Listening Part (听力部分 听力部分 听力部分) I. Listen and circle.(听录音,圈出正确答案)10 % (听录音,圈出正确答案)
II. Listen and choose.(听音,选择)10% (听音,选择) ( )
  1. A. Mike is taller than Lee. Lee is taller than Sue. B. Mike is shorter than Lee. Sue is shorter than Lee. C. Mike is taller than Lee, but shorter than Sue. ( )
  2. A. She had a fever last night. B. She had a fever last weekend. ( C. No, she didn't.

  3. A. John went to the cinema yesterday afternoon. B. John went to the cinema yesterday morning. C. John went to the cinema with Wu Yifan yesterday afternoon.

  4. A. Amy is at school today. C. Amy went hiking last weekend.
B. Amy had a cold.

  5. A. She is going to see pandas.
B. She saw pandas.
C. She sees pandas. III. Listen and fill in the blanks.(听音,填空)10% (听音,填空)
  1. The green bag is than the blue one.
  2. What's with you? My leg.
  3. Last Sunday, I basketball my friends in the morning and good food in the afternoon.
  4. did you go on your holiday? I went .
Writing Part (笔试部分 笔试部分) 笔试部分 I. Look and choose.(请你为下列图片选择正确的词组)10% (请你为下列图片选择正确的词组)
II. Read and tick or cross.(读句子,判断正 ) (读句子,判断正“√”,误 “×”)10% ,
( ( (

  1. She has the flu. )
  3. Chen Jie went skiing on her holiday.
( (

  2. John went swimming last Saturday. )
  4. Amy watered the flowers yesterday. .

  5. John climbed a mountain last summer holid
III. Read and choose.(读一读,选择正确答句)
  10% (读一读,选择正确答句) % ( )
  1. How are you, Mike? You look so. It's raining outside. I can't play football. A. happy B. excited C. sad

  2.Sam is 160cm tall. Ted is 10cm shorter than him. How tall is Ted? A. 150cm B. 160cm C. 170cm

  3.What's the matter? My leg . A. hurts B. sore C. is hurts

  4.did you go on your holiday? Shanghai. A. What A. take B. Where B. took C. How C. taking

  5.Did you pictures yesterday?
IV. Read and choose.(读一读,选择正确答句)
  10% (读一读,选择正确答句) %
( )
  1. Does she teach math? ( )
  2. How tall are you? ( )
  3. How do you feel? ( )
  4. What did you do last weekend? ( )
  5. How did you go to Xinjiang on your holiday? ( )
  6. What day is it today? ( )
  7. Where did you go yesterday? ( )
  8. Is she playing the violin now? ( )
  9. May I come in? ( )
  10. When is your birthday?
V. Look and answer.(看图回答问题)
  10% (看图回答问题) %
A. I am 160 cm tall. B. I feel sick. C. I went to Xinjiang by bus. D. Yes, she does. E. I visited my grandparents. F. It's Wednesday. G. It's on January 1st. H. Come in, please. I. I went to Shanghai yesterday. J. Yes, she is.

  1. Who is taller than John?


  2. How does the woman feel?

  3. What did she do last night?
  4. How did you go to Hangzhou on your holiday?
  5. What is Mike going to do this weekend? VI. Reading.(阅读短文,按要求完成题目)
  10% 短文, (阅读短文 按要求完成题目) % Hi, I'm Jenny. Last weekend I visited my uncle and aunt in Hangzhou. I went there by bus. I got to Hangzhou at about 10:00 in the morning. Then my aunt, my cousinTony and I took a taxi to the West Lake(西湖). We went there quickly because my uncle is the taxi driver. We rowed the boat on the lake. Then we went to the Taiziwan Park on foot. It was a hot day. The sun was shining in the sky. We felt hot and hungry. We sat under a big tree and had our lunch. We ate bread, orange juice, hamburger, milk and some bananas. Tony saw a fish in the water. So we fed (feed,喂养) the fish with bread. More and more fish swam to us and opened their mouths. We fed them. We were very happy that day.
  1. 根据短文内容,判断正误。(正确的打“√”,错误的打“×”) ( ( ( ) (
  1) Tony lives in Hangzhou. ) (
  3) They had lunch under a big tree. ) (
  5) Jenny's father is a taxi driver. ( ( ) (
  2) Jenny went to the West Lake by train. ) (
  4) They fed fish in Taiziwan Park.

  2. 根据短文内容,给下列句子排序。 ( ( ( ) Jenny went to the Taiziwan park. ) Jenny took a taxi. ) Jenny fed the fish. ( ( ) Jenny went to the West Lake. ) Jenny took a bus.
VII. Writing.(请根据文字提示,续写短文)10% (请根据文字提示,续写短文) Last weekend, Amy's family were very busy.



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   六年级期末模拟试题 班级 姓名 得分 听力测试: 听力测试:(30 分) 一、听录音,选出你所听到的词汇(10 分) 听录音,选出你所听到的词汇 ( ( ( ( ( )1 )2 )3 )4 )5 A、smaller A、toothache A、yesterday A、dance A、took B、shorter B、headache B、weekend B、danced B、did C、stronger C、matter C、last year C、do C、swim D、sad D、mad ...


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   2010~2011 学年度第一学期小学六年级英语科 阶段测试题(Unit3) 阶段测试题(Unit3) (50 一、攻读单词。 50 分) 攻读单词。 ( 英汉互译。 (10 1.英汉互译。 10 分) ( 英文译中文: (5 (1)英文译中文: 5 分) ( tonight tomorrow busy together magazine buy need shop cinema noon 中文译英文: (5 (2)中文译英文: 5 分) ( 去旅行 长城 主题公园 下个周末 明信片 词典 ...


   PEP 小学英语六年级下册 乌迳镇中心小学雷小莲备 备课时间: 备课时间: 2011 年 2 月 20 日第 1 课时 课 题 教 学 目 标 授课时间 Unit 1 How tall are you? 1 知识 目标: 目标: 周 星期 总课时 课 New lesson 型 教学 重点 教学 难点 教学 用具 能够听、说、读、写形容词的比较形式:taller, stronger, older, 能够听、 写形容词的比较形式: younger 和 shorter.能够用句型:I’m…… 能够 ...


   南村乡中六年级英语(下册)基础测试 南村乡中六年级英语(下册)基础测试 姓名 班级 第一单元 一、单词、词组。 (英汉互译)30 更高的 更矮的 更强壮的 年龄更大的 更年轻的 更滑稽的 更大的 更重的 更长的 更瘦的 更小的 脚(复数) centimeter than little think kilogram tail size wear meter each squid ton lobster shark deep sperm whale killer whale seal 二、a.写 ...


   PEP 四会单词词汇表 四年级上册 1.bag 包 肉 2.bed 床 3.beef 牛肉 4.book 书 5.boy 男孩 6.bread 面包 7.brother 兄弟 8.chair 椅子 9.chicken 鸡 课桌 12.doctor 医生 13.door 门 14.driver 司机 15.egg 鸡蛋 16.farmer 鱼 19.friend 朋友 20.girl 女孩 21.home 家 22.milk 牛奶 23.mother 母亲 24.pen 10.classroo ...



   2011 2011 年高考英语语法精要讲解 名词 1、在句子里使用名词应注意的问题 名词的数:单数、复数和不可数; 名词的格:通格和属格 (’s ) 名词的限定: 特指、 泛指、 数量和习惯用法, 即名词前加冠词或其它限定词,例如:some, many , this, my 等 2、名词的数和单位词 1)复型名词 + 复数动词 The trousers are too big for me. Please show me the smaller pair. 备用词: shoes, stock ...


   英语报刊常用术语 acredited journalist n. 特派记者 advertisment n.广告 . [/size] advance n.预发消息;预写消息 affair(e) n.桃色新闻;绯闻>> anecdote n.趣闻轶事 assignment n.采写任务>> attribution n. 消息出处,消息来源 back alley news n. 小道消息>> backgrounding n.新闻背景 Bad news trave ...


   新目标八年级英语下全册短语归纳 Unit 1 Will people have robots? 1. in the future 在将来 2. live to (be) … years old 活到……岁 3. in 100 years 一百年后 4. free time 空闲时间 5. talk about 谈论,谈及,谈到 6. high school 高中 7. computer programmer 电脑程序员 8. space station 太空站 9. fall in love ...


   初二英语复习题( 初二英语复习题(一) 一、根据句意和首字母完成单词 1、He is very strong because he often e xercises. 2、Jim goes to see his parents t wice a week. 3、I like the TV p rogram on CCTV-10. 4、She’s h ardly ever late for school. 5、Here are the r esults of his survey. 6、He ...


   分的超详细经验(我是个英语弱者, 三个月复习考研英语得 84 分的超详细经验(我是个英语弱者,师弟师妹问我经验我实 在就只有教训,那么把这个成功的经验介绍给大家吧,沪江论坛里的一个强人的方法, 在就只有教训,那么把这个成功的经验介绍给大家吧,沪江论坛里的一个强人的方法, 有一定的普遍意义) 有一定的普遍意义) 2010-03-08 18:49 | (分类:默认分类) 考研是从 10 月份开始准备,国庆后才开始买资料复习,从头到尾一共可能就三 个月多点的时间, 不过从一开始我就坚信自己会有一套 ...