2008 年上海英语高考作文范文
高考英语开放性作文的典范 ??1999?2008 年上海高考英语作文及范例 1999 年上海高考作文及范例
Some students think it is very important to master English. They believe “A foreign language is a weapon in the struggle of life”. Others consider English useless. They feel learning English is nothing but a burden to them. In my opinion, English is one of the most important subjects we learn at school. Of all subjects I like English best. There are several reasons why English is my favorite subject. First, English is one of the most widely used languages of the world. Nearly all information on the Internet and over half of the world’s technical materials are in English, thus a good command of English will greatly benefit me in my work. Secondly,it is believed that good English also leads to greater chances and opportunities. In the competition for a well-paid job, the one who can speak English has an advantage over those who cannot. For all these reasons we should not only learn English but master it in the shortest time possible. (166words)
2000 年上海高考作文及范例

An Unforgettable Lesson In my life I have experienced many important things. But perhaps the most unforgettable thing which is really worth mentioning is the lesson given by my Chinese teacher just after she had an accident. One morning just before our Chinese lesson, we were told our Chinese teacher, Miss Liu, had had an accident. One of her legs was badly injured and she couldn’t come to teach us. While we were planning to visit her after school, we also thought that maybe we would be free to do whatever we wanted during our Chinese lesson, and hoped our homework load would be reduced. But to our surprise, shortly after the bell, Miss Liu, with the help of a stick, came to the door of our classroom. With great respect w all stood up and greeted her. She sat on a chair and began her lesson. She spoke slowly but forcefully. She prepared her lecture quite well and demanded that we do the same. Towards the end of the lesson, we got lots of homework from her. A good teacher is many things to many people. Everyone has definite ideas about what a good teacher is. In my opinion the teachers who demanded the most from the students are perhaps liked best.
(210 words)
2001 年上海高考作文及范例
Nowadays the number of people who own private cars is on the rise. Like everything else, private cars have both favorable and unfavorable aspects. Generally, the favorable aspects can be listed as follows. First, private cars can bring convenience and mobility to owners. A car allows a person to move comfortably and safely as well as quickly and freely. Because my family owns a car, we are able to make extensive journeys every year. Therefore, I believe the tourist industry in China will develop more quickly with the increase in the number of private cars. Secondly, if more people buy cars, the automobiles industry will develop dramatically. What’s more, the growth of the automobile industry can trigger the boom of other important and related industries such as iron and steel production, energy and technological application. Every coin has two sides. The negative aspects are also apparent. To begin with, too many cars will give rise to a series of problems, such as serious environmental pollution and more traffic accidents. In addition, the driver may have drive around and around looking for available parking spaces. Through above analysis, we can see that private cars should be restricted rather than encouraged. (199 words)
2002 年上海高考作文及范例
Duo to the one-child policy in China, most families have only one child and therefore this child is regarded as the treasure of the whole world family. Both the parents and grandparents usually over indulge the child. We can see in the picture, When a child is learning to ride a bicycle, the parent and the grandparent are sweating from running alongside the bike and are trying their best to protect the child for fear that they should fall and hurt themselves.
We all know the greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. So I think, for the parents, they should be aware of the negative effect too much pampering has on their child. Under the parents’ protection, the child knows only comfort and ease. If they don’t learn how to live independently, how can they cope with the adversities which they will meet in the future? For the children, they should let their parents know that they have confidence in themselves and are able to exist in the competitive community without the constant watchful eye of an eager parent. The path to success is filled with various kinds of difficulties and obstacles. Only when we have learned to stand on our own two feet, can we survive in the 21st century. words) (219
2003 年上海高考作文及范例
你的好友因家境一般买不起名牌而闷闷不乐。给他写信,谈谈你的看法和建议。 受信人:徐海青 寄信人:黄平 写信日期:2003 年六月八日
June 8, 2003 Dear Xu Haiqing, You said in your letter that many of your classmates were wearing fashionable clothes, but you couldn’t afford to buy the best brands. So you felt very depressed. There are different views on people’s wear. The following are my ideas about it. Firstly, you shouldn’t put too much emphasis on physical appearance. You must always remember the most important task for you today is to concentrate your attention on your studies. No matter what you wear, you will really look your best when you come out first in your examinations. A famous saying goes, “Frugality is the mother of virtue.” So, secondly, you must understand that it is a fine virtue to learn live in frugality. Since your family is not able to provide you with enough money to buy clothes of the best brands, it is all the more necessary for you to try every means to lighten the financial burden of your family. You will find the virtue of frugality will benefit you a lot in your later life. I hope you understand what I mean. I am sure you will take a positive attitude towards life and will be happy again when you read my letter. (205 words)
2004 年上海高考作文及范例
Today Miss Wang asked me to be in charge of the wall newspaper of our class. I was so glad at that. But now I don’t know whether I should accept the task or not. Though I have been in Class 4 for nearly two years, I have hardly done anything for it. I think it will be a good opportunity to devote my efforts to class if I take the job. On the other hand, I’m good at drawing. The job will also provide me with a good chance to show my talent. However, I know that taking the job means having less time to relax and study. Perhaps it will take me several days to complete an excellent wall newspaper. Perhaps it will affect my studies as well. Perhaps…
No! No! No! I should believe my ability. I can get everything arranged well: relaxing, study, wall newspaper… It will be an hour for me to do something for my class. I want to be a person who is glad to challenge himself. Now, I’ve decided I’ll accept the job. I’ll tell my decision to Miss Wang tomorrow. (1
2005 年上海高考作文及范例
古人云:“天生我材必有用”(There must be a use for my talent) 通过描述你 。 生活中一件事,说明人各有所长,无论才能大小都能成为有用的人。
There is an old English saying that there must be use for my talent. I have regarded it as my motto for many years. From my point of view, there is no difference between one person and another. With some useful talent, you will make your contributions to this society. When I was ten years old, there was an old man living at the corner of xx Road. He didn’t have the opportunity to study in school, but he learned how to make wood furniture. Every time people went to ask him to solve some problems of furniture, he was willing to help them. To my surprise, in his spare time, he would make some toys with small piece s of wood. Some of them were sold to the toy store and others were given to us. The moment I see the lovely toys made by this old man, I would remember the happy childhood. From this old man, we can see whatever kind of talent you have, you can find your own method to display your talent. The most important factor is your confidence. If you believe that there must be a use for my talent, you will succeed. (200 words)
2006 年上海高考作文及范例
下表提供了你所心仪的南、北两所大学的招生信息。通过比较作出选择,并结合个人情况说明理由。 南方大学 学费 招生人数 优惠政策 8000 元/年 20 人 无 北方大学 5000 元/年 10 人 加 20 分
I dream to become an astronaut. Two universities in China can make my dream become true. They are both very good, but I can only choose one. From the Internet, I learned that there are more advantages offered by the northern university than the ones by the southern one. For example, the fee charged by the northern one is lower. And it will add 20 marks while the southern university will not. In contrast, the southern university’s good point is that it enrolls more students. After comparing the above information, I think I will choose the northern university for the following reasons. Firstly, my parents may not be able to afford my study and living expenses. Secondly, an addition of twenty marks is certainly an irresistible attraction. More importantly, four years of independent life in the north will obviously help develop my personality required as an astronaut.
2007 年上海高考作文及范例
  1、 你送礼物的对象及所送的礼物;
  2、 该礼物对他(她)可能产生的影响或带来的变化。 A Present for Father’s Day The Father’s Day will come soon. and I want to give my Dad a present. That is a VIP card of a health club. When I was a little boy, Dad worked hard as a teacher. During term, Mother and I sometimes accompanied Dad in his office till a late hour. From then on, I understood that Dad worked with great effort. There are still too many precious memories which I’ll cherish in my heart. And I want to give this present to express my thanks to him. Time flies and I’m 18 now. As I grow up, Father is getting older. He is now still diving into piles of books. With the health club membership, I hope that he will make time to do more exercises. I think that he will relax in the health club and make more friends.
2008 年上海高考作文及范例
你班将组队参加学校组织的集体舞比赛(group dancing cooipetition),班长希望大家积极参加。对此谈谈你 的看法。你的文章必须包括以下内容: 你是否会参加比赛 你做出该决定的具体理由 Version 1: A group dancing competition will be held in our school and the monitor calls on everybody to take an active part in it. While most of my classmates are still hesitating whether to participate, I have said yes to our monitor with great pleasure. Generally speaking, there are two reasons for my decision. First, it is a good opportunity for me to relax myself, which will enable me to study more efficiently. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so goes the saying, which clearly shows us the importance of relaxation. Besides, I think I am a good dancer after learning dance for more than five years. Participating in the contest will be a golden chance for me to show my dancing skills and make some contributions to the class. For the two reasons mentioned above, it is no surprise that I have such a strong enthusiasm on the group dancing competition.
Version 2: Today the monitor calls on everybody to take an active part in the group dancing competition which will be held in a couple of days in our school. But after some careful consideration, I have decided not to participate. There are a number of reasons for my decision. First and foremost, as the College Entrance Exam is just around the corner, study is the top priority for me. Participating in the group dancing competition has to give way because it might take me too much time. What’s more, without any experience of dancing, I don’t think I can be a good dancing partner. I am afraid my poor dancing skills will probably spoil the performance of the whole class. In this case, it’s better for me to be a spectator cheering for my classmates. For these reasons, it seems more appropriate for me to watch the competition than to dance myself.
I'm very glad that a class team will be organized to take part in the group dancing competition by our school and the monitor expects all to be active. I've decided to join the team and win the top honour with my classmates. First,



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