What can you see in this picture?
Everything was destroyed(毁 灭) The city became ruin(废墟)

The house begin to shake, you must leave it right away. You have time to take only one thing. What will you take? Why?
Buildings were destroyed.
Roads got huge cracks
crack →
Most of bridges fell or were not safe for travelling
A great number of people died and the number of people losing their homes was large.
What do you think may happen before an earthquake?
People can see bright lights in the sky.
The dogs ran anywhere and kept shouting. Too nervous to eat
Very upset, didn’t calm down
Mice ran out of the fields looking for places to hide.
Fish jumped out of rivers and ponds
Listen to the tape, then answer this question:
  1. What is the passage mainly tell us about?
Earthquake in Tangshan

  2.When did the earthquake happen?
On July28,1976

  3. How many people died or injured in this disaster? .
More than 400,000
A NIGHT THE EARTH DIDN’T SLEEP first reading : main idea
Para.1 Para.2 Para.3 Para.4
The world was at an end. The earthquake hit the city. The damage of the city in the earthquake The rescue to the city. Some strange things happened before the earthquake.
Read through the first paragraph carefully and then answer the following questions:
  1. What were happening in the countryside in northeast Hebei province? (Para.
  2. What were people doing when the earthquake happened?
Most of them were sleeping that night.

  3. Why the people did not notice these events? They never thought there would be an earthquake soon. / They knew little about earthquake.
True or false:
  1. Two-third of the nation felt the earthquake. (

  2. All the people in Tangshan died or were injured during the earthquake. (

  3. All of the city’s hospitals, factories, buildings and homes were damaged in the earthquake. (

  4. Later that afternoon, a terrible earthquake shook Tangshan again. (

  5. After the second earthquake, everyone including the rescue workers and doctors were died. (

  6. People slept outdoors after the earthquake. (
Divide the whole passage into three parts and then find out the topic sentence of each part. Try to get the main idea of each part.
Part 1: paragraph.1
Part 2: paragraph 2-3
Part 3: paragraph 4
Part 1: Topic sentence: the first sentence. Main idea: Before the earthquake strange things began to happen but no one noticed them.
Part 2:Topic sentence: Everywhere they looked nearly everything was destroyed./ people were shocked. Main idea: the earthquake destroyed the city of Tangshan and shock the people very much.
Part 3:Topic sentence: the first sentence. Main idea: The army came to help the survivors(生还者) bringing hope for a new life.

  1.Imagine your home begins to shake and you 假设你的家开始晃动,你 must leave it right away.假设你的家开始晃动 你 假设你的家开始晃动 必须立刻离开 Shake(shook,shaken) ( v.摇动 摇, 颤抖 震动 摇动, 颤抖, 摇动 n.摇动 摇, 颤抖 震动 摇动, 颤抖, 摇动 翻译:服药前请摇动瓶子 翻译 服药前请摇动瓶子 Please shake the bottle before taking the medicine. 当火车经过时大地在剧烈地震动 When the train passed by,the earth shook seriously

  2. For three days the water in the village wells rose and fell,rose and fell.三天来 村子的水井中的水位 三天来,村子的水井中的水位 三天来 升升落落不停. 升升落落不停 @rise (rose,risen) vi.升起 起身 高耸 增长 上升 升起, 起身, 高耸, 增长, 升起 n.上升 增加 上涨 发生 出现 上升, 上升 增加, 上涨, 发生, Everyone knows that the sun rises in the east. He rose from his chair when the door bell rang. Prices continue to rise.

  7.In fifteen terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins 在可怕的十五秒钟内,一座大城市变为废墟 一座大城市变为废墟. 在可怕的十五秒钟内 一座大城市变为废墟 @ruin n.废墟 废墟(c.n),毁灭 毁灭(u.n) Vt. 使毁灭 废墟 毁灭 in ruins 荒芜的 成为废墟 荒芜的,成为废墟 战争给这个国家带来了毁灭 The war brought ruin to the country. 我们的计划泡汤了 Our plan is in ruins 暴风雨摧毁了农作物 The storm ruined the crops.
辨析:hurt,injure,wound 辨析 hurt受伤的一般用语 常指心灵的伤害 也可指身体 受伤的一般用语,常指心灵的伤害 受伤的一般用语 常指心灵的伤害,也可指身体 的受伤或疼痛. 的受伤或疼痛 wound指战场上的刀伤或枪伤 指战场上的刀伤或枪伤 damage 指对物体的破坏或损坏 injure 一般指由于意外或事故而受伤 也可以表示 一般指由于意外或事故而受伤,也可以表示 损害名誉,伤害感情等 伤害感情等” “损害名誉 伤害感情等”
hurt His words her feelings. hurts It the eyes to read in the sun. injured More than 200 people were in the car accident. wounded The soldiers were -in the battle.

  11.Tens of thousands of cows never give milk again 数以万计的奶牛再也不产奶了 thousands of millions of 数千计的 数百万计的
@tens of thousands of 数以万计的 hundreds of thousands of 数以十万计的

  13. Some of the rescue workers and doctors were trapped under the ruins. 有些救援人员和医生被 困在废墟中 @rescue vt. 援救 营救 rescue sb from sb/sth 援救;营救 救出一孩子免于溺死 rescue a child from drowning 解放军战士从即将倒塌的房子中救出了那位老太。 解放军战士从即将倒塌的房子中救出了那位老太。 The PLA man rescued the old lady from the falling house. n. 援救 营救 援救, a rescue team; a rescue mission. 救援队; 救援队;营救任务
@trap (trapped,trapped) n.陷阱,圈套 陷阱, 陷阱 vt. 使受限制 困)于;诱骗 使受限制(困 于 诱骗 The car was trapped in the deep snow.
@dig out 掘出 发现 eg: 掘出;发现 他把狐狸从洞中掘出来了, 他把狐狸从洞中掘出来了, He dug out the fox from/dug the fox out of the hole. to dig information out of books 从书本挖掘知识 to dig out truth 寻求真理
Complete the Workbook exercises.P63 preview P26, read carefully and complete P27 comprehending.


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