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Meeting a Buyer at the Airport
Howard 是 Active Sports 的业务部主任,通常国外的买主来台北谈生意即由他负 责。Tom Chambers 是一位美国的大客户,今日来台洽谈业务,Howard 亲自去接 机。 英文正 文 T: Howard! Great to see you again! H: Good to see you too, Tom. How was the flight? T: Good. No holdups at the airport, and the flight was comfortable. I was able to take a nap on the way over. H: Good. Do you have any jet lag? T: No, not now. I adjusted to the time difference while I was in Korea and Hong Kong, so I'll be all right. H: That's good. I always get bad jet lag when I travel. T: Hmm. So, how is your wife doing, Howard? H: She's doing fine, thank you. And how is the family? T: Fine, thanks. My wife wanted me to say thank you for your gift last time. She liked the jewelry box very much. H: Oh, it was nothing. I'm glad she liked it. T: Hmm. I heard you had a typhoon recently. H: Yes, but it wasn't too serious. The weather forecast for the next few days looks good, so we don't need to worry about it. T: Wonderful. I was hoping to get some exercise and go sightseeing. Will we have enough time?
H: Sure. Your schedule is very flexible. The only firm appointments are to spend a day at the factory tomorrow, and a half day at the office on Wednesday. T: Hmm. What are some good places to see in Taiwan? Last time I only visited Window on China, but I thought it was really very interesting. H: This time we can go see the National Palace Museum, and Snake Alley. T: Hmm. Sounds very exciting. H: And we can take you shopping before you leave. T: Great. It's good to be here, Howard. And it's really good to see you again. H: It's good to have you too, Tom.
中文翻 译 T: Howard!真高兴再见到你! H: 我也很高兴见到你。这趟飞得还顺利吧? T: 很好。在机场没有延误,这一路也很舒适。我还在飞机上睡了一会儿呢! H: 那好!会不会还不太适应时差? T: 现在不会。我在韩国、香港的时候,就渐渐适应时差了,所以应该没有时差问 题。 H: 那就好。像我每次旅行都很难适应时差。 T: 嗯...那嫂夫人最近好吗? H: 很好,谢谢。你的家人都好吗? T: 很好!谢谢。我太太要我代她谢谢你上回送的礼物,她很喜欢那个珠宝盒。 H: 噢,小意思,她喜欢就好。 T: 嗯...听说你们这里最近有台风? H: 是有,但只是轻度台风。未来几天的天气预测看来很好,我们大可不必担心天
气。 T: 好极了。我想运动运动,也想去观光一下,我们有时间吧? H: 当然。你的行程很有弹性,唯一排定的是明天要待在工厂一天,星期三则要在 公司待上半天。 T: 嗯...台湾有那些好地方可以观光?上回我只去过‘锦绣中华’,那里很好玩。 H: 我们可以挑一天去故宫博物院,再去华西街瞧瞧。 T: 嗯...听起来很棒。 H: 你回去之前,我们还可以去逛街买东西。 T: 好极了。真高兴来这里,Howard,更高兴能再见到你。 H: 你能来真好,Tom.
短语解 说 holdup 耽搁,延迟 耽搁, "hold up"原为动词词组,是‘妨碍、阻止’之意("hold"有‘拘留;束缚’的解释)。该 词组可转换当名词,解释为‘耽搁,延误’,注意当名词时,两字合为一字。 Because of holdups in traffic, we were late for work. 因为塞车所以我们上班迟到了。
take a nap 小憩;睡一会儿 小憩; "nap"有‘假寐、 小睡’的意思。 需要注意的是这个词组的动词用"take"或"have"。 "have / take a nap",指睡的时间很短。 Do you usually take a nap in the afternoon? 你有午睡的习惯吗?
jet lag 时差不适 "jet"是指‘喷射机’,"lag"有‘迟滞;落后’之意。"jet lag"是复合名词,指坐长程飞机到 了某地,而不能适应当地时差的感觉;若以"bad"置于之前来形容,则强调‘很难’ 适应时差。 After arriving in New York, Mr. Yang had bad jet lag, and needed to sleep late.
adjust to... 适应 适应… "adjust"有‘调整;使适应’的意思;"adjust to"后加名词词组则是‘适应某事(人)’之 意。 It took Wayne almost a year to adjust to army life. Wayne 花了将近一年的时间才适应军中生活。
worry about 担心 ,为…着急 担心…, 着急 "worry"即是‘担忧,烦恼’的意思,为某件事操心则用介系词"about"连接名词词组; "about"亦可用"over"代换。 If sales can go up 10 percent this year, we won't worry about our financial status next year. 如果今年的销售业绩能再提高一成,那我们就不必担心明年的财务状况。
go sightseeing 去观光,参观名胜风景 去观光, "sight"原有景色、奇观的解释;"sightsee"是动词,游览、观光的意思。"go+V-ing" 是惯用语,表去从事某项活动。如"go hunting",去打猎;"go swimming",去游泳; "go jogging",去慢跑。 The couple went sightseeing in London on their honeymoon. 这对新婚夫妻渡蜜月时,到伦敦去观光。
句型总 结 ● 很高兴再见到您
  1. Great to see you again.
  2. I'm glad to see you.
  3. It's a pleasure to see you again. 与分别多时的朋友重逢时,我们通常会表达‘很高兴再见面’的意思。这句话的主词 "It's"被省略,这种情形在口语中经常出现。"great",可用"nice"或"good"代换。
● 你太太最近好吗? 你太太最近好吗?
  1. How is your wife doing?
  2. How is everyone in your family?

  3. May I ask how Mr. / Mrs. ... Is? 问候对方家人的近况,是礼貌和表示亲近的做法,最常见的句型是以"How is (are)..."开头的问句; "How is (someone) doing?”并非询问‘某人做得如何?’而是‘近 来可好?’的意思;这是美式口语的惯用法。像"How're you doing?"就是问‘你好 吗?’。
● 我想我们可以 我想我们可以 可以…
  1. I was hoping we could...
  2. I thought we might...
  3. I'd like to suggest that we... 这是提议、表示愿望的句型;子句"we could..."中所提到的事即为希望能达成的事。 "I was hoping..."是表达一种客气、婉转的建议语气。 +
商务英语 / 接待外国商旅 / 2
Softening Up the Client with Food
有朋自远方来,当然要热情款待。Howard 请 Tom 在一家高级餐厅吃海鲜,在座 的还有生产部的经理 Rita Wang。在享受美食之际,还要记得推销产品呢! 英文正 文 T: This seafood dish is so delicious. It tastes like shrimp and some kind of fruit. What's in it? H: You're right; it's shrimp, and the fruit is pineapple. How do you like the sweet and sour fish? T: Real gourmet food; really melts in your mouth. Here, we've finished eating this side of the fish, so let me turn it over. R: Wait a second, Tom. It's bad luck to turn the fish over. We have a superstition here that if you turn the fish over, maybe the next boat or airplane you're on will turn over too! T: Well, I don't think I want that to happen! Thanks for telling me. So, do you follow any sports? R: Yes. Howard and I watched a couple of basketball games from America last week. Michael Jordan is really unbelievable! H: He's a very skillful player, and a clever businessman too. He must make much money on those tennis shoe endorsements he does. T: Right. And I hope we can do the same with our latest line of sports equipment. By the way, can you tell me what the latest news is on our tennis rackets? R: We've made some modifications to the handle, so it's easier to hold on to. We've also designed a whole new look for the racket. These rackets are going to be top of the line. H: I believe the new look will make customers notice them more, and the high quality will keep them happy.
R: Maybe we can get Jimmy Connors to endorse them! T: That would be great, but let's not get carried away. When will I see the rackets? H: We're going to the factory tomorrow. You'll see them and a few other products. Let's drink a toast to the new rackets. Bottoms up!
中文 翻译
T: 这道海鲜真是美味,好像是虾和水果,这里头有些什么? H 没错,里面有虾,那你吃到的水果是菠萝。这道糖醋鱼好吃吗? T: 道地的美食,味道好极了!我们这一面的鱼吃完了,来,让我把它翻过来.... R: 等一下,Tom,把鱼翻面是不吉利的。我们有个迷信说,如果你把鱼翻面,那 表示你下一回搭的船或飞机也就有可能翻掉! T: 我可不希望发生这种事,谢谢你告诉我!喔,你们最近有没有看什么球赛? R: 有啊!Howard 和我上星期看了好几场美国篮球赛呢!Michael Jordan 真神哪! H: 他是技巧高明的球员,也是聪明的商人。他替那些网球鞋作广告,就赚了不少 钱。 T: 对,希望我们最新的运动器材也能赚大钱;那我们的网球拍有何最新消息? R: 我们改良了把手的部分,使它更容易握牢。还替球拍设计了全新风貌!这些新 球拍将会是市场上最高级的产品。 H: 我相信全新的外观会更吸引顾客的注意,优良的品质则会让他们满意! R: 或许我们能找 Jimmy Connors 作广告呀! T: 那是不错,但先别扯远了!我什么时候可以看到球拍? H: 明天早上我们会去工厂,你就可以看到球拍和其它的产品。来,敬咱们的新球 拍。干杯!
短语 解说 melt(s) in your mouth 十分美味
"melt(s) in one's mouth"是个十分常用的成语,其字面解释为‘入口即化’,引申而有 ‘食物美味可口,风味绝佳’的意思。 My mother could cook food that would melt in your mouth. 我母亲煮的菜真是好吃。
turn over 翻转;翻倒 翻转; "turn"当动词可解为‘翻、转、更变’等意;"turn over"这个词组的意思与"turn"的解释 相似,可作‘翻面(身);转身;翻覆’等解释。 The demonstrators damaged a bus and turned over a police car. 示威者破坏了一辆巴士,而且还把一辆警车推翻。
the latest line 最新的产品 "the latest"是指‘最近的,最新的’;"line"原有‘路线、方向’等意,在此指‘商品线;商 品’,等于"product line"。这个实用词汇与下面一个-- "top of the line"均是在推销产 品时必用的字眼。 Our latest line of CD players can play five CDs in a row without changing them. 本公司最新的 CD 播放机可连续播放五张 CD,不必换片。
top of the line 最高级的(产品) 最高级的(产品) "top"当名词是‘顶端’之意,而这个词组的字面解释为‘生产在线最高层的产品’,即形 容‘品质最佳,最高级的产品’。 Most people agree that Rolex watches are top of the line. 大多数人都认为劳力士表为表中精品。
get carried away 离题太远;被冲昏了头 离题太远; "carried away"是形容词词组,意指‘激动得失去理智’;"get"等于"be"或"become"; 整个表达语是指因某事反应过度,被冲昏了头。原动词词组"carry away"是指‘使得 意忘形’。
A: The stock market is going up! Why don't we invest all of our money? B: Don't get carried away. The stock market may soon go down and we could lose a lot of money. A: 股市正在攀升!我们何不把全部的钱都投下去?! B: 别做梦了!股市可能很快下跌,到时候就损失惨重?。 bottoms up 干杯 "bottom"是‘底部’之意,"bottoms up"就是‘底朝天’,亦即把杯里的酒喝光。这是在 应酬、宴客时常用的词组。 Congratulations on your promotion, Bob! Bottoms up, everybody! 恭喜你升官了,Bob!各位,干杯!
句型 总结 ● 爱看运动比赛吗? 爱看运动比赛吗?
  1. Do you follow sports?
  2. Do you keep up with sports?
  3. Are you a (big) sports fan?
西方人相当热爱运动,所以有关各种球赛结果、运动明星的动向都是常提起的话题 之一。"follow sports"是美式口语:‘注意球赛,观看运动比赛’之意,"follow"在此解 释为‘注意’。 ● 我们做了些改良
  1. We've made some modifications.
  2. Some adjustments have been made.
  3. We've revamped the old model. 商品必须因迎合市场需求,或追求更高品质,而适时修正改良;在介绍产品时,尤 其是对老顾客推销新产品,更要强调这一点。"make modification(s)"就是‘做了改 进、修正’;用完成时句型,表示‘已经改进’了。 ● 为…喝一杯 喝一杯
  1. Let's drink a toast to...
  2. I'd like to make a toast to...
  3. I propose a toast to... 在宴客、饭局中举杯敬酒是必然之事。"toast"一字可当动词和名词,意思是‘敬酒’。 "Let's..."可用在提议、建议时,若要更客气,则可用"I'd like to..."代替。以下两句为 较正式说法。
商务英语 / 接待外国商旅 / 3
Visiting a Factory
招待外来买主不可或缺的主要节目之一,就是去参观工厂。在工厂生产的运作过程 中,买主们多少可以从机器设备、工人态度中预见将来产品的水准。 英文正 文 Howard: Tom, you remember Mr. Kao, our factory director? Tom: Of course. Good to see you again, Mr. Kao. Mr.



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