1、 We put the address on right. A.a B.an C.the
B. bought
C. caught

  8.We can take a picture Jenny’s camera. A. in B. with C. use

  2、 What is envelope? A. a B.an C ./ I am a letter. C.Both A and B

  9.This is a picture Jenny. A. for B. of C. Both A and B

  3、What are you doing? A.sending B. writing

  10. Orange is my favourite . A. fruit B. colour C. food

  4、live with mother and father. A.we B.us C. our

  11. I often to school. A. am walking B. walked C. walk

  5、 you have a nice trip to Beijing? A.Do B.Are C. Did

  12. I want to buy a gift you .
A. for
B. to
C. beside

  6.I want my mother sto buy a new bike me. A. to B.for C. by

  13.What you do yesterday? A. do B was C. did

  7.I chopsticks for my mother.

  14. Danny fell down and his tail.
A. break
B. broke
C. did
A. to
B. for
C. with

  15. Can you a kite. A make B. flying C. made

  22. Green is my favourite . A. fruit B. food C. colour

  16. Tian’anmen Square is , A. famous B .wonderful C. both A and B

  23. This sweater is too small me. A. for B. to C. with

  17. The shirt is small for me. A. too B. to C. two

  24. Let’s put the picture my desk. A. in the front of B. above C. down

  18. This picture is for . A. I B. my C. me

  25. are Jenny ‘s and Danny’s pictures. A. This B. That C. Those

  19. Jenny likes shopping. A. going B. goes C . to go

  26. Let’s take a picture Jenny’s camera. A. in B. with C . use

  20.What I doing ? A . is B. do C. am

  27. I often to school . A. work B. talk C. walk

  21. We bought gifts you .

  28. Danny an e-mail to his friend.
A. write
B. wrote
C. write

  35. Where the traffic lights? A is B. are C. have

  29. I want to buy postcards. A. some B. any C. much

  36. I am sending these postcards Canada. A. in B. on C. to

  30. A postcard has a picture it. A. in B. of C. on

  37. she need a computer. A. Do B. Does C. Is

  31. We write on on a postcard. A. left B. a left C. the left

  38. is your address? A. What B. Where C. How

  32. Now, I the letter in the box. A. put B. to put C. am putting

  39. Danny wants a postcard to his mother. A. to send B. sending C. sends

  33. She a stamp for his letter A. need B. needs C. to need.

  40.We write the address on right of the postcard. A. / C. in a B. the C. a I postcards.

  34. We buy stamps . A. at the post office restaurant B. in a bicycle shop

  41. What are you doing? A. write B. writes
C. am writing

  42. postcards do you need? Six. A. How B. How many C. How much

  49. Danny is singing a song my mother. A. to B. for C. across

  43. I’m sending this letter Shijiazhuang. A. in B. to C . at

  50.May I some grapes? A. to have B. having C. have

  44. We put the letter in . A. a postcard B. an envelope C. a stamp

  51.There many people on the street. A. is B. are C. have

  45.May I help you it ? A. to write B. write C. Both A. and B

  52. you feel tired? A. Are B. Do C. Does

  46.Danny is writing postcards his mother. A. to B. on C. in

  53.We see some people happily on the street. A. walking B. to walk C. walks

  47. Who thirsty? A. am B. is C. are

  54. That is film. A. a B. an C. /
48 . What would you like ? A. drink B. to drink C. drinking

  55.There is a bandage Tom’s nose. A.for B. on C. Both A and B

  56. are women. A. This B.That C. These

  63.May I you take a picture? A. to help B. help C. helping

  57.I am .I want to eat some bread. A . hungry B.thirsty C.tired

  64.We have English 2:00 the afternoon. A.at,at B. in,in C. at,in

  58. Look! The children . A. cry B. cries C. are crying

  65.Who tired? A.am B. is C. are

  59.The children are here . They are playing. A.camera B.film C. cards

  66. everyone happy? A. Am B.Is C. Are

  60.Many people like to go a walk. A. to B.at C. for

  67. There three boys in the classroom. A. is B.are C. have

  61. The buses go . A. slow B.quick C. slowly

  68. people are buying tickets. A.Many B. Much C. How many

  62. many people on the street. A.Have B. There are C.There is

  69. The train arrives Beijing . A in B. at C. to

  70. May I talk the boy. A. to B. with C. Both A and B

  3. There are three people in my family. ( )
  4. My father and mother are both workers. ( )
  5. I don’t like out car. (二)选择

  71. The man me is laughing. A. behind B. is behind C. are behind
二.阅读理解。(15 分) (一)判断题(5 分) Hello, my name is Jimmy. I’m a boy. I’m eleven. I am in Class Five Grade Six. Now let me tell you something about my family. There are three people in my family. My father, my mother and I. My father is a worker and my mother is a worker too. And they are both good workers , I am a good Student. My father and mother love me very much too. We have a new car. It’s green. I like it very much.
  1. We have an old car. 2 .I’m in Class Six ,Grade Five. ( Li Ming has two good friends from Canada. They are Rose and Mike .their country is very far from China. They are in the same school, but they are not in the same class(班). Li Ming and Rose are in Class One . They live in the same buiding. It is a little far from their school. They ride their bicycles to school and ride home together every day. ( ( ) A. The U.K. ) ( B. Canada C. Australia )
  1. Where are Rose and Mike from?
)2.LiMing and Mike are .
A. in the same class B. not in the same school C. not in the same class ( )
  3. They live . B. near their

  3. How does he always go to school?
A. berry far from their school school C. in one building

  4. How old is Zhanglin?
( )
  4. They go to school and come home . A. by bicycle (三)问答题 Zhanglin is a boy.He’s twelve years old .His English is very good. Because his mother is an English teacher. His favorite clothes are yellow shirts. It’s very nice. He likes to play football with his friends. He always goes to school by bus. On Sundays we often play and study together. We are good friends.
  2. What does Zhanglin’s mother do? What colour are Zhanglin’s favorite clothes? B. by bus C. by car

  5. Is he my good friend?

  6. What do we do on Sunday?



   新目标九年级英语期末复习手册 Unit1-8 重点知识梳理 Unit 1 一:知识点 1.Check in : 在旅馆的登记入住。 Check out: 在旅馆结账离开。 2.By: ①通过…..方式(途径) 。例:I learn English by listening to tapes. ②在…..旁边。例:by the window/the door ③乘坐交通工具 例:by bus/car ④在……之前,到……为止。例:by October 在 10 月前 ⑤被 例:English ...


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   一、 下列单词不是一类的选出来: ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. A. cat ) 2. A. green ) 3. A. blue ) 4. A. tiger ) Hello, I’m Mike. ) What’s your name? ) Good morning. ) Nice to meet you , Helen. ) What colour is it? ) Red? )1. Hi, I’m Mike.A. 嘿,我是迈克。 )2. What’s your ...


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   1. My father always drives me to school in the morning. How do you go to school? I often go to school on foot./ I go to school by bus/ by bus, No.11 / by bike. 2. I am going to the super market this evening. Why not come with me? I’d be glad to. ...


   20102011 小学部 20102011 学年度上学期五年级 英语月考试卷 Listening Part 听音, 一.Listen and tick 听音,选择你听到的单词 ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. clothes )2. A. green )3. A. bridge )4. A. air )5. A. home B. clouds C. closet B. great C. grass B. fridge C. flowers B. any C. many B. house C. ...


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   1Units 1-11 1.昨天我去博物馆了, 1.昨天我去博物馆了,我看见很多古老的 昨天我去博物馆了 东西。 东西。 I went to the museum yesterday.I saw many old things . 2.对不起打扰你了。 2.对不起打扰你了。 对不起打扰你了 I am sorry to trouble you. 至少) 3.Babies need at least (至少) 1010-hour sleep (十小时睡眠) 十小时睡眠) 4.我宁愿睡觉也不看电视 ...


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   呼场中学提高八年级英语口语交际能力的调查问卷 1、你喜欢英语吗? A.很喜欢 B. 一般 C. 不喜欢 2 你喜欢在课堂内说英语吗? A.很喜欢 B. 一般 C. 不喜欢 3、对于英语常用口语单词你都能记住吗? A.能够 B. 大部分 C. 很少 4、你能流利地使用日常英语对话吗? A. 能够 B. 基本能 C. 不能 5、当大家在讨论某个话题时,你能用英语完全表达出自己的看法吗? A. 能够 B. 一点点 C. 不能 6、英语课上你能理解老师的每一句话吗? A. 能够 B. 勉强 C. 不 ...


   二 00 四年建三江分局初一上学期期末统一考试 准考证号 英语试题 考生注意: 1.出题单位:前进农场中心校中学部 2.考试时间:120 分钟。 3.全卷满分 120 分(听力 30 分,笔试 90 分) 。 题号 得分 听 一 二 力 三 一 二 三 笔 四 五 六 本考场试卷序号 (由监考填写) 试 七 八 九 十 姓 名 ( ( ( ( ( 总分 班 级 (装 第一部分 听 力 ( ( ( ( ( 二、听一听,找一找,根据录音选出你所听到的内容(每题 2 分,共 10 分) )1.A. ...


   冲刺高考英语书面表达必备短语 151 条 1. 欣 赏 大 自 然 的 风 景 to appreciate the scenery of nature 2. 培 养 公 德 心 to cultivate the public mindedness 3. 维护健康 to maintain health 4. 保护环境 to protect the environment 5. 开 拓 视 野 to broaden the horizon 6. 开拓心胸 to broaden the mind ...