113 The One With the Boobies看胸脯 [Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Chandler walks in and starts raiding the fridge. Then Rachel comes out of the shower with a towel wrapped round her waist, drying herself with another towel. Chandler and Rachel startle each other and she drops the towel for a second and snatches the rug off the couch.] Rachel: That is IT! You just barge in here, you don't knock Chandler: I'm sorry! Rachel: You have no respect for anybody's privacy! Chandler: Rachel, wait, wait. Rachel: No, you wait! This is ridiculous! Chandler: Can I just say one thing? Rachel: What? What?! Chandler: That's a relatively open weave and I can still see your... nipular areas. Rachel: Oh!! (She storms off) Opening Credits [Scene: Central Perk, Phoebe is there with her boyfriend Roger, talking to Rachel and Monica.] Phoebe: Oh, honey, honey, tell them the story about your patient who thinks things are, like, other things. Y'know? Like, the phone rings and she takes a shower. Roger: That's pretty much it. Phoebe: Oops! Roger: But you tell it really well, sweetie. Phoebe: Thanks. Okay, now go away so we can talk about you. Roger: Okay. I'll miss you. Phoebe: Isn't he great? Rachel: He's so cute! And he seems to like you so much. Phoebe: I know, I know. So sweet... and so complicated. And for a shrink, he's not too shrinky, y'know? Monica: So, you think you'll do it on his couch? Phoebe: Oh, I don't know, I don't know. I think that's a little weird, y'know? Vinyl. Rachel: Okaaay. (To the guys, on the couch) Any of you guys want anything else? Chandler: Oh, yes, could I have one of those. (Points) Rachel: No, I'm sorry, we're all out of those. Anybody else? Chandler: Okay. Roger: Did I, uh, did I miss something? Chandler: No, she's still upset because I saw her boobies. Ross: You what? Wh what were you doing seeing her boobies? Chandler: It was an accident. Not like I was across the street with a telescope
113 看胸脯
天啊,我受够了 难道你不尊重别人的
你不敲门就闯进来? 隐私权? 瑞秋,慢着
不,你慢着,这太荒唐了 什么事?
我能说一件事吗? 这块布编的非常松
因此我仍能看见你的胸脯 亲爱的, 告诉他们你的病人如何把事想成另 一件事 例如电话响时她就去洗澡 差不多是那样 但你说得很好 谢谢 快走开我们才能谈你 好吧,我会想念你的 他很不错吧 他好帅,也好像很喜欢你 我知道,他人很好 导演:亚伦梅尔森 而且很复杂 为何他们就得成为人间男女? 他会在沙发上做吗? 我不知道…有点奇怪 聚乙稀做的 大家还想要别的吗? 要,我要… 抱歉,卖完了,其他人呢? 没有 那是意外 我是否错过某事? 你看她的胸脯干吗? 能改变话题吗? 没错,因为那不是她的胸脯 而是她的胸部 菲比,我要的不只是改变字眼 我不知你如此介意 你的胸脯很好看 好看?就这样?手套也很好看 我…左右为难 你真逗 他真的很逗 他不笑的时候 我也不想待在这儿
她很生气因为我看见她的胸脯 和拿着望远镜和甜甜圈过街的感觉不同
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and a box of donuts. Rachel: Okay, okay, could we change the subject, please? Phoebe: Yeah, 'cause hello, these are not her boobies, these are her breasts. Rachel: Okay, Pheebs, I was hoping for more of a change. Chandler: Y'know, I don't know why you're so embarrassed, they were very nice boobies. Rachel: Nice? They were nice. I mean, that's it? I mean, mittens are nice. Chandler: Okaaay, (Gestures) rock, hard place, me. Roger: You're so funny! He's really funny! I wouldn't wanna be there when when the laughter stops. Chandler: Whoah whoah, back up there, Sparky. What'd you mean by that? Roger: Oh, just seems as though that maybe you have intimacy issues. Y'know, that you use your humour as a way of keeping people at a distance. Chandler: Huh. Roger: I mean hey! I just met you, I don't know you from Adam. ...Only child, right? Parents divorced before you hit puberty. Chandler: Uhhuh, how did you know that? Roger: It's textbook. (Joey enters with his dad) Joey: Hey you guys. Hey, you all know my dad, right? All: Hey! Hey, Mr. Trib! Monica: Hey, how long are you in the city? Mr. Tribbiani: Just for a coupla days. I got a job midtown. I figure I'm better off staying with the kid than hauling my ass back and forth on the ferry. (Sees Roger) I don't know this one. Phoebe: Oh, this is my friend Roger. Roger: Hi. Mr. Tribbiani: Hey, hey. Good to meet you, Roger. Roger: You too, sir. Mr. Tribbiani: (To Phoebe) What happened to the, uh, puppet guy? Joey: Dad, dad. (Shakes his head) Mr. Tribbiani: Oh, 'scuse me. So Ross, uh, how's the wife? (Ross whines and lays his head on Chandler's shoulder) Off there too, uh? Uh, Chandler, quick, say something funny! (Chandler stays stonefaced) [Scene: Chandler and Joey's, Mr. Tribbiani is on the phone.] Mr. Tribbiani: Gotta go. I miss you too, I love you, but it's getting real late now Joey: (Snatches the phone) Hey Ma. Listen, I made the appointment with Dr. Bazida, and... Excuse me? (To his dad) Did you know this isn't Ma? (His dad nods. Cut to later. Joey is chopping mushrooms) Mr. Tribbiani: Her name's Ronni. She's a pet mortician. Joey: Sure. So how long you been... (Goes back to chopping) Mr. Tribbiani: Remember when you were a little kid, I used to take you to the
等等 那是什么意思? 你似乎有亲密上的问题 你用你的幽默和人保持距离 我才刚认识你 我对你毫无所知 独子? 父母在你青春期前离婚? 你怎会知道? 你很典型 各位 乔伊 你们都认识我爸吧? 打算在纽约待多久?几天 我在中城工作 我想和儿子同住 我没见过他 他是我朋友罗杰 幸会,罗杰 彼此彼此 爸 玩布偶的那个怎么了? 两人出局了? 钱德,说点好笑的 我得挂电话了,我也想你 我爱你,但现在很晚了 让我向她打声招呼 妈,我和包西达大夫约了时间 什么? 你知道这不是妈吗? 她叫罗妮,宠物殡葬业者 当然 你和她多久了… 记得小时候我常带你去海军军港看大船? 从那时候? 不,才6年 我只想勾起你美好的回忆 让你不会觉得我一直是个大烂人 乔伊,你爱过吗? 我不知道 那就是没有 你的蕃茄烧焦了 别想转移话题 乔,你老爸爱得无法自拔 最糟的是我爱两个女人 拜托你告诉我其中一个是妈 当然其中一个是你妈 比来回坐渡轮好
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navy yard and show you the big ships? Joey: Since then?! Mr. Tribbiani: No, it's only been six years. I just wanted to put a nice memory in your head so you'd know that I wasn't always such a terrible guy. ...Joe. Y'ever been in love? Joey: ...I d'know. Mr. Tribbiani: Then y'haven't. You're burning your tomatoes. Joey: You're one to talk. (Puts the mushrooms in a saucepan) Mr. Tribbiani: Joe, your dad's in love big time. And the worst part of it is, it's with two different women. Joey: Oh man. Please tell me one of 'em is Ma. Mr. Tribbiani: Of course, course one of 'em's Ma. What's the matter with you. [Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Joey is lamenting to everyone about hid dad's affair.] Joey: It's like if you woke up one day and found out your dad was leading this double life. He's like actually some spy, working for the C.I.A. (Considers) That'd be cool.... This blows! Rachel: I know, I mean, why can't parents just stay parents? (She walks over near Chandler and his gaze stays very obviously on her chest) Why do they have to become people? Why do they have... (Notices Chandler) Why can't you stop staring at my breasts? Chandler: (Without looking up) What? (Looks up) What? Rachel: Did you not get a good enough look the other day? Ross: Alright, alright. We're all adults here, there's only one way to resolve this. Since you saw her boobies, I think, uh, you're gonna have to show her your peepee. Chandler: Y'know, I don't see that happening? Rachel: C'mon, he's right. Tit for tat. Chandler: Well I'm not showing you my 'tat.' (Door buzzer goes) Monica: Hello? Phoebe: (Intercom) It's Phoebe. Roger: (Intercom) And Rog. Monica: C'mon up. Chandler: (Sarcastic) Oh, good. Rog is here. Joey: What's the matter with Rog? Ross: Yeah. Chandler: Oh, it's nothing, it's a little thing... I hate that guy. Ross: What, so he was a little analytical. That's what he does, y'know? C'mon, he's not that bad. (Cut to Chandler, Ross and Roger sitting at the table. Ross is upset) Ross: Y'see, that's where you're wrong. Why would I marry her if I thought on any level thatthat she was a lesbian?
你是怎么搞的? 这就像你某天起床突然发现你爸是个双面 人 就像是为中情局工作的间谍 那一定很酷 但这个很烂 我懂 为何父母就不能是父母? 为何他们就得成为人间男女? 别再盯着我的胸部看 什么? 什么? 那一天你还看得不够吗? 我们都已是成年人 此事只有一个解决之道 既然你看过她的胸脯 你应该让她看你的小弟弟 办不到 拜托,他说得对 以眼还眼 我不会让你看的 我不会让你看的 快上来 这下可好,罗杰来了 罗杰有什么不对劲吗? 没什么,小事 我讨厌这家伙 为什么?因为他太善于分析 他就是这种人别这样嘛,他没那么糟 这就是你错误的地方 如果当初我感觉到她是女同志我何必和她 结婚呢? 我不知道 或许你想让婚姻失败 为什么… 我不知道,或许自信心不足 或许是弥补你让你妹相形见绌的愧疚 或许…等等,回到妹妹的话题 什么?我不知道 你要使你的婚姻触礁 让你妹在父母面前不那么抬不起头 这太荒谬了 她不争气我并未感到自责
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Roger: I dunno. Maybe you wanted your marriage to fail. Ross: Why? Why would I why? Why? Why? Why? Roger: I don't know. Maybe maybe low self-esteem, maybe maybe to compensate for overshadowing a sibling, maybe you... Monica: Wait-wait, go back to that sibling thing. Roger: Well, I don't know. I mean, it's conceivable that you wanted to sabotage your marriage so that the sibling would feel less of a failure in the eyes of the parents. Ross: That that's ridiculous! I don't feel guilty for her failures! Monica: Oh! So you think I'm a failure! Phoebe: Isn't he good? Ross: Nonono, thatthat's not what I was saying... Monica: Y'know, all these years, I thought you were on my side. But maybe what you were doing was sucking up to Mom and Dad so they'd keep liking you better! Ross: Hey, I married a lesbian to make you look good! (Cut to later. Rachel is in tears) Rachel: You're right! I mean you're right! It wasn't just the Weebles, but it was the Weeble Play Palace, and and the Weebles' Cruise Ship. Oh, which had this little lifeboat for the Weebles to wobble in. Roger: That's tough. Tough stuff. C'mon, Pheebs, we're gonna catch that movie, we gotta get going. Phoebe: Oh, okay. Feel better, Rachel, 'kay? Roger: Geez, we're gonna be late, sweetie... Phoebe: Oh, okay. Listen, thanks for everything, Mon. Monica: You're welcome. Roger: Listen guys, it was great seeing you again. Mon, um, easy on those cookies, okay? Remember, they're just food, they're not love. (He shuts the door and Ross and Monica fling cookies at it) Monica: Hate that guy! (Throws another cookie) [Scene: The Hallway, Chandler and Joey are just leaving Monica and Rachel's.] Joey: Night, you guys. (They notice that a woman is sitting by their door) Chandler: Oh look, it's the woman we ordered. Joey: Hey. Can, uh, can we help you? Ronni: Oh, no thanks, I'm just waiting for, uh, Joey Tribbiani. Joey: I'm Joey Tribbiani. Ronni: Oh no, not you, big Joey. Oh my God, you're so much cuter than your pictures! (Joey stares at her) I-I'm, I'm Ronni....Cheese Nip? Chandler: Uh, Joey's having an embolism, but I'd go for a Nip, y'know? Commercial Break [Scene: Chandler and Joey's, Ronni is talking to Chandler. Joey's dad is not around.] Ronni: Now, y'see, most people, when their pets pass on, they want 'em sorta laid
你认为我不争气? 他不错吧我不是那个意思? 多年来我以为你支持我 但或许你婚姻失败目的是想巴结爸妈 让他们更心疼你 我娶女同志是想让你建立自信 你说得对 那不是“威伯”的问题 而是威伯游乐宫和游轮的问题 它上面的救生艇让威伯能缓缓驶出 那滋味不好受 菲比,如果想看电影我们现在该走了 打起精神来,瑞秋 菲比,我们快来不及了 好 谢谢 不客气 各位,很高兴和各位再度见面 摩妮卡,饼干别吃太多 切记,那只是食物 不是爱 我讨厌这家伙 晚安,各位 这是我们订的女人 需要帮忙吗? 不用,谢谢,我在等乔依 我就是乔依 不是你,是老乔依 天啊,你此照片上帅多了 我是罗妮 想吃起司块(夹子)吗? 乔伊有“栓子” 但我可以来一点 大部份人在宠物过世后 希望它们就像长眠一样 但有些人要他们摆出姿势 像追自己的尾巴 跳起接住飞盘 乔伊,如果


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   历年英语四级考试听力真题 CET4-2000.01 Part I Listening Comprehension Part I 1. 2000 年 1 月四级参考答案 C2. A3. D4. C5. A6. B7. B8. C9. D10.B11. C12. D13.A14.A15.A16.B17. B18. D19. D20.C Section A Directions: In this section, you will hear 10 short conversations. At t ...


   652,"babble","[\B3BS]v 说傻话, 说胡话 (无根据地谈话) 呀呀学语 ; (说话含糊不清) =prattle =gabble=prate=twaddle=waffle【例】He babbled without stopping 他在不停地说胡话。 【 【记】bad ball 的连读:坏球!嘴里放一个坏了的粪球,再让你说话!Bab=baby,le:小孩 只会说胡话【类】babble:talk=simper:smile=scribble:wri ...


   2011 中考英语语法辅导 素材整理:陈凯 2011 中考英语语法辅导:初三语法复习(1) 一、词类、句子成分和构词法: 1、词类:英语词类分十种: 名词、形容词、代词、数词、冠词、动词、副词、介词、连词、感叹词。 1 、 名 词 (n.) : 表 示 人 、 事 物 、 地 点 或 抽 象 概 念 的 名 称 。 如 : boy, morning, bag, ball, class, orange. 2、代词(pron.): 主要用来代替名词。如:who, she, you, it . 3 ...