Test 1 一、交际用语(1’*
  1. How are you, Bob? Ted. A. How are you? B. I’m fine. Thank you. C. How do you do? D. Nice to meet you. 你好吗,鲍勃?我很好,特德。
  2. Thank you for your help. A. My pleasure. B. Never mind C. Quite right. D. Don’t thank me. 谢谢你的帮忙。我很荣幸。
  3. Hello, I’m Harry Potter. Hello, my name is Charles Green, but. A. call my Charles. B. call me at Charles. C. call me Charles. D. call Charles me. 你好,我是哈里?波特。你好, 我是查理?格林,你可以叫我查理。
  4. Paul, ? Oh, that’s my father! And beside him, my mother. A. What is the person over there B. Who’s talking over there C. What are they doing D. Which is that 鲍,那边 在说话的人是谁?哦,那是我的爸爸,在他旁边的是我妈妈。
  5. Hi, Tom, how is everything with you? , and how are you? A. Don’t mention it. B. Hm, not too bad. C. Thanks. D. Pretty fast. 你好,汤姆,近来都好吗?还不错,你呢?
  6. That’s a beautiful dress you have on! A. Oh, thanks. I got it yesterday. B. Sorry, it’s too cheap. C. You can have it. D. See you later. 你穿的这件裙子很漂亮。噢,谢谢,我昨天 买的。
  7. Why didn’t you come to my birthday party yesterday? A. Excuse me, my friend sent me a flower. B. Fine, I never go to birthday parties. C. Ha…ha, I don’t like birthday parties. D. Sorry, but my wife had a car accident. 昨天你为什么不来参加我的生日晚会?不好意思, 我 太太出了个交通事故。
  8. Hi, welcome back! Had a nice trip? A. Oh, fantastic! Fresh air, and sunshine every day. B. Come on, I’ve got lots of fun. C. By the way, I don’t like Saturdays. D. Well, I’ll look forward to your phone call. 欢迎回来,旅行还不错吧?噢,太棒了!每天都有新鲜的空气 和温暖的阳光。
  9. Haven’t seen you for ages! What are you busy doing now? A. I hate the weather here. B. My hair is getting a bit longer. C. Yeah, thanks for coming.] D. I am working part time in a bookshop, you know. 好几年不见了,最近都在忙什么呢?我现在在一家书店兼 职。
  10. Marilyn, I’m afraid I have to be leaving now. A. That sounds wonderful. B. Oh, so early. C. Not at all. D. Good luck! 玛琳,我恐怕现在不得不走了。噢,那么早? 二、阅读理解(2’*
  15) Passage 1 The French Revolution broke out in 17
  89. At the time France was in a crisis. The government was badly run and people’s lives were miserable. King Louis XIV tried to control the national parliament and raise more taxes. But his effort failed. He ordered his troops to Versailles. The people thought that Louis intended to put down the Revolution by force. On July 14,1789, they stormed and took the Bastille, where political prisoners were kept. Ever since that day, July 14 has been the French National Day. Louis tried to flee the country in 1792 to get support from Austria and Prussia. However, he was caught and put in prison. In September 1792, the monarchy was abolished. In the same year, Louis was executed. A few months later his wife, Marie also had her head cut off. The Revolution of France had frightened the other kings of Europe. Armies from Austria and Prussia began to march against France. The French raised republican armies to defend the nation. The Revolution went through a period of terror. Thousands of people lost their lives. In
the end, power passed to Napoleon Bonaparte. (190 words) 法国大革命于 1789 年爆发。当时法国正处在一片混乱中,政府腐败,人民生活凄惨。路易十 六世企图控制议会并增加赋税,但最后失败了。他命令军队进入凡尔赛。人民都认为他企图 用武力镇压革命。1789 年 7 月 14 日,人民群众爆发了,攻占了关押政治犯的巴士底狱。从 那天以后,7 月 14 日就被定为法国的国庆日。1792 年,路易十六企图逃离法国,并从奥地利 和普鲁士获得支持,但他被捕了。1792 年王室被废除,路易十六被处以死刑。几个月后,他 的妻子,玛丽也被处以死刑。法国大革命令欧洲其它国家的国王感到害怕。奥地利和普鲁士 的军队进入了法国。法国人民组织起了共和军来保卫祖国,革命陷入了一个艰苦阶段。成千 上万的人牺牲了。最后,权力落入了拿破仑?波拿巴手中。
  11. What’s this passage about? 这篇文章主要讲了什么? A. France. B. King Louis. C. The French Revolution. D. Europe. 法国大革命
  12. Which did not happen in 1789? 以下那件事不是发生在 1789 年? A. The French Revolution broke out. B. The national economy was developing rapidly. C. The government wasn’t well run. D. King Louis XIV was in power. 国家经济快速发展。
  13. Where were the political prisoners kept? 那些政治犯被关押在哪里? A. In Versailles. B. In Austria C. In Prussia. D. In Bastille. 巴士底狱
  14. What does the underlined word “abolished ” mean? 划了下划线的“abolished ”这个词是什么 意思? A. Put off. B. Established. C. United. D. Ended. 废除。
  15. What was NOT the effect of the Revolution? 以下那个不是法国大革命产生的效果? A. July 14 has become the French National Day. B. It brought some impact on the other European kings. C. Louis’s wife, Marie was killed. D. The king tried to control the national parliament. 国王 试图控制议会。 Passage 2 In the United States, it is not customary to telephone someone very early in the morning. If you telephone him early in the day, while he is shaving or having breakfast, the time of the call shows that the matter is very important and requires immediate attention. The same meaning is attached to telephone calls made after 11:00 p.m.. If someone receives a call during sleeping hours, he assumes it's a matter of life or death. The time chosen for the call communicates its importance. In social life, time plays a very important part. In the U.S.A. guests tend to feel they are not highly regarded if the invitation to a dinner party is extended only three or four days before the party date. But it is not true in all countries. In other areas of the world, it may be considered foolish to make an appointment too far in advance because plans which are made for a date more than a week away tend to be forgotten. The meaning of time differs in different parts of the world. Thus, misunderstandings arise between people from cultures that treat time differently. Promptness is valued highly in American life, for example. If people are not prompt, they may be regarded as impolite or not fully responsible. In the U.S. no one would think of keeping a business associate waiting for an hour, it would be too impolite. A person who is 5 minutes late, he will say a few words of explanation, though perhaps he will not complete the sentence.(260 words) 在美国, 一般 不习惯每天很早打电话给某个人。如果你很早打电话给他,在他刮胡子或吃早饭的时候,那 就说明这件事情非常重要,需要立刻处理。晚上十一点以后打电话也是同样的意思。如果一 个人在睡觉的时候接到电话,那他肯定觉得这是一件事关生死的大事。打电话的时间也显示 事情的重要程度。在社会生活中,时间是一个非常重要的角色。在美国,如果在宴会三四天 前才受到邀请,那受邀者就会认为自己不是很受重视。但并不是在所有的国家都如此。在世 界上的其它地方,提前很多时候做约定被认为是很愚蠢的,因为约好一个星期以后的事情很 容易忘记。所以时间的意义在不同的地方是不一样的。因此,来自不同文化背景的人之间就
会产生误会。举个例子,准时在美国社会是受到高度认可的。如果某些人不准时,就会被认 为不礼貌或不够负责任。在美国,没有一个人会把一次商务活动和等待一小时联系起来,这 太不礼貌了。一个人如果迟到五分钟,就要作出解释,也许这还不够。
  16. What is the main idea of this passage? 以下哪项表达了本文的中心思想? A. It is not customary to telephone someone in the morning and in sleeping hours in the U.S. B. The role of time in social life over the world. C. If people are not prompt, they may be regarded as impolite or not fully responsible in the U.S. D. Not every country treats the concept of time as the same. 世界各地时间在社会生活中扮演的角色。
  17. What does it mean in the passage if you call someone during his or her sleeping hours? 根据本文, 如果你在某人睡觉时间打电话给他, 意味着什么? A. A matter of work. B. A matter of life or death. C. You want to see him or her. D. You want to make an appointment with him or her. 这是一件事关生死的大事
  18. Which of the following time is proper if you want to make an appointment with your friend? 如果你想约你的朋友,以下哪个时间是比较恰当的? A. at 7:00 am B. at 4:00 pm C. at the night D. at 4:00 am 下午 4 点。
  19. Which of the following statement is true according to the passage? 根据本文,以下哪项陈述 是正确的? A. In the U.S.A. guests tend to feel they are highly regarded if the invitation to a dinner party is extended only three or four days before the party date. B. There is no misunderstanding arising between people form different cultures about the concept of time. C. It may be considered foolish to make an appointment well in advance in the U.S.A. D. Promptness is valued highly in American life. 准时在美国社会是受到高度认可的。
  20. From the passage we can safely infer that 从本文我们可以得出 A. it’s a matter of life or death if you call someone in the day time. B. the meaning of time differs in different parts of the world. C. it makes no difference in the U.S. whether you are early or late for a business party. D. if a person is late for a date, he needn’t make some explanation. 世界各地的时 间观念是不同的。 Passage 3 A foreigner's first impression of the U.S. is likely to be that everyone is in a rush-often under pressure. City people always appear to be hurrying to get where they are going restlessly, seeking attention in a store, and elbowing others as they try to complete their errands(任务). Racing through daytime meals is part of the pace of life in this country. 一个外国人对于美国的第一印象 很有可能是每个人都在压力下匆匆忙忙。城市里的人总是表现得匆匆忙忙不知疲倦的,为了 尽快做完一件事情,他们会在店里拼命引起店员的注意或者用胳膊肘推搡别人。白天匆忙就 餐也是这个国家生活节奏的一个部分。 Working time is considered precious. Others in public eating places are waiting for you to finish so that they too can be served and get back to work within the time allowed. Each person hurries to make room for the next person. If you don’t, waiters will hurry you. 工作时间被认为是很珍贵的。在一些公共饮食场所,其他人会等在你 旁边等你吃完,这样大家都可以得到服务,并赶在规定的时间内回去工作。每个人都会尽快 给下一个人腾出地方。 如果你不这样, 侍者会催促你的。 You also find drivers will be abrupt and people will push past you. You will miss smiles, brief conversations, and small courtesies with strangers. Don't take it personally. This is because people value time highly, and they resent someone else "wasting" it beyond a certain courtesy point. 你会发现司机也都很匆忙,人们从你 身边匆匆走过。你会错过一些微笑,简短的交谈和一些与陌生人的小礼节。不要在意,这是 因为他们非常珍惜时间,而且他们认为一旦太注重这些社交礼节就是浪费时间。 The view of time affects the importance we attach to patience. In the American system of values, patience is not
a high priority. Many of us have what might be called “a short fuse.” We begin to move restlessly about if we feel time is slipping away without some re-turnbe this in terms of pleasure, work value, or rest. Those coming from lands where time is looked upon differently may find this matter of pace to be one of their most difficult adjustments in both business and daily life. 对时间的观念还 会影响到我们对耐心的理解。在美国价值体系中,耐心并不是首要要考虑的。我们中的很多 人被称为”短保险丝”。如果我们觉得时间在毫无意义的溜走,既没有娱乐价值,工作价值, 也不在休息,那就会开始不停地徘徊。那些来自时间观念不同的国家的人发现他们在商业和 日常生活中最困难的就是对时间节奏的适应。 Many newcomers to the States will miss the opening courtesy of a business call, for example, They will miss the ritual interaction that goes with a welcoming cup of tea or coffee that may be a convention in their own country. They may miss leisurely business chats in a café or coffee house.



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