Unit 8
Text A
* collaboration n. 合作,协作 cancel vt. 取消;废除 representative n. 代表;议员; (美国)众议院议员;州议员 sum n. 金额;款项 rocket n. 火箭 vi. 飞速前进;猛涨 * impetus n. 推动力;刺激
New Words * rivalry n. 竞争;对抗 superiority n. 优越(性) ,优势 unmanned a. 无人的;无人操纵的,无人驾驶的 craft n.
  1. 小船;船;飞机;飞行器
  2. 工艺;手艺
  3. (需要特种手艺的)行业;职业
  4. 诡计;手腕 decline vi. 下降;衰弱;减少 n. 下降;衰弱;减少 * shuttle n. 航天飞机 v. 穿梭往返
considerable a. 相当多的;相当大的 controversy n. 争论;争议 merit
scale n. 规模;程度;范围;比例 vt. 按比例增加或缩减
n. 长处;价值;优点 vt. 应获得,应受;值得 immediate
extraterrestrial a. 地球(或其大气圈)外的;行星际的;宇宙的
a. 立即的,即刻的;目前的;直接的 worthwhile
military a. 军事的 n. (the ~ ) 军人;军队;武装部队 aeronautics n. 航空学
a. 值得做的;值得花费时间(精力)的 orbit n. [天]轨道 v. 环绕(天体的)轨道运行 substantial
space exploration n. 外层空间探索
a. 大量的,可观的,相当多的 long-term
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a. 长期的 manned a. 载人的;由人操纵的
blow up explode; be destroyed by an explosion 爆炸;炸 毁 Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
planetary a. 行星的 gross a. 总的;毛的 exceed vt. 超过 shortage n. 缺少;不足;短缺 proportion n. 部分;份儿;比例,比 voter n. 投票人;选举人;有投票(或选举)权者 warp n.
  1. 变形;翘曲
  2. 反常心理;乖戾 Phrases and Expressions press ahead (with sth.) continue doing a task or pursuing an aim despite difficulties, objections, etc. (不顾困难 地)继续进行 coupled with together with 与…一起;连同 scale back reduce in size 按比例缩减,相应缩减 put sth. in doubt make sth. uncertain 使某事物不确定
the annual total value of goods produced, and services provided, in a country 国内生产总值 be on good terms have a good relationship 关系好 be caught in be involved in 陷入,卷入
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The race to the moon, which was won by the Americans in 1969, was driven almost entirely by politics. The rivalry between the U.S. and the former Soviet Union meant that the two countries were determined to be the first to put a man on the moon. President John F. Kennedy promised that America would win this race and, as one of the most popular presidents in American history, he inspired a nation to think of space exploration as the ultimate test of America's superiority over her Soviet enemy. 1969 年由美国人获胜的登月竞赛几乎完全是受政治驱动的。美国和前苏联之间的竞争意味着这两个国家 都决心首先将人送到月球上。约翰?F?肯尼迪总统保证美国将赢得这场竞赛,作为美国历史上最得民心的总统 之一,他激励国民将外层空间探索视为美国对其敌人苏联的优越性的终极考验。 America's success as the first nation to reach the moon, coupled with continuing Cold War rivalry, created much public support for the space programme and Washington was able to fund many more missions. During the 1970s, the moon was visited again, unmanned missions were sent to Mars and, for the first time, man-made craft were put on paths that would take them out of the solar system. 美国作为第一个到达月球的国家的成功, 以及持续不断的冷战竞赛, 赢得了公众对于太空计划的大力支持, 所以华盛顿能够为更多航天任务提供资金。在 20 世纪 70 年代,月球被再次访问,不载人的飞船被送往火星, 而且人造飞船也首次被送上将带领它们脱离太阳系的轨道。
  1、美国国家航空和航天局宣布,这次飞行任务长达九天,其明确目的之一将是研究太空飞行对衰老过程的影 响。
  1.NASA announced that one of the tangible objectives of this nine-day mission was to do research into the effects of space flight on the aging process.
  2.During the Cold War era, the Soviet Union and the United States both spent substantial funds on space exploration.
  3.The President's proposal to scale down/back the government's social welfare spending has caused a great deal of controversy.
  4、美国“发现”号航天飞机回到肯尼迪航天中心之前,佛罗里达恶劣的天气,加上舱门的故障,曾使安全着 陆难以保证。
  4.Before the American space shuttle Discovery returned to Kennedy Space Center,the bad weather in Florida,coupled with the door trouble,put its safe landing in doubt.
  5.So far there is little evidence of life on Mars,but this doesn't justify the conclusion that space research has no scientific value.
  6.The International Space Station,a collaboration in which sixteen countries are taking part,is the most expensive space-exploration project ever undertaken.
  7、这本书讲的是在五十年代末,中国航天探索的先驱者在没有外国专家帮助的情况下,执着地进行研究的情 况。
  7.This book describes the period at the end of the 1950s when the pioneers of Chinese space exploration pressed ahead with their research without the help of foreign experts.
  8.This year the profits made in manufacturing industries have exceeded $200 billion,making up one half of our country's GDP.
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