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  K, k
  / keI; ke/ n (pl K's, k's / keIz; kez/) the eleventh letter of the English alphabet 英语字母表的第十一个字母: `King' begins with (a) K/`K' king字以k字母开始.
  / keI; ke/ abbr 缩写 = 1 kelvin(s). 2 (infml 口) one thousand (Greek kilo-) 一千(源自希腊文kilo-): She earns 12K (ie 120
  00) a year. 她一年挣12000英镑.
  phonetic (K.K. Vowels)
  / fE5netIk; fE`nZtIk/ The K.K. phonetic symbols (音标) used in this dictionary contains the following vowels and diphthongs. Press the pronunciation button to hear the sounds they represent.
  1. i -- Example: see / si:; si/
  2. I -- Example: sit / sIt; sIt/
  3. e -- Example: ten / ten; tZn/
  4. A -- Example: hat / hAt; hAt/
  5. B -- Example: arm / B:m; Brm/
  6. C -- Example: watch / wCtF; wBtF/
  7. R -- Example: saw / sR:; sR/
  8. J -- Example: put / pUt; pJt/
  9. u -- Example: too / tu:; tu/
  10. Q -- Example: cup / kQp; kQp/
  11. [ -- Example: fur / f\:(r); f[/
  12. E -- Example: ago / E5gEU; E`^o/
  13. e -- Example: page / peIdV; pedV/
  14. o -- Example: home / hEUm; hom/
  15. aI -- Example: five / faIv; faIv/
  16. aJ -- Example: now / naU; naJ/
  17. RI -- Example: join / dVRIn; dVRIn/
  18. IE -- Example: near / nIE(r); nIE(r)/
  19. ZE -- Example: hair / heE(r); hZE(r)/
  20. JE -- Example: tour / tUE(r); tJE(r)/
  phonetic (K.K. Consonants)
  / fE5netIk; fE`nZtIk/ The K.K. phonetic symbols (音标) used in this dictionary contains the following consonants. Press the pronunciation button to hear the sounds they represent.
  1. p -- Example: pen / pen; pZn/
  2. b -- Example: bad / bAd; bAd/
  3. t -- Example: tea / ti:; ti/
  4. d -- Example: did / dId; dId/
  5. k -- Example: cat / kAt; kAt/
  6. ^ -- Example: got / gCt; ^Bt/
  7. tF -- Example: chin / tFIn; tFIn/
  8. dV -- Example: June / dVu:n; dVun/
  9. f -- Example: fall / fR:l; fRl/
  10. v -- Example: voice / vRIs; vRIs/
  11. W -- Example: thin / WIn; WIn/
  12. T -- Example: then / Ten; TZn/
  13. s -- Example: so / sEU; so/
  14. z -- Example: zoo / zu:; zu/
  15. F -- Example: she / Fi:; Fi/
  16. V -- Example: vision / 5vIVn; `vIVEn/
  17. h -- Example: how / haU; haJ/
  18. m -- Example: man / mAn; mAn/
  19. n -- Example: no / nEU; no/
  20. N -- Example: sing / sIN; sIN/
  21. l -- Example: leg / leg; lZ^/
  22. r -- Example: red / red; rZd/
  23. j -- Example: yes / jes; jZs/
  24. w -- Example: wet / wet; wZt/
  / 5kAfE(r); `kAfL/ n (S African <!> offensive 南非, 讳, 蔑) black African person 非洲黑人.
  = caftan.
  / 5kaIzE(r); `kaIzL/ n title of the German and Austro-Hungarian emperors until 1918 皇帝(尤指1918年前的德国皇帝).
  kale (also kail)
  / keIl; kel/ n [U] type of cabbage with curly leaves 羽衣甘蓝.
  / kE5laIdEskEUp; kE`laIdE9skop/ n (a) toy consisting of a tube containing small loose pieces of coloured glass, etc and mirrors which reflect these to form changing patterns when the tube is turned 万花筒. (b) (usu sing 通常作单数) (fig 比喻) constantly and quickly changing pattern 千变万化; 瞬息万变: His paintings are a kaleidoscope of gorgeous colours. 他的油画色彩斑斓, 变化万千. * The bazaar was a kaleidoscope of strange sights and impressions. 集市的景象光怪陆离, 纷然杂陈.
  / kE9laIdE5skCpIk; kE9laIdE`skBpIk/ adj.
  / -klI; -klI/ adv.
  / 9kAmI5kB:zI; 9kBmI`kBzi/ n (in World War II) (pilot of a) Japanese aircraft deliberately crashed on enemy ships, etc (第二次世界大战中日本的)神风飞机, 神风飞机飞行员(与敌舰等同归於尽的自杀飞机或驾驶员): [attrib 作定语] a kamikaze attack 神风飞机的攻击 * (fig 比喻) kamikaze (ie suicidal) tactics 同归於尽的战术.
  / 9kANgE5ru:; 9kAN^E`ru/ n (pl ~s) Australian animal that jumps along on its strong hind legs, the female carrying its young in a pouch on the front of its body 袋鼠(产於澳洲). =>illus 见插图.
  kangaroo court
  illegal court formed by a group of prisoners, striking workers, etc to settle disputes among themselves 私设的公堂(囚犯、 罢工工人等为解决内部纠纷而设的).
  / 5keIElIn; `keElIn/ n [U] (also china `clay) fine white clay used in making porcelain and in medicine 高岭土; 瓷土.
  / 5keIpCk; `kepBk/ n [U] substance like cotton wool, used for stuffing cushions, soft toys, etc 木棉.
  / kE5pUt; kE`pJt/ adj [pred 作表语] (sl 俚) broken; ruined; not working properly 完蛋了; 失败了; 坏了: The car's kaput we'll have to walk. 汽车坏了--我们只好步行.
  (US) = carat
  / kE5rB:tI; kE`rBtI/ n [U] Japanese system of unarmed combat in which the hands, feet, etc are used as weapons 空手道(日本式徒手武术): [attrib 作定语] akarate chop, ie a blow with the side of the hand 空手道的掌侧劈.
  / 5kB:mE; `kBrmE/ n [U] (a) (in Buddhism and Hinduism) sum of a person's actions in one of his successive lives, believed to decide his fate in the next (佛教和印度教的)业(音译`羯磨', 意为个人行为的总和可决定其来世的命运). (b) (esp joc 尤作戏谑语) destiny; fate 命运; 宿缘: It's my karma always to fall in love with brunettes. 我爱上的总是深褐色头发、 浅黑色皮肤的白种女子, 这是我的缘分.
  / kB:t; kBrt/ n = go-kart.
  / 5kaIAk; `kaIAk/ n. =>illus at canoe 见canoe插图. (a) Eskimo canoe made of light wood covered with sealskins 海豹皮船(爱斯基摩人制的单人小舟). (b) small covered canoe resembling this (类似海豹皮船的)小艇.
  / kE5zu:; kE`zu/ n (pl ~s) toy musical instrument that gives a buzzing sound when sb blows through it while humming 一种玩具笛.
  / 9keI 5bi:; 9ke `bi/ abbr 缩写 = (Brit law 律) King's Bench. Cf 参看 QB.
  / 9keI bi: 5i:; 9ke bi `i/ abbr 缩写 = (Brit) Knight Commander (of the Order) of the British Empire (第二等的)大英帝国最高勋爵; 英帝国爵级司令勋章: be made a KBE 受封(第二等的)大英帝国最高勋爵位 * Sir John Brown KBE 约翰?布朗(第二等的)大英帝国最高勋爵士. Cf 参看 CBE, DBE, MBE.
  / 9keI 5si:; 9ke `si/ abbr 缩写 = (Brit law 律) King's Counsel. Cf 参看 QC.
  / kI5bAb; kE`bAb/ n (often pl 常作复数) small pieces of meat and vegetables cooked and (often) served on a skewer 烤肉串: lamb kebabs 烤羊肉串 * shish kebab 烤肉串.
  shish kebab
  / 9FIF kI5bAb; ?@ 5FIF kEbAb; `FIF kE9bBb/ = kebab.
  / 5kedVEri:, 9kedVE5ri:; `kZdVE9ri, 9kZdVE`ri/ n [U, C] cooked dish of rice and fish, with hard-boiled eggs and sometimes onions, all mixed together 鱼蛋烩饭(有时伴有洋葱).
  / ki:l; kil/ n 1 timber or steel structure along the bottom of a ship, on which the framework is built up (船的)龙骨: lay down a keel, ie start building a ship 安龙骨(动工造船). 2 (idm 习语) on an even keel => even
  v (phr v) keel over 1 (of a ship) capsize (指船)倾覆, 翻倒. 2 (infml 口) fall over; collapse 倒下; 倒塌: After a couple of drinks he just keeled over on the floor. 他喝了两杯酒後就跌倒在地了. * The structure had keeled over in the high winds. 那座建筑物让大风给刮倒了.
  / ki:n; kin/ adj (-er, -est) 1 ~ (to do sth/that...) eager; enthusiastic 热切的; 热情的; 热心的: a keen swimmer 喜好游泳的人 * I'm not keen to go again. 我不太想再去了. * She's keen that we should go. 她热情地叫我们去. 2 (of feelings, etc) intense; strong; deep (指感情等)热烈的, 强烈的, 深刻的: a keen desire, interest, sense of loss 强烈的愿望、 兴趣、 失落感. 3 (of the senses) highly developed (指感觉)灵敏的, 敏锐的: Dogs have a keen sense of smell. 狗的嗅觉很灵敏. 4 (of the mind) quick to understand (指头脑)敏捷的, 精明的: a keen wit, intelligence 敏捷的头脑、 很强的理解力. 5 [esp attrib 尤作定语] (of the points and cutting edges of knives, etc) sharp (指刀等的尖和刃)锋利的, 快的: a keen blade, edge 锋利的刀片、 刀刃. 6 (of a wind) bitterly cold (指风)刺骨的, 凛冽的. 7 (Brit) (of prices) low; very competitive (指价格)低廉的, 竞争力强的. 8 (idm 习语) (as) ,keen as `mustard (infml 口) extremely eager or enthusiastic 极热心的; 极热情的. keen on sth/sb (infml 口) (a) interested in sth 热衷於某事物: keen on (playing) tennis 很喜欢(打)网球. (b) fond of sb/sth 喜爱某人[某事物]: He seemed mad keen on (ie very interested in) my sister. 他发疯似的爱著我妹妹. * I'm not too keen on jazz. 我不太喜欢爵士乐. (c) enthusiastic about sth 对某事物满腔热情的: She's not very keen on the idea. 她对那主张不很感兴趣. * Mrs Hill is keen on Tom's marrying Susan. 希尔太太很希望汤姆能和苏珊结婚.
  n [U].
  / ki:n; kin/ v [I] (usu in the continuous tenses 通常用於进行时态) lament a dead person by wailing 为死者恸哭、 哀号: keening over her murdered son 恸哭她那被谋害的儿子.
  n Irish funeral song accompanied by wailing 爱尔兰哀歌(边哭边唱).
  / ki:p; kip/ v (pt, pp kept / kept; kZpt/) 1 (a) [La, Ipr, Ip] continue to be in the specified condition or position; remain or stay 继续处於某状态或地位; 留下; 保留: She has the ability to keep calm in an emergency. 她有处变不惊的本事. * Please keep quiet -- I'm trying to get some work done. 请安静--我要处理一些工作. * You ought to keep indoors with that heavy cold. 你患重感冒应该留在屋里. * The notice said `Keep off (ie Do not walk on) the grass'. 布告牌上写著`勿踏草地'. * Keep back! The building could collapse at any moment. 别靠近! 那建筑物随时可能倒塌. (b) [Ip] ~ (on) doing sth continue doing sth; do sth repeatedly or frequently 继续做某事物; 重复做某事物: keep eating, laughing, smiling, walking 一直在吃、 笑、 微笑、 走 * Keep (on) talking amongst yourselves, I'll be back in a minute. 你们继续谈, 我一会儿就回来. * How can I trust you if you keep lying to me? 你要是一直欺骗我, 我怎麽能相信你呢? * I do wish you wouldn't keep interrupting me! 希望你别老来打扰我! * My shoe laces keep (on) coming undone. 我的鞋带总是松开. * Keep going (ie Do not stop) until you reach a large roundabout. 继续走就走到一个宽阔的环状交叉路口了. * This is exhausting work, but I manage to keep going somehow. 这个工作很费力气, 但是我尽量设法做下去. (c) [Ipr, Ip] continue to move in the specified direction 继续朝某方向前进: Traffic in Britain keeps to the left, ie drives on the left-hand side of the road. 在英国, 车辆靠左行驶. * Keep straight on until you get to the church. 一直朝前走就走到教堂了. * The sign says `Keep Left', so I don't think we can turn right here. 路标上写著`靠左行', 我想不能从这儿向右拐. 2 [Tn.pr, Tn.p, Cn.a, Cn.g] cause sb/sth to remain in the specified condition or position 使某人[某事物]保持某状态或某地位: If your hands are cold, keep them in your pockets. 要是手冷, 就揣在口袋里. * Extra work kept him (late) at the office. 他因有额外的工作, (很晚)仍留在办公室里. * Don't keep us in suspense any longer -- what happens at the end of the story? 别再让我们蒙在鼓里了, 结局究竟怎麽样? * keep sb amused, cheerful, happy, etc 使某人一直高兴、 快乐、 幸福等 * These gloves will keep your hands warm. 这种手套保暖好. * Give the baby her bottle; that'll keep her quiet for a while. 把瓶子给孩子, 那就能让她安静一会儿. * He's in a coma and is being kept alive by a life-support machine. 他处於昏迷状态, 靠生命维持器活著. * I'm sorry to keep you waiting. 对不起, 让您久等了. * Add some more coal to keep the fire going. 再添些煤, 别让火灭了. 3 [Tn] detain or delay (sb) 留住或耽搁(某人): You're an hour late; what kept you? 你晚了一小时, 是什麽事给耽误了? Cf 参看 keep sb from sth/doing sth. 4 [Tn] (a) continue to have (sth); retain 保有, 留下(某物): You can keep that book I lent you; I don't want it back. 我借给你的那本书你可以留下, 不用还我. * Here's a five-pound note -- you can keep the change. 这是五镑的钞票--零钱不用找了. (b) [Tn, Tn.pr, Dn.n] ~ sth (for sb) look after sth (for sb); retain sth (为某人)照顾某事物; 保留某事物: Could you keep my place in the queue (for me)(ie prevent anybody else f



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