CET4-四级-作文模板-新东方 2011
Dear Sir /Madam
两段或者三段的格式,自定。 信的格式都是直接说写信的目的。
I am writing you this letter for some material on listening and reading .I would be grateful if you could do me a favor in this matter . I wonder if you could tell me some details about books on reading comprehension. In addition, I would be pleased if you can inform me of the way of the way of payment. I would prefer paying in cash for it is more convenience. If possible, would you please tell me when and in what way I can receive my books. I would be interested should mail service is available. I would appreciate your assistance in this matter. Should you have any question, please feel free to contact me .Look forward to your reply .
I am writing you this letter to show my keen interest in the post of assistant manager which you advertised in the newspaper for , as is indicated in the enclosed resume, my major and experiences closely parallel your requirement .I would be grateful if you could take a consideration of my application . I have always been a top student in my specialized area .I am sure such courses as business management and ;literature will lend me an edge in the fierce competition in the job market .Another point I want to draw your attention is that I have been taking an active part in a variety of campus activities. In the process ,my teamwork sprit has been enhanced and my interpersonal skills improved . I would appreciate your consideration of my application .Should you have any question, please feel free to contact me .Look forward to your reply .
I am writing you this letter to apply for a scholarship in your university in order that I would pursue my graduate study for the Master’S Degree in your university .I would be grateful if you could take a consideration of my application . I have passed CET6 and kept on learning english all these years. So I do not think I will have many problems in lanudge during my study all these years. …. I would appreciate your consideration of my application .Should you have any question ,please feel free
to contact me .Look forward to your reply .
I am writing you this letter to invite you to attend tea party/ art festival dinner party/conference/convention/art festival. I would be grateful if you could take part in . I am impressed with your good command in /brilliant academic attainment in I would appreciate your attendance in the party. Should you have any question ,please feel free to contact me .Look forward to your reply . 以上四种信的套话可以一致。归为一类。 以上四种信的套话可以一致。归为一类。
感谢信首先表示感谢的原因。结尾再次表示感谢。 I am writing you this letter to extend my thanks to you for your kindness /hospitality to me during my stay in london. Originally I only want to call on you and gave my father’s regards to you. But you insisted that I stay in your house during my visit to London and took good care of my life as if I were a family member of you. You really added greatly to my convenience and pleasure of the whole trip. Thank you again for your kindness and I hope that I will have the opportunity to return your charming hospility.
致歉信首先表示歉意,结尾再次表示歉意。 Kindly excuse me for my not being able to keep my promise to see you off at the railway station tomorrow morning because of some emergency happened. My brother ,who works in a company near our university ,suddenly fell ill and was taken to hosptial by this morning. As his friends and colleagues are all occupied by their work and he has no relatives in this city other than me ,I have to go to hospital right away and take care of him. It will take a few days for him to recover,and so I’m afraid that I cannot go to the station to see you off tomorrow. I am really sorry and I hope you will be back soon .Besides, please give my regards to our friends
以上两种可归为一类信的相似格式。 以上两种可归为一类信的相似格式。
I am writing you this letter to draw your attention to the most undesirable attitude and manner of a particular member of your staff /quality of the product. A week ago,.The product ran well at first .But there was fly in the ointment ,that is, broken down……… This problem has affect our normal life/my feelings. I hope you attach importance to this matter ,and help settle it as soon as possible.
Yours sincerely/Yours faithfully, Li Xiaoming 以上为单独一种格式 我觉得写信首先要先判断要写的信的种类。 有可能不一定考研里的信笺就是只这 7 种,比如 06 年的,无法归类。但知道背的熟悉点,信的套 话是可以相互用的,很多作文模板每种信都给一种写法,其实没有必要,反而增加记忆的难度,考 试的时候容易乱掉记不起来,尝试相同的写法可以帮助应变。个人意见~~~~参考~~~`

  1.现象型―――现象~现象 .现象型―――现象~ ―――现象 现象~ 现象~意义 现象~ 现象~观点
  2.观点型―――观点~观点 .观点型―――观点~ ―――观点 审题目-看图-选择模板- 审题目-看图-选择模板-打第一段草稿
阐述意义 描述图画 原因分析 举例说明
现象趋势 建议措施
有些词汇要有变化,比如少用 picture 而用 drawing
Indicated above is a vivid cartoon/caricature/graph/bar chart/photo that depicts . Obviously ,.But this is the key message conveyed by the drawing .The most striking feature of drawing is that is marked as both ‘名词’ and ‘名词’, which indicates that . The sense of ,God’s greatest gift to mankind ,is universally considered the most valuable personality a man can possess. Everybody not only do sth ,but also should . ……… Numerous cases exist to illustrate how importantis.When,sb will. Or when ,sb will. By doing so ,sb have done sth which is like.
Indicated above is a vivid cartoon/caricature/graph/bar chart/photo that.In the picture presented to us,;on the contrary/ unexpectedly/ ironically/as a comparison, . Consequently/Accordingly ,.Obviously ,①( flash in the pan /②(?? 现 现 )this is no
)this is a mirror of that society.In that mirror ,we can see that ,over the past
couple of years, certain common and disturbing/alarming/exciting changes/phenomena have taken placed in the society and created serious concerns over the role of sth. Simple as the drawing is ,the author tends to convey a more profound meaning that has to be taken seriously .C 1 in the picture naturally reminds people of ,while C 1 and ~ 2 is usually
associated with .Thanks to/Due to ~
2, 图画结果. Should this situation go
unleashed/continues ,as a famous professor says ,趋势 By the time,趋势
  1) It is imperative for us to take positive measures to put it on hold. For one thing,? another,?J ;still,? .Only in this way can we have a brigter future.
  2) On the basis of analysis ,we can confidently predict that great changes have taken place. This tendency ,will be going on in a exiting direction. (
  3) On the basis of analysis ,we can confidently conclude that have posed tremendous threat to our life. This tendency will be going on in a disturbing direction. (
  4) Therefor ,it is high time that we took broad actions to put it on hold .As an old saying goes ,”
Don’t fix your roof on a rainy day.”
第一句: 说 第一句: 题目 第二句: 第二句: 说 第 图画的正 一 反面 段 第三句: 第三句: 说 好坏
…that depicts + 题目或题中名词 …that aim at revealing a serious problem: how to …… On the contrary,, As a comparison,, …that is a virtue that everyone should value highly and expect from both their friends and children.
两个象征 第
图画作文要有象征意义。 图画作文要有象征意义。 征意义 …the policy of opening to the outside world. 好 …current economic prosperity and social progress. 的 …scientific upgrading ,especially the improvement on 原 communciation and transportation. 因 …historically developed cultural/enlightened tradition. …lack of social consciousness …lack adequate parental supervision which was common in the tradition. …the rapid increase of the population in the world …the lower of moral level …people’s short sight activities. …the changes in the social and family structure. …frustration or failure to rise above their social status. …poverty
二 两个原因 坏 的 原 因

…,we will have a second-rate country.We will have a less civil society. …,we will realize the social harmony ,we will have a more civil society. …,there is a possibility that an unenlightened citizenry 趋 will extinguish the precious embers of the virtue of . 势 …,does harm to the development of our society 一 and civilization than to these people themselves. If we donot confront and overcome these internal fears and doubts ,if we protect ourselves too much,then we ceaseto grow.We become trapped inside a shell of our own making, 两个趋势 …,people will ineviably fall victims ti short sight activies of their own …,the real lesson to be learnt is that is a virtue that everyone should value highly and expect from both their chilren and friends. …,I believe the relationship between people will be 趋 harmonious and our society will be a better place for us to 势 live in. 二 Self-centeredness and aritrainess have become a trait of the young generation. Once leaving their parents,they cannot make a living of their own. They get lost when stepping into the complex reality and cannot any hardships and difficulties.
情况趋势 从 We should appeal to authorities to layaside sufficient fund 政 to develop plans. 府 We should appeal to authorities to make severe 角 laws/policy to control this situation. 度 从 社 会 角 度 We are obliged to progress the sustainable social and economic development which is the key factor in dealing with . We are obliged to enhance people’s awareness that is vital for us. We are obliged to work together to counter this threat to our life.

三 建议

从 自 We must not give up efforts in the face of difficulty. 身 We must be aggressive if one wants to succeed. 角 We must harness one’s energy and courage. 度 举例子 方框里是一些现成的万能句子,方便在无话可说的时候,凑字数又不犯错。 方框里是一些现成的万能句子,方便在无话可说的时候,凑字数又不犯错。



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