After a study of China's current situation, Mr. Li Wen, president of the Warner Group, firmly believes that taking a comprehensive survey of the great changes in China in the past twenty years and the development trend of the world economy, two positive facts can be ensured. One is that China's economy has a bright future and the growth potential is huge, the other is that powerful multinational companies are seeking regions with a stable economic growth rate to gain new development opportunities. Connecting the two facts, China in the reform and opening is just such an ideal cooperate partner. In fact, China has already become one of the focuses for the multinationals in all business lines in rearrangingtheir international economic setup in the 21st century. Based on
this thinking, many large multinational enterprises have moved their head offices to China, such as the ABB Group of Switzerland, the Robert Bosch Gmbh Co. from Germany and two famous companies from America and France. Talking of the
relocation of the ABB Group, vice president, Mr. Chen Daping said, "in order to reside in China, learn of the policies at an early date and improve our development strategy, we moved here." Maybe this is just the reason why multinational companies are fighting to relocate their head offices in China. The abundant harvest received by the early arrivals further encourages the investment by multinational companies. According to a survey, the sales volume of German Henkel Group in 1998 reached RMB 2 billion, and that of Boeing obtained a surprising RMB 19 billion. Motorola, Sony, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola and Ericsson also achieved considerable profits. A survey by the Boston Company not long ago
indicatesthat 90% of companies in Europe, the U.S. and Japan have set a "China first" strategy. Their race to invest and relocate of their head offices in China clearly tells us: multinational companies have focused their key strategies on China, a stable and developing China can not be separated from the world, and the world can not be independent of China, which is creating external business opportunities. Notes
  1.cooperate partner 合作伙伴
  2.business lines 商品种类 line n.mrchandise or services of a similar or related nature 系列商品,相关的服务: 形式相似或相关的商品或服务 例:carries a complete line of small tools. 包
  3.rearrange vt.to change the arrangement of 重新整理:改变 对……的布置
  4.setup n.机构, 组织
  5.relocation n.再布置, 变换布置
  6.abundant harvest 大丰收
  7.abundant adj.丰富的, 充裕的
  8.indicate vt.显示, 预示
  9.opportunity n.机会


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