Answer Keys to Listen to This: 2
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Lesson 1
Section I
Task 1: This Is Your Life!
A.Choose the best answer (a, b or c) to complete each of the following statements.
1?6: caacba
B.True or False Questions.
  1)?(b), (
  2)?(d), (
  3)?(f), (
  4)?(g), (
  5)?(a), (
  6)?(c), (
D.Complete the following résumé for Jason Douglas.
Name: Jason Douglas
Former name: Graham Smith
Profession: actor
Date of birth: July 2, 1947
1952: started school
1958: moved to Lane End Secondary School
1966: went to the London School of Drama
1969: left the London School of Drama
1973: went to Hollywood
1974: were in a movie with Maria Montrose
Task 2: What Are Your Ambitions?
A.Give brief answers to the following questions.

  1.Radio Station QRX.

  2.For a survey.



  1) What’s your name?
  2) What do you do for a living?
  3) What do you do for fun?
  4) What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to you recently?
  5) Who do you admire most in this world?
  6) What do you want to be doing five years from now?
B.Fill in the following chart with answers that each interviewee gives to the questions.
Interviewee 1Interviewee 2Interviewee 3Interviewee 4
Question 1David GeorgeSuzanne BrownAdolfo VasquezLinda
Question 2professional
baseball playerlawyerdancerstudent
at school
Question 3Read classics-
joggingwatch musical
movieshang out with
go for pizza
Question 4had his first babygot to run
in the Boston Marathonmoved to the USwent to a Bruce Springsteen concert
Question 5his wifeMartin Luther King Jr.Sophia Lorenher dad
Question 6be a father of five
In five yearswin the Boston Marathondo what he’s doing right nowhas her own
beauty salon
Section II
A.Choose the best answer (a, b or c) for each of the following questions.
1?6: abaccb
B.True or False Questions.
1?4: FTFF
C.Fill in the following chart with information about the journey the Roman army made according to Trevor.
Designation: D Company
Number of men: one hundred and more
Journey: from France to Britain
Means of transcript: boat
Weather conditions: stormy
Food: cat food
Drink: rain water
Conditions of weapons after landing: useless
Fighting: none
Equipment lost or damaged: boat lost, guns full of water, supplies of wine lost
Soldiers killed or wounded: about ten survivors, all others drowned or killed by cold
D.Point out what is not true in Trevor’s story.
The following did not exist in Roman times:
petrol, newspaper, matches, trousers, tinned food, taps, guns, wine bottles.
50 BC could not appear on a coin. 50-55 BC is counting backwards.
E.Fill in the blanks according to what you hear on the tape.

  1.terrible, stormy, or more of us, shut in, so bad, sick, stuffy.

  2.pushed up onto the sands, climbed out, jumping into the, struggling to the, up to my shoulder, freezing.

  3.came and took us away, joined, going into the camp, a hot meal, clean clothes, given our pay.
Section III
Task 1: Learning to Predict

  1.Answer: trying to write a letter
Reason: The speaker’s question suggests he needs a quiet surrounding to do something.

  2.Hint: the first speaker is a guest complaining about the conditions of Room 43 which is a single room. The second speaker is a hotel clerk who suggests that the guest move to a double room.
Answer: is the only single room available at the moment
Reason: The phrase “I’m afraid” often suggests a negative or unsatisfying answer.

  3.Answer: Where on earth did you get it?
Reason: The second speaker’s surprised tone shows that the money is out of her expectation and she must be curious about how it is gained.

  4.Answer: You mustn’t discriminate against someone just because they are married.
Reason: The word “but” suggests an opposite meaning.

  5.Answer: I wouldn’t mind being a prince.
Reason: The man’s questioning tone shows he doesn’t agree with the woman.

  6.Answer: I’m not a workaholic.
Reason: The word “but” suggests an opposite meaning.

  7.Answer: he had been.
Reason: “But” and “possibly” both give some hint.
Task 2: Dictation
Passage 1: The Knowledge
Becoming a London taxi driver isn’t easy. In order to obtain a licence to drive a taxi in London, candidates have to pass a detailed examination. They have to learn not only the streets, landmarks and hotels, but also the quickest way to get there. This is called “The Knowledge” by London Cab drivers and it can take years of study and practice to get ‘The Knowledge’. Candidates are examined not only on the quickest routes but also on the quickest routes at different times of the day. People who want to pass the examination spend much of their free time driving or even cycling around London, studying maps and learning the huge street directory by heart.
Passage 2: The Underground
Travelling on the London underground (the ‘tube’) presents few difficulties for visitors because of the clear colour- coded maps. It is always useful to have plenty of spare change with you because there are often long queues at the larger stations. If you have enough change you can buy your ticket from a machine. You will find signs which list the stations in alphabetical order, with the correct fares, near the machines. There are automatic barriers which are operated by the tickets. You should keep the ticket, because it is checked at the destination.
Lesson 2
Section I
Task1: Film Editing
A.True or False Questions.
1?4: TFTF
B.Fill in the following blanks to give a clear picture of what needs to be done before a film is ready for distribution.

  1. The assistant:
a. “Synching up” which means matching sound and pictures according to the numbers stamped along the edge of the film and sound tape.
b. “Logging” which means recording the detail version of the film and the sound in a log book.

  2. The film editor:
a. Make a first selection of the best takes.
b. Prepare a “rough cut” ? an initial version of the film.
c. Prepare the “fine cut” ? the final form of the film.

  3. Others:
a. Approve the fine cut.
b. “Dubbing” which means voices, music, background noises and sometimes special effects are put together.
c. The “neg” cutters cut the original negatives on the film so that these match the edited film exactly.
Task 2: A Vision of the Future
A.Choose the best answer for each of the following questions.
1?6: abaccc
B.True of False Questions.
1?4: TFTF
C.Fill in the blanks to give a clear picture of the problems New York faces in the movie.

  1.40 million

  2.have no apartment, sleep on the steps of the building, crawl over sleeping people to get inside.

  3.nothing will grow, they never see the sun.

  4.soylent: soylent red, soylent yellow, and soylent green. 2, soybeans, soylent green, ocean plants.

  5.90 degree.

  6.electricity, ride bicycles to make it.
Section II
Task 1: American Indians
A.Answer the following questions briefly.


  2.He thought that he had arrived in India.

  3.They were kind to them and wanted to help.

  1) They wanted bigger farms and more land for themselves; (
  2) More immigrants came from Europe.

  5.It was their mother. Everything came from and went back to their mother. And it was for everybody.

  6.They started fighting back.

  7.By 1875 the Indians had lost the fight and had to live in “reservations”.

  8.The Indians are bad and the White man is good and brave in Hollywood films.
B.Choose the best answer for each of the following questions.
1?4: acbc
Task 2: New Australians

  1)?(d), (
  2)?(b), (
  3)?(a), (

  2.(a) more than 15 million,
(b) 160, 000,
(c) the year 1851,
(d) 700, 000
B.True or False questions.
C.Fill in the blanks with events connected with the following time expressions.

a.the 1850s and 1860s: Different states in Italy were fighting for independence and some Italians went to Australia for political reasons. Some others went there for gold.
b.1891: The first group of 300 Italians went to work in the sugar-cane fields of northern Australia.
c.The end of the 19th century: Some good Italian fishermen went to western Australia.

a.1830: The first Greeks went to work in vineyards in south-eastern Australia.
b.The 1860s; There were about 500 Greeks in Australia.
c.1890; There were Greek Cafes and restaurants all over Sydney and out in the countryside.
d.After WWII: Many Greeks arrived in Australia.
Section III
Task 1: Learning to Predict

  1.Answer: It’s good exercise. Keeps you fit.
Reason: The word “yeah” suggests that the boy will say something in agreement with the woman’s comment.

  2.Answer: We turn the music up really loud and start dancing.
Reason: The phrase “why not” suggests that the boys will simply dance in the street.

  3.Answer: They can’t do it like me yet.
Reason: The word “but” suggests an opposite meaning.

  4.Answer: It’s a very old book.
Reason: The word “actually” also suggests an opposite meaning.

  5.Answer: Write down your address and I’ll get the boy to bring them round.
Reason: The conversation takes place in a store. If the store owner agrees to deliver the goods, the only thing he wants to know will be the address of the customer.

  6.Answer: Tell us all about it over dinner.
Reason: The woman sounds very much interested in the man’s experience. So she will certainly ask the man to tell her something about it.
Task 2: Dictation
The Foolish Frog
Once upon a time a big, fat frog lived in a tiny shallow pond. He knew every plant and stone in it, and he could swim across it easily. He was the biggest creature in the pond, so he was very important. When he croaked, the water-snails listened politely. And the water-beetles always swam behind him. He was very happy there.
One day, while he was catching flies, a pretty dragon-fly passed by. ‘You’re a very fine frog,’ she sang, ‘but why don’t you live in a bigger pond? Come to my pond. You’ll find a lot of frogs there. You’ll meet some fine fish, and you’ 11 see the dangerous ducks. And you must see our lovely water-lilies. Life in a large pond is wonderful!’
‘Perhaps it is rather dull here,’ thought the foolish frog. So he hopped after the dragon-fly.
But he didn’t like the big, deep pond. It was full of strange plants. The water-snails were rude to him, and he was afraid of the ducks. The fish didn’t like him, and he was the smallest frog there. He was lonely and unhappy.
He sat on a water-lily leaf and croaked sadly to himself, ‘I don’t like it here. I think I’ll go home tomorrow.’
But a hungry heron flew down and swallowed him up for supper.
Lesson 3
Section I
Task 1: I Don’t See It That Way
A.Conversation 1:

  1.Choose the best answer for each of the following statements.
  1) ? (
  2): ba

  2.Give brief answers to the following questions.
  1)About 6 months ago.
  2)It is defective and has ruined 4 of the customer’s favorite cassettes.
  3)6 months.
  4)10 days ago.

  1)bend the rule, make an exception for, make an exception for
  2)adding insult to injury, make good on
  3)brought it in, hold me to, on
B.Conversation 2:

  1.Multiple choice. (
  1) ? (
  2): ba

  2.True or False Questions.(
  1) ? (
  4): FTTT
C.Conversation 3:

  1.Give brief answers to the following questions.
  2)5 years.
  3)He has been loyal to the company and worked quite hard.
  4)Asking for a raise.
  5)Bob does his job adequately, but he doesn’t do it well enough to deserve a raise.
  6)Take more initiative and show more enthusiasm for the job.
  7)To quit his job.
  8)That’s a decision Bob will have to make for himself.
Task 2: marriage Customs
Speaker: Professor Robin Stuart
Topic: Marriage customs in different parts of the world; romantic business; arranged marriage; on the day of the wedding; arranged marriages; to have a look at one another; call the whole thing off; the wedding goes ahead; several wives.
Conclusion: just as much chance of bringing happiness to the husband and wife as the Western systems of choosing marriage partners.
B.True or False Questions.1 ? 3: TFT
Section II
Task 1: At the Dentist’s
A.Multiple Choice.1 ? 4: bacc
B.True of False Questions.1 ? 6: FTFFTT
Task 2: Hiccups
A.Give brief answers to the following questions.

  1.He wants her to help him stop his hiccups.

  2.3 hours.

  3.Everything he can think of.

  4.She’ll give the man 5 pounds if he hiccups again.

  5.The man has stopped hiccupping and owes Rosemary 5 pounds.
  1) ? (b), (
  2) ? (d), (
  3) ? (e), (
  4) ? (a), (
  5) ? (c)
Section III
Task 1: Learning to Predict

  1.Answer: the Chinese then?
Reason: “What about” suggests an alternative.

  2.Answer: they’ll still be hot when you get back.
Reason: The woman’s words suggest that the shop is very close to their home.

  3.Hint: The woman is asking the man t



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