短文完型 完型填空 专题测试五 短文完型填空
I.根据所学的课文,从方框中选择适当的词填空 A is willing to in need generous dreams helpful My best friend Betty is as slim as I.She is a pretty girl with short hair.Betty is very 1 . She 2 share her things with her friends.She is also very 3 and is ready to help people any time.She often helps me with my Physics and always gives seats to people 4 on the bus.Betty wants to be a singer and travel around the world when she grows up.I hope her 5 will come true.
  1. B tasty library mixed as well sew John studies in a 6 school.There boys and girls have lessons together.John likes to learn how to cook and 7 .Now he can cook healthy and 8 meals,John’s school has a reading week every year. John and his classmates love it because they can read books from the school 9 They are asked to tell their teachers what they are reading. They always think the reading week is too short because they want to read all their friends’books 10 .
  6. C at the beginning metal coach places of interest parade Linda and her cousin Kitty went to the World Park in Beijing with the Class
  1,Grade 8 students.The trip to the park took about 2 hours by 11 .They had a great day but they didn’t The traffic was busy and they felt sick. However, Linda and Kitty felt excited when enjoy it 12 . they went into the park. They saw over a hundred 13 from all over the world. The Eiffel Tower and was really tall.The pyramids looked just like the real ones in Egypt.The was made 14 Golden Gate Bridge looked just like the one in the USA.And the song and dance 15 was so great.It was amazing for them to go around the world in a day.
  12. l3
  15. D at a time becoming farmland drinking peaceful do something to protect Giant pandas live in China.They are beautiful black and white animals.They are very quiet and 16 .They eat bamboo shoots and leaves.Baby giant pandas spend a lot of time 17 their mums’milk?up to fourteen hours a day. Mother giant pandas have only one or two babies 18 .When the babies are born,they look like little white mice. There are only about a thousand giant pandas in the world now.Their number is getting smaller and smaller because their living areas are 19 .If this continues,soon there will be no giant pandas in the world.
We should tell people about the problems for giant pandas.If more people know about these problems,then maybe they will 20 giant pandas.
  17. 18|
  20. E wetlands to watch birds importance in danger all year round Zhalong is a nature reserve in Heilongjiang in north-east China.It is one of the world’s most important 21 . Many birds live in Zhalong-Nature Reserve 22 ,and some go there for a short stay.Some of the rare red-crowned cranes live in Zhalong.Every year,a lot of tourists go to Zhalong 23 . More and more birds are 24 because they do not have enough living space. Many of them died. We need more people to help us and do something for the birds.We hope more and more people will understand the 25 of the wetlands and take action to protect wildlife.
  25. F were really worried were in a hurry shared in the wind to go home A snowstorm hit Beijing on Friday,28th January.It got worse in the afternoon. Millie asked me to go to her house because I forgot I was at school and Mr Wu told us 26 early. to bring my keys and my parents were at work. 27 an umbrella with her and then we walked to I the bus stop. The weather was really terrible. could only hear the wind. We Snow continued to fall around us. Suddenly,a strong wind came from behind.We lost our umbrella 28 and I nearly fell over.We could do nothing but walk slowly in the storm.When we arrived at the bus stop,we could see many people.We 29 as there would be no buses soon.At last,we got on a bus and went to Millie’s house. I stayed at Millie’s home that night.I heard the noise of traffic the next morning.I looked out of the window and saw that people 30 to remove the snow.
  28. 29
  26. Ⅱ.完形填空 A Traffic rules are made to keep order on the road.They also help to keep people 1 .The pedestrian(行人)has as many rules to 2 as the driver of a car.You should walk at the sidewalk or at the 3 of the road. Always look carefully before you walk across the street. you drive, If you like riding a bike, don’t ride in the middle of the road or 4 red traffic lights. When you ride a bike with a friend,don’t look around to talk. If you drive,you should 5 at the traffic lights.You must always 6 a seat belt(安全 带).Without belts 7 the driver and the passengers may be badly hurt in a sudden accident. Someone may be thrown out through the window. You may not need to drive a bus, but 8 if you have to travel in one. in or get off a bus Get only when it has come to a 9 . When it is full, don’t try to get inside 10 you may fall off. Traffic rules are also called Road Safety rules.The maxim(格言)for all road users is“think-
ing about others” . ( )
  1.A.healthy ( )
  2.A.follow ( )
  3.A.edge ( )
  4.A.through ( )
  5.A.speed up ( )
  6.A.take ( )
  7.A.half ( )
  8.A.look around ( )
  9.A.sign ( )
B.safe B.make B.rim B.across B.go ahead B.wear B.neither B.take care B.stop B.so
C.happy C.break C.end C.along C.get off C.carry C.both C.take a seat C.corner C.or
D.careful D.pass D.side D.around D.slow down D.bring D.all D.look back D.crossing D.but
B There are some places in the world where great cities once 11 . There were gardens, trees and grass.But now these cities have gone and the places are like deserts.Scientists began to study this land to find out what 12 .Many of them believed the land became waste when the trees were cut down. Trees help 13 grow and help hold the soil in place.They 14 the soil from blowing away.The leaves of trees 15 the ground keep rainwater from 16 off.Trees near farms protect growing plants from strong winds. Once there were 1 7 farms in the southwestern United States.Then the farms turned into field of dry dust.Trees might have saved these farms.But 16 trees grow in the dry Southwest now. Now we try to save trees. many places, In when a tree is cut 19 , new tree is planted a in its place.We do not want the land 20 . ( )
  11.A.were B.stand C.stood D.was ( )
  12.A.happen B.happened C.happens D.happening ( )
  13.A.other B.another C.other things D.others ( )
  14.A.keep B.make C.1et D.send ( )
  15.A.in B.on C.at D.into ( )
  16.A.go B.going C.run D.running ( )
  17.A.hundred B.hundreds C.hundreds of D.hundred of ( )
  18.A.1ittle B.few C.a few D.a little ( )
  19.A.down B.off C.away D.out ( )
  20.A.die B.to die C.dying D.to dying C Sharks have been on earth for 21 of years.There are between 200 and 250 kinds of sharks.They come in different 22 .The largest can be as long as 15 metres.It eats plants from the sea, many sharks feed but 23 fish, other sea animals, smaller sharks and 24 they eat people.It is said that one of the most 25 sharks in the great White Shark.They have attacked a number of people off the 26 of America.Australia,New Zealand and South Africa
also have shark attacks.In some places there are watchtowers on the beaches to warn people about sharks in the water.When a shark 27 ,a bell rings to 28 the people to get out of the water.Sharks 29 about 100 people a year in the world。Perhaps the shark just thinks that the person is a kind of 30 animal,or something good to eat. ( )
  21.A.thousands B.thousand C.hundreds D.Hundred ( )
  22.A.sizes B.colours C.1anguages D.kinds ( )
  23.A.to B.on C.in D.at ( )
  24.A.some times B.some time C.sometimes D.sometime ( )
  25.A.clever B.big C.safe D.dangerous ( )
  26.A.rivers B.homes C.forests D.beaches ( )
  27.A.appears B.come C.shout D.cry ( )
  28.A.say B.tell C.speak D.talk. ( )
  29.A.kill B.eat C.attack D.help ( )
  30.A.useful B.interesting C.sea D.amazing D When we were having an English test this morning,I felt somebody was watching me a little too closely.I turned my 31 quickly and saw Jack.who sat right behind me.My eyes caught 32 and he said very quietly, hope you studied for this 33 !” “I “What am I going to do?”I thought.I 34 cheating(作弊)in exams.Besides,I'd Clearly Jack hadn’t. During the exam, tried several ways to guard my I studied 35 for the test. answers so that Jack wouldn’t be able,to see them.When the exam 36 ,I felt I should let him know cheating was 37 .And I didn't want to destroy(破坏)our friendship.My mind 38 the right words. “Sorry,Jack, 39 you know how I feel about cheating. ”I said slowly and ” ”he smiled weakly, “It gently. “Maybe I could help you 40 before the next test.“Ok,Bob, might not be easy,but I'll have a try. ” ( )
  31.A.head B.hand C.eraser D.pencil ( )
  32.A.hers B.his C.ours D.yours ( )
  33.A.exam B.job C.book D.chance ( )
  34.A.suggest B.1ike C.hate D.finish ( )
  35.A.slow B.slowly C.hard D.hardly ( )
  36.A.ended B.began C.went on D.took place ( )
  37.A. good B.wrong C.easy D.difficult ( )
  38.A.agreed with B.searched for C.took up D.looked at ( )
  39.A.and B.also C.so D.but ( )
  40.A.drive B.move C.count D.study E What is the most useful dog in the world?In Australia , they say it is the sheepdog.Australia is a 41 where they keep over 1
  00,000 sheep.It would be 42 to care for them all if it were not for the sheepdogs.Few people with 43 trained sheepdogs can
control huge flocks 44 . It take fifteen minutes a day for six months 45 a sheepdog.People teach it to completely obey 46 masters’signals and stop any sheep from 47 the flock. There are sheepdog tests in Australia that 48 as important as a basketball match like people in the United States.A kind of big sheepdog 49 Collie usually 50 most of these tests. ( )
  41.A.places B.area C.country D.city ( )
  42.A.possible B.unnecessary C.important D.impossible ( )
  43.A.some B.any C.a D.much ( )
  44.A.east B.free C.friendly D.easily ( )
  45.A.training B.trained C.to train D.train ( )
  46.A.it B.its C.it's D.their ( )
  47.A.1eave B.1eft C.1eaving D.to leave ( )
  48.A.is B.are C.will be D.was ( )
  49.A.name B.call C.told D.named ( )
  50.A.win B.won C.lose D.lost Ⅲ.根据首字母提示完成短文 A On October 25th,Kitty’S teacher i 1 Linda to the Great P 2 with the Class
  1, Grade 8 students.He asked Linda to j 3 in their school trip there.It was a sunny day but they did not enjoy it at the b 4 .They spent about two hours getting there by c 5 .It was too long for them.They all thought it was b 6 .When they a 7 there,they found the sky was b 8 and everything was beautiful. They became very e 9 when they saw such a tall tower. They sang,danced,played games and did all kinds of things in the park.They enjoyed t 10 and went home happily in the afternoon.
  2. 3_
  6. 7_ 8_
  10. B A shooting accident Mr Grey liked shooting very much,but he did not get much p 11 at shooting wild animals, he was not very g 12 at it. and One of his troubles was that his e 13 were not very good and he had to wear glasses.When it r 14 and his glasses got wet,he could not see very well. One day he was invited to go out shooting bears in the m
  15.It was a r 16 day,and by mistake Mr Grey shot at one of the other h 17 and hit him in the leg. There was a court case(法庭审理) a 18 this,and in court the lawyer(律师)for the other man asked, “Why did you shoot at Mr Robinson?”
Mr Grey answered, “I t 19 that he was a bear. ” “When did you realize that you were wrong?’ ’the lawyer a
  20. “When the bear began to shoot back at me, ”Mr Grey answered.
  20. C British Milkman Steve Leech saved some shops and flats with milk and won a Nationally Bravery Award(国家勇敢奖). Leech, years old, 35 said that when he was sending out milk as u 21 along Pine Street, s 22 heard a loud, he strange sound behind him and then he saw smoke coming out of a shop in Cornwall,southern England. “That must be a fire.I t 23 .”Leech said. “Then I quickly d 24 to do something.So I p 25 the door in and then I s 26 for the people ”He used 320 pints of milk to stop the fire.When inside.Then I started pouring milk e
  27. firefighters c 28 ,the fire was under control(控制).Leech helped s 29 the lives of eight people in the flats above the shops. was hard to o 30 all those bottles. it was even harder to try to “It But tell my boss where all the milk had gone. ”Leech said jokingly.
  26. D Last year Tom left school.He came to Taipei to find a j 31 .He went to one company after


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   《大纲》要求学生能独立阅读生词不超过3% 的题材熟悉的文章,理解语篇大意,获取有关信 息。重点考查学生对词汇、语法等语言知识的运 用能力,同时也考查阅读理解英语短文,进行逻 辑推理、综合判断、分析归纳的能力。 一、中考中常见的题型 1. 四选一 2. 首字母填空 3. 任意词填空 二、解题方法与技巧 1. 通览全篇,把握主旨。 做题前,应先快速地浏览全文,了解其大意。 切忘在未把握文章大意之前就忙于见空就填。见 空就填会打断阅读的思路,影响对全文大意的了 解,势必无法从整体上把握文章的脉络, ...



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