PEP 四年级上英语期末测试 I. 按字母顺序写出 26 个字母的大小写。 个字母的大小写。

A. My friend likes sports. B. I likes sports. C. My friend like sports. )
  2、当你想告诉别人你喜欢画画时: 、当你想告诉别人你喜欢画画时: A. I like painting. B. I likes painting.
II.为单词选出正确的译文。 为单词选出正确的译文。 为单词选出正确的译文 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) )
  2.strong )
  3.thin ) )
  5.shelf )
  6.chair )
  7.friend )
  8.bed )
  9.desk ) A.电脑 电脑 A.矮的 矮的 A.这个 这个 A.照片 照片 A.她的 她的 A.鸡肉 鸡肉 A.朋友 朋友 A.书包 书包 A.鸭子 鸭子 A 照片 B.来 来 B.棒极了 棒极了 B.瘦的 瘦的 B.也 也 B.书架 书架 B.头发 头发 B.书架 书架 B.床 床 B.门 门 B.电话 电话 C. 水 C.健壮的 健壮的 C.他的 他的 C.电话 电话 C.她 她 C.椅子 椅子 C.冰箱 冰箱 C.蜜蜂 蜜蜂 C.桌子 桌子 C. 家 (
C. My friend likes painting. ( 有大眼睛和小嘴巴时: )
  3、当你想告诉别人 Zhang Peng 有大眼睛和小嘴巴时: 、 A. B. C. Zhang Peng has big eyes and a small mouths. Zhang Peng have big eyes and a small mouth. Zhang Peng has big eyes and a small mouth.
  4. 当别人问你 What would you like?时,你怎么回答 当别人问你: 你怎么回答: 时 你怎么回答 A.I like B. I’d like some noodles. C.Yes,I am.

  5、当你想告诉你妈妈你有一个新朋友时: 、当你想告诉你妈妈你有一个新朋友时: A. B. C. Mom, I have a new friend. Mom, I have a new friends. Mom, I has a new friend.
III.补充字母 完成单词。 补充字母,完成单词 补充字母 完成单词。 d_ _ k b_ y p_ n p_ nc_ l
V.单项选择 选择正确的答案完成下列对话。 单项选择,选择正确的答案完成下列对话 单项选择 选择正确的答案完成下列对话。
?_ _ l
st_ d_ nt
t _ _ cher r_ _ m
h_ m _ r_ l_ r
_ a? b_ _ k

  1、我国的国旗是什么颜色? 、我国的国旗是什么颜色? A、black 、 B、red 、
IV. 根据情景选择句子。 根据情景选择句子。 ( )
  1. 当你想告诉别人你的朋友喜欢体育运动时 当你想告诉别人你的朋友喜欢体育运动时:
  2. Chen Jie:Who’s he? ? John:
A.He’s Mike. (
B. He likes English. C. He has short hair.
  3. Chen Jie:What’s her name? : John: A.His name is Amy. B.My name is Amy. C.Her name is Amy. A B C D

  1. She is a Chinese girl.She is tall and thin. She has long hair and big eyes.She likes painting. Who’s she? She is. B.No,it isn’t. C.No,they aren’t.
  2. He is my friend.He is short. He has a big eyes and a big mouth. He likes sports C.Yes, they are. Who’s he? He is .
  3. She has long hair and a small mouth. She likes music. Who is she? She is .
  4. He is my best friend. He has big eyes and small ears. He likes computer games. Who is he? He is
  4.Sarah:Is this your classroom? Chen Jie: A.Yes,it isn’t.
  5.Are they in the desk? A. No,it isn’t. B.No,they are.
选择正确的答句,将其字母序号写在题前括号内 Ⅵ.选择正确的答句 将其字母序号写在题前括号内。 选择正确的答句 将其字母序号写在题前括号内。 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.Can I help you? )
  1. What’s his name? )
  2.Are they on the table? )
  3.I have a new room. )
  4.Boy or girl? )
  5.What would you like? )
  6.How much is the plate? A. No, they aren’t. B.I have a new room,too. , C.I’d like some hot dogs. D.His name is Zhang Peng. E. Yes. Pass me a spoon, please. F. It’s ?
  15. G. A girl.
读一读, Ⅶ.读一读,选择人物。 读一读 选择人物。



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