Often 奥风词汇系列丛书 奥风词汇系列丛书 鲁教新目标八年级上 Unit 1 Will people have robots?
第一组 词汇速记

  1. will [ ] modal v. 将;会;要
[用法点睛 用于构成一般将来时。英国英 用法点睛] 用法点睛 语中 will 一般用于第二、三人称,shall 用 于第一人称;美国英语中 will 通用于所有 人称。 I will tell you all about it. 我会告诉你关于它的一切。
  2. robot 人 This kind of robot will also be fun to watch.. 这种机器人看起来也很有
] n. [C] 机器
  3. everything [ ] pron. 每件事物;一切 每件事物;
[构词记忆] 构词记忆] every(每一)+thing(事情;事物) Do you think everything will be done by robots in 100 years from now? 你认为 100 年后一切都将由机器人来做 吗?
  4. paper 试卷 短语:a piece of paper 一张纸 短语: Write it down on a piece of paper. 将它写在纸上。
  5. fewer 较少的 [用法点睛 修饰可数名词 用法点睛] 用法点睛 Do you think there will be fewer people? 你认为人口会变少吗?
  6. pollution [ ] n. [U] 污染 [ ] adj. (few 的比较级)较少数; 较少数; 较少数 [ ] n. [U] 纸;纸张 [C] 报纸; 报纸;
I hope there will be less pollution. 我希望将来污染会少些。 同根词:pollute vt. 污染 同根词
polluted adj. 受污染的
  7. tree [ ] n. [C] 树
Now there are fewer trees. 现在树更少了。
  8. building [ ] n. [C] 建筑物;楼房 建筑物;
[构词记忆 build (建筑;建设)+ ing 构词记忆] 构词记忆 I think there will be more tall buildings. 我认为将会有更多的高建筑物。 同根词: 同根词:build vt. vi. 建筑;建设
  9. astronaut [ ] n. [C] 太空人;宇航员 太空人;
[构词记忆 astro(前缀,意为“星的;外 构词记忆] 构词记忆 太空的) +naut 名词后缀, “航行者”) ( 表示 Yang Liwei is the first astronaut of China. 杨利伟是中国首位宇航员。
  10. rocket [ ] n. [C] 火箭
[联想记忆 rock(摇晃;震动) 联想记忆] 联想记忆 +et 火箭发射时, 发射场周边地 区会震动,所以用 rock 开头。 There is an astronaut and a rocket in the picture. 图画中有一位宇航员和一架火箭。
请根据汉义快速回顾英文单词。 请根据汉义快速回顾英文单词。 第一组
  1. modal. v. 将;会;要
  2. n. [C] 机器人
  3. pron.每件事物;一切 每件事物;
  4. n. [U] 纸;纸张 [C] 报纸;试卷 报纸;
  5. adj. (few 的比较级) 较少数;较少的 较少数;
  6. n. [U] 污染
  7. n. [C] 树
  8. n. [C] 建筑物;楼房 建筑物;
  9. n. [C] 太空人;宇航员 太空人;
  10. n. [C] 火箭
一、请根据英文释义或说明写出单词。 根据英文释义或说明写出单词。 英文释义或说明写出单词
  1. a tall plant
  2. each thing or all things
  3. making water, soil… dirty
  4. something you can write on
  5. comparative (比较级) of few
  6. someone who works in a spaceship
  7. something that people can live or do work in
  8. something used for travelling or carrying things into space
  9. something that can move and do some of the work of a person
提示: 二、请根据汉语提示完成句子。(提示:每空一词 请根据汉语提示完成句子。 提示 每空一词)
  1. Children like to climb (树).
  2. They need much money to pay for these new (建筑).
  3. Don’t worry. (一切都会) be OK.
  4. Do you know who is the first (航天员) of China?
  5. They sent a (火箭) to the planet Venus (金星).
Can you give me

  7. Do you think one day (机器人) will become more clever than people?
  8. In some parts of China, (水污 染) is becoming heavier and heavier.
  9. (很少) people have read the book, and even (更少) understand it.
第二组 词汇速记

  1. space [ ] n. [U] 太空;空间 太空;
短语: 短语: in space 在太空 into space 进入太空
space station 太空站 There’s space for a table and two chairs here. 这里有容纳一张桌子和两张椅子的空间。
] (flew, flown)vt. 开(飞机 放 飞机);放 飞机
(风筝等 vi.飞行;乘飞机 风筝等) 飞行 飞行; 风筝等 I want to fly kites. 我想放风筝。
  3. took [ ] vt. vi. take 的过去式
I took the bus to school yesterday. 我昨天乘公交车上学。 拓展:take 的过去分词为 taken 拓展
  4. moon [ ] n. 月球;月亮 月球;
[用法点睛 独一无二的事物一般和 the 连 用法点睛] 用法点睛 用,但其前有形容词修饰时,可以用不定 冠词 a/an,如 a bright moon(一轮明月) 。 They planned to send a rocket to the moon. 他们计划向月球发射火箭。
  5. fall [ ] vi. (fell, fallen) 落下;跌落 落下;
[用法点睛 用法点睛] 用法点睛 短语: 短语:fall in love with 爱上(某人或某物) Leaves fall off trees in autumn. 秋天树叶从树上落下。

  6. alone
] adv. 单独地;孤独地 单独地 孤独地
Few people like living alone. 很少有人喜欢单独生活。 拓展: 拓展:alone 也可用作形容词,表示“单独 的;孤独的” ,但不可置于名词前,通常作 表语,与系动词一起构成系表结构。
  7. pet [ ] n. [C] 宠物
[谐音记忆 谐音记忆]拍它 谐音记忆 Do you have a pet? 你有宠物吗?
  8. parrot 鹉 I have a pet parrot. 我有一只宠物鹦鹉。
  9. probably [ ] adv. 大概;或许 大概; [ ] n. [C] 鹦
短语: 短语:very/most probably 很可能 This is probably a good time to take a break. 这或许是个很好的休息时间。 同根词:probable adj.可能的;有望实现的 同根词
  10. go
skating 去滑冰
I’ll probably go skating and swimming every day. 或许我将每天去滑冰或游泳。
请根据汉义快速回顾英文单词。 请根据汉义快速回顾英文单词。
  1. n. [U] 太空;空间 太空;
  2. vt. vi. 飞行
  3. vt. vi. take 的过去式
  4. n. 月球;月亮 月球;
  5. vi. 落下;跌落 落下;
  6. adv. 单独地;孤独地 单独地 孤独地
  7. n. [C] 宠物
  8. n. [C] 鹦鹉
  9. adv. 大概;或许 大概;
  10. 去滑冰
一、请根据英文释义或说明写出单词或短语。 根据英文释义或说明写出单词或短语。 英文释义或说明写出单词或短语
  1. room (空间)
  2. to go to a place by plane
  3. without any other people
  4. past tense (过去式) of take
  5. to go to a place and move on skates
  6. a word used to say something is likely to happen

  7. the round thing that you can see in the sky at night
  8. an animal or bird that you keep and look after at home
  9. a bird that can be taught to speak human language
  10. to move downwards from a higher place to a lower place 根据汉语提示完成句子。 提示 每空一词) 提示: 二、请根据汉语提示完成句子。(提示:每空一词
  1. There is no (月亮) tonight.
  2. Dogs can make very good (宠物).
  3. It (花了) us a year to finish this book.
  4. It’s (或许) the best movie I’ve ever seen.
  5. This (鹦鹉) can speak three languages.
  6. I don’t like going out (单独地) in the evening.
  7. Let’s ( 去 滑 冰 ) this afternoon.
  8. How much (空间) is there on each disk (光 盘)?
  9. The first stop is Shanghai, and from there we’re (飞) on to Beijing.
  10. They (爱上) each other when they first met.

  1. suit [ ] n. [C] 一套衣服;西装 一套衣服;
He is wearing a business suit. 他穿一身职业套装。
  2. able [ ] adj. 能够;有能力的 能够;
短语: be 会做某 短语: able to do 有能力做某事, 事 Will you be able to come? 你能来吗? 辨析:can/be able to 辨析 ①can 只有两种时态形式,现在式 can 和 过去式 could,而 be able to 有多种时态形 式。 ②can 和 be able to 都可以表示“有能力做 某事”,但当表示“成功地做成某事”时, 只能用 was/were able to。
] vt.vi. 穿衣;给某人穿衣 n. [C] 穿衣;
女式长裙 服装; 女式长裙 [U] 服装;礼服 [用法点睛 用法点睛] dress sb. (in sth.) 给某人穿(衣服) be dressed in 穿着,后可接具体衣物,也 可接表示颜色的词。 I dress the children before I go to work.
我上班前给孩子们穿好衣服。 拓展:casual dress 便装;formal dress 礼 拓展 服
  4. casually 地 [构词记忆 casual 构词记忆] (非正式的; 随便的) +ly 构词记忆 (副词后缀) 反义词:formally adv. 正式地 反义词 I spend most of my time in the house with young children, so I dress casually. 我大部分时间都与孩子一起在家度过,所 以着装很随意。
  5. which [ ] pron. 哪个;哪几个 哪个; [ ] adv. 非正式地;随意 非正式地
Which movies will win awards next year? 明年哪些电影会获奖呢?
  6. even [ ] adv. 甚至
[用法点睛 用于加强语气,可用于修饰比 用法点睛] 用法点睛 较级。 I might even keep a pet parrot. 我甚至可以养一只宠物鹦物。
  7. the
World Cup
Would you like to watch the World Cup?
  8. wrote [ ] vt. vi. (write 的过去式) 写;写
字;写作 Grandpa wrote me a letter last week. 上周爷爷给我写了一封信。 拓展: 拓展:written 是 write 的过去分词(注意 双写 t) writing 是 write 的现在分词
  9. myself 我本人 [构词记忆 my 构词记忆] (我的)+self(自己;本身) 构词记忆 短语: 短语:(all) by myself 我独自地 I can look after myself. 我可以照料自己。
  10. interview [ ] n. [C U] 面试;会谈 面试; [ ] pron. 我自己;我自身; 我自己; 自身;
[构词记忆 inter(前缀,意为“相互;彼 构词记忆] 构词记忆 此”)+view(观看),面试时两人就要 相互看着彼此谈话。 短语: 短语:have an interview 有个面试 go for an interview 去参加面试 He has an interview next Thursday for a job on the Los Angeles Times. 他下周将参加 《洛杉机时报》 的工作面试。
请根据汉义快速回顾英文单词。 请根据汉义快速回顾英文单词。
  1. n. [C] 一套衣服
  2. adj. 能够;有能力的 能够;
  3. vt. vi. 穿衣;给某人穿衣 穿衣;
  4. adv. 非正式地;随意地 非正式地
  5. pron. 哪个;哪几个 哪个;
  6. adv. 甚至
  7. 世界杯
  8. vt. vi. (write 的过去式) 写;写字;写作 写字;
  9. pron. 我自己;我自身;我本人 我自己; 自身;
  10. n. [C U] 面试;会谈 面试;
一、请根据英文释义或说明写出单词或短语。 根据英文释义或说明写出单词或短语。 英文释义或说明写出单词或短语
  1. can
  2. put clothes on
  3. not formally(正式地)
  4. the past tense of write
  5. a word you can begin a question with
  6. an international(国际的) football match
  7. a word you use when talking about yourself
  8. a set of clothes made of the same material
  9. to meet with and talk to sb. to find if he is
able to do a job 请根据汉语提示完成句子。 提示 每空一词) 提示: 二、请根据汉语提示完成句子。(提示:每空一词
  1. I do it all (独自地).
  2. He usually wears (便装).
  3. Miss Li (穿着) red.
  4. You know (甚至更少) about it than I do.
  5. Our teacher ( 写 下 ) the answers on the blackboard last period.
  6. Men make so many mistakes when wearing a (西装).
  7. Which country do you think will win (下一届世界杯)?
  8. Here are my DVDs. (哪部电影) do you like best?
  9. He (能够) run out before the house fell.
  10. I asked for (与……会谈) my boss to talk about my future.
第四组 词汇速记

  1. predict [
] vt. 预知;预言 预知;
[构词记忆 pre 构词记忆] (前缀, 表示 “在……之前; 构词记忆 预先)+dict(词根,表示“说”) 在事情发生前预先说的话就是预言。 Predicting the future can be very difficult. 预测未来会很困难。
  2. prediction 测 [构词记忆 predict (预测)+ion(名词后缀) 构词记忆] 构词记忆 I find it very hard to make a prediction. 我发现做出预测很困难。
  3. come [ ] n. [C U] 预言;预
(希望等)实现;达到 希望等)实现; My dream has come true. 我的梦想实现了。

  4. sound
] n. [C U]



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