2011 年最新高考英语复习资料(时态与语态练习及解析) 年最新高考英语复习资料(时态与语态练习及解析) 小试牛刀

  1. Hundreds of jobs if the factory closes. A. lose B. will be lost C. are lost D. will lose

  2. I’ve won a holiday for two days to Florida. I my mum. A. am taking B. have taken C. take D. will have taken

  3. A new cinema here. They hope to finish it next month. A. will be built B. is built C. has been built D. is being built

  4. Selecting a mobile phone for personal use is no easy task because technology so rapidly. A. is changing B. has changed C. will have changed D. will change

  5. I Ping ?pong quite well, but I haven’t had time to play since the new year. A. played B. will play C. have played D. play

  6. Visitors not to touch the exhibits. A. will request B. request C. are requesting D. are requested

  7. John and I friends for eight years. We first got to know each other at a Christmas party. But we each other a couple of times before that. A. had been; have seen B. have been; have seen C. had been; had seen D. have been; had seen
  8. This is Ted’s photo. We miss him a lot. He trying to save a child in the earthquake. A. killed B. is killed C. was killed D. was killing

  9. ? How are the team playing ? ? They are playing well, but one of them hurt. A. got B. gets C. are D. were

  10. ? You haven’t said a word about my new coua, Brenda. Do you like it ? ? I’m sorry, I anything about it sooner. I certainly think it’s pretty on you. A. wasn’t saying B. don’t say C. won’t say D. didn’t say

  11. I wonder why Jenny us recently. We should have heard from her by now. A. hasn’t written B. doesn’t write C. won’t write D. hadn’t written

  12. My uncle until he was forty ?five. A. married B. didn’t marry C. was not marrying
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D. would marry

  13. ? When will you come to see me, Dad ? ? I will go to see you when you the training course. A. will have finished B. will finish C. are finishing D. finish

  14. ? How long at this job ? ? Since 19
  90. A. were you employed C. had you been employed B. have you been employed D. will you be employed

  15. With the rapid growth of population, the city in all directions in the past five years. A. spreads B. has spread C. spread D. had spread

  16. The silence of the library only by the sound of pages being turned over. A. has been broken B. breaks C. broke D. was broken

  17. All morning as she waited for the medical report from the doctor, her nervousness . A. has grown B. is growing C. grew D. had grown

  18. Why don’t you put the meat in the fridge ? It will fresh for several days. A. be stayed B. stay C. be staying D. have stayed

  19. ? Sorry, Joe, I didn’t mean to … ? Don’t call me “Joe”. I’m Mr Parker to you, and you forget it ! A. do B. didn’t C. did D. don’t

  20. At this time tomorrow over the Atlantic. A. we’re going to fly B. we’ll be flying C. we’ll fly D. we’re to fly

  21. The news came as no surprise to me. I for some time that the factory was going to shut down. A. had known B. knew C. have known D. know

  22. I thought Jim would say something about his school report, but he it. A. doesn’t mention B. hadn’t mentioned C. didn’t mention D. hasn’t mentioned

  23. No one in the department but Tom and I that the director is going to resign. A. knows B. know C. have known D. am to know

  24. Although he has lived with us for years, he us much impression. A. hadn’t left B. didn’t leave C. doesn’t leave D. hasn’t left

  25. how can you possibly miss the news ? It on TV all day long. A. has been B. bad been C. was D. will be

  26. ? Sorry to have interrupted you. Please go on.
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? Where was I ? ? You you didn’t like your father’s job. A. had said B. said C. were saying D. had been saying

  27. I arrived late; I the road to be so iey. A. wouldn’t expect B. haven’t expected C. hadn’t expected D. wasn’t expecting

  28. I while reading the English textbook. Luckily, my roommate woke me up in time ! A. had fallen asleep B. have fallen asleep C. fell asleep D. fall asleep

  29. Let’s keep to the point or we any decisions. A. will never reach B. have never reached C. never reach D. never reached

  30. My mind wasn’t on what he was saying, so I’m afraid I half of it. A. was missing B. had missed C. will miss D. missed

  31. ? What’s that terrible noise ? ? The neighbors for a party. A. have prepared B. are preparing C. prepare D. will prepare

  32. Now that she is out of a job, Lucy going back to school, but she hasn’t decided yet. A. had considered C. has been completed B. has been considering D. is going to consider

  33. The mayor of Beijing says that all construction work for the Beijing Olympics by 20
  06. A. has been completed C. will have been completed B. has completed D. will have completed

  34. The teacher, with 6 girls and 8 boys of her class, visiting a museum when the earthquake struck. A. was B. were C. had been D. would be

  35. ? What were you doing when Tony phoned you ? ? I had just finished my work and to take a shower. A. had started B. started C. have started D. was starting

  36. The first use of atomic weapons was in 1945, and their power increased enormously ever since. A. is B. was C. has been D. had been

  37. The crazy fans patiently for two hours, and they would wait till the movie star arrived. A. were waiting B. had been waiting C. had waited D. would wait

  38. She her hairstyle in her hometown before she came to Chongqing for a better job. A. would change B. has changed C. changed
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D. was changing

  39. All the employees except the manager to work online at home. A. encourages B. encourage C. is encouraged D. are encouraged

  40. ? You were out when I dropped in at your house. ? Oh, I for a friend from England at the airport. A. was waiting B. had waited C. am waiting D. have waited

  41. She has set a new record, that is, the sales of her latest book 50 million. A. have reached B. has reached C. are reaching D. had reached

  42. The discussion alive when an inter esting topic was brought in. A. was coming B. had come C. has come D. came

  43. Because the shop , all the T ?shirts are sold at half price. A. has closed down B. closed down C. is closing down D. had closed down

  44. More patients in hospital this year than last year. A. treated B. have treated C. had been treated D. have been treated

  45. Sales of CDs have greatly increased since the early 1990s, when people to enjoy the advantages of this new technology. A. begin B. began C. have begun D. had begun

  46. Turn on the television or open a magazine and you advertisements showing happy families. A. will often see B. often see C. are often seeing D. have often seen

  47. ? I hear Jane has gone to the Holy Island for her holiday. ? Oh, how nice ! Do you know when she . A. was leaving B. had left C. has left D. left

  48. He kept looking at her, wondering whether he her somewhere. A. saw B. has seen C. sees D. had seen

  49. ? George and Lucy got married last week. Did you go to their wedding ? ? No, I . Did they have a big wedding ? A. was not invited C. hadn’t been invited B. have not been invited D. didn’t invite

  50. It is said in the book that Thomas Edison (1874?19
  31) the world leading inventor for sixty years. A. would be B. has been C. had been D. was

  51. The number of deaths from heart disease will be reduced greatly if people to eat more fruit and vegetables.
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A. persuade
B. will persuade
C. be persuaded
D. are persuaded

  52. ? The window is dirty. ? I know. It for weeks. A. hasn’t cleaned B. didn’t clean C. wasn’t cleaned D. hasn’t been cleaned

  53. ? Has Sam finished his homework today ? ? I have no idea. He it this morning. A. did B. has done C. was doing D. had done

  54. I you not to move my dictionary ?now I can’t find it. A. asked B. ask C. was asking D. had asked

  55. According to the art dealer, the painting to go for at least a million dollars. A. is expected B. expects C. expected D. is expecting

  1.B 此题是在 if 引起一个状语从句中,从句用现在时,主句中用一般将来时,而且句意为被动,故 B 最佳。
  2、A 这晨用 take 的进行时表将来的含义。
  3、D 由后一句可知这项工程还没有完成,故应在建设之中,而且是被动语态,故选 D。
  4、A 题干中主句为 Selecting a mobile phone …is no easy task,谓语动词表示了一种“含此刻在内的广 泛意义上的现在时间” ,使用的是一般现在时态(…is no easy task);后面的状态从句(because…)中则说 明原因为“技术更新变化迅速” ,应采用现在进行时: (technology)is changing(so rapidly).现在进行时态在 此表示了一种“持续变化”的状态,体现了“变化、趋势、发展和进展” (Collins COBULLD ENGLISH GRAMMAR) ,类似用法又如:His handwriting is improving. World energy demand is increasing at a rate of about3% per year.

  5、D 题干后的分句(but…)为转折语气,并在句中使用了现在完成时态(I haven’t had time to play), 表示自从 new year 以来一直没有打过乒乓球,由此可以排除选项 B(will play) 、C(have played).由此推 断前一人句中所说状态为“含此刻在内的广泛意义上的现在时间” ,则空中应该使用一般现在时态表达这 一时间概念。
  6、D 句意为:参观者被要求不触摸展品。所以应该用被动形式。
  7、D 第一空为现在完成时,与一段时间状语连用(for eight years);第二空:在一次晚会上认识之前 就见过,上是“过去的过去”的一个动作,帮选 D。
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  8、C 从上下文可知,Ted 已经死了,属于过去发生的事情, 对于动词 kill 来讲,应是被动关系,故 选 C。
  9、A 由题中所设语境可知,一句队员受伤应是过去的动作,故选 A。
  10、D 从对话题干所设语境看,此处谈论的是过去所没有发生的事(you haven’t said a word…)此对 话中,Brenda 为自己没能对朋友所穿新衣早加赞赏向对方表示歉意;sooner(=at an earlier time)作为附加状 语传达了十分重要的时间信息。 此处仍应使用表示过去行为的简单过去时,与后面句子中的现在时态(I certainly think…)形成对照。 其余选项所给时态…hasn’t written us recently。
  11、 前句中 recently 与事句中动词民用的语气为重要提示: should have heard from her by now.=We A We haven,t heard from her by now 此处讨论最近该发生而没发生的事,用现在完成时态:…hasn’t written us recently.
  12、B marry 是终止性动词,用在此 not…until 句型中表示“我叔叔直到四十五岁才结婚。 ”
  13、D when 从句中通常用一般现在时形式表将来时间。
  14、B 答语中的 since1990 是关键信息。
  15、B 时间状语 in the past five years 与现在时间有关。
  16、 图书馆的安静被打破, D 故须用被动语态;情景中找不出与现在有关的时间信息, A 是错误的。 故
  17、 grow 与 as 从句里的 wait 发生。题干前半句为时间状语, C 提供了极为重要的时间线索: morning All as she waited…,表示了过去的一段延续时间,本空之中动词所表示的行为(her nervousness “grow” )与 此同时进行。此处仍应使用一般过去时。 本题中与现在时间相关的两个选项(A. has grown B is growing)很容易排除;D 项(had grown)过去完 成时态,应用于表示过去特定时间之前的行为,与语境不符,也可排除。
  18、B stay 这晨是系动词的用法,不用被动形式。 根据本题设空之后所执着续的形容词 fresh 判断, 选项所给动词 stay 为系动词 (=to continue or remain in a place ,position or condition??COLLINS NEW ENGLISH DICTIONARY), 因此,很容易排除 A 项(系动 词不可能使用权用被动语态) 从句意看, ; 说话人向对方提出建议 (Why don’t you…?) 然后阐明依据 , (the meat will…) ,应该是 stay 的一般形式,而不会是进行式(C 项 be staying)或完成式(D 项 have stayed) 。 stay 的这一用法在中学教材里不大见到, 因而本题对于一些缺乏阅读并死记语法的考生会有一定难度。
  19、D 注意 Mr Parker 这里针对的是“Sorry , joe”这件事,而不是“ I didn’t mean to…”那件事。而 前者正是“此时此刻”发生的,故应用一般现在时。句意:你应称呼我帕克先生,你不是忘了吧!题干选 材为大小对话形式,语境完整,前者向 Joe 道歉,后者(joe 本人)拒不接受道歉,认为称呼自己为 Joe 是: “套近乎” 。提醒并警千对方,语气非常严厉。
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