98 年英语专业四级词汇与结构真题
PARTⅤ GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY [15 MIN] There are twenty-five sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word or phrase that correctly completes the sentence.
  41. John is __ hardworking than his sister, but he failed in the exam. [A] no less [B] no more [C] not less [D] no so
  42. She remembered sever, d occasions in the past __ she had experienced a similar feeling. [A] while [B] before [C] that [D] when
  43. If your car __ any attention during the first12 months, take it to an authorized dealer. [A] shall need [B] should need [C] would need [D] will need
  44. The indoor swimming pool seems to be a great deal more luxurious than__ [A] is necessary [B] being necessary [C] to be necessary [D] it is necessary
  45. __, he can now only watch it on TV at home. [A] Obtaining not a ticket for the match [B] Not obtaining a ticket for the match [C] Not having obtained a ticket for the match [D ] Not obtained a ticket for the match
  46. The children prefer camping in the mountains __ an indoor activity.
[A] to [B] than [C] for [D] with
  47. Language belongs to each member of the society, to the cleaner__ to the professor. [A] as far as [B] the same as [C] as much as [D] as long as
  48. __ he needed money for a new car, he decided not to borrow it from the bank. [A] Much as [B] Much though [C] As much [D] Though much
  49. The Clarks haven't decided yet which hotel [A] to stay [B] is to stay [C] to stay at [D] is for staying
  50. His strong sense of humor was __ make everyone in the room burst out laughing. [A] so as to [B] such as to [C] so that [D] such that
  51. __ enough time and money, the researcher would have been able to discover more in this field. [A] Giving [B] To give [C] Given [D] Being given
  52. You __ Mark anything. It was none of his business. [A] needn’t have told [B] needn't tell [C] mustn't have told [D] mustn't tell
  53. The membership card entitled him certain privileges in the dub. [A] on [B] in [C] at [D] to
  54. Obviously, the Chairman's remarks at the conference were __ and not planned. [A] substantial [B] spontaneous [C] simultaneous [D] synthetic
  55. For the success of the project, the company should __ the most of the opportunities at hand.
[A] obtain [B] grasp [C] catch [D] make
  56. Failure to follow the club rules __ him from the volleyball team. [A] disfavored [B] dispelled [C] disqualified [D] dismissed
  57. The discovery of new oil-fields in various parts of the country filled the government with __ hope. [A] eternal [B] infinite [C] ceaseless [D] everlasting
  58. At first the company refused to purchase the equipment, but __ this decision was revised. [A] subsequently [B] successively [C] predominantly [D] preliminarily
  59. The local police are authorized to __ anyone's movements as they think fit. [A] pause [B] halt [C] repel [D] keep
  60. Have you ever received __ of what has happened to her? [A] the word [B] words [C] word [D] the words
  61. Twelve is to three four is to one. [A] what IS] as [C] that [D] like
  62. Things went well for her during her early life but in her middle age her __ seemed to change. [A] affair [B] luck [C] event [D] chance
  63. Although I spoke to her about the matter several times, she took little __ of what I said. [A] remark [B] warning [C] notice [D] attention
  64. The scheme was __ when it was discovered it would be very costly.
[A] resigned [B] surrendered [C] released [D] abandoned
  65. Yesterday my aunt bought some new __ for her flat at the seaside. [A] furniture [B] furnitures [C] possession [D] possessions Keys:
  41. A
  42. D
  45. C
  46. A
  47. C
  50. B
  51. C
  52. A
  55. D
  56. C
  57. B
  60. C
  61. A
  62. B
  65. A



   98 年英语专业四级词汇与结构真题 PARTⅤ GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY [15 MIN] There are twenty-five sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word or phrase that correctly completes the sentence. ...


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