Unit 8
Let’s go to the park
  1.能听懂、会说 Let’s go to …及其应答 All right /Ok . Let’s go /Good /Great !等。
  2.能熟练地运用 Let’s go to …by …表达自己的意愿。
  3. 能听懂、 会说常见交通工具 a car ,a bus ,a bike , a plane 和表示地点的单词 a zoo, a park , a cinema, a supermarket ,the Great Wall 。
  4.学会表达“去某处”和“如何去某处” ,以及如何对别人的建议进行回答。
  5.能听懂并有韵律地诵读歌谣 We are happy today . 教学重点: 教学目的1、3。 教学难点: 教学目的1、2。 教具准备: 图片、磁带、录音机、人物头饰。 教学时数: 4课时 第一课时: B Look and learn . 第二课时: A Learn to say . 第三课进: C Look and say . 第四课时: D Fun house . The first period: B Look and learn TEACHING CONTENTS: Vocabulary : a zoo ,a cinema , a park , a supermarket ,the Great Wall ,by bike /bus /plane/car . TEACHING AIMS: To understand and say the words : a zoo ,z cinema,a park ,a supermarket ,the Great Wall .by bike/bus /plane /car . TEACHING AIDS: teaching pictures: TEACHING PROCEDURES: Step
  1. Warm-up.
  1. Greetings : Hello,everyone!How are you?…
  2. Now ,Let’s sing , together Ok? (“Hello ,How are you ?” , “Hi, Nancy.”)
  3. Free talk . “Good morning” “What’s your name?” “ Look at my coat .” “ Look, this is a pen .” etc. Step
  2. Presentation . A Game :快速闪动游戏。 T: What’s this ? S: This is a bed … T: What’s this ? S: Sorry ,I don’t know… B Learn : “ a park ,a zoo ,a cinema ,a supermarket ,the Great Wall .
  1. T: Boys and girls ,This is a park .(出示图片)
  2. Read after the T: “a park”. T: Do you like to go to the Park? S: Yes .
  3. Check .
  4. Let’s sing it .(park,park,I like go to the park .I like go to the park)
  5. Look and say the other words . The same method . C Play a game :Look and guess :What am I saying ? (师不出声说单词 ,生根据口形猜单 词 。) D Learn : by bike /car /bus /plane .
  1. T: Look at this picture ,What is this ?who can read it ?(bike ).
  2. Read after the T and check. “bike”、 “by bike ”( read and do ) 边说边做表示骑车的动作,帮助学生理解“by bike” 。
  3. Look and say the other words .
The same method .
  4. Check.
  5. Play a game : Draw and guess (师画出半个图形,生猜老师画的是什么?) Step 3 Consolidation.
  1. Listen to the tape and repeat .
  2. Play a game : 心灵感应。
  3. Workbook : B Listen and draw Page
  25. Step 4 ENDING : Sing “Goodbye!” DESIGN: Unit 8 Let’s go to the park. 图1 a park 图6 bike 图2 a zoo 图7 car 图3 a cinema 图8 bus 图4 a supermaket 图9 plane 图5 the Great Wall . POSTCRIPT: Phonetic symbol zoo park cinema supermarket great wall by car bus plane bike good but how The second period: A Learn to say . TEACHING CONTENTS : Pattern: “ Let’s go to …”, “But how ?”, “by…….”. TEACHING AIMS :
  1. The Ss can understand and say the communion parlance :Let’s go to … but how? by ...
  2.To encourage the Ss to talk in English. TEACHING AIDS: tape, radio ,masks( Cao shan ,Mike, Nancy,Mrs Black, Liu Tao ,WangBing, David ,Mr Black ), teaching pictures . TEACHING PROCEDURES : Step
  1. Warming-up
  1.Greating the Ss : Good morning /afternoon ,class?Glad to see you !How are you ?
  2.Say a rhymeABCDEFGOOOO, have some tea .
  3.Free talk: e.g T: Hello ,How are you ? S: Fine ,thank you ,And you ? T: I’m fine ,too .Let’s go to school ,ok? S:Ok./All right.
  4.Review the words : zoo, park ,cinema, supermarket ,the Great Wall . 复习 go to school ,go home ,go to bed ,get up 及答语 Ok. All right . zoo,zoo ,go to the zoo. Step2 Presentation :
  1. Play a game :Look and guess. e.g : Look ,what’s this? This’s a zoo .
  2. Learn to say : Let’s go to … Ok/All right /Good /Great .
  1)S1: Miss Yan ,This’s a park . T: Let’s go to the park ,Ok? S1: OK . T: Let’s go to the park,All right? S2: All right…. (Using the body language )
  2) Read after the T. “Let’s ….”
  3)Practice and check. T?S S?S Work in pairs .
  4)Sing and dance (Let’s go to …) (T takes out the picture ,Ss Look ,sing and dance )

  3.Have a rest : Play a game: “Listen and do ” e.g (T:Show me your sweater .Ss do it )
  4.Learn to say “but how? by ……” T: Let’s go to the zoo .S:ok. S: Miss Yan ,Let’s go to the park . T: Good /Great ,but how ?by bike ,by car .by bus or by plane? (using the body language ) S: By bike .
  1)Read after the T But how?
  2) Practice and check. T?S S?S Work in pairs .
  3)Sing and dance (Let’s go to …,Let’s go…..,Great /Good …. ,but how ?but how? By …) (The T takesout the picture ,the S Look ,sing and dance )
  5.Have a rest . Sing “Hi ,Nancy.” Step3 Consolidation .
  1. Listen to the tape and repeat .
  2. Look at the picture and act . Step4 .Home work . Listen to the tape and repeat four times . Step
  5. ENDING: Sing “Good bye !” Designing of writing on the blackboard : Unit 8 Let’s go to the park . Let’s go to 图片 Ok / All right /Good /Great ,but how ? By…… 图片。 The third period : C Look and say . TEACHING CONTENTS :
  1. C Look and say “ Let’s go to …by …”
  2. Workbook : C Listen and match . TEACHING AIM : The Ss can say “Let’s go to …by …” TEACHING AID: Teaching picture . TEACHING PROCEDURES: Step
  1. Greetings : T: Hello, boys and girls ,How are you ? Ss: Fine ,thank you ,And you ? T: Me ,too . Step2 Revision .
  1. Play a game :Look and guess (复习第八单元单词)
  2. Let’s talk in English . Hello /Hi, Good morning /afternoon . This is … What’s your name ? How are you ?…Look at my … It’s nice.
  3. Ask and answer (T?S) Let’s go to the park .OK,but how ? By bike …..
  4. Ss make a dialogue .
  5. Play a game: Listen and do Step 3 Pre sentation
  1.T: Boys and girls ,what’s this ? Ss: This is a park .This is a bike . T: Let’s go to the park . Ss: Ok ,but how ?
T: By bike . OR, T: Let’s go to the park by bike. S: All right .
  2.贴图游戏。 (游戏方法:老师或学生发出口令:Let’s go to …by …,有几名学生根据说 话内容选择地点和交通工具的图片贴在句子的空白处。 ) Let’s go to …by …
  3.T shows the teaching picture and asks : a. How many people in the picture? b. What’s this /that? c.What are they talking about?
  4.Ss discuss .
  5.Check and modify .
  6. Group works . e.g picure
  1. Girl: Let’s go to school by bike . Boy : All right /Ok /Good/Great .
  7. Action . Step4 Have a rest . Sing “Hello !How are you ?” Step
  5.Listen a match :( work book Page
  26) Step6 ENDING . Sing “Goodbye !” Step 7 Homework : Listen to the tape and repeat . Backsight : 为了让学生熟记本单元的四个新句型,把它们编成顺口溜:Let’s go to school, Good ,but how ? By bike .Ok, Let’s go 这四句每一句都是两拍,很有节奏感,而且辅助于动作,琅琅上 口,学生便于识记,教学效果不错。 另外,在教学中,采用游戏、表演等活动形式,有利于充分调动学生的学习积极性,有利于 学生积极主动参与到课堂教学的各类活动中去。



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