Unit 1
Text A fuel n. 燃料; vt. 给(某物)供给燃料 campfire
New Words prodigy n. 奇才;天才 child prodigy 神童
n.营火,篝火 radiate
bookworm n.极爱读书者;书呆子
vt. 发出(光或热) quicken
devotee n.热爱…者;献身于…的人
v.加快 heartbeat
adolescence n. 青春期
n. 心跳;心跳声 gulf
* compulsory a. 义务的;强制的
n. 海湾;不可逾越的鸿沟;巨大的差距 scheme
compel vt. 强迫;强求
v.计划;谋划 n.
notion n. 想法;观念;信念;概念 passion n. 热情;激情 gaze vi. 注视;凝视 encyclop(a)edia princess n.
  1. 理想中的女友;心目中追求的女友
  2. (oft, cap.)[常大写]公主;王妃 prince n.
  1. 少女理想中的未婚者,白马王子
  2. 王子;亲王
  3. (usu. sing.) [常单数] (喻)大王;巨头;名家 sharpener n. 卷笔刀;卷笔器 hence ad.
  1. 因此,所以
  2. 今后,从此 seeker n. 寻找者;探索者;追求者 * henceforth ad. 自此以后 n. 百科全书 volume n.
  2. (of) 体积;容积 supermarket n. 超级市场
widen erudition n. 博学;学问 amazement * cafeteria n.自助餐厅 * browse sigh n.叹息(声) ;叹气(声) absorb relief n.(焦虑等的)解除;宽慰 rarely ad. 不常;难得 disbelief n. 不相信;怀疑 casually ad.随便地;漫不经心地 casual a.随便的;漫不经心的;非正式的 climate n. 气候 rocky a. 多岩石的 * sturdy a.强壮的 trap n. (捕捉动物等的)陷阱;罗网;夹子 vt. 设陷阱捕捉(动物等) seal n.
  1. 海豹
  2. 印记,印章 vt.
  1. 盖章于
  2. 封,密封 romantic a.
  1. 有浪漫色彩的
  2. 多情的;浪漫的 glorious a.荣耀的;令人愉快的 joyous a.充满欢乐的;令人高兴的 blank n. (文件之类供作答、签名等所留的)空白;空格 vt.
  1. 吸收
  2. 吸引(某人)的注意;使(某人)全神贯注 crossword n. (= crossword puzzle) 纵横字谜,纵横填字游戏 frown vi. 皱眉头 apparently ad. 显然地 * stump vt. 把…难住;使为难 * oriental a.东方的 female a.
  1. 女的;母的;雌性的
  2. 妇女的;女性的;女性特有的 v. 浏览 n. 惊奇;惊愕;惊诧 v.加宽;变宽

  3.不切实际的 * relish vt. 从…获得乐趣;很喜爱
neighboring a. 相邻的;临近的
* revelation confidence n. 信心 asthma mariner n. 〈废〉水手 invest marine a.
  1. 航海的;海事的
  2. 海洋的;海生的;海产的 n. 水兵 region n. 地区 equator n. 赤道 wingspread n. 翼幅 shellfish n. 贝壳类动物 shell n. 动物的壳(如贝壳、蛹壳等) ,蛋壳;果壳;荚
  2. (房屋的)框架;骨架 appetite n.
  1. 食欲,胃口
  2. (for) 欲望;爱好 beam vi. 照耀; (面)露喜色;满脸堆笑 n.
  1. 微笑;喜色
  2. 光束 perceive vt. 注意到;感觉;察觉 the apple of sb.'s eye a person or thing that is the main object of sb.'s beyond one's wildest dreams (in a way that is) better than what one expected or hoped for 超过某人所期望的(地) ;出乎某人意 料的(地) out of focus not sharply defined 焦点没对准;模糊的 alter vt. 改变 Phrases and Expressions * incentive n. 鼓励;刺激 consequence n.[常复数]结果;后果 * drastic a. 激烈的;迅猛的 * betray vt. 出卖,背叛 investment n.
  1. 投资;投资额
  2.(时间、精力等的)投入 vi. 投资 n. 气喘,哮喘 n. 揭示;暴露
love and attention 某人的掌上明珠;宝贝 sweep sb. off his/her feet make sb. feel suddenly and strongly attracted to you in a romantic way 使某人倾心 get sth. in manage to say sth. about a subject 设法说完 play into sb.'s hands do something which gives sb. an advantage 干 对某人有利的事 file into enter in a single line 鱼贯进入 step up (infml) increase the size or speed of 〈口〉加快; 增加 hang on sb.'s words listen very carefully to 倾听;注意地听 feed on eat habitually 以…为食物;靠…为生 go steady with date sb. regularly and exclusively 仅与(同一异 性)经常约会 invest in
  1. buy (sth.) with the expectation of profit or some other kind of advantage 投资于
  2. (infml) 〈口〉买 in time
  1. eventually 经过一段时间后;最终
  2. at or before the right or necessary time 及时 pore over study or give close attention to 钻研;专心阅读
A common misconception among youngsters attending school is that their teachers were child prodigies. Who else but a bookworm, with none of the normal kid's tendency to play rather than study, would grow up to be a teacher anyway? 上学的孩子们中间有一种普遍的错误想法,即认为他们的老师当年都是些神童。不管怎么说, 除了不像一般孩子那样生性贪玩、不愿学习的书呆子之外,还有谁愿意长大后当老师呢? I've tried desperately to explain to my students that the image they have of me as an enthusiastic devotee of books and homework during my adolescence was a bit out of focus. On the contrary, I hated compulsory education with a passion. I could never quite accept the notion of having to go to school while the fish were biting. 我竭力向我的学生们解释我在他们心目中的形象?? 一个在青春期热衷于书本和作业的人? ?有一点被扭曲了。相反,我极为憎恨义务教育。我永远都无法接受在鱼儿上钩时不得不去上学的 想法。
  1.Tom (was) transferred to our school last year. He hung on Miss Young's every word in class and soon became the apple of her eye.
  2.Seeing his daughter graduate from high school, he felt a surge of love and pride that he couldn't express in words.
  3.Last year when Mr. Li first began his venture into the stock market, becoming a millionaire was beyond his wildest dreams.
  4.On my holiday, I was lucky enough to witness some wild seals feeding on fish. I took several photos of them, but unfortunately they were all out of focus.
  5.The prince has been going steady with the actress for three years and nothing can alter their plan to get married next week.
  6、 因为穷人连饭都吃不饱便认为他们不需要义务教育的看法完全是一种错误的想法。没有教育人们 怎能克服贫穷。
  6.It is a complete misconception that the poor do not need compulsory education because they do not even have enough to feed on. Without education, how can poor people ever overcome their poverty?
  7.All of David's classmates are completely stumped ? no one can work out how he became a top student overnight.

  8.It was obvious that her rejection of his proposal hit him hard, but in time he recovered from his wounds.


21世纪大学英语读写教程第三册单词及课后翻译 - Unit 1

   Unit 1 Text A fuel n. 燃料; vt. 给(某物)供给燃料 campfire New Words prodigy n. 奇才;天才 child prodigy 神童 n.营火,篝火 radiate bookworm n.极爱读书者;书呆子 vt. 发出(光或热) quicken devotee n.热爱…者;献身于…的人 v.加快 heartbeat adolescence n. 青春期 n. 心跳;心跳声 gulf * compulsory a. 义务的;强制的 n. ...

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   Unit 1 l 汤姆去年转来我校, 汤姆去年转来我校 , 他全神贯注地听杨小姐上课并 很快成了她最喜欢的学生。 很快成了她最喜欢的学生。 Tom (was) transferred to our school last year. He hung no Miss Young’s every word in class and soon became the apple of her eye. l 爱和骄傲。 爱和骄傲。 看到女儿高中毕业, 看到女儿高中毕业 , 他感到一阵难以弄语言表达的 ...


   21世纪大学英语读写教程(第一册)课后翻译答案 Unit 1 l 汤姆是个非常好奇的男孩,他不仅对“是什么”感兴趣,而且也对“为什么”和“怎么会”感兴趣。 As a very curious boy, Tom is interested not only in whats but also in whys and hows. l 据史密斯教授说,幸福就是你能充分利用你所有的一切。 Happiness, according to Prof. Smith, is the abili ...

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   UNIT2 我们班女生占大多数。相比之下,他们的班级全由男子组成。 Female students constitute the majority of our class. By contrast, their class is made up of males only. 美国孩子通常每天看三小时电视,而中国孩子必须将放学后的 大部分时间用于 做家庭作业。 American children can usually watch TV (for) three hours a day, wh ...


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   名词同介词的搭配 absence from 缺席,不在 absence of 缺乏 access to .。 。的入口,通路 acquaintance with 相识,了 解 action on sth 对.。 。的作用 addition to sth 增加 admission to /into 进入,入 (场,学,会) admission of sth 承认 advance in 改进,进步 advantage over 优于.。 。的 有利条件 affection for/towards ...


   初中英语新目标的重要句型 悬赏分:0 | 解决时间:2008-9-29 21:21 | 提问者:784456 越全越好,要有中文意思的,谢谢!!问题补充: 是新目标版的 最佳答案 句子的种类 (一)按使用目的,句子可分为陈述句、疑问句、祈使句和感叹句。 1)陈述句(Declarative Sentences):说明一个事实或陈述一种看法。例如: Light travels faster than sound. 光比声传播速度快。(说明事实) The film is rather ...


   2002年以前中央、国家机关公务员报名办法和程序与各地大致相同,自20 02年开始采取网上报名的办法。具体程序如下: (1)招考职位查询 预报考者可到国家人事部网、公务员考试网、新华政府在线频道、中 华网教育频道等进行查询。进入“职位查询及报名”,先按表中所列指标项选 择查询条件,然后提交查询进入下一步。选择您想要报考的职位,按照表 格要求填写。注意:标有“*”的项目必须填写。您填写的文字内容不要超过 限定的字符数,不要加 HTML 语言标记和运算符,如:“+”、“&”、“<” ...