1.take off his costume


  2. a VCD of Chinese cartoons
  3. blow out the candles

  4. the twentieth of November
  5. Let’s wait and see.
  11. 住在Ben的附近
  12. have a cake with lots of apples
三、 选词填空(每词只能用一次)12% a lot of make about should off quiet in shouldn’t always a lot on away
  1. Jack has questions.
  2. He is asking Ben some questions the public signs.
  3. Can I go?
  4. You must stay from the building.
  5. Keep the grass.
  6. There is a sign the grass.
  7. Please keep .
  8. We shouldn’t noise here.
  9. You go out without a coat. You’ll be cold.
  10. Now I know about public signs.
  11. You_ brush your teeth before you go to bed every day.
  1.We are (have) a birthday party.
  2.There (be) a big cake.
  3.He is giving Ben some (cartoon).
  4.There are lots of children at (Ben) birthday party.
  5.He (blow) out the candles.
  6.He has many (strawberry) in his basket.
  7.It is the (five) of October.
  8.Tom, (come) here, please.
  9.We often (buy) fruit at the supermarket.
  10.My birthday’s coming. Let’s(have) a party.
五、选择填空(10%) ( )
  1. Ben a birthday party with lots of his friends. A. has B. have C. having D. is having ( )
  2. My birthday is the 4th of January. A. \ B. in C. on D. at ( )
  3. Ben and his family TV in the sitting-room now. A. is having B. watch C. are watching D. watches ( )
  4. Would you like my home? Yes, A. to come to , I’d like to. B. coming, I’d like to. C. to come, I do. D. coming, I do. ( )
  5. Do you usually watch cartoons? . A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, I don’t. C. No, I do. D. No, I can’t.
  6. that sign interesting? Yes, I think so. A. Does B. What’s C. Is ( )
  7. I would like to have a cake lots of grapes. A. in B. to C. of D. with ( )
  8. Aladdin his costume. A. takes off B. take off C. take of D. taking off ( )
  9.It’s time lunch. A. for B. to C. for have D. have ( )
  10.They are talking about birthdays. A. his B. they C. their D. her
  1. on, the, my, birthday, is, January, of, twenty-first (.)
  2. like, to, would, you, come, to, birthday, my, party (?)
  3. date, what, it, is, today (?)
  4. would, you, like, what, as, birthday, your, present (.)
  5. does, this, what, mean, sign (?)
  1.今天是几月几日?6月6日。今天星期几?星期日。 is it today? sixth . is it today? It’s .
  2.你的生日是什么时候?是4月21日。 your birthday? It’s _ the 21st of__ .
  3.你想要什么作你生日的礼物?你想要一本书吗? 不,我想要一件新的钢笔。 What you like a ? you a ? No, I’d like a .
  4.你的生日在五月九日吗?不,我的生日在三月份。 your birthday ninth of ? No, birthday is .

  1. 散步 a
  2. 在四月
  3. 刚才
  4. 我的手机 my
  5. 品尝苹果
  6. 儿童节
  7. 坐在他旁边 sit
  8. 上课前
  9. 拔胡萝卜 the carrots
  10. 回答这些问题 these
  11. take off the costume
  12. Sports Day
  13. pick oranges for me
  14. walk in the mountains
  15. at the back of the bus
二、 选择填空 10分 ( )
  1. The sign on the wall means ‘No ’, we shouldn’t here . A. smoking smoke B. smoke smoking C. smoking smoking ( )
  2. My mother’s birthday is December
  15. A. at B. in C. on ( )
  3. The students are having an running race . They’re very . A. exciting exciting B. excited exciting C. exciting excited ( )
  4. My shoes under the bed now. But they there a moment ago. A. aren’t were B. are were C. were are ( )
  5. your cousin a farm last Sunday ? A. Does visit B. Did visit C. Did visited
( )
  6. People usually eat moon cakes . A. on May Day B. on New Year’s Day C. at MidAutumn Festival ( )
  7. is this hairdryer ? It’s my mother’s . A. Whose B. Who C. Who’s ( )
  8. hairdryer is from America . is from Japan . A. Mine Yours B. My Yours C. My Your ( )
  9. Where you go last week ? I to my grandparents’ house . A. were go B. did went C. do went ( )
  10. Here’s a cake Ben . It’s his father . A. from to B. to from C. for from
三、选词填空,注意使用所给词的正确形式 5分
  1. Nancy is her purse . She can’t find it . (look around , look for)
  2. The old woman’s keys are on the ground . Let’s (pick up, pick) the keys for her .
  3. My aunt (wash, water) the flowers every morning .
  4. Would you like (give, make) a birthday card for your mother ?
  5. My parents (watch, look at) a film last night .
二. 中英文词组互译。(10%)
  1. 上个周末
  6.寻 找
  2. 第五天
  7. at the Spring Festival
  3. 一副眼镜
  8. in front of the blackboard
  4. 在圣诞树下
  9. pick them up
  5. 浇 树
  10. after school
三.选择正确答案,将其序号填入括号内。(15%) ( )
  1. It is Children’s Day. Gao Shan and boys are singing and dancing. A. the other B. other C. all other D. another ( )
  2. You must stay away the building. It is dangerous. A. from B. to C. in D. near ( )
  3. ?Were there any pineapples in the supermarket?? No, . A. there weren’t B. they weren’t C. there were D. there aren’t ( )
  4. you have a good time that day? A. Do B. Did C. Were D. Are ( )
  5. People usually at Mid-Autumn Festival. A.eat rice dumplings B. eat chocolate eggs C. eat moon cakes D. dress up in costumes
  6. It is . Su Hai has got a lot of Christmas presents. A. December B. October C. February D.November ( )
  7. The boys are magazines about sports in the next room. A. seeing B. looking C. reading D. looking at ( )
  8. ? Can I drink some juice? ?No, you can’t. You have your breakfast now. A. should B. would C.will D. ? ( )
  9. Helen is looking her pencil case. A. to B. for C. up D. between ( )
  10. Oh, my pen is on the floor. Can you pick up for me, please? A. they B. them C. it D. it’s
  11.?Happy birthday, David. This present is for you.? . A. Not at all. B.Thank you C. You’re welcome D.That’s all right. ( )
  12. ?Whose trousers? ? Nancy's. A. is it, It's B. are these, They're C. is this, This's D. are they, Are they ( )
  13. May I use ruler? I can’t find . A. you; my B. your; I C.your; my D. your; mine ( )
  14. The children beautifully yesterday. A. dance B. danced C. are dancing D. danceed ( )
  15. ‘Keep quite ’ means you make noise here. A. should B. shouldn’t C. shall D. can
  1、Does Miss Li like(water) flowers?
  2、The girl is watching a(fun) cartoon
  3、How many(watch) does your father have?
  4、My sister(have) many beautiful stamps.
  5、Helen is a(China) girl.
  6. Is this calculator (us)?
  7. What you last Moday? (do) I (pull) up carrots.
  8. We (have) an English lesson now.
  9. What does it mean? It means “No (park) ”
  10. My father (cook) last night.



   1.take off his costume 6.举行一场聚会 2. a VCD of Chinese cartoons 7.一份生日礼物 3. blow out the candles 8.放学后 4. the twentieth of November 9.在三月一日 5. Let’s wait and see. 10.什么日期 11. 住在Ben的附近 12. have a cake with lots of apples 三、 选词填空(每词只能用一次)12% a lot of ma ...


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   ? 1、You bet.一点也没错。因为 bet 是下赌注的意思,所以 "You bet." 就是指,"You can bet money on that." (你可以把钱下注在上面)。 2. There you go. 就这样了。 希望结束一段对话时用,特别是在完成某项交易的时候。也常常用来鼓励别人有好的表现。 3. Here you go. 干的好。 "Here you go." 指的是一件事情还在进行之中,而 "T ...



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