珠海市第 x 中学教案
课题 执教者 节次 4
知识与技能 教学目标
How to write a summary 班级 课时 第 课时
课型 授课时间 授课地点

  1. Have a general idea about summary writing
  2. Learn to find key words, key sentences and key points.
  3. Put useful information together logically. For details please refer to the following steps Get the students to be confident to write a summary.
过程与方法 情感态度 与价值观
重点 难点 教学方法
Master the ways to write a summary Enable the students to write a summary Motivations, information processing, cooperative learning
Step1 Brainstorming What is a summary? A summary is a fairly brief restatement, in your own words, of the main contents. How to make a summary Identify the structure; Find key words; Find key sentences; Find the key ideas; And any ways suggested by the students. Step2 Leading in Let’s share opinions on summary writing:
  1. May we mainly use the sentences in the original passage?
  2. May we mainly use our own words?
  3. May we write it in the first person or the third person? Step3 Presentation Show two examples to the class Step4 Summarizing Tips for writing a summary
  1. Read the passage for overall content and identify the structure.
  2. Reread carefully, highlighting the key words, phrases, and sentences.
  3. Do not use your own opinion, but be sure to use your own words.
  4.In your final draft, insert transitional words and phrases where necessary. Combine sentences for a smooth, logical flow of ideas.
Step5 Reading, getting information, and writing a summary Let’s try it again! Two passages for the class to read and write a summary Step6 Form filling Today we’ve learned how to make a summary and know what a good summary is. I would like to know your performance in class. Please fill in the self assessment in class learning and hand it in after class. Self assessment in class learning Name: No. Date: No.
  5. Statements I know what a summary is. I know how to find the topic sentence. I know how to grasp the main points. I know some skills of writing a summary. I can write a smooth summary now. Good So so poor
General comment: Step7 Homework Required: Choose one of the texts you have learnt and write a summary about it. Optional: Sum up the ways of writing a summary.
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