腰带以系住裤子. (b) cause sth to remain at a high level 使某事物处於高水平: The high cost of raw materials is keeping prices up. 原料费用昂贵使得产品价格居高不下. (c) not allow (one's spirits, strength, etc) to decline; maintain 不让(精力等)衰退; 维持; 保持: They sang songs to keep their morale up. 他们唱 歌以保持高昂的士气. (d) continue sth at the same (usu high) level 继续使某事物保持同样的(通常指高的)水平: The enemy kept up their bombardment day and night. 敌军一直日夜不停地狂轰滥炸. * We're having difficulty keeping up our mortgage payments. 我们难以继续支付分期偿还的抵押贷款. * You're all doing a splendid job; keep up the good work! 你们干得都很出色, 要坚持下去! (e) continue to practise or observe sth 照旧做某事物或遵守某事: keep up old customs, traditions, etc 沿袭古老的风俗、 传统等 * Do you still keep up your Spanish? 你仍在学西班牙语吗? (f) maintain (a house, garden, etc) in good condition by spending money or energy on it 保养, 维修(房屋、 花园等): The house is becoming too expensive for them to keep up. 他们的房子维修费用贵得越来越修不起了. Cf 参看 upkeep. keep `up (with sb/sth) move or progress at the same rate (as sb/sth) 跟上(某人[某事物]); (与某人[某事物])同步前进: Slow down I can't keep up (with you)! 慢点, 我跟不上(你)了! * I can't keep up with all the changes in computer technology. 计算机技术的各种改进有些我已跟不上了. keep up (with sth) rise at the same rate (as sth) 以(某事物的)同样速率上升: Workers' incomes are not keeping up with inflation. 工人的收入赶不上通货膨胀. keep up with sb continue to be in contact with sb 保持与某人的联系: How many of your old school friends do you keep up with? 你和中学时的老同学保持联系的有多少? keep up with sth inform oneself or learn about (the news, current events, etc) 知悉(消息); 跟上(形势): She likes to keep up with the latest fashions. 她喜欢穿戴入时.
  kept woman
  (dated or joc 旧或谑) woman who is provided with money and a home by a man with whom she is having a sexual relationship (受供养的)姘妇.
  / ki:p; kip/ n 1 [U] (cost of providing) food and other necessities of life 食物等生活必需品; 生活费: It's time you got a job and started paying for your keep! 你该找份工作, 负担自己的生活费了! * (fig 比喻) Does that old car still earn its keep? ie Is it useful enough to be worth the cost of keeping it? 那辆旧汽车还值得维修吗? 2 [C] strongly built tower of an ancient castle 古代城堡中的强固主楼. 3 (idm 习语) for `keeps (infml 口) permanently; for ever 永远地; 永久地: Can I have it for keeps or do you want it back? 我可以永久保留它呢还是要我还给你?
  / 5ki:pE(r); `kipL/ n 1 person who looks after animals in a zoo or a collection of items in a museum (动物园的)饲养员; (博物馆的)保管人. 2 (esp in compounds 尤用以构成复合词) person who is in charge of or looks after sth 负责或照料某事物的人: a `lighthouse-keeper * a `gamekeeper * a `shopkeeper. 3 (infml 口)(a) = goalkeeper (goal). (b) = wicket-keeper (wicket). 4 (idm 习语) finders keepers => finder (find
  / 5ki:pIN; `kipIN/ n (idm 习语) for safe keeping => safe
  1. in sb's keeping in sb's care or custody 在某人处保管; 受某人监护: I'll leave the keys in your keeping. 我把钥匙交你保管. in/out of keeping (with sth) in/not in conformity or harmony 一致[不一致]; 协调[不协调]: a development wholly in keeping with what we expected 与我们预期完全相符的发展 * That tie is not quite in keeping. 那条领带不十分协调. in safe keeping => safe
  / 5ki:pseIk; `kip9sek/ n gift, usu small and often not very costly, that is kept in memory of the giver or previous owner 纪念品: My aunt gave me one of her brooches as a keepsake. 我的姑母把她的一只胸针送给我作纪念.
  / keg; kZ^/ n small barrel, usu containing less than 10 British or 30 US gallons of liquid 小桶(通常容量不足10英加仑或30美加仑). =>illus at barrel 见barrel插图.
  keg beer
  (Brit) beer served from kegs, using gas pressure 小桶啤酒(用气压压出).
  / kelp; kZlp/ n [U] type of large brown seaweed 大型褐藻.
  / 5kelvIn; `kZlvIn/ n (abbr 缩写 K) unit (equal tothe Celsius degree) of an international scale of temperature(the Kelvin scale) with 0 at absolute zero (2
  73.15C) 开(开尔文温标的计量单位, 其零度为绝对零度, 等於2
  73.15C). =>App 11 见附录
  / ken; kZn/ n (idm 习语) beyond/outside one's ken not within one's range of knowledge 超出某人知识范围: The workings of the Stock Exchange are beyond most people's ken. 证券交易所的运作情况大多数人都不了解.
  / ken; kZn/ v (-nn-, pt kenned or kent, pp kenned) [Tn, Tf, Tw] (Scot 苏格兰) know 知道.
  / 5kenl; `kZnl/ n 1 [C] shelter for a pet dog 狗窝; 狗房: Rover lives in a kennel in the back garden. 小狗罗弗的窝在後花园. 2 [C] shelter for a pack of hounds 一群猎犬的窝棚. 3 kennels [sing or pl v] place where dogs are bred, cared for, etc 养狗场: We put the dog into kennels when we go on holiday. 我们去度假时把狗送到养狗场寄养.
  v (-ll-; US also -l-) [Tn] put or keep (a dog) in a kennel or kennels 将(狗)关进狗窝或送到养狗场: She kennels her dog in the yard. 她把狗关进院子的狗窝里.
  / 5keIpI; `kepI/ n type of French military cap with a horizontal peak 法国军帽.
  pt, pp of keep
  kerb (also esp US curb)
  / k\:b; k[b/ n stone or concrete edge of a pavement at the side of a road (镶石的)路缘, 路边: Stop at the kerb and look both ways before crossing (the road). 先站在路边看清左右再过马路.
  n [U] driving slowly along trying to persuade sb on the pavement to enter one's car, esp for sexual purposes 开车沿路边缓慢行驶(尤指为性关系勾引人): be arrested for kerb-crawling 因沿路边慢驶勾引人而被拘捕.
  kerb drill
  set of rules for crossing the road safely 过马路的安全规则.
  n block of stone or concrete forming part of a kerb 路缘石; 路边石.
  / 5k\:tFIf; `k[tFIf/ n (arch 古) 1 square piece of cloth worn on the head or round the neck, esp by women 方头巾, 方围巾(尤指女用的). 2 handkerchief 手绢.
  / kE5fQfl; kL`fQfl/ n [U] (Brit infml 口) fuss; noise; excitement 混乱; 吵闹; 闹哄: What's all the kerfuffle (about)? 这乱哄哄的是怎麽回事?
  / 5k\:nl; `k[nl/ n 1 soft and usu edible part inside a nut or fruit stone (坚果或核果的)仁(通常可食). =>illus at nut 见nut插图. 2 part of a grain or seed within the hard outer shell (谷物去壳後的)粒, 子. 3 (fig 比喻) central or essential part (of a subject, plan, problem, etc) 核心; 要点; 中心: the kernel of her argument 她的论据的核心.
  kerosene, kerosine (also kerosine)
  / 5kerEsi:n; `kZrE9sin/ n [U] (esp US) = paraffin 1: [attrib 作定语] a kerosene lamp 煤油灯.
  / 5kestrEl; `kZstrEl/ n type of small falcon 红隼. =>illus at App 1 见附录1插图, page iv.
  / ketF; kZtF/ n small sailing-boat with two masts 双桅小帆船.
  / 5ketFEp; `kZtFEp/ (also esp US catsup / 5ktsEp;`kAtsEp/) n [U] thick sauce made from tomatoes, vinegar, etc and used cold as a seasoning 番茄酱.
  / 5ketl; `kZtl/ n 1 container with a spout, lid and handle, used for boiling water (烧水用的)壶: boil (water in) the kettle and make some tea 烧壶水沏茶. 2 (idm 习语) a different kettle of fish => different. a `fine, `pretty, etc kettle of fish messy, unpleasant or confusing situation 一团糟; 不愉快的事; 尴尬的局面. the pot calling the kettle black => pot
  / 5ketldrQm; `kZtl9drQm/ n large brass or copper bowl-shaped drum with skin stretched over the top, that can be tuned to an exact pitch 定音鼓. =>illus at App 1 见附录1插图, page xi.
  / ki:; ki/ n 1 [C] metal instrument shaped so that it will move the bolt of a lock (and so lock or unlock sth) 钥匙: turn the key in the lock 转动锁孔中的钥匙 * the car keys 汽车钥匙 * the key to the front door 前门的钥匙 * have a duplicate key cut, ie made 配钥匙. =>illus 见插图. 2 [C] similar instrument for grasping and turning sth, eg for winding a clock 类似钥匙的器具(如上钟表发条用的): Where's the key for turning off the radiator? 关散热器的开关在哪里? 3 [C] (a) (music 音) set of related notes, based on a particular note, and forming the basis of (part of) a piece of music 调: a sonata in the key of E flat major/A minor 一首降E大调[A小调]奏鸣曲 * This piece changes key many times. 这首曲子有多处变调. (b) (fig 比喻) general tone or style of sth (事 物的)基调, 调子, 调门儿: Her speech was all in the same key, ie monotonous. 她的演说自始至终是一个调子(单调乏味). 4 [C] any of the set of levers that are pressed by the fingers to operate a typewriter, piano, etc (打字机、 钢琴等的)键. =>illus at App 1 见附录1插图, pages x, xi. 5 [C] (a) set of answers to exercises or problems 题解; 答案: a book of language tests, complete with key 附答案的语言测验试题集. (b) explanation of the symbols used in a coded message or on a map, diagram, etc (地图、 图表等上的)略语表, 符号表, 凡例, 图例. 6 [C usu sing 通常作单数] ~ (to sth) thing that provides access, control or understanding 关键; 要诀: Diet and exercise are the key (to good health). 吃固定食物、 做运动是(身体健康的)关键. * The key to the whole affair was his jealousy. 整个事情的症结是因为他忌妒. 7 [sing] roughness given to a surface so that plaster or paint will stick to it (助灰浆或颜料附著的)粗糙表面: Gently sand the plastic to provide a key for the paint. 用砂纸在塑料上轻轻打磨出粗糙面以便涂颜料. 8 [C] (botany 植) winged fruit of some trees, eg the ash and elm 翅果(如 、 榆等树的果实). =>illus at App 1 见附录1插图, page i. 9 (idm 习语) under lock and key => lock
  adj [attrib 作定语] very important or essential 极重要的; 关键性的: a key figure in the dispute 争论中的关键人物 * a key industry, speech, position 重要的工业、 讲话、 位置.
  n set of keys (key1
  4) on a typewriter,piano, etc (打字机、 钢琴等的)键盘. =>illus at computer见computer插图. v 1 [I] operate a keyboard (eg for setting printing type) 用键盘操纵(如排字). 2 [Tn] enter (data) in a computer by means of a keyboard 用键盘将(数据)输入计算机. `keyboarder n person who operates a keyboard 操作键盘的人.
  n hole through which a key is put into a lock 锁孔; 钥匙孔.
  key money
  payment illegally demanded from a new tenant of a house or flat before he is allowed to move in 钥匙费(向新房客非法索取的费用).
  n 1 central theme of a speech, book, etc (演说、 书等的)要旨, 主题: Unemployment has been the keynote of the conference. 会议的主题是失业问题. * [attrib 作定语] a keynote speech, ie one setting the tone for or introducing the theme of a meeting, etc 定基调的演说. 2 (music 音) note on which a musical key is based 主音.
  n small keyboard of numbered buttons used instead of a dial on a telephone, for selecting a channel, etc on a television set, or for entering data in a computer 按钮式电话机键盘; 电视频道选择键盘; 计算机袖珍键盘.
  n ring on which keys are kept 钥匙圈. =>illus 见插图.
  key signature
  (music 音) sharps and flats shown on a piece of music indicating the key in which it is written 调号. =>illus at music 见music插图.
  n 1 (architecture 建) central stone at the top of an arch locking the others into position 拱顶石. 2 (usu sing 通常作单数) (fig 比喻) most important part of a plan, an argument, etc on which all the other parts depend (计划、 论据等的)基础, 主旨: Belief in a life after death is the keystone of her religious faith. 她的宗教信仰的基础是相信死後有来生. Cf 参看 corner-stone (corner
  / ki:; ki/ v 1 [Tn, Tn.p] ~ sth (in) (computing 计) type in (data) using a keyboard 用键盘输入(数据): I've keyed this sentence (in) three times, and it's still wrong!我把这



   【《小说下载网》www.noveldown.com , 欢迎您来noveldown推荐好书!】   S, s   / es; Zs/ n (pl S's, s's / 5esIz; `ZsIz/) the nineteenth letter of the English alphabet 英语字母表的第十九个字母: `Say' begins with (an) `S'. say 一字以 s 字母开始.   S-bend   n bend in a road shaped like an S ...


   第 23 卷第 4 期 2 0 0 8 年 8 月 宿 州 学 院 学 报 Journa l of Suzhou Un iversity Vol. 23, No. 4 Aug. 2 0 0 8 利用网络词典 促进大学英语词汇教学 吴春兰, 徐国华 ( 1. 上海大学 外国语学院, 上海 200444; 2. 合肥市三十九中, 安徽 合肥 230011) 摘要: 网络词典是近些年来随着互联网的发展而出现的.本文从网络词典收词量大, 更新快, 动态性强, 检索方式多 样, 资源丰富等特点出发 ...


   英语词典 词典类别 词典功能 英文名称 Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary Longman Dictionary Of Contemporary English 中文名称 牛津高阶英语词典 朗文当代英语词典 剑桥高级英语词典 麦克米伦英语词典 柯林斯Cobuild高阶英语词典 韦氏高阶英语词典;针对母语为非英语者 韦氏”高校词典,俗称韦大宝;针对母语为英语者 美国传统大学词典 蓝登 新世界大学,跟MW11没差;针对母语为英语者 柯林斯的大学级词典 牛津简 ...


   2 keyways,24 widex8 deep displaced 112° 2 键槽 24 阔 x8 深 错位 112° 3 hole φ10 eq(equally)sp(space)on 185pcd (pitch circle diameter) 3?φ10 均布(于 φ185 圆周上) 3-phase motor 三相交流电动机 3-roll-welding equipment 三辊矫直机机组 4-high-five-stand fully continuous tandem co ...


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英语词典 A

   a abdomen ability aboard abound about abroad abrupt absolute absorb abstract absurd abuse academic academy accelerate accent acceptance access accessory accident accidental acclaim accommodate accommodation accompany accomplish accord according to ...


   Audience 受众 广告英语词典 接受广告的公众,也就是广告的对象。通过任何广告媒介接触的观 众或听众,都有数量、特征方面的不同需要考虑到。这些不同可使 广告做到有的放矢。 audience composition 受众构成 广告媒介受众的人数、性别、年龄、职业、经济情况等的构成。 account executive (AE) 客户经理 广告公司的业务人员职称。客户经理往往须负责下列工作:1,与 客户及内部其他部门共同计划广告(planning),向各部门传达客 户的诉求;2,内部协调( ...


   电器电子英语词汇(D) 育龙网 WWW.CHINA-B.C0M 2009 年 06 月 03 日 来源:互联网 育龙网核心提示: 育龙网核心提示: d/a converter 数字模拟转换器 da 设计自动化 dac 数字 核心提示 模拟转换器 dacq 数据采集 damage 损伤 damage area 损伤区 damage probability d/a converter 数字模拟转换器 da 设计自动化 dac 数字模拟转换器 dacq 数据采集 damage 损伤 damage ...


   机械类常用词汇 一画 三画 三爪夹头 three-jaw chuck 一字螺丝批 slot type screwdriver 一点透视 one-point perspective 二画 二合一黏合剂 epoxy resin adhesive 二合胶;混合胶 epoxy glue 二维的;平面的 two-dimensional 二进制 binary 二极管;整流子 diode 二号螺丝攻 second tap 二路开关 two-way switch 十进制的;公制的 metric 人工制品 a ...





   英语作文常用谚语、 英语作文常用谚语、俗语 1、A liar is not believed when he speaks the truth. 说谎者即 、 使讲真话也没人相信。 使讲真话也没人相信。 2、A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. 一知半解,自欺 、 一知半解, 欺人。 欺人。 3、All rivers run into sea. 海纳百川。 、 海纳百川。 4、All roads lead to Rome. 条条大路通罗马。 、 条 ...


   初一语法做以简单归纳: 一、词法 1、名词 A)、名词的数 我们知道名词可以分为可数名词和不可数名词,而不可数名词它没有复数形式,但可数名词却有单数和复数之分,复数的构成如下: 一)在后面加s。如:fathers, books, Americans, Germans, apples, bananas 二)x, sh, ch, s, tch后加es。如:boxes, glasses, dresses, watches, wishes, faxes 三)1)以辅音字母加y结尾的变y为i再加es 如 ...


   初中英语十六种时态 英语共有十六种时态,其表现形式如下(以 study 为例) 一般时 进行时 完成时 完成进行时 现在 study be studying have studied have been studying 过去 studied be studying had studied had been studying 将来 will study will be studying will have studied will have been studying 过去将来 would ...


   孩子的位置是在美国的家庭和社会不再是过去的样子了。 36 个家庭在北美殖民地(殖民时 在 期的)主要是关心生存和 37,它的经济繁荣。因此,孩子们在 38 他们的生产率(而言),并且他们 生产能力角色的制片人都还挺早的。39 他们完成了这一作用,他们的职位在家庭是一个附属 的屈从()。 这 40,受到了社会各界的位置的小孩的家庭和社会中变得越来越重要时,在复杂的科技社会 41 个美国已成为,每个 42 必须履行一定数量的个人和职业 43 名,并在接触到许多其他会员。 如有必要,44 岁的孩子 ...

2010年中考英语状语从句 宾语从句 定语从句专项训练题

   2010 年中考英语状语从句 宾语从句 定语从句专项训练题 状语从句 ( )1.When youthe office,you’d betterthat the lights are turned off. A.leave;make sure B.leave;to make sure C.will leave;make sure D.will leave;to make sure ( )2.John fell asleephe was listening to the music. A.aft ...