6A 英语测试 听力部分 30 分 一、听录音,选出你所听到的内容。(听一遍)(10 分 ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. them )
  2. A. were )
  3. A. game B. they B. where B. give C. their D. there
4 在……前面 dragon boat races 5 元旦 twenty-first of October 二、 ( 选择填空。20 分
9watch the
10 the
C. there D. here C. name D. ground
) 1 A: What date is it today? B: It’s 1st of

  4. A. February B. January C. September D.
October. A. on the ( ) 2 What holiday after May Day? A. come came ( ) 3 It’s time A. for under ( ) 4 There A. are were ( ) 5 A: What you do? B:We went to the a lot of people in the park just now. B. is C. has D. watch the moon. B. to C. in D. B. comes C. coming D. B. / C. an D.
November ( ( ( ( ( )
  5. A. pull up B. dress up C. hurry up D. come up )
  6. A. collected )
  7. A. quiet B. planted C. tasted D. carrot D. quietly
B. carefully C. careful

  8. A. 745326 B. 673524 C. 754326 D. 674765 )
  9. A. have a good time B. have fun
C. have some medicine D. have a chat ( ) A. Mid-Autumn Festival B. Dragon Boat Festival
  10. C. Science Festival D. Spring Festival
二、听录音,选择正确的应答。(听两遍)(10 分) ( )
  1. A. I am in Sheyang. C. I planted many trees. ( )
  2. A. It was the ninth of December. B. It is the first of July. C. It was Sunday. ( )
  3. A. They watch the moon and have some moon don’t ( B. I was in Sheyang.
supermarket. A. did B. do C. does D.
) 6 Jim and Ben are about Ben’s birthday. A. talk B. saying C. speaking D.
cakes. B. They visit their relatives and friends. C. They dress up in costumes and go to parties. ( )
  4. A. It’s John’s birthday friend. B. It’s from talking (
) 7 Where are my shoes? . A. It’s on the desk. C. They’re under the desk. B. It’s under the desk D. It’s here.
Helen’s grandparents. C. It’s under the Christmas tree. ( )
  5. A. No, I wasn’t. B. Yes, I do. (
) 8 I t is exciting day, we are all . A. an, exciting C. a, excited B. a, exciting D. an, excited
C. Yes, I watched a VCD of Japanese cartoon. 三、听录音,在空格内填入所听到的单词(听三遍)10 分
  1、Jack is Ben some about public
  2、- your birthday ? - It’s on the of July. We trees
  3、- Did you the moon Mid-Autumn study ( (
) 9 We A. study
in the school every day. B. studied C. studies D. will
) 10 Whose book is it? It’s not book. It’s . A. my. her B. mine, hers C. mine, her
D. my, hers 三、 根据句子意思,用所给单词的正确形式填空。10 分
Festival ? - Yes, I did 笔试部分 一、 英汉互译。10 分 6get off 7have a party 8National Day
1 They all like to music. (listen) 2 Li Lei usually to school at 7:
  10. (go ) 3 Do you have any ( hobby)? 4 Last week we ( have ) a ( run ) race at school. 5 That girl can (sing ) French songs. 6 Miss li lives on the ( two ) floor in this building.
1 儿童节 2 拔胡萝卜 3 上个圣诞节 holiday
7 He help an old man after school yesterday. (do not) 8 ( who ) mirror is it? Is it (your )? 四、 ( 改错 10 分 )
  1、I usually fly a kite in Wednesday .
  2. I love my school because it’s She Yang
Primary School. ( ( )
  3. There are eighteen classes in our school. )
  4. There are 30 desks and 60 chairs in my
classroom. ( )
  5. There are two maps in my classroom.
A ( B C D
(二)选择正确答案。(10 分) Today is the 5th of March. It’s my birthday. I get a lot of presents from my friends and family. They are in nice

  2、They are from different country .
A ( B C D
boxes. My father gives me a yellow box and there is a book in it. Jack, one of my friends, gives me a long box. What’s in it? It’s an umbrella. My sister gives me a round
) 3 I’d like to buy a cake with a lots of strawberries.
A ( B C D
box. I think it’s a big cake, but it is a basketball. I like playing basketball very much, so I’m happy to have it. Now, my friends are singing the song “Happy Birthday to
) 4 Look, your pen is on the ground. Pick up it.
A ( B C D
you” to me. ( )
  1.My birthday is on . B. March 7 C. Sunday
) 5 What do you like? I like drink tea.
A 五、 B C D
A. March 5 (
  2. I get a lot of presents from. B. my friends C. A and B
情景匹配 5 分 A
A. my parents (
  3. My sister gives me as my
B ( )
  1. What do you usually do in the morning? A.
birthday present. A. a big cake ( B.. B. a basketball C. a football
There are six. ( )
  2. How old is your brother?
  4. There’s from my parents. B. an umbrella C. a book
A. a box (
Yes, I did. ( )
  3. Did you go to the farm last week? C. I do
  5. From this dialogue (对话) , you know . A. I am a boy . B. There’s a birthday party.
morning exercise. ( )
  4.. Thank you very much. D.
C. My father is a doctor.
He’s only five years old. ( )
  5. How many classes are there today? E.
You’re welcome. 六、 阅读训练 15 分
(一)判断正误,正确的写“T”,错误的写“F”。(5 分) My name’s Li Jie. I’m a primary school (小学) student. I am studying in She Yang Primary School. My school isn’t big, but I like it very much.. In my school, there are fifty-four classes. There are about sixty students in every class. We have many teachers. I’m in Class 5, Grade
  6. In my classroom, there are thirty desks and sixty chairs. There’s a map of China and a map of the world (世界) on the wall. I love my school because our teachers are very friendly to us. ( )
  1. I study in a very big school.



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