A 卷
Recycle 2
一、按照正确的顺序写出 26 个字母大小写。
二、 、句子连线。
  1、 A: Whose is it?
  2、A:Where is the canteen?
  3、A:What colour are your jeans?
  4、A:Is this a teacher’s desk?
  5、A:Who is the girl?
  6、A:What time is it?
  7、A:Are they socks? that your T?shirt?
  9、A:What colour is it?
  10、A:What are they? 三、写出 6 组反义词。
  4.( )→( )→( ) )
  5.( )→( )→(
B: s on the first floor. It’ B:They are blue. B:She is my sister. B:It’s Amy’s. B:No , it isn’t. B:No, they aren’t. B:It’s two o’clock. B:They are your baby pants B:No, it’s my mother's. B:It’s white.
) )

)→( )→(
) )
四、给下列单词归类。 Light banana blue duck fan watermelon twenty sixty apple 水果 颜色 数字 shoes dress horse green red umbrella jeans twelve rabbit
衣着 动物 生活用品
  1. three thirteen eleven three ten twenty fifteen twelve eight seven
  1. is your this skirt (?)

  2. I like sweater the white ( .)

  3. go to it time is to the school (.)

  4. two
is ( . )

  5. much
how it

  6. I help
七、选择填空。 ( )
  1. Can I wear my new coat? A. Yes, I can’t. ( B. No, you can’t. in Harbin. C. cold B. for B. and B. my B. for B. weather C. at C. are C. your sister C. on C. the weather C. Yes, he can.

  2. It’s hot in Chongqing. But it’s A. rainy B. cloudy go home. my shorts? socks. London. A. to A. is A. Johnny A. in A. it
( ( ( ( ( (

  3. It’s time )
  4. Where )
  5. They are )
  6. It’s rainy

  7. What is like today? )
  8. A.What time
is it? It’s brown. B. What colour your jacket! B. Wear A.It’s 4:00 C. Take off B.At 4:00 C.Is it 4:00 C. How much

  9. It’s warm today. A. Put on

  10. What time is it?



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