商务英语(BEC)高级考试范文汇总( 商务英语(BEC)高级考试范文汇总(一) (BEC)高级考试范文汇总
Sample answer: (250words) Dear Recardo
Further to our conversation of 30 March, I am writing to outline the proposed programme for your visit to our offices (12-15 April). On Thursday morning I will be at the airport to meet your flight and, assuming there are no delays, I will take you straight to your hotel so that you can check in and freshen up. As Mr Wilkins wishes to see you before the meeting, a business lunch has been arranged. We will then travel to the company in time for the meeting, scheduled to run from
  14.30 to
  00. After such a long day I suggest dinner at your hotel. Friday's meeting is due to start at
  30. A taxi has been arranged to pick you up at the hotel at
  50. Since the meeting lasts all day, the company will provide a working lunch. After work you will have a chance to return to your hotel before dinner at The Riverside Lodge at
  00. Your name has been entered for the Golf Tournament (
  08.30 on Saturday morning). Mr Wilkins will collect you from your hotel at
  00. After the competition there is a formal dinner with a distinguished speaker at
  30. I look forward to meeting you on the 12th. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me on 020 755 98
  00. Yours sincerely XXX
2 Sample answer: (243words) Introduction This report sets out to examine how the company should re-invest this years profits. The areas under consideration are the purchase of new computers, the provision of language training courses and the payment of special bonuses. Areas under consideration New computers
The majority of company computers are quite new and fast enough to handle the work done on them. Consequently, new computers would not be recommended. Language training courses The company aims to increase exports, particularly in Spain and France. Therefore, Language training courses would be an excellent idea for those employees who deal with business partners and customers overseas. In addition, training courses would increase motivation: staff would enjoy the lessons and perceive that the company in investing in them. Therefore, language training would be an option. Special bonus payments Although special bonus payments would have a beneficial impact on motivation, they would have no direct effect on the companies operations. There are also potential problems concerning the selection of staff eligible for the payments and the setting of a precedent for future payments. Therefore, bonus payments would not be advisable. Recommendations It is felt that the best solution for the company and staff would be to invest in language training. It is suggested that the company should organize course in French and Spanish. Those employees who have contact with partners and customers should be assured of places but other invested members of staff should also be allowed to attend. 3 Supplier relationships Ex 3: Sample answer: (246words) Introduction The aim of the report is to recommend a supplier for our new range of leisurewear. A committee from the Purchasing Department was presented with a shortlist of five potential suppliers to select from. The criteria considered was price, quality, delivery and flexibility. Findings It was found that, taking the companies' overall ratings into consideration, there was negligible difference between suppliers. Consequently, the committee decided to narrow its focus to the area considered to be of major importance for QuayWest's image, namely quality and price. Consort Trading Despite offering the best deal financially, the company is unable to guarantee garments compliant with EU standards. Samokovska Although it produces goods of an extremely high quality for exclusive markets, this supplier charge high prices,part of which would necessarily be passed on to customers.
Namlong Sportswear The poor standards of craftsmanship make it difficult to justify paying the prices quoted. Shiva Trading Sample items from this supplier show an acceptable quality level. Furthermore, the deals currently on offer make it an attractive option. Hai Xin Group There is some doubt as to whether garments produced by this company would meet EU standards. In view of this, the prices appear unreasonably high. Conclusions It was felt to be unwise to risk compromising the company's image by using suppliers of low quality goods. Similarly, using an expensive supplier could affect QuayWest's reputation for value for money. Recommendations Consequently, it is suggested that QuayWest negotiates a contract with Shiva Trading.



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