If I had a bike, I would lend it to you.(if从句用过去时, 主句用should/ would/ could/ might+不定式) If he had been here, he would have helped you.(从句过去完成时, 主句should /would/ could/ might +不定式完成时) If I should/were to do the experiment, I would do it some other way. (从句用 should/ were to, 主句用should/would /could /might+不定式)

  1. Were you in my position,you would do the same.
  2. Had he come earlier,he would have seen her.
  3. Should they attack us, we would wipe them out completely.
If only
If only you would listen to reason. If only I were ten years younger. IF only he didn't drive so fast. If only he had asked someone's advice. If I could only go to the concert. If I could only/but/just explain.
I wish
I wish I knew the answer. I wish I had known the address. I wish I were young. I wish you would stop asking silly questions. I wished I knew his address.(发生在过 去=I was sorry I didn't know his address.) I wished I were young.(=I was sorry I was not young.)
Would rather
I would rather you told her the truth. I'd rather you came tomorrow. I'd rather (that) he painted it blue. I would (just)as soon that John had not spoken rudely to me.
It is (high) time that…...
It is time we(leave). It is time we (go)to bed. It's high time that you were in bed. It's about time we left.
It's important that…...
It is important that we (speak) politely. It is imperative that we (practice) criticism and self-criticism strange, advisable, anxious, crucial, appropriate compulsory, desirable, eager, essential, fitting, imperative(绝 对必要的), impossible, improper, natural, necessary, obligatory, preferable, proper, urgent, vital, willing
I insist that
I insist that we (go) there by bus. He suggested that we (leave) early. The judge ordered that the prisoner (be) sentenced to 30 days in jail.
这些动词和名词后的从句为 should+V
advise(advice), agree(agreement), decide(decision), decree, demand, determine (determination), grant, indicate(indication), insist, move (insistence), order, request, require prefer(preference), urge, vote, ask, propose(proposal), (requirement), resolve(resolution), stipulate, desire (stipulation),, allow, arrange, beg, concede, demonstrate, ensure, pray, intend, move, pledge, command
My suggestion…...
My suggestion is that we should tell him. Our only request is that this should be settled as soon as possible. request command necessity importance motion proposal resolution recommendation understanding
but for, otherwise, without
The storm delayed us. But for the storm we would have been in time. I used my calculator; otherwise I'd have taken much longer. Supposing I accepted this offer, what would you say? Without you timely help, my daughter would have drowned. www.topsage.com



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