1、 Writing (图画提纲式议论文)
Directions: ? Study the following set of cartoons carefully and write an essay in which you should ? 1 ) describe the cartoons,? 2 ) state its main idea, and give your comment.?? You should write about 160?200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET
  2. ( 20 points ) ? 范文? These two cartoons show two contrasting scenes. While the male student spends all his time and money playing Internet games, the female student studies diligently. One could easily argue that a bright future awaits the students who study hard, while those who waste tuition playing games have little to look forward to. The above images encourage students to value their time in school and take advantage of educational opportunities.? While students dream of being accepted into college for years, they often become lost once admitted. Without their parents' constant support and advice, or because of limited communication with teachers, many students are unable to focus on their future goals. Such confusion leads some to forget their studies and resort to playing on the Internet, among other forms of recreation. Students should not only keep their ambitions in mind, but also seriously strive towards them. Without a clear purpose, one might easily waste crucial years neglecting one's studies. ? Constantly playing on the Internet leads to failure, while continuously studying guarantees success . Students need to appreciate their time in school, and work hard in order to ensure a good future. 这两幅漫画描述了两个形成鲜明对照的场景, 第一幅画中的男生在网络游戏中虚掷了所 有的时间和金钱,而第二幅画中的女生却在勤勉地学习。可以很容易得出结论:对于刻苦学 习的学生,一个美好的未来在等候着他们;而浪费学费玩游戏的学生没有什么指望了。上面 这两幅画激励学生们珍惜在校的时光和受教育的机会。 经过多年的梦寐以求终于跨进大 学门槛的学生,却往往迷失了自己。因为没有了父母常在身边的支持和建议,或是缺乏与老 师的沟通,很多学生找不到自己未来的奋斗目标。而这种困惑就使得一些学生扔掉书本,靠 各种消遣 ?? 包括玩网络游戏 ?? 来打发时光。 大学生不应只空谈理想, 应该认真地为 之奋斗,而没有明确的目标则会让一个人在度过他至关紧要的几年后头脑空空。 ?
沉湎于网络游戏只会导致失败, 而坚持不懈的学习则能收获成功。 大学生们一定要珍惜在校 时光,为了美好的未来而努力。 范文(二) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions: How can we meet the needs of today without diminishing the capacity of future generations to meet theirs? Sustainable development implies a broad view of human welfare, a long term perspective about social development. Write an essay which should cover:? 1 ) describing the set of drawings below,? 2 ) stating its main idea, and ? 3 ) giving your comment.? You should write about 160?200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET
  2. ( 20 points )
范文 The images above are both meaningful and instructive: this man's hard work is not only for his own benefit, but also for the benefit of future generations. The pictures serve to remind us that the existence of our current happiness and valuable national heritage is due to the struggles of our predecessors. We, in turn, should also work hard in order to guarantee the comfort and safety of generations to come. Sustainable development has become a topic of heated debate in recent years. While it is justifiable to satisfy current demands, we cannot neglect the needs of our descendants in the process. Our children also depend on Earth's natural resources and we should not deprive them of such necessities. Unfortunately, many people only think of their short term, personal interests. An entire forest might be clear cut, in the interest of making a profit, without a single tree planted in its place. This inconsiderate attitude towards the welfare of our descendants, as well the indifference to the outcome of such reckless actions, can only turn Earth into a cold and lifeless planet. People must be taught to appreciate Earth as not only their home, but also the home of our children and grandchildren, as well as all other plants and animals. While making great efforts to increase our current quality of life, we must simultaneously consider how our actions will affect future lives. 译文: ??
上面的漫画意味深长而发人深省,栽树人的艰辛劳作不只是为了他自己,也是为了后人。这 幅漫画是为了提醒我们今天的幸福生活和宝贵的民族遗产归功于我们祖先的奋斗,而我们, 反过来,也要努力劳动来确保我们后代的幸福和平安。 ? 可持续发展是近几年的热点话题, 虽然我们要满足自己当前的需要, 但不能将子孙后代的需 求抛置脑后。我们的孩子同样需要自然资源,我们不能剥夺他们的这份必需品。 ? 不幸的 是很多人只考虑他们短视的、自私的利益。为了获得利润,整片的森林被砍光,一棵树都不 留下。这种不顾及子孙福利的态度,和对这种轻率行为的后果的无动于衷,只会让我们的地 球变成一个冷冰冰而无生气的行星。 必须告诫人们的是:地球不仅是他们的家园,也是他们的孩子和所有后代的家园,还是其他 所有的植物和动物的家园。 在努力提高今天的生活质量的同时, 我们必须考虑到我们的行为 会对未来的生命产生什么样的影响。 范文(三) Writing (图画提纲式议论文)
Directions: ? Study the following set of cartoons carefully and write an essay in which you should ? 1 ) describe the cartoons, ? 2 ) interpret its meaning, and ? 3 ) point out its implications in our life. ?? You should write about 160?200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET
  2. ( 20 points ) ? 美丽不是表面的 范文 ? In the above cartoons, a young woman happily eats bananas and casually discards the peels on the street, unaware of the fact that such actions not only pollute the environment but also pose a danger to others. In the next illustration a disabled man struggles to properly dispose of the trash she has left behind. Despite the girl's youth and beauty, it is the disabled man who is truly beautiful. True beauty comes from one's actions rather than one's appearance. While most of us enjoy pretty appearances, it is more important to cultivate a clean and beautiful soul. Only such souls can create a genuinely beautiful society. Chinese traditionally uphold the virtues of modesty, generosity , broadmindedness, and politeness.
Confucian teachings such as: “do not do to others as you would not want done to you” and “one should be delighted to hear criticism,” are wise and worthwhile. If people embody these teachings our society can only improve and progress. The thoughts of great minds like Confucius are also worth studying. His writings set fine and noble examples for us to follow. Another proverb thus comes to mind: in the company of three one always can find a teacher. We should always be willing and able to learn from those around us. 译文: ?? 在上面的漫画里, 一个年轻女子愉快地吃着香蕉, 然后随手就把香蕉皮扔到了街上 ?? 丝 毫没顾及到这样的举动不仅会污染环境,还会给他人带来危险。而在接下来的那幅图中,一 位残疾人艰难地把她扔下的垃圾清理掉了。 虽然这个女孩年轻貌美, 但真正美的是那位残疾 人。真正的美是出自行动而不是外表,虽然我们每个人都喜欢漂亮的外貌,但更重要的是培 养纯净、美丽的心灵,只有这样的心灵才能创造出真正美好的社会。中国自古推崇谦逊、宽 宏、心胸开阔和以礼待人的美德。 孔夫子的教导: “ 己所不欲, 勿施于人 ” 、 “ 闻过则喜 ” 是明智的并值得我们遵循。 如果人们把这些箴言都落实到生活中, 那么我们的社会就会得到改善和进步。 大思想家孔子 的思想是值得我们学习的。他的著述给我们留下了杰出、高尚的楷模让我们效仿。另一句谚 语又浮现在我的脑海里: “ 三人行,必有我师 ” 。我们必须随时愿意和能够向周围的人 们学习。 范文(四) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions: A. Study the following cartoon carefully and write an essay in about 200 words. B. Your essay must be written clearly on ANSWER SHEET II. C. Your essay should meet the requirements below:
  1. Describe the cartoon and the message conveyed
  2. Draw a conclusion and give your comment on the cartoon..
范文: Indicated above are pictures that show trees play a vital role in water and soil conservation. In the left hand picture, people are fleeing from voracious sand dunes because they cut down all the trees. The caption reads, "As the sand advances, we
retreat." In the right hand picture, the people have returned carrying tools, water and samplings for the reforestation of the land. We are informed that, "As we advances, the sand retreats." It seems that the cartoonist is sending a message about the significance of trees in water and soil conservation and the need for everyone to fight against the danger of the desertification. In fact, what he is saying is if we do not fight against the sand, it will drive us away from the land. If we let this situation go as it is, our environment will suffer a great destruction. The best way to fight back against the greedy desert is made clear in the second picture. There the local people are vigorously setting about the task of planting trees to reclaim the land and make it fertile. The fact that there are three people in the picture, each with a different job suggests that cooperative efforts is one of the keys to success in the battle against soil erosion and only in this way can desertification be finally defeated. ( 225 ) 译文: 如图所示,树木对水土保持起着至关重要的作用。左图中,人们被贪婪的沙丘追赶,因为他 们砍伐了所有的树木。标题写着: “ 沙进我退 ” 。右图中,人们拿着工具、水和树苗回 来重新植树造林。我们被告知: “ 我进沙退 ” 。 我认为,漫画家要告诉我们的是:树木对水土保持的重要性,以及每个人参与抵制沙化威胁 的必要性。实际上,他要说的是如果我们不与沙漠做斗争,它会把我们从土地上赶走。如果 我们让这种情况继续下去,环境将遭到巨大的破坏。 第二幅图清楚地说明了击退贪婪沙漠的方法。 那里的人们正在热情高涨地着手植树造林、 收 回土地,使它变得肥沃。图中三个人每人干不同的工作,这说明合作努力是成功防止土壤侵 蚀的关键之一 , 只有这样才能战胜沙漠化 范文(五) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions : In this part, you are to write an essay of 160--200 words within 30--35 minutes. Your essay must meet the requirements below.
  1. Show your understanding of the meaning of the picture below
  2. State the harmful effects of fake and inferior products
  3. Suggest ways to fight against fake and inferior products
假冒伪劣产品 范文 ? As the picture given depicts , the socialist market-oriented economy in our country is developing rapidly, just like a truck running at a high speed. But the general public is surprised to find that there are more and more fake and inferior products seriously hampering the expansion of our market economy. Consumers have to be very careful in purchasing goods and services they need; otherwise they will fall into the traps set by the illegal manufacturers. There is no doubt that fake and inferior products are extremely harmful. In the first place, they endanger people’s health, giving rise to a lot of injury accidents. For instance, inferior-quality medicines not only aggravate a patient’s condition, but also tend to threaten his life and, what’s worse, to result in his death. Secondly, fake and inferior products are usually sold on the cheap. In many cases they interfere with the normal economic order in our country, affecting the marketing of many high-quality goods. This, in a great degree, hinders the development of our socialist market economy and harms the interests of our state. Therefore, we can say that fake and inferior products are a dangerous “tumor” in our healthy economy, which must be cut away as soon as possible. In my opinion , several strong measures should be adopted to fight against fake and inferior products. On the one hand, those who make them deserve to be severely punished by the law. On the other hand, consumers should learn to discern between true and false. Only in this way can they defend their own legal rights and interests. ( 263 words ) 译文: 正如所给的图画所描绘的 , 我国社会主义市场经济正在迅速发展 , 就像一辆高速行驶的 卡车。 但是公众惊讶地发现 , 越来越多的假冒伪劣产品严重地阻碍了我国市场经济的发展。 消费者必须经常谨慎地去购买他们所需的货物或服务



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