5 年级英语复习题
三单元基础训练 Can you(watch)TV now ?
  1. Chinese(class) begin at nine .
  2. Howdo you go to the park a week ? Twice.
  3. little (反义词)
  4. your friend have science classes here? A.Does B.Do C.Is D.Are
  5. 组句:calf, there, nearly, a, is(.)
  6. 句型转换:Are those lovely puppies yours?(改为肯定陈述句)
  7. He is good at (dance)
  8. 划线部分提问:The boys have ten kittens in the room. 四单元基础训练
  9. 字母排序 tsniel
  10. 补全对话:A:What’s his name,do you know? B: Yes,name is Linlin.
  11. 用方框内所给词的适当形式填空: (be, of, egg, heavy, take, want, can, carry, help, thing) Tom and Chang Hua(
  1)good friends.They are students.Chang Hua is in Tom’s bedroom.Tom’ father and mother (
  2)to (
  4)to the room.They want Tom and ChangHua to (
  5)them. This is a big basket.It is full (
  6)apples,pears and (
  7).It’s too(
  8). Tom’father and mother(
  9)carry it. Tom and ChangHua help them to(
  10) the big and heavy box to the room. 五单元基础训练
  12. 判断读音是否相同: ①comb of ( ) ②classroom room ( )
  13. 适当形式填空: ①It’s timehave lunch. A.for B.to C.of D.on ②The shoesfor you. Try__on. A.is, it B.are, it C.are, them D.is, them
  14. 句型转换:I can see some trees.(否定) I trees.
  15. 改错:There are any sports shoes in the shop. A B C 六单元基础训练
  16. 用适当的词填空: ① She is interested music. ② What playing football with me? ③ Please take some (medicine) ④ (do) the child(do) exercises at ten.
  17. 补全对话: A: you like the colour? Do B: I don’t like the colour. That red onenices. No,
  18. 选择填空: ① One of myfrom Guangzhou. A.friends are B.friend is C.friends is D.friend are
② How about this afterroom? A.go shop B.go shopping C.to go shopping D.going shopping ③Don’t talk class .Listen carefully. A.to B.at C.in D.for ③ He often helps his classmates study English. A.to B.with C.on D. in
  19. 句型转换: ① I am ill today.(改为一般疑问句) youtoday? ② Please give the apple to Miss Gao.(同义句). Please give . ③ Does the boy with a book study Japanese well?(肯定句) The boy well. ④ I like pink best.(同义句)。 is my . ⑤ All of them like English.(同义句)。 of them likes English.
  20. 连词成句:my ,hurt, arm(.).
  21. 首字母填空: A few seconds later the telephone rings again. I explain(解释). Then the p rings a third time. This makes m again. I speak loudly(大声),”Hello, Bill. T is Berry.” For a moment I hear n. Then someone says,” What’s the matter w you , Tom?”
  22. 正确形式填空: (American , English , Chinese , name , I , chlid , I , is , have , calssmate , different , same , are) My 1 is Chen Hua. My English teacher is Mary. She is from 2 . She 3 two 4 , a son and a daughter are in China, but her husband Paul Smith 5 in English. Her son is in 6 ,too. school. We are 8 , and Poul is a doctor. Dick is a college student. Alice and I are in the 7 we are good friends. I teach her 9 and she teaches 10 English. 英语综合练习
  1. 语音:forest project ( )
  2. Mrs. White is telling us (story).
  3. It’s my dog. name is LuLu. a white dog. A. it’s, its B. Its, It’s C.It’s Its D.its it’s
  4. The postmen letters every day. A. sends B.send C.wirte D.writes
  5. Are there two rooms the . A. twin B.twins C.twin’s D.twins’
  6. 根据首字母完成句子: ① Jone d have a brother or a sister. ② Our school is f for its arts. ④ Mun b some fruits and vegetables ereryday. ⑤ Ann has a h .She doesn’t come to school. 期末参考:
  1. 适当词填空: ① One of the b f in the class is round. ② He often does p on the cloth.
  2. 单项选则: ① Don’t forget to come to my birthday party tomorrow. - A. I don’t B.I won’t C.I can’t D. I haven’t
② The pair of shoes in the box. . A .is B. are C.am D.be ③ He’s a(an) boy. Please bu some apples him. A. ill ,at B. sick ,at C. ill , for D. sick, for
  3. 句型转换: We can go to the park next week. (就划线提问) you next week? 每周一练:
  1. I do my homework at school.(复数形式). at school.
  2. The teacher (want) tell (us) a story.
  3. What are you (study).
  4. She does exercises at ten.(否定句). She at ten.
  5. I want (bring) her some book.
  6. She (want) borrow some books.
  7. There (be) some toothpaste in it.
  8. I have two maths lessons today.(划线提问)
  9. They come from Britian. (划线提问)
  10. We have some English cars.(变为单数形式) Have a match:
  1. He would like to buy some books.(同义句)
  2. Peter (go) on a field trip next week.
  3. One of (we) (take) the books to the room.
  4. You should take care of (I ).
  5. 康复卡 Unite
  1. 介词填空 ① T he name the book is “show white”. ② Don’t worry your little sister, she’s coming.
  2. 用所给词填空 ① Let him (go) to see his grandparents. ② Shall I (Show) you the way to the bank. ③ The (library) are very big in Tianjin. ④ The boy lost way , can’t go home. (he) ⑤ The students in class love Miss Li and she loves (they). ⑥ My parents (have) a new car. ⑦ Tom (not have) a PE class on Monday. ⑧ They (not go) to school on Sundays. ⑨ Lucy asks me (read) English every day. ⑩ Mary’s friend (have) any pictures?
  3. 按要求改句子 ① lily,please,open, the, door(否) ② What’s the mother tiger’s name?(同义句) What’s the mother tiger? ③ Please show us around your class building, li Yan.(用 offen 改) Li Yan often around classs building.
④ They often have their PE Class on the playground.(单) often PE on the playground. 英语竞技场:
  1. 单词重组: s,e,e,a,c,u,b
  2. 印刷 在纸上印刷
  3. 著名 以。。著名 。
  4. do you like you school? I like very much.
  5. 当然 看一看
  6. 判断读音: welcome come ( )
  7. 按要求写分词: move(现分) observe(现分) begin(现分)
  8. 所给词填空 ① We want to make some English sings visitors. A.to B.for C. of D.on ② I don’t know the way the science lab. A.for B.at C.to D.in ③ fine weather! Let’s go out to play. A. What a B.How C.What D,How a ④ She wants something now. A.eating B.eats C.to eat D.eat ⑤ A hamster is often and has. A .white , a tail B.green, a tail C.green, no tail D.white, no tail
  9. 句型转换 ① They havethere English class a week.(改为单数) English class a week.
  10.连词组句 ① thing,like,make,this(.) this. ② to, China, back, welcome, you(.) Welcome Ghina.
  11.首字母填空 ① How o do you see a film? ?Once a month. ② There’s something w with his studies.
  12. He begins (drow) the pictures.
  13. No one (like play) basketball.
  14. One of my friends (be) from Guangzhou.
  15. He often finishs (do) his homework before dinner.
  16. 用适当词填空: ① Can you tell me the way the art room? ③ Will you please make noise in class? ④ hard work it is!
  17. 首字母填空: ① I learn a lot f our textbooks. ② Please keep o the grass. ③ The park is c “the Water Park”. ④ What a doing fishing with me? ⑤ I like l to English with the walkman.
  18. I’m my pen. But I can’t it. A .know,isn’t B.don’t know , isn’t C.don’t know, is
  19. He knows where .A. something new B.new something C.anything new

  20. 句型转换: ① Are those lovey puppies yours?(肯定句) Those ③ this,nice,is joey(?) (组句) ?
  22. 回答问题: What’s on the desk? a pen and some books.



   九年级英语复习计划 长丰中学 英语是中考科目中非常重要的一门学科,对学生的要求也愈来愈高,不仅加强了对英语基 础知识的考查, 更突出了对运用知识能力的考查。 因此我们要对所学知识进行系统而全面的复习。 离中考还有两个月的时间,如何在有限的时间内取得最好的复习效果.计划采取“三轮复习法” 的总复习计划,课本知识回顾、语法专题复习、专项复习及综合训练。同时还加强解题能力指导 和临场经验积累。做到着眼全面,突出重点,点面结合,把全面复习和重点复习有机结合起来。 (一)、课本知识回顾: )、课本知识 ...


   2010 年中考九年级英语复习计划 近几年的学业考试试卷的难度系数 0.75, 也就是说容易题和中等题占的比例 很大。要想拿到这些分数,必须依纲靠本,回归基础,回归课本。要在激发学生 的参与意识和实践运用方面下功夫,设法促使学生积极主动地上好复习课,增强 学生的语言运用能力,减轻学生过重的课业负担,提高复习课的教学水平,达到 《英语课程标准》对学生知识和能力的要求。 所以,我们第一轮复习的重点就是带领同学从第一册开始,梳理学过的词汇 和语法知识。并以《中考说明》为依据,附以各种形式的复习练习 ...


   2007~2008 学年第一学期初三英语期末试卷 本试卷分第一卷(选择题)和第二卷(非选择题)两部分.共 6 大题,满分 130 分。考试用时 100 分钟. 第 1 卷(三大题,共 85 分) 一、听力选择 (满分 26 分) (请先用两分钟时间熟悉听力试题,然后再动笔答题.做题时,请先将答案划 在试卷上.录音结束后,你将有两分钟的时间将试卷上的答案转写到答卷上.) A)对话理解 (共 11 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 11 分) 听下面 8 段对话.每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的 A ...

计算机英语复习 词汇

   一、Translate the following words and expressions into Chinese. (写出下列单词或词 写出下列单词或词 组的汉语) 组的汉语 Access 访问 Adapter 适配器 address 地址 address bus 地址总线 Administrator 管理员 Algorithm 算法 allocating system resources 分配系统资源 Antivirus program 反病毒程序 Application 应用,应 ...


   听力部分 一 听音选词 (5 分) 1 ()Aliving Breading C paper 2()Aletter Bwether 3()Afinishi 4()Ainvent 5()Awent 1 () A Bwatch Bprint C paper C wash C hurt Blearnt C hurt 二 选择听到的句子。 分) (5 It was my birthday on Saturday. B Here is a photo of me on my birthday. 2() ...


   阅读 北京市八一中学 阅读理解五级的目标部分描述如下: 阅读理解五级的目标部分描述如下: 1、能根据上下文和构词法推断、理解生词的含义 、能根据上下文和构词法推断、 ; 2、能理解段落中各句子之间的逻辑关系; 、能理解段落中各句子之间的逻辑关系; 3、能找出文章中的主题,理解故事的情节,预测 、能找出文章中的主题,理解故事的情节, 故事情节的发展和可能的结局; 故事情节的发展和可能的结局; 4、能读懂常见体裁的阅读材料; 、能读懂常见体裁的阅读材料; 5、能根据不同的阅读目的运用简单的阅读策 ...


   文 新 学 堂 教 学 教 案( 燕 郊 分 校) UNIT 7 一、用所给单词的正确形式或根据句意和首字母提示填空。 1. The teacher is coming. Would you mind (clean) the blackboard? 2. The river is very dirty. It smells (terrible). It is (terrible) polluted. 3. Last night he watched an (excite) football ...

初三英语复习材料 U3 U9 U12单元 词组 完成句子 练习题

   出题人: 一.短语 1. 十六岁的人 2. 被允许做某事 3. 在夜晚工作 4. 停止做某事 5. 给某人理头 6. 傻气的耳环 7. 考试不及格 8. 更集中精力于 9. 敬老院 10. 当地医院 做题人: 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 被发明 电池驱动的 错误地 意外地 根据 足够咸 靠近的灌木 被用来做某事 可调的轮子 电灯泡 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 应该做某事 毕竟 做计划 寄宿 ...


   名师忠言:词汇学习重战略, 名师忠言:词汇学习重战略,六大误区要规避 作为任何一门外语考试,它不外乎检测一个外语学习者的词汇量、阅读能力、语言运用 能力(听说写译)以及语言的纯正性(语音语调、文化习俗)。简单的讲,就是考察一个人 对外语的输入(听、读)和输出(说、写、译)能力,而这一切都是以词汇为基础的。 因此, 词汇学习是英语学习的基本功, 英语解构学习法认为词汇是英语学习的第一阶梯, 没有这一级的坚实基础,读写听说都无从谈起。词汇对考研的准备来说尤为重要,每年的考 研试题都有一定量的超纲 ...


   九年级英语期末复习手册 Unit 1 复习要点 一、短语。 短语。 1. by making flashcards 通过做单词抽认卡 2. ask…for help 向某人求助 3. read aloud 朗读 4. that way (=in that way) 通过那种方式 5. improve my speaking skills 提高我的会话技巧 6. for example 例如 7. have fun doing sth 玩得高兴 8. have conversations wi ...



   2007 年广东省汕头市初中毕业生学业考试 英 语 试 卷 说明:1.全卷共 11 页,考试时间为 90 分钟(其中听力考试时间约 15 分钟),满分 150 分(其中听 . 力部分 30 分). 2.全卷包括第一卷和第二卷,第一至第七大题(A,B)为第一卷,第七大题 C 至第十大题 . 为第二卷. 3.答题前考生必须将自己的姓名,准考证号按要求填写在密封线左边的空格内,并将姓 . 名和准考证号写,涂在答题卡指定位置上.(是否填写右上角的座位号,请按考场要求 做). 4.选择题部分必须使用答 ...

新概念英语青少版1A(Unit 1)

   1A( 10) 新概念英语青少版 1A(Unit 1 - 10)试卷 Name Mark 按要求做题: (每小题 1、按要求做题: 每小题 2 分,共 10 分) ( 1)Mrs. Jenckins is Robert’s mother. (变成一般疑问句并作否定简略回答) 2)William is the man with the black hair. (变成一般疑问句并作肯定简略回答) 3)The new pyjamas are pure white. (变成一般疑问句并作否定简略回答 ...


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   小学英语教学设计 新标准英语三年级起点第二册 Module10 Unit1 集美区 曾营小学 陈琦 Module10 Unit1 It’s on your desk. 一、 课前分析 小学英语的学习是一个循序渐进、承上启下的过程。本课作为一个新授课, 我认为教学环节应该是:1、热身活动;2、新课导入;3、提出任务;4、学习 新知;5、完成任务 6、学习补充;7、家庭作业。 二、 教学内容分析 本模块是《新标准英语》三年级起点第二册 Module10 Unit1。本模块以 position 即 ...


   六级高分写作解题策略 一、解题技巧 写作解题时间为 30 分钟,分为三步:5 分钟审题和构思,20 分钟写作,5 分钟检查可能犯的错误。下面分步骤说明。 (一)审题和构思 事实上提供给写作的时间不止 30 分钟。一般来说,各考场会提前 5 分钟左 右将答题卡一发到学生手里,大一点的考场甚至可能提前 10 分钟发卷。这 5 到 10 分钟不允许学生作答,但考生完全可以用来做作文部分的审题和构思工作。 注意审题一定要仔细, 按要求写作, 不得擅自改动题目, 给定的提纲不得有遗漏, 否则会按比例扣 ...