D.Dangers of Smoking 答案:B 主旨大意题。本文属新闻报道类文章,第一段交代了文章的中心意思。欧盟 号召成员国采取一些宣传吸烟有害健康的图片,以此来警示吸烟者。
  2.Which of the following is NOT the true fact of smoking? A.Disease. B.Death. C.Horror. D.Happiness. 答案: 细节理解题。 D 根据文章第五段第一句“The true fact of smoking is disease, death and horror.”可知应选 D。
  3.We can learn from the text that . A.the EU countries have put the new warning method into practice B.only a small number of the EU countries have used the new warning method C.the new warning method has worked in some EU countries D.countries in the EU still use the old warning method 答案:D 推理判断题。分析文章的信息,我们可以得出结论,文章介绍的新措施仅仅 还是一种设想,还没有付诸实施,因此断定欧盟国家仍沿用旧的警示方式。
  4.Which country is the most successful in stopping smoking? A.Ireland. B.Belgium. C.Canada. D.EU. 答案:C 细节理解题。文章倒数第二段“Canada has used similar pictures and warnings on cigarette packets since 20
  00. The country has recently seen a fall in the number of smokers.” 说明加拿大因为采取了类似的警示措施,吸烟人数有所下降。
  5.The underlined sentence in the last paragraph suggests that . A.it's hard to stop smoking in the EU B.deaths caused by smoking could have been avoided
C.smoking is the biggest cause of deaths in the EU D.the EU has the largest number of deaths caused by smoking 答案:B 语义理解题。句意:在欧盟,吸烟是惟一能够避免死亡的最重要的原因。即 吸烟造成的死亡本来是可以避免的。 B (2009山东实验中学模拟) Humor is a most effective,yet frequently neglected means of handling the difficult situations in our lives.It can be used for patching up differences,apologizing,saying“no”, criticizing, getting the other fellow to do what you want without his face. For some jobs, it's the only tool that can succeed.It is a way to discuss subjects so sensitive that serious dialogue may start a quarrel.For example, many believe that comedians on television are doing more today for racial and religious tolerance than people in any other forum. Humor is often the best way to keep a small misunderstanding from escalating into a big deal.Recently a neighbor of mine had a squabble with his wife as she drove him to the airport.Airborne,he felt miserable,and he knew she did,too.Two hours after she returned home , she received a long-distance phone call.“Person-to-person for Mrs.I.A.Pologize,”intoned the operator.“That's spelled ‘P’ as in....”In a twinkling, the whole day changed from grim to lovely at both ends of the line. An English hostess with a quick wit was giving a formal dinner for eight distinguished guests whom she hoped to onlist in a major charity drive.Austerity(节俭)was a fashion in England at the time, she had asked her children to serve the meal.She knew that anything could happen?and and it did, as her son, just with the studied concentration of a tightrope walker, brought in a large roast turkey.He successfully elbowed the swinging dining-room door,but the backswing threw the bird onto the dining-room floor. The boy stood rooted; guests stared at their plates.Moving only her head the hostess smiled at her son,“No harm,Daniel,”she said.“Just pick him up and take him back to the kitchen”...she enunciated clearly so he would think about what she was saying...“and bring in the other one.” A wink and a one-liner instantly changed the dinner from a red-faced embarrassment to a conspiracy of fun.
  6.What is the main idea of the passage? A.Humor is the key to success in our work and our lives. B.Humor enables us to cope with difficult situations effectively. C.Humor is the only best way to criticize someone without losing his face. D.Humor makes fun of any difficult situations. 答案: 本题考查主旨大意。 B 参照第一段“Humor is a most effective... means of handling the difficult situations in our lives”以及全文可得出答案。A 项具有迷惑性。
  7.Which of the following is NOT stated in the passage? A. Comedians on TV are believed to have done a lot in making people more tolerant of racial and religious differences. B.To make up differences,humor is a most acceptable as well as a most effective means. C.People often turn to humorous ways when meeting with difficult situations because of its effectiveness. D.Only by adopting the means of humor can one succeed in some jobs. 答案:C 本题考查推理判断。参照第一段“Humor is a most effective,yet frequently neglected means of handling the difficult situations in our lives.”可知人们在日常生活中并不经 常运用幽默,而是忽略它的存在,因此 C 项错误。
  8.What caused the roast turkey to drop onto the floor? A.The backward movement of the door. B.The son's hasty behavior. C.Someone happened to be at the door. D.The bird raised by the family.
答案: 本题考查细节理解。 A 根据文章第三段“but the backswing threw the bird onto the dining-room floor.”可知。
  9.By saying“...and bring in the other one,”the hostess meant that . A.the son had to cook another turkey for the guests B.she already had made more than one turkey ready for the dinner C.some other dish would be served instead of a turkey D.the son could serve the same turkey after it was cleaned 答案:D 本题考查推理判断。结合妇人说话时的语气语调和第三段“Austerity(节 俭)was a fashion in England at the time”可知 D 项正确。
  10.What do you think would probably be the result if the hostess got angry and scolded the son? A.It would make the embarrassing situation worse. B.The son would refuse to serve the guests any more. C.The son would talk back and make the mother all the more angry. D.The guests would leave before the dinner was over. 答案:A 本题考查推理判断。因为尴尬的局面已经形成,如果妇人再批评小孩,显然 会使事情变得更糟糕。 Ⅵ.书面表达 最近几年,“出国热”再一次开始兴起。社会对此有不同的看法。请你以“Studying Abroad”为题,根据以下提供的信息,谈谈自己



   选修八 考 点 自 查 Module 1~3 《走 向 高 考 》 高 考 总 复 习 考 点 详 解 首页 上页 下页 末页 选修八 考 点 自 查 Module 1~3 Ⅰ.词汇 词汇 1. v. 欠,应给予 . 应给予 adj. 未付的,欠 未付的, 的 2. n. 毒药 adj. 有毒的 . 毒药 3. vt. 使着迷 . 使着迷 adj. 令人 着迷的 adj. 着迷的 着迷的 4 . adv. 贪 婪 地 adj. 贪 婪 的 n. 贪婪 《走 向 高 考 》 高 考 总 复 习 ...


   选修八 Module 4 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The building was easily (易于识别的) as a prison. 2.The question of the origin of the universe is still hotly (讨论) by scientists. 3.What she said (使……信服) me that I was mistaken. 4.Old churches have a certain strange (吸引力) for me. 5 ...


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   选修八 考 点 自 查 Module 4~6 《走 向 高 考 》 高 考 总 复 习 考 点 详 解 首页 上页 下页 末页 选修八 考 点 自 查 Module 4~6 Ⅰ.词汇 词汇 1.relief n. v. 使……减轻 . ……减轻 2 . glory n. adj. 光 荣 的 v. 给 予……荣耀 ……荣耀 3.division n. / v. (近义词 . 近义词) 近义词 4.sympathy n. adj. 同情的 . 同情的 v. 同 情 5.stable adj. ...


   选修八 考 点 自 查 Module 4~6 《走 向 高 考 》 高 考 总 复 习 考 点 详 解 首页 上页 下页 末页 选修八 考 点 自 查 Module 4~6 Ⅰ.词汇 词汇 1. n.扩张 . 使扩张 adj. .扩张v. 使扩张 可扩张的 2 . adj. 宽 容 的 , 容 忍 的 n. 宽容,容忍 v. 宽容,容忍 宽容, 宽容, adj. (反义词 无法容忍的 反义词)无法容忍的 反义词 3. n. 专家 . 专家 adj. 特殊的,特别的 特殊的, v. 成为专家, ...


   选修八 Module 2 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The new seat-belt regulations (规定) came into (效果). 2.What (激发) you to do such a thing? 3.I (怀疑) that she is ill, but I'm not sure. 4.There's a shortage of (有技能的) labour in the factory. 5.He is a (职业的) basketball player. 6.Sorr ...


   选修七 Module 6 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The organization came into (存在;出现)10 years ago. 2.Few of the early manuscripts (手稿) have been (保存). 3.He is always making a profit by careful (投资). 4.We have an (协议) to always tell each other the truth about everything. 5.The ...


   选修七 Module 5 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.It is a (习俗) to see someone who is ill with a bunch of flowers. 2.The sheep had got out and were (自由的) on the road. 3.The house was simply (装饰). 4.You have put me in an embarrassed position. I feel (尴尬). 5.Although she was a n ...


   选修七 考 Module 1-3 1- 《走 向 高 考 》 高 考 总 复 习 考 首页 上页 下页 末页 选修七 考 Module 1-3 1- 《走 向 高 Ⅰ.词汇 词汇 考 考 》 高 考 总 复 习 1.v. 解决 . 解决 n. 协议,村落 协议,村落 n. 移民,殖民者 移民,殖民者 adj. 不大可能改变的,固定的 不大可能改变的, 2. adj. 好强的,好竞争的 v. 竞争 . 好强的,好竞争的 n. 竞争 竞争 n. 竞争者 竞争者 (同义词 同义词)n. 同义词 对 ...


   选修七 考 Module 4~6 《走 向 高 考 》 高 考 总 复 习 考 首页 上页 下页 末页 选修七 考 Module 4~6 Ⅰ.词汇 词汇 1. adj. 有节奏的 . 有节奏的 n. 考 《走 向 高 考 》 高 考 总 复 习 节律, 节律 , 节 奏,律动 2. n. 运动 v. 移动 adj. . 运动 移动 活动的, 活动的,可移动的 3. n. 技巧,手法 . 技巧,手法 adj. 技术的,工 技术的, 艺的 n. 技术 艺的 4. n. 衰退 , 下降 , 减少 ...



   英语学习六大策略 英语学习六大策略 最牛英语口语培训模式:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 最牛英语口语培训模式:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 太平洋英语,免费体验全部外教一对一课程 体验全部外教一对一课程: 太平洋英语,免费体验全部外教一对一课程:http://www.pacificenglish.cn 【本文由大学生电脑主页 [ www.dxsdiannao.com ] 收集整理,大学生电脑主页??大学生的百事 大学生电脑主页 大学生电脑主页?? ?? ...

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(外研版)三年级英语下册教案 module5 unit1(1)

   外研版三年级英语下册教案 Module 5 Time Unit 1 I get up at seven o’clock 第一课时 一、教学目标: 教学目标: a) 认知目标: 掌握“整点”时间表达法,并能在实际学习和生活中运用英语交流、谈论。 b) 情感目标; 在活动中培养学生的合作精神及自评、互评意识。 c) 能力目标: 培养学生听、说、读、画、猜的能力和综合运用英语的能力。 二、教学重、难点: 教学重、难点: I get up at seven o’clock. 三、教具准备: 教具准备 ...


   2011 九年级专项复习 主备人: 主备人:王 艳 介词 介词是英语中最活跃的词之一。介词在在中考中约占 7。介词本身除具有一定 的意义之外,他们还常常和其他词搭配在一起,表示许多不同的意思。 一、用适当的介词填空: 1.Can you wait me at the bus stop? 2.There’s a window the wall. 3.He got to Guangzhouthe morning of the 11th of May. 4.The girl isa red ski ...