Module 6
  1.These words don't (反映) how he succeeded.
  2.Facing (失败), he is determined to try again.
  3.The work of the charity is funded by voluntary (捐赠).
  4.An inventor has a rich (想象力) so that he or she invents many new things.
  5. (无规律的) way of life makes his health conditions from bad to worse.
  6.China is very good at l satellites.
  7.We should try our best to c for the needs of the students.
  8.We should unite and fight against the imperial e.
  9.Comparatively speaking, the policy adopted by the country is very t.
  10.I don't quite understand her for she is only one of my a. 答案:
  10.acquaintances Ⅱ.根据句意,用所给单词或短语的适当形式填空

  1.I hate being from the children.
  2.She resigned because of voices calling for her resignation.
  3.I only had time to the newspapers.
  4.Science has made great in the last 20 years.
  5.Poverty and poor health often go .
  6.The prize is an all paid trip to Rio.
  7.His advice (to be) wrong.
  8.Her son computer games.
  9.Your account of events doesn't hers.
  10.He her wrists so she couldn't get away. 答案:
  2.a chorus of
  3.glance at
  5.hand in hand
  8.is addicted to
  9.correspond with
  10.took hold of Ⅲ.完成句子
  1.她跟我只是点头之交。 I a nodding her.
  2.大约 400 名学生参加了抗议活动。 About 400 students the protest.
  3.医生们未能保住那女孩的性命。 Doctors the girl's life.
  4.这篇文章已证明是有用的。 The article .
  5.你必须考虑怎么答复他。 You must . 答案:
  1.have; acquaintance with
  2.took part in
  3.failed to save
  4.has proved (to be) useful
  5.reflect on how to reply to him Ⅳ.单项填空
  1.Failure proof of identity could result in great trouble. A.to produce B.producing C.production D.produce
答案:A 考查非谓语形式。failure to do sth.“做……失败”,是固定表达方式。
  2.He phones us every Sunday at 7, as clockwork. A.usual B.common C.average D.regular 答案:D 考查形容词辨析。句中的 every Sunday at 7 说明有规律的,故选 D,而 A 项 “通常的”;B 项“普遍的”;C 项“平均的”均不合句意。另外,regular as clockwork 表 示“准时地”属固定短语。
  3.He built up the business his health. A.on expenses of B.at the expense of C.at expenses of D.on the expense of 答案:B at the expense of...表示“以……为代价”,属固定短语。
  4.A test satellite was from Jiuquan. A.shot B.casted C.launched D.thrown 答案: 对“卫星、 C 火箭”等大东西的发射用 launch; 对“射箭”等用 shoot; 表示“投, 扔”小物品用“cast”或“throw”,据主语 satellite(卫星),可知用 launch,故答案为 C。
  5.It was in the business meeting that I made the of Mr. Black. A.association B.acknowledgement C.acquaintance D.recognition 答案: 考查名词辨析。 C make the acquaintance of sb.表示“结识某人”。 项“联系”; A B 项“承认”;D 项“辨认出”,均不合句意。
  6.?I don't like the designs. ?But in my opinion their designs, for the most , correspond to actual needs and regulations on environmental demand. A.picture B.plans C.popularity D.part 答案:D 由前句及 but 可知,后者是赞成这种设计的。for the most part“就绝大部分 而言”。picture“图画”;plan“计划”;popularity“流行,喜欢”均不合适。
  7.Don't think of yourself as . As the proverb goes “ is the mother of success.” If you work hard, you'll succeed sooner or later. A.failure; A failure B.a failure; A failure C.failure; Failure D.a failure; Failure 答案: failure 在第一空中意为“失败的人”, D 是可数名词; 在第二空中意为“失败”, 是不可数名词。
  8.During the long-term cooperation Mr.Li a smart, honest and trustworthy man. A.proved B.made C.turned D.appeared 答案:A 句意:在长期的合作中,李先生被证明是一个聪明、诚实、值得信任的人。 此题考查系动词,A 项“被证明是,结果是,原来是”符合题意;B 项“成功”;意思上不 合适,C 项后不加 a;D 项侧重表面看起来如此,但实质上并非如此,不合题意,故选 A。
  9. in the mirror she looked at herself with joy. A.Reflect B.To reflect C.Reflected D.Reflecting 答案:C 句意:她照着镜子,非常高兴地自我欣赏。reflect“映射,反射”是及物动 词,与主语 she 是动宾关系,故用过去分词。
  10.The manager of the supermarket tried every possible means to the needs of the customers. A.cater for B.content with C.meet with D.satisfy with 答案:A “满足需要”常用 meet/satisfy/cater or the needs 来表示,选项 B 一般用于 be content with 结构,选项 C 表示“偶然遇见”,而 D 项中应去掉 with。
Ⅴ.阅读理解 A Because of different instruments, materials and cultural backgrounds, Chinese paintings have their own image and content in comparison to other types of paintings like Western paintings. Unique appearance of Chinese painting owes much to the use of the Chinese writing brush and the Chinese paper. There are four essential elements used in the creation of Chinese painting, the brush, ink, paper, and the ink stone. Without any of them the job can't be done. For Chinese painting, the special pedagogy (教学法), the close relationship with the painter's personality and the unique Chinese philosophy are the most important. The painters are trained not only to convey the object but also the mood and spirit of the subject. The Chinese believe that the painting is also the expression of the painter's knowledge and temperament (性情). In this way, Chinese painting becomes something much more than art. The most essential philosophy of China is the unity of heaven, earth and human beings. What the Chinese painters are trying to express is not something that meets their eyes, but their attitude to the great nature. They have a profound love and admiration for nature. In the same theme the Chinese painters may spend hours contemplating (沉思) and drawing inspiration from the figures of nature. From the small or simple creatures that are chosen as subjects of art work, we can see how they enjoy the nature and their love devoted to the most humble things. The Chinese painters find it unpleasant to contemplate and draw the human figure by itself. Human beings are part of the surroundings. They are all together. That is why Chinese paintings are simple in composition and full of harmony, overall balance and peace with all of creation. They are interested in the mood and spirit.
  1.What mainly contributes to the unique appearance of Chinese paintings? A.The cultural background. B.The special pedagogy. C.The painting instruments. D.The close relationship with nature. 答案:C 细节理解题。关键句是第一段中的“Unique appearance of Chinese painting owes much to the use of the Chinese writing brush and the Chinese paper.” writing brush 和 paper 属于画画的工具,所以答案为 C。
  2.All of the following are important factors in Chinese painting EXCEPT . A.the teaching methods B.the Chinese philosophy C.the personality of the painter D.the mood and spirit of the subject 答案:D 细节理解题。根据第二段的第一句话“For Chinese painting, the special pedagogy, the close relationship with the painter's personality and the unique Chinese philosophy are the most important.”可得知答案为 D。
  3.Why is Chinese painting considered as something more than art? A.It conveys the most essential philosophy of China. B.It expresses the painter's knowledge and temperament. C.It encourages the painters to love and admire nature. D.It is simple in composition but full of harmony and balance. 答案:D 细节理解题。由第二段中的“The Chinese believe that the painting is also the expression of the painter's knowledge and temperament.”可知,因为国画同时也表达了绘画者 的知识和性情,所以它不仅仅是艺术。故答案为 B。
  4.What is the Chinese painters' attitude towards only drawing the human figure? A.Disapproving. B.Acceptable. C.Excited. D.Doubtful. 答案:A 细节理解题。根据最后一段,尤其是第一、二句可知,国画画家认为单独画 人物形象是 unpleasant,所以答案为 A。
  5.The passage is mainly about .
A.the influence of Chinese painting B.some basic information about Chinese painting C.the relationship between Chinese painting and nature D.the differences between Chinese painting and Western painting 答案:B 主旨大意题。通读全文可知,文章从一些基本理论和知识角度介绍了国画, 所以答案为 B。 B An Australian-based scientist announced yesterday he had made a step forward in forensic (用于法庭的) DNA testing so that an individual can be identified by a single cell. Ian Findlay, from the Australian Genome Research Facility at the University of Queensland, said current DNA testing required 200 to 500 cells to gain a similar level of accuracy. “What we have done has brought that down to one cell, Dr. Findlay said after releasing details of his DNA ” testing technique at a Sydney conference. The technology could allow investigators to pick up DNA identities from plastic cards and even build up a complete history of the people who have handled a paper document. “You'd have to wear a space suit to stop yourself from leaving traces. You can identify cells on the paper, so you can work out where it's come from and who's touched it,” he said. The technique could also be used to trace the thrower of a punch from cells left behind on the skin of his victim. Even the wearing of latex gloves would not help; small cells can pass through the gloves, and the constant flow of genetic material given off by the human body would leave further evidence. “We gained a skin cell from a document dating back 30 years and managed to gain a DNA fingerprint. DNA evidence can remain fresh for decades, perhaps even centuries,” Dr. Findlay said. “ The potential for this technology to solve unsolved crimes is great,” he said. But Dr. Findlay, named scientist of the year in 1998 by the European Society of Human Genetics, said the new testing needed to be scientifically validated,_which would take up to five years. He said, “There are serious consequences taking on technologies too early. The public have to be sure that they have the utmost confidence in the security and court systems.”
  6.The main advantage of the new technology is that . A.a single cell can identify an individual B.it has brought down the cost of DNA testing C.a higher level of accuracy can be acquired with a single cell D.it needs less than 200 cells to gain a certain level of accuracy 答案:A 细节理解题。第一段告诉我们,新技术领先一步(也就是其优势)就在于:能 通过一个细胞识别一个人的身份 。
  7.The underlined word “validated” means “”. A.confirmed B.imagined C.supposed D.criticized 答案:A 词义猜测题。由下文“...take up to five years”可以看出,Dr. Findlay 认为这 项测试还需长达 5 年的进一步的科学证实,所以该词和 confirm 同义。
  8.According to Ian Findlay, the new technology can . A.help to keep DNA evidence fresh for decades and even centuries B.make the process of tracing the thrower much more simplified C.help to pick up DNA identities more easily D.be widely used in five years at most 答案:C 推断题。由第二段 Ian Findlay 所说的话可知,新技术把 DNA 测试所使用的 细胞由 200 到 500 个减少到 1 个,所以可以推断出使 DNA 的采集容易多了。
  9.The last paragraph suggests that . A.the immediate adopting of the technology may cause mistakes B.the public have acknowledged the new testing technology C.it is safe to put the new technology into use now
D.Dr. Findlay is quite sure of his new technology 答案:A 推断题。这一段告诉我们太早采用(adopt)该技术会(因出错而)引起严重的后 果。
  10.The aim of the passage is to . A.praise Ian Findlay for his work B.report a piece of interesting news C.inform us of the wide use of DNA testing D.tell us a recent improvement in DNA testing 答案:D 主旨大意题。综观全文,文章重点向我们介绍了澳大利亚正在进行的一项有 关 DNA 测试所取得的巨大进步:由一个细胞确定一个人的身份的研究成果。 Ⅵ.书面表达 最近,你校组织高三学生开



   必修五 Module 4-6 4- 《走 向 高 考 》 高 考 总 复 习 专题探究 语法突破12: 语法突破12:代词和介词 首页 上页 下页 末页 必修五 Module 4-6 4- 一、代词 1.人称代词 . 一般地说人称代词作主语用其主格; 一般地说人称代词作主语用其主格 ; 作宾语用其宾 语;作定语用其形容词性物主代词;用名词性物主代词以 作定语用其形容词性物主代词; 代替“形容词性物主代词+名词” 但口语中, 代替“形容词性物主代词+名词”。但口语中,在无动词 的句子里,往往用 ...


   选修八 题型专攻 2 Ⅱ.书面表达 1.(2009江西卷) 学校即将举行以“Turning a bad mood(心情)into a good one ”为题目的英语作文比赛, 请按下列要求写一篇 100 词左右的记叙文或议论文。 记叙文: 议论文: 解析: 这是开放式的作文, 只提出了一个话题“Turning a bad mood into a good one”,并 给出了体裁上的选择和内容上的简要提示。 话题非常切合学生实际生活, 考生只要按照要点 去写,注意过渡即可。 参考范 ...


   选修八 Module 4 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The building was easily (易于识别的) as a prison. 2.The question of the origin of the universe is still hotly (讨论) by scientists. 3.What she said (使……信服) me that I was mistaken. 4.Old churches have a certain strange (吸引力) for me. 5 ...


   选修八 考 点 自 查 Module 1~3 《走 向 高 考 》 高 考 总 复 习 考 点 详 解 首页 上页 下页 末页 选修八 考 点 自 查 Module 1~3 Ⅰ.词汇 词汇 1. v. 欠,应给予 . 应给予 adj. 未付的,欠 未付的, 的 2. n. 毒药 adj. 有毒的 . 毒药 3. vt. 使着迷 . 使着迷 adj. 令人 着迷的 adj. 着迷的 着迷的 4 . adv. 贪 婪 地 adj. 贪 婪 的 n. 贪婪 《走 向 高 考 》 高 考 总 复 习 ...


   选修八 Module 2 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The new seat-belt regulations (规定) came into (效果). 2.What (激发) you to do such a thing? 3.I (怀疑) that she is ill, but I'm not sure. 4.There's a shortage of (有技能的) labour in the factory. 5.He is a (职业的) basketball player. 6.Sorr ...


   选修七 Module 1 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.When the dog attacked me, I (防护) myself with a stick. 2.I must (道歉). I was wrong. 3. (复杂的) problems are not easy to solve. 4.Are they (专业的) workers? 5.They have (指派) a new headteacher at my daughter's school. 6.Jack is an inte ...


   选修七 考 Module 4~6 《走 向 高 考 》 高 考 总 复 习 考 首页 上页 下页 末页 选修七 考 Module 4~6 Ⅰ.词汇 词汇 1. n. 少数民族 . 少数民族 adj. 小的,不是很 小的, 考 《走 向 高 考 》 高 考 总 复 习 重要的 2. adj. 完全不同的,各不相同的 . 完全不同的,各不相同的 v. 转变 方向或用途 ,转移注意力 转变(方向或用途 方向或用途), 3. adj. 各种各样的,形形色色的 . 各种各样的,形形色色的 adj. 各 ...


   选修七 Module 2 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.Can you prove your (清白无罪)? 2.The business has managed to change and remain (充满活力的). 3.By (传统), children play tricks on 1, April. 4.The (装饰物) of the room with flowers and baloons is pleasant. 5.The club provides a wide variety ...


   选修七 考 Module 1-3 1- 《走 向 高 考 》 高 考 总 复 习 考 首页 上页 下页 末页 选修七 考 Module 1-3 1- 《走 向 高 Ⅰ.词汇 词汇 考 考 》 高 考 总 复 习 1.v. 解决 . 解决 n. 协议,村落 协议,村落 n. 移民,殖民者 移民,殖民者 adj. 不大可能改变的,固定的 不大可能改变的, 2. adj. 好强的,好竞争的 v. 竞争 . 好强的,好竞争的 n. 竞争 竞争 n. 竞争者 竞争者 (同义词 同义词)n. 同义词 对 ...


   选修七 考 Module 4~6 《走 向 高 考 》 高 考 总 复 习 考 首页 上页 下页 末页 选修七 考 Module 4~6 Ⅰ.词汇 词汇 1. adj. 有节奏的 . 有节奏的 n. 考 《走 向 高 考 》 高 考 总 复 习 节律, 节律 , 节 奏,律动 2. n. 运动 v. 移动 adj. . 运动 移动 活动的, 活动的,可移动的 3. n. 技巧,手法 . 技巧,手法 adj. 技术的,工 技术的, 艺的 n. 技术 艺的 4. n. 衰退 , 下降 , 减少 ...



   Test2 Part One Section One (10%) Directions: In this section you will hear 10 short statements. Each statement will be spoken only once. After each statement there will be a pause. During the pause, you must read the four suggested answers marked a ...


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   dead president,真正的含义是印有总统头像的美钞,而并非 死的总统 死的总统” ,真正的含义是印有总统头像的美钞,而并非“死的总统 1、日常用语类 、 lover 情人(不是“爱人”) busboy 餐馆勤杂工(不是“公汽售票员”) busybody 爱管闲事的人(不是“大忙人”) dry goods (美)纺织品; (英)谷物(不是“干货”) heartman 换心人(不是“有心人”) mad doctor 精神病科医生(不是“发疯的医生”) eleventh hour 最后时 ...


   Tracy Allen Reading is good for everyone and it is a kind of study. As a college student, we’d better read as many as possible in our spare time. Here is a impression after reading of me. I have read the article named “Youth” several times and I ca ...


   “说课”说什么? 说课”说什么? 刚涉及说课的老师可能对说课的几个基本要素不是很 清楚,这里作一个简短的介绍。 从现有的说课基本模式而言,说课大体由以下几个基本 要素构成: 1、教材分析 (1)该节课的教学内容是什么,属于何种课型,包含 了哪些知识点,教材在编写上有什么意图和特点,特别要注 意挖掘教材中隐含的渗透的数学思想; (2)该教学内容在教材、单元乃至整个小学数学学习阶 段中所处的位置,所起的作用以及前后知识之间的联系。 2、目标定位 (1)教学目标 现在已打破原有的知识技能、思想教育 ...