PEP 小学六年级英语上册期中试卷
一.根据短文内容回答问题。 Everyone in Mr Brown’s family is busy this weekend.Mr Brown is going to the Bank in the morning.Mrs Brown is going to buy some food.Their daughter Ann is going to finish her homework.Ann’s brother Tom is going to play computer games.And then,thery’re going to visit Ann and Tom’s grandparents in the afternoon.They’re going to go bu subway bucause the Brown’s house is far from theirs.
  1.Is everyone busy on the weekend?
  3.Do Mr and Mrs Brown have two children?
  2.What’s Mr Brown going to do?
  4.Does Tom have a sister?

  5.Are the children going to play in the morning?
  6.How are they going to visit Ann’s grandparents? 二.找出不同类的词: 1 .China ,England ,English
  4. school ,class ,museum 三.按要求改写句子:
  1.We can go to the park on foot.(改成否定句)
  2.I am going to see a picture show.(改成一般疑问句)
  3.Drivers drive on the left side in England. (改成一般疑问句)
  4.My home is far from here. (用 Where 提问)
  2.foot ,bus ,bike
  3.we ,they ,their 5 .buy ,to, get

  5.I go to the shop on foot.(用 how 提问)
  6.You can go by the No.15 bus there.(对划线部分提问)
  7.I go to school on foot.(对划线部分提问)
  8.We are going to play football next week.(变成一般疑问句并做出肯定回
  9.They are going to the Great Wall on Saturday.( 对划线部分提问) 四,根据中文完成下列句子:
  1.我妈妈经常走路去上班.My mother often
  4.你们准备什么时候爬山? 五,选择: ( )
  1.Sarah:How do you go to school? A.I go to school by bus. Jim: . you At the museum,then tonight. climb mountains? .
B.I can go by the No.13 bus.
C.Yes,I do. D.No,I don’t. ( )
  2.Tom:How can I get to the bookstore? A. B. C. D. You go to school by bike. You go to school on foot. You can go by the No.17 bus. You go to work by train. Zhang:
( )
  3.Liu:Excuse me.Where is the library? A. B. C. D. There is a hospital in the middle. No, there isn’t. Yes, there is. It’s in front of the school.
( )4 .Chen :Is your home far from your school? A. C. It’s the post office. Yes, it’s not. B. D.
N ,it’s not far. It’s on the left. Jim:
( )5 .Tom: What are you going to do this afternoon? A. B. C. D. I’m going to the park this afternoon. Yes. Here they are. I’m going to buy a book this afternoon. I go to school by bike.
  1.A:Where are you going ?(science museum) B:
  2.A:What are they going to do tomorrow?(play basketball) B:
  3.A:How does your father go to Canada?(by plane)
  4.A:Where’s your home?(near the park) B:
  5.A:Is she cleaning her room?(Yes) B: 七.把下列单词组合成正确的句子:
  1.near,school,my,the,home,is(?),me,come,now,to,let,you,tell (?)
  3.a,teacher,I,day,science,want,one,to,be (?)
  4.some,I,plants,need (?)
  5.a,at,see,2 o’clock,you (?) 八,排列顺序: A.Take the No.17 bus. B.Walk east for three minutes. C.Find the white building on the left. D.Start from the bus stop in front of our school. E.Get off at the post office. → → → →



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