?”表示 表示。 一、判断下列单词画划部分读音是否相同,用“ √” 或“ ?”表示。(6 分) 判断下列单词画划部分读音是否相同,
  1. rain play ( )
  2. know now ( )
  3. soup soap ( )
  6. south count ( )

  4. class water ( )

  5. when who ( )
二、根据句意完成单词。(10 分) 根据句意完成单词。
  1. There is something wrong with my head. I have a h.
  2. She eats too much hot food, so she has a s t now.
  3. Why are you so h ? Because I have got a new story-book today.
  4. If you’re b , you can come out and play with other children.
  5. My nose h . I feel sick now.
  6. Liu Xiang wins in the Olympic Game. The Chinese people are all e .
  7. W the matter with you ?
  8. How d Mike feel ? Nothing much. Don’t worry .
He is happy, because he is g on a trip.
每空只填一词) 三、根据录音内容填写所缺的单词. (每空只填一词 (10 分) 根据录音内容填写所缺的单词 每空只填一词
  1. Mike is
  2. How does Amy
  3. What’s the
  4. Do you have a
  5. , because his leg ? She’s I have a No, I have a You look so . . . .
with you? ?
are you, Zhang Peng?
四、按要求写句子:( 15 分) 按要求写句子:
  1. He is five.( 对画线部分提问) is he?
  2. She can see two birds in the tree. (对画线部分提问)
can she see in the tree?
  3. The boy can see some flowers on the desk. (改为否定句) The boy flowers on the desk.
  4. I would like something to drink. (改为一般疑问句) like to drink?

  5. They like the picture. (改为一般疑问句) they the picture?
  6. How are you today? (写出答语) 五、根据答句,写出正确的问句。(8 分) 根据答句,写出正确的问句。
  1. A: ? B: I feel sick. ,

  2、Doctor: ? Mike: I have a fever.
  3. A: ? B: Tom is sad today.

  4. A: ? B: I am not fine today. There is something wrong with my head. 六、连词成句。( 分) 连词成句。(10 。(
  1. people , in , some, sick , the , feel , winter (. )

  2. drinks, take, medicine, hot, and, drink, some (. )

  3. so, look , happy , today , you ( . )

  4. do , you , how , flu , have , feel, you, if , the ( ?)

  5. matter, is , with , what, the, John ( ? )
七、选择。(20 分) 选择。 ( )
  1. Amy very sad. What’s wrong her ? A. looks, with ( B. look, with C. looks , to ? He’s bored. C. Where
  2. ? does John feel ? A. What B. How
  3. I’m glad hear that. A. for B. to C. in
  4. John passes the ball Mike. And the ball bounces Mike’s head. A. to, off B. in , on C. to , to
  5. Please stay in bed and drink water. A. / , many B. / , more C. the , much
  6. some medicine and you’ll be soon. A. Have, fine B. Take, well C. Take ,better ? I am better now. C. are, feeling
  7. ? How you feeling ? A. are, feel B. is, feels
  8. The straw man a headache, and the robot tired. A. has is B. have is C. has feeling
  9. I can’t see bread in the box. A. some B. any C. a
  10. Please give some bananas. A. hers B. his C. us
八、短文填空:用所给的单词填空,每词只准用一次(每小题 1 分共 11 分) 短文填空:用所给的单词填空,每词只准用一次(
( cold, better, bed, take, Today, see, sad, doesn’t, can’t, go, come, drink,you ) is Wednesday. Tom is very has a bad him: . He has to and , he go to school. He the doctor. The doctor tells hot drinks. Stay in
some medicine and soon.
for a few days. You will feel
九、阅读,选择正确的答案,并把字母编号写在括号里(10 分) 阅读,选择正确的答案,并把字母编号写在括号里( In winter, the weather is very cold. Some people feel sick in the cold weather. If you don’t wear enough clothes, you will have a cold. How do you feel if you have a cold? You will be very tired. Your head may hurt badly. Your temperature (体温) will be higher than 37℃,then the cold may turn into a fever. But don’t worry if you are sick, go to see a doctor. Take some medicine and stay in bed for a few days. And drink more hot water. Then you will get well soon. ( )
  1. People feel sick in winter because it’s A. warm ( B. cold . .
  2. If you have a cold you will be A. tired. B. happy.
  3. If your temperature is higher than 37℃ you will A. have a cold. B. have a fever. .
  4. If you are sick, you must A. see a doctor.
B. go to school.
is good for you when you’re sick. B. Drinking cold water
A. Drinking hot water.



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