Notes for Oxford 6b Module 1, Unit 1 Great cities in Asia

  1. east ? west; north-east ? south-west; n. east south west north north-east south-east south-west north-west 与方向有关的介词:
  1. to
north ? south; north-west ? south-east adj. eastern southern western northern -ern -ern -ern -ern n.(人) easterner southerner westerner northerner -e r -e r -e r -e r

  2. on

  3. in
  1). Our school is in the south-west of Shanghai.(n.)(范围内)
  2). Shanghai is in the east of China. * He works in East China.(华东) North China(华北 ) 专有名词无冠词 West China (华西)
South China(华南)

  3). Japan is to the north-east of Shanghai. (范围外, 有两种表达 方式) = Japan is north-east of Shanghai.
* Thailand is (to the) south of China. * Shanghai is (to the) south of Beijing. * Beijing is (to the )north of Shanghai.

  2. (a city) is the capital of (a country).

  3. city ? cities (pl.) Shanghai is a great city in Asia. -- Shanghai is one of the greatest cities in Asia. = Shanghai is one of the greatest Asian cities. (adj. 亚洲的 n. 亚洲人 an Asian / 2 Asians ) *China is one of the greatest in Asia / in the world.
Europe European
n . 欧洲 adj. 欧洲的; n. 欧洲人 key: a
* (a; an) European boy America n . 美洲
American adj. / n. Americans (pl.) Africa n. 非洲 Africans (pl.) * (a; an) African / American / Asian boy
African adj. / n.
key: an
e.g. Europeans live in Europe. Asians live in Asia. Americans live in America. Africans live in Africa.
  1. It is far (away) from Shanghai to Beijing. = Shanghai is far (away) from Beijing. How far is it from Shanghai to Beijing? = How far is Shanghai from Beijing?

  2. travel from A to B by {plane / air, ship / sea, train, underground, ferry, taxi, …} ? travel, travel(l)ed, travel(l)ed, travel(l)ing, travel(l)er n. 游客 ? fro m A t o B 从 A 到 B (A 和 B 可以是时间或地点)

  3. distance n. 距离 a long distance call 长途电话 keep one’s distance 保持距离 Distance is beauty. 距离产生美. What’s the distance from Shanghai to Beijing? Do you know? -Do you know what the distance fro m
Shanghai to Beijing is?

  4. 3 + 1/2 days ?
  1). three and a half days 1 + 1/2 days ?
  1). one and a half days 1 + 1/2 hours ?
  1). one and a half hours
  2) one hour and a half
  2). one day and a half
  2). three days and a half

  5. in the past (n.) 过去 e.g. In the past, people cooked food with wood. In the past, few people used cars. We can’t change the past. ? in the past two years (adj.) 在过去的两年中 (prep.)
? at half past three
* Look and say: They love eating sushi. A lot of tourists enjoy swimming in the sea at these beautiful beaches. Ma n y tourists like visiting those places.
  1. information u.n. 信息 inform v. 通知 a piece of information much / a lot of / lots of / plenty of information What important information it is!

  2. palace n. 宫殿 the Children’s Palace 少年宫 the Palace Museum 故宫博物馆 p l ace n . 地方 Shanghai is a big place.

  3. tour n.旅行 tourist 旅行者

h at e
finish / what (how) about +

  5. building n. 建筑 build, built, built v. 建造 builder n. 建造者


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