CATTI2004 年 5 月英语三 级笔译综合能力试题
Section 1: Vocabulary and Grammar (25 p oints) This section consists of 3 parts. Read the directions for eachpart before answering t he questions. The time for this section is 25 minutes. Part 1 Vocabulary Selection In this part, there are 20 incomplete sente nces. Below each sentence, there are 4 ch oices respectively marked by letters A, B, C and D. Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. There is only O NE right answer. Then blacken the corresp onding letter as required on your Machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.
  1. Grover Cleveland was the first presiden t in the White House. A. got married B. to get married C. has got married D. was married
  2. If cauliflowers are not fro m extreme temperatures, the heads get di scolored. A. protected B. shelter C. shade D. saved
  3. The gas from the tank is d angerous. A. given off B. giving out C. giving away D. given up
  4. When it started to snow, we turned rou nd and the hotel.
A. got by B. searched for C. made for D. cleared up
  5. Since writing home to their parents for money, they had lived hope. A. in B. for C. on D. through
  6. Rice is the food of most S outheast Asians. A. common B. general C. staple D. popular
  7. William Byrd was the owner of the larg est library in colonial . A. period B. time C. times D. periods
  8. Exobiology is the study of life other planets. A. in B. at C. on D. to
  9. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the Unite d States, wasdrawn up with the help of Benjamin Franklin. A. and B. also C. as well as D. so too
  10. It was from the Lowell Laboratory that the ninth , Pluto, was sighte d in 19
  30. A. planet B. constellation C. stardom D. satellite
  11. The rodent,
the mouse, rat, guinea pig, a nd porcupine, are mammals with incisor-like teeth in both jaws. A. made up B. including C. consisting D. constitute
  12. into oceans and rivers is a s erious form of pollution. A. Pouring sewage B. Emptying litter C. Throwing garbage D. Dumping sewage
  13. Products which are made from dirts a nd are high temperatures are known as ceramics. A. tempered in B. subjected to C. exposed to D. baked in
  14. A pigment called melanin protects the layers of skin from sun rays. A. under B. below C. underlying D. underneath
  15. Oranges are a source of v itamin C. A. well B. better C. good D. very
  16. Even after having their grandchildren l ive with them for ten years, the couple fel t that children these days was the most difficult of all family matters. A. rising B. raising C. caring D. taking care
  17. The most important of th
e farmers in Iraq is dates, of which Iraq is the worlds leading exporter. A. economic crop B. cash crop C. money crop D. staple
  18. More has been learned about the Moo n than any other of the Earth’s neighbors i n space because of the Apollo program, which ena bled men to walk on the Moon and bring back hundreds of pounds of . A. rocks B. rock C. stone D. stones
  19. the variety that the average f amily has in beaf, fish, poultry, and veget arian recipes, they find most meals unexciting. A. In spite B. Inspite C. Despite of D. Despite
  20. The speaker have criticiz ed the paraprofessionals, knowing full well that they were seated in the audience. A. should not to B. must not C. ought not to D. may not Part 2 Vocabulary Replacement This part consists of 15 sentences in whic h one word or phraseis underlined. Below each sentence, there are 4 choices respectively marked by letters A,B, C and D. Choose t he word or phrase that can replace the underlined part without causingany grammatical erro
r or changing the basic meaning of the senten ce. There is only ONEright answer. Blacke n the corresponding letter as required on your Machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.
  21. Iceland has the oldest parliament, whi ch goes as far back to 930 A.D. when Alth ing, the legislative organization , was establis hed. A. office B. adobe C. assembly D. building
  22. The only problem with the debate last week was that the beginning sounded m ore like a personal attack than a dispassionate, intel lectual arguing . A. discussion B. argument C. talk D. speech
  23. Susan Jones was at the bus stop well on time to take the 7:01 bus, but she had to miss her breakfast to do it. A. catch up with B. catch C. run up to D. be catching
  24. Since her father could not drive her to the airport, she requested her uncle to dr ive herinstead. A. take B. bring C. dispatch D. deliver
  25. A famous collection of Persian, Indian, and Arabian folktales, the Arabian Nights was supposedly told by the legendary queen S cheherazade to her husband every night f
or 1,001days. A. imaginary B imagery C. fabled D. legend
  26. What may be the oldest fossil footprin t yet found was discovered in June 1968 b y William J. Meister, a non-professional fossil collector. A. a part-time B. a spare-time C. an untrained D. an amateur
  27. Most of us think of sharks as dangero us, owing to lack of information rather tha n fear. A. due to B. because C. as D. for
  28. Double Eagle II, the first trans-Atlanti c balloon, was greeted by avid crowds in France. A. eager B. surging C. appreciative D. vigorous
  29. The discovery of the connection betw een aspirin and Reyessyndrome, a rare an d deadly ailment , is a recent example of the cau tion with which drugs must be used, even for medical purposes. A. disease B. sick C. ill D. illness
  30. My parents moved out of their old ho me sometime last year after they had cele brated their 50th year there. A. anniversary B. years old
C. age D. wedding
  31. The library she worked in lent books, magazines, audio-cassettes and maps to it s customers , who could keep them for four weeks. A. borrowers B. lenders C. patrons D. clients
  32. A common question that people ask a story writer is whether or not he has expe rienced what he has written about. A. fiction B. science C. imaginary D. literary
  33. At the World Literacy Center, an organ ization that works to help people read, the helpers work hard, enabling them to successfully reach their goals. A. assistants B. volunteers C. part-timers D. amateurs
  34. The officers made it clear that they w ere letting her go only because that she w as old and not because she was above suspicion. A. for reason B. due to C. because of D. on the grounds
  35. The book, which is a useful guide for t oday’s young people, deals with many que stions and problems that face them at school and at home as well as in society. A. are faced B. confront C. in opposition D. meet
Part 3 Error Correction This part consists of 15 sentences in whic h there is an underlinedpart that indicates a grammatical error. Below each sentence, t here are 4 choicesrespectively marked by letters A, B, C and D. Choose the word or phrase th at can replace theunderlined part so that t he error is corrected. There is only ONE right answ er. Blacken thecorresponding letter as req uired on your Machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.
  36. All don’t have a free ticket must pay t he admission fee. A. Everyone who doesn’t have a free ticke t B. No one who doesn’t have a free ticket C. No one who has free tickets D. Anyone who has free tickets
  37. When I last saw them, the police had chased the robbers down Columbus Street. A. were chasing B. was chasing C. chased D. were on a chase
  38. Erosion that is a slow process, but it c onstantly changes the features on the surf ace of the earth. A. which is B. although C. being D. is
  39. When an organism is completely enca psulated and preserved, it becomes a foss il, therefore turning into evidence of things that once li ved. A. thereby B. as a result of C. so D. in the end

  40. The pictures of the Loch Ness Monster show a remarkable resemblance to a ples iosaur, a large water reptile of the Mesozoic era presumi ng extinct for more than 70 million years. A. supposed B. presumably C. presumptuous D. is presumed
  41. In our own galaxy, the Milky Way, ther e are perhaps 200 billion stars, a small pa rt of them probably have planets on which life is feas ible. A. a small fraction in which B. a small fraction of which C. a small fraction which D. which a fraction of
  42. “But you’ll be able to come, won’t you?” “Yes, I think such.” A. that B. it C. so D. this
  43. The professor is quite difficult pleased . A. to please B. to be pleased C. for pleasing D. pleasing
  44. Because everyone knows, facts speak louder than words. A. Since B. That C. It D. As
  45. The trapeze artist who ran away with the clown broke up the lion tamer’s heart. A. broke away B. broke down C. broke D. broken down
  46. His heavy drinking and fond of gambli
ng makes him a poor role model. A. and fact that he gambles B. and that he gambles C. and he gambles which D. and gambling
  47. Depression that inflicts people who bel ieve their lives lack content when the rush of the busy week stops referred to by a prominent psy chiatrist as Sunday Neurosis. A. has been referred to by a prominent ps ychiatrist B. has been referred to as by a prominent psychiatrist C. a prominent psychiatrist has referred to it D. it has been referred to by a prominent psychiatrist
  48. Just as there are occupations that req uire college degrees also there are occupa tions for which technical training is necessary. A. so to there are B. so too there are C. so there are D. so too are there
  49. Most of the older civilizations which flo urished during the fifth century B.C. are di ed out . A. they have died out B. has died out C. have died out D. they had died out
  50. The student asked her professor if he would have gone on the space ship he did know earlier. A. if he knew B. if he knows C. he had known D. had he known Section 3: Cloze Test (20 points) In the following passage, there are 20 bla nks representing wordsthat are missing fr om the context.
You are to put back in each of the blanks the missing word.Write your answers on t he ANSWER SHEET. The time for this section is 20 min utes. A good translator is by definition bilingual. The opposite is not(
  1) true, however. A born and bred bilingual will still need two (
  2) to become a translator: fir st, the skills and experience necessary for(
  3); second, knowledge of the field in whic h he or she will (
  4). The skills and experie nce for translation include the ability to wr ite (
  5) in the target language, th e ability to read and understand the (
  6) language material thoroughly, and the abil ity to work with the latest (
  7) and communication hardware and software. Does a born and bred bilingual __(
  8) a better translator than someone w ho learned language B later in (
  9)? There is no definite answer, but the following is sues are important. (
  10), a born and bred bilingu al often suffers from not truly knowing (
  11) language well enough to translate, with some even suffering from what (
  12) known as a lingualism, a state in which a person lacks (
  13) full, fluent command of any language. Second, born and bred bilinguals (
  14) don’t know the culture of the target language well enoug h to (
  15) top-quality translatio
ns, or cannot recognize what aspects of the source lang uage (
  16) its culture need to be treatedwith particular care, as they (
  17) in a sense too close to the language. And las t, they often (
  18) the analytical linguistic s kills to work through a sticky text. On (
  19) other hand, the acqui red bilingual may not have the same in-de pth (
  20) of colloquialisms, slang, and dialect that the born bilingual has. Als o, the acquired bilingual will not be able to transl ate as readily in both directions (from B to language A and A to language B). Finally, born bilingu als often have a greater appreciation of th e subtleties and nuances of both their languages than someone who learns their B language late r in life can ever hope to have. 答案部分: Section 1 Part 1 共计 25 分 共 20 题,每题
  0.5 分,满分为 10 分
  2. A
  3. A
  4. C
  5. A
  6. C
  7. C
  8. C
  9. C
  10. A
  12. D
  13. B
  14. C
  15. C
  17. B
  18. A
  19. D
  20. C Part 2 共 15 题,每题
  0.5 分,满分为
  7.5 分
  35.B Part 3 共 15 题,每题
  0.5 分,满分为
  7.5 分
Section 2 共 50 题, 51?90 每题 1 分, 91?100 每 题
  1.5 分,满分为 55 分
  94. B
  99. B 1
  00. D Section 3 共 20 题,每题 1 分,满分为 20 分
  2. things
  4. translate
  6. source
  8. make
  10. First
  12. is
  14. often
  16. and
  18. lack

  20. knowledge



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