unit01b Listening I Call 1 Hello Frida. This is Margaret Brock here. It's 9:30 on Wednesday morning. I'm ringing about the half-year sales report. Could you send me a copy of our department's figures, please? I'm in Helsinki until Friday. Thanks very much. Bye. Call 2 This is Frank Larsen from Scandinavian Conferences in Copenhagen. I'm ringing to tell you that this year's Danish Telecommunications Trade Fair's taking place in the week of November
  22. If you'd like some complimentary tickets, please let me know how many you'll need. Please call me on 0045 33 3467
  66. Thank you. Bye. Call 3 Hi Frida. It's Sue Mellor. How are you? I hope you're not too busy at the moment. I wanted to talk to bout my visit next month. You know we'd talked about the 13th? Well, I'm afraid it's not go into work out because of deadlines here. I don't suppose we could put it back a week or so, could we? Give me a ring and let me know. Thanks. Call 4 Hi Frida. It's Colin. I’m on my mobile because I'm traveling to a meeting with a client but I need to talk to you urgently so could you all me on 0486 772 444? It's my mobile number. I need to talk to you about that contract we're trying to get I Helsinki because the customer accepted our proposal and I need to know whether it's all right if I just go ahead and sign the contracts or whether you want to get involved, as well. Could you get back to me asap? Thanks. Call 5 Hello Frida. It's Steve Montgomery here I got your proposal for the product launch and I've finally managed to a look at it. It looks OK, but I think here could still be one or two minor problems with it. I think the time schedule looks a bit on the optimistic side, as well. I've got a couple of suggestions , which I'll get off to you today. Let me know what you think, OK? Bye. Listening 2 conversation I
T=Tom F=Frida T: Good afternoon. Scandinavian Conferences. F: Good afternoon. Could I speak to Frank Larsen, Please? T: I'm afraid he's not here today. Can I help you? F: I'm ringing about the Danish Telecommunications Trade Fair. Mr. Larsenphoned to offer me some tickets and he asked me to let him know how many I'd need. T: Well, I can send you the tickets. That's no problem. I'll just need your name and address. F: Right. It's Frida Andersson from Sanderlin. The address is Torshamnsgatan, S-126 25 Stockholm. T: So, that’s Frida Andersson at Torhamnsgatan, S-126
  25. Ok. How many tickets do you need? F: Three please. T: And which days would you like them for? F: Just for Tuesday 23 November, please. T: And could I have the other names for the tickets? F: I’m afraid I can only confirm two names at the moment. Kati Gersel and myself. T: Could you spell Gersel, please? F: Yes, that’s G-E-R-S-E-L. T: Right. I’ll put the tickets in the post today. F: Thanks very much. Bye. T: Thank you for calling. Goodbye. Conversation 2
R=Receptionist F=Frida
R: Good afternoon. Can I help you? F: Good afternoon. Could I speak to Sue Mellor, please? R: May I ask Who’s calling F: It’s Frida Andersson from Head office. R: One moment, please. I’ll put you through. R: Hello? F: Hello? R: I’m afraid she’s not in her office at the moment. Can I take a message? F: Yes. Could you tell her that I got her message and I’ve cancelled our meeting on the 13th. But I’m not available the following week, so I suggest meeting on 27 November. R: OK. So, that’s Frida Andersson from Head Office. The meeting on the 13th is cancelled and you suggest meeting on 27 November instead. F: That’s right. And could she call me to confirm the date? R: OK. I’ll give her the message and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible. F: Thank you. R: Oh, does she have your number? F: Yes, she does. R: OK. Thanks for calling. F Thanks. Bye.
Listening 1
  1. Fine, thanks .I’m glad you managed to find me somewhere so near the office. That makes things so much easier in the morning. But I have to say, the bed was so hard I didn’t get to sleep till two this morning.
  2. Pretty awful, actually .there was one delay after another and then I got stopped at customers .and apparently. My luggage is somewhere between here and Cape Town.
  3. Wonderful. I’m really enjoying it here and the people are so friendly .I’ll definitely come back for a holiday. But I’ll need a week at least next time.actually.I wouldn’t mind living here for a while.
  4. Well. I thought it was pretty good from our point of view, but I can see that some people might not be so happy .still; we got through quite a lot and made some progress. But I still think we’re a long way from a decision. Listening 2 S1=Speaker 1 S2=Speaker 2 S1 so. What did you think of the food? S2 Ok.but it was a bit too heavy for me.acutally, given a choice, I’d have preferred a salad. S1 salad? S2 Oh.yes.i don’t really eat meat. S1 what do you have at home? You’re not a vegetarian, are you? S2 well, I’m not. But my wife is. S1 oh.really? S2 oh.yes.i haven’t had meat at home for years. S1 don’t you miss it? S2 sometimes .but then I go and have a secret steak
unit03a A=Antonella K=korinna A Pronto,Zzanetti. K Hello,antonella? A Yes? K Hello?It's Korinna Kramer from Otto In Hamburg A Oh,hi Korinna.How are you? K Fine,thanks.I'm ringing about the skirts for the summer catalogue. A Oh yes.The Cristi and Faci skirts.Did you speak to Mr Hubner? K Yes,I did. We definitely want only the standard length. A Ok.So that's cristi and Faci in standard length only.Ringht. K And have you spoken to the vendors about quantity yet? A No,not yet.I thought I'd wait unyil we knew what was happening about the lengths. K Do you tink you could speak to them soon,thought?We don't have much time left before the deadline. A No problem.I'll call them this morning.And is it still only 400 pieces of each? K Yes, that's right. A OK.I'll fax you as soon as I've spoken to them. K That's great,Antonella.Thanks for your help. A That's Ok.I'll speak to you later. K Great.I'll expect your call then.Bye.
Cash Flow -So Steeph, how's the cash flow situation? Any better? -Not really. No. The more we sell the less cash we seem to have. -Yes, I know. It's called overtrading.You gotta have to figure out the quicker way of turning the sales and cash. -But how Babara? That's the question. -Well, did you think any more about offering earlier settlement discount? -Oh yeah, we talked about most of it. They sounds quite interesting. It seems that if we offer 1% discount, about half of our customers will pay in 10 days. -Well that would make a big difference of cash flow. -But if we offer 2%, 3 quaters of our customers will pay within ten days. -That's great! So why don't you do it? -Oh come on Babara, margin is small after all already. I don't see how we can afford to offer these discounts! If we give it 2% discount, we will loose thousands of dollars of the year! -Do you know how much exactly? -Well on average month of the sales on 25,000 dollars, it costs over 400,000 of the year! -What if you offer 1% and half customers use it? -Well it already costs 15,000 of the year.that's a lot of money, Babara! -But don't forget your financing cost, Steeph. Financing of cash flow gap means you pay for the bank on 300,000 dollars of interests. I will doubt that if you offer the 1% discount,you will save almost thousands on the financing cost. -So what are you saying is the real cost of the discount? Will it only be 500 dollars more? -That's right. And your cash flow for the month will increase by over 8000 dollars.And with the 2% discount,you will have extra 16000 a month.
-Wahoo!That much!We could really use that extra cash, Steeph! -Mmmuh...I still think 2% is too much! -Then why don't we offer 1%? -Mmmuh. Babara? -Well, it's not my decision. But if I were you, Steeph,I will really think very seriously about early settlement discount. -Ok, I get the point. If you really can make that big difference, we will give it a try.
unit04a 1 The thing is ,When you buy a car,you're spending a lot of money so you want to get excited about what you're buying.Reliability and after-sales service are all very important,but they're not exactly exciting ,are they? I want my car to say something about me .I want something which looks sporty and attracts attention . I don't mind paying that bit extra for something that makes me look good. 2 A lot of my friends have got e-mail so I wanted to buy a computer. I just didn't know much about them, and I found that all that information you get about performance and so on is totally confusing. And then I saw that advert on TV with those new computers. It showed how easy it is to get onto the Internet and send e-mail. So I went to a computer superstore, had a look at one and bought it straightaway. 3 I thought buying a mobile phone would be easy, but it wasn't .You ask how much they cost and you get all this stuff about monthly service contracts and different tariffs at different times of day .It's almost impossible to work out how much they actually cost! Anyway,I worked out that the best deal for me was a one-year all-inclusive package. So that's what I bought. 4 I used to think that one refrigerator was pretty muck like any other. But then I saw this TV programme about how much energy kitchen appliances use. Fridges are the worst, apparently. That's because they're on all the time so they're really bad for the ozone layer-all those CFC gases or whatever they call them . So I decided to get a fridge that doesn't give off lots of harmful gases .And it's cheaper to run as well .
5 It's not even a particularly well-known make of video recorder but I had one of them before which I was really happy with. I didn't have much money when I bought the first one so I just got the cheapest one. I could find. But it was great.It lasted years and I never had any problems with it .So, of course, I decided to buy the same brand again. I mean, a friend of mine recently bought a really well-known make and it's been back to the shop twice already. Listening 2 and 3 I Now you've set up Sainsbury's Bank, how do you market its products? D Well, the core target for Sainsbury's Bank is , quite understandably, the Sainsbury's customer. So, the vast majority of marketing is either instore or through direct mail. We've bought very little advertising space,but we do also use public relations as a marketing tool . I And how successful has it been ? D It's actually exceeded all our expectations. We've already attracted over 700,000 customers within 12 months of starting trading . I Really? And how does a new bank like Sainsbury's succeed in attracting people away form the High Street banks? D Quite simply by offering value for money and excellent customer service standards. I think Reward Points are another big attraction. With a Sainsbury'a Bank Visa Card, for example, a customer can soon collect a lot of Reward Points, which of course can be exchanged for air miles or other kinds of vouchers. I And what makes you think you 'll succeed in such a competitive sector? D Well, our key operational advantage is that, as a telephone-only operation, Sainsbury's Bank doesn't have the high overheads that a branch network does . Therefore, we're able to offer better rates . I think another important point is that Saintbury's experience in retailing means that its bank can apply a retailer's customer-focused mentality to the financial services sector. I Now some observers say that supermarket chains risk damaging their brands by moving into a sector which they have no experience of. How do you react to that? D Well, that assumes that supermarket will offer the same poor customer service as the traditional banks and therefore attract the same bad publicity. As I said, customer service is precisely our strength. We firmly believe that our commitment
to our customers will prevent brand damage. I Yes, other supermarkets obviously feel the same way and we regularly see reports about how they 're planning to sell computers, cars and even houses. How do you see the Sainsbury's brand developing in the future? D Well, the brand is continuously evolving and developing . The move into financial sevices is another stage of that ongoing development . When you look back at the history of the Sainsbury's brand ,it's already been developed in many different ways. Who could have imagined , back in 1869, that a small family dairy would grow into a major retail group operating over 800 stores? I've no doubt that the brand will continue to develop, but it's difficult to say exactly how.
unit05a Unit 5a Relocation Listening A Amanda Ramone speaking. B Hi,Amanda.It's Bob here. A Hi,Bob.Did you get my report about ERS? B Yeah,and no problem.Now,you said you were contacting another company? A Yeah.I spoke to one this morning.Worldwide Relocation.And they look good. B And how well do they meet our needs?Do they stand up to ERS? A They're both pertty similar.Like ERS,they have a house search service... B And do they handle all the paperwork?Visas,work permits...? A Yeah,no problems there. B Ok,fine.Now what about transport?You know,removal,shipping. A Let me just...Oh right.Here it is.No,this is something Worldwide don't offer. B Whereas ERS do.Mmm.How do you feel about that,Amanda? A I don't know,but I don't think this as a major problem.I think it's something you can habdle from
the Seattle end. B Ok.And what else?How about finding schools A Yeah.they have a school search service.And ano



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