2011 届高三英语一轮复习学案 届高三英语一轮 一轮复习学案
Module Four Unit Three Tomorrow’s world
【重点词汇】 重点词汇】

  13. (电脑)死机
【词汇拓展】 词汇拓展】

  1. employ(v.) (n.)
  2. announce(v.) (n.)
  3. industry (n.) (adj.)
  4. responsible (adj.) (n.)
  5. safe(adj.) (adv.)
  6. south (n.) (adj.)
  7. deliver (v.) (n.)
  8. popular (n.) (adj.)
  9. hero (n.) (复数)
  10. experienced (反义词)
  11.impress(v.) (n.) (adj.)
  12. real (adj.) (adv.) (v.) (n.)
【重点短语】 重点短语】

  11. put forward
  12. set up
  13. give out
  14. come across
  15. end in failure
  16. in good condition
  17.in reality
  18. go on a virtual trip to
  19. sell well
  20. at a speed of
【重点句型】 重点句型】

  1. (一到达) the top of the mountain, a feeling of happiness and (成就感)will be (体验).
  2. (依我看来),she is a promising girl.
  3. The fans (欣喜若狂) their team’s victory.
  4. So rapidly (他说得) that we could hardly understand him clearly..
  5. Not only football but also . 他不仅对足球感兴趣,而且踢得很好。
  6. Dry wood (易燃).
【词汇聚焦】 词汇聚焦】 考点 1 deliver v. 传送,传递;发表;释放,解救;接生
◇ 用法归纳
  1. deliver sth. to.. 把某物投递/传送到……
  2. deliver a speech/report 发表演讲/作报告
  3. deliver sb. from sth. 从……中释放某人
  4.deliver a baby 接生婴儿 ◇ 典型例句
  1. She was delivered of a healthy boy.她生下了一个健康的男孩子。
  2. We asked for immediate delivery. 我们要求立即交货。
  3. We delivered her from death. 我们把她从死亡中解救出来。 ◇ 即时训练 根据中文完成句子:
  1. He (作重要讲话) at the meeting.
  2. The shop owner will get all these ordered TV sets (送到) the customers today. 考点 2 impress v. 给……留下深刻印象;使……铭记;印上,压上 ◇ 用法归纳
  1. be impressed by/with/at 被……打动;对……留下印象
  2. impress sth. on sb.=impress sb. with sth. 使某人铭记某事
  3. leave/make a/an…impression on sb. 给某人留下……的印象 ◇ 典型例句
  1. They impressed the words “Made in China” on a metal plate. =They impressed a metal plate with the words “Made in China”. 他们在一块金属板上压印出 “中国制造”的字样。
  2. He impressed all the people present that day with his great courage.
  3. My father impressed me on the value of hard work. ◇ 即时训练 根据中文完成句子:
  1. Her speech (留下深刻印象) the audience..
  2. The first time I toured Jiuzhaigou, I (留下深刻印象) its beautiful scenery. 考点 3 announce v. 宣布,宣告,宣传;通知 ◇ 用法归纳
  1. announce sth. to sb.=announce to sb. sth. 向某人宣布某事
  2. It’s announced that… 据宣布……
  3. make an announcement 下达通知 ◇ 典型例句
  1. Everyone was silent as he announced the winner of the competition.
  2. It is announced that they would build a new highway to the mountain. ◇ 易混辨异 announce, declare announce 多指首次宣布大家感兴趣或可满足大家好奇心的事情。 declare 侧重正式就某事清楚明白地宣布。 ◇ 即时训练 根据中文完成句子:
  1. The news (宣布)the public on TV.
  2. The US (宣战) England in 18
  12. 考点 4 voice vt.表达, 吐露 n.声音, 嗓音; 意见, 发言权
  1. voice opinions/doubts 表达观点/表示怀疑
  2. at the top of one's voice 用最大的嗓门 in a low voice 以很低的声音 raise one’s voice 提高某人的声音
  3. have a /no voice in sth. 对某事有/无发言权 ◇ 典型例句
  1. The spokesman voiced the workers’ dissatisfaction.
  2. I’ve lost my voice because of a bad cold. 我因重感冒,嗓子都哑了。 即时训练根据中文完成句子: ◇ 即时训练
  1. I (有发言权)in the management of the firm.
  2.This programme gives ordinary viewers a chance to (表达他们的观点).
  1. have a say in
  2. voice their opinions ; 考点 5 sign v. 签名,签字;签署(文件等)(做手势等)示意 n. 标记, 符号; 征兆, 迹象; 手势 用法归纳
  1. sign sth. 签署
  2. sign to sb. to do sth. 向某人示意做某事
  3. sign in 签到 sign up for 签约受聘加入……
  4. make a sign to 对……作暗号[打手势]
  5. There are signs of ...有...的征象 a sign of… ……的迹象/征兆 ◇ 典型例句
  1. France and Germany aren’t going to sign the agreement.
  2. There seemed to be no sign of life under the fallen building. ◇ 即时训练 根据中文完成句子:
  1. The policeman (向他们示意) to stop.
  2. There is (下雨的预兆).
  2. I’ve (报名参加) evening classes. 考点 6 employ vt. 雇用;使用 用法归纳
  1. employ sb. as sth. 雇佣某人任……
  2. employ sb. to do sth. 雇佣某人干某事
  3. employ oneself in (doing) sth.=be employed in doing 从事于/忙于做某事
  4. be in employment 有工作, 有职业; be out of employment 解雇, 失业
  5. employee n. 受雇者,雇员 employer n. 雇主 ◇ 典型例句
  1. The firm employs the retired professor as an adviser.
  2. He had been employed in preparations for the press conference all morning ◇ 即时训练 根据中文完成句子:
  1. (一旦被雇佣) , Simon will be sent to Africa to do market research.
  2. The police had to (用武力驱散) the crowd.
【短语聚焦】 语聚焦】 考点 7 give out 发出(气味、热等);分发;宣布,发表;用完,用尽
◇ 典型例句
  1. The rotten eggs give out a bad smell.
  2. The news of the President’s death was given out in a radio broadcast. ◇ 联想拓展 give away 赠送;泄漏 give back 归还 give off 散发出(液体、气味、热量、光、声音) give up 放弃,戒掉 give in(to sb.)(对某人)让步,屈服
◇ 即时训练 用 give 的相关短语完成句子:
  1. Don’t to the public when we will start.
  2. He has smoking because of his lung cancer.
  3. What shall we use for power when all the oil in the world has ?
  4. Students were leaflets to everyone on the street.
  5. Don’t to his unreasonable demand. 考点 8 put forward 提出(观点、议案等);把……提前;拨快(钟等) ◇ 典型例句
  1. Can you understand the theory put forward by Doctor Kesner?
  2. If you have any good suggestions, please put them forward.
  3. We've put forward our wedding by one week. 我们将婚礼提前一周。 ◇ 联想拓展 put aside 储存;保留 put away 把……收起,放好;储蓄 put down 记下;放下;镇压 put off 推迟,拖延 put on 穿上;上演 put out 熄灭;关(灯);公布,出版 put up 举起;建造;张贴;为…提供食宿,投宿 put through 为…接通电话,接通(电话) put together 组合,拼凑 put up with 忍受,容忍(讨厌的人) ◇ 即时训练 用 put 的相关短语完成句子:
  1. Mother always ask their children to their toys.
  2. Everybody in the office must large pressure when the new manager came here.
  3. He is feeling down today because the suggestion he has been turned down.
  4. It's raining hard. We'd better the sports meet.
  5. He his work to spend more time with his son.
  6. He at the hotel for the night. 考点 9 come across 偶遇 ◇ 典型例句
  1. They came across unexpected difficulties in the process of experiment.
  2. I came across my old friend whom I hadn’t seen for ten years in the street. ◇ 联想拓展 come along 进步,进展;一起去 come out 出版;出来;上市;开花;结果是 come to 总计,达到;谈到 come up 走近;被提出 come about 发生 come on(用于祈使句)来吧,好啦;赶快;得了吧 come true 实现 come up with 提出,想出 come to oneself 苏醒,恢复知觉 ◇ 即时训练 用 come 的相关短语完成句子:
  1. How did it that Tom was dismissed?
  2. The question of wage increases at the board meeting.
  3. The last novel of the writer in 19
  4. The new facts through the investigation.
  5. ! We’re going to be late.
  6. The scientists are trying to a solution to the problem. 考点 10 set up 建立,创立;竖立,搭起 ◇ 典型例句
  1. They will set up a new training center.他们要成立一个新的培训中心。
  2. They set up a monument in memory of the soldiers who died in the Anti-Japanese War. 他们建 起一座纪念碑,用以纪念抗日战争中牺牲的战士们。? ◇ 联想拓展
set off 出发,动身;引爆;引起或激发某事;衬托 set about 开始,着手处理;散布 set out 动身,起程;开始;陈述,阐明;摆放 set aside 留出,拨出;不理会;废止,驳回 开始;着手处理;散布 ◇ 即时训练 用 set 的相关短语完成句子:
  1. It is illegal to fireworks between 11pm and 7am.
  2. A new government after the war.
  3. The young workers their work with great enthusiasm. me?
  4. I have a little money for our holiday
  5. He learning Chinese at age ten.
  6. They succeeded in what they to do.
  7. A letter from home an attack of homesickness.
  8. Early in the morning he for Beijing.
【句型聚焦】 句型聚焦】 考点 11 Scared and cold, the Time Traveller starts back towards the present.
◇ 用法归纳 本句中的 scared and cold 是形容词短语作状语,表示句子主语所处的状态。形容词或形容词 短语作状语时,说明主语的状态、性质等,可以表示伴随状况、原因、结果等。 ◇ 典型例句
  1. He returned from the war, safe and sound.
  2. The thief hid himself in the corner, afraid of being caught.
  3. For a moment she just stood there, unable to believe what had happened. ◇ 即时训练 根据中文完成句子:
  1. (渴望学习中文),Jenny went to buy a big pile of Chinese textbooks.
  2. He returned home, (又累又饿). 考点 12 In my opinion, it is about time we had new computers. ◇ 用法归纳 It is (about/high) time that…句型中,that 引导的从句中的谓语动词常用过去式。在这个句型 中,从句中的谓语动词也可用 should+动词原形,并且 should 不可以省略。 ◇ 典型例句
  1. It is high time that the government should take effective measures to prevent pollution.
  2. It’s about time that you did your homework. ◇ 联想拓展 由 time 构成的重点句型
  1. It’s time for sth.
  2. It’s time (for sb.) to do…
  3. It is the first time that sb. has done
  4. every time/the first time/ next time/the last time/by the time+从句
  5. There was a time when… ◇ 即时训练 根据中文完成句子:
  1. It’s high time that we and .是停止争论得 出结论的时候了。
  2. This is the first time that I France. 这是我第一次去法国。
  3. I feel happy I hear the song. 每次我听到那首歌都很愉快。
  4. There was a time we lived happily.曾经有一段时间我们幸福地生活着。


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