PEP 小学英语六年级上册期末试卷(一) 小学英语六年级上册期末试卷( 期末试卷
一、听录音,选出你听到的单词或词组。听两遍。(10 分) 听录音,选出你听到的单词或词组。听两遍。 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. walk )
  2. A. month )
  3. A. parents )
  4. A. shopping centre )
  5. A. play )
  6. A. write )
  7. A. 8:15 )
  8. A. there )
  9. A. better )
  10. A. go shopping B. work B. mouth B. presents B. sports meeting B. plane B. light B. 8:45 B. their B. letter B. go camping C. world C. mouse C. present C. singing concert C. plan C. night C. 9:15 C. they're C. let C. go climbing
( 二、听问句,找答句,将编号写在括号里。本题读两遍。 10 分) 听问句,找答句,将编号写在括号里。本题读两遍。
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

  1.A. I go at 7:
  30. )
  2.There is one. )
  3.A. Yes, I do. )
  4.A. White.
B. I go by bus. B. There are two. B. Yes, he does. B. Red.
C. We go by bus. C. There are three. C. No, he isn’t. C. Yellow. C. Yes, I do. C. Fine. C. Thank you. C. I go there by taxi.

  5.A. No, he doesn’t. B. Yes, he is. )
  6.A. Five yuan. )
  7.A. Sure. )
  8.A. I get up at 6:
  30. )
  9.A. It’s windy. )
  10.A. Yes, we do. B. Five. B. OK!
B. I go to bed at 10:
B. It’s Friday. C. It’s fall. B. We can go by bus. C. Yes, we can.
听音,选择。 (5 三. 听音,选择。 分) ( A B C D E
东莞至河南物流线路 东莞至湖北物流线路 东莞至广西物流线路 东莞至陕西物流线路 东莞至湖南物流线
( 听音, 四. 听音,补

( )
对话 缺
单词。 ( 单词。 10 分) ? ! Go from . Then .
Amy: How do we go to the Chen: We can go __ It’s next to the Amy: No! Wait a minute. It’s a
. Come on! Let’s go! !
五、听短文,判断所给句子是否与内容一致,一致写“T” 否则写“F” 本题读两 听短文,判断所给句子是否与内容一致,一致写“ ” 否则写“ ” , 。 遍。 10 分) (
( ( ( ( ( )
  1.Jim goes to school at 6:
  30. )
  2.His home is not far from his school. )
  3.He has classes at 7:
  30. )
  4.He has lunch at home. )
  5.He goes home at 5:
听音,根据听到的对话给 六. 听音,根据听到的对话给 ( )
  1. Zhang Peng is going to visit A. his grandparents ( )
  2. Zhang Peng is going by A. bus ( )
  3. Mike is going to buy a A. story-book (
各句选择 各句选择
。(5 分) .
B. his aunt . B. bike
C. classmates
C. subway
in the Science Bookstore. B. dictionary C. post card . C. the post office . C. dinner
  4. Zhang Peng’s grandparents live next to A. the Science Bookstore B. the subway station
  5. Mike and Zhang Peng are going after A. breakfast B. lunch
东莞至河南物流线路 东莞至湖北物流线路 东莞至广西物流线路 东莞至陕西物流线路 东莞至湖南物流线
笔试 下面各组单词 七. 选 下面各组单词 划线 ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. / i: / )
  2. / I / )
  3. / e / )
  4. / ? / )
  5. / ?: / A. tree A. pig A. get A. plane A. father 读 与给 B. beat B. bike B. me B. cat B. car 标 C. tea C. dish C. zest C. fan C. bank (10 分) 个。 ( D. red D. pin D. seven D. apple D. mask
八、按要求写单词。(10 分) 按要求写单词。(10 。(
  1. different(名词)
  2. no(同音词)
  3. many(同义词)
  4. buy(过去式)
(10 分) 九、选择题。 选择题。 (

  6. let’s(完整形式)
  7. he(宾格)
  8. touch(第三人称单数)
  9. there(反义词)

  1. Are there apples on the table? A. any B. a C. some D. the

  2. I live England my parents. A. and; in B. with; at C. in; with

  3. My birthday is June. A.on B. in C. at

  4. only bread and some oranges on the table. A. There are B. There is C. There aren’t D. There isn’t

  5. Su Hai wants to take . A. some photoes B. some photos C. any photos

  6. My father likes music after lunch . A. listening to B. listen to C. listen

  7. It’s very late. Let go to bed. A. her B. she C. he

  8. Helen is looking her book.
东莞至河南物流线路 东莞至湖北物流线路 东莞至广西物流线路 东莞至陕西物流线路 东莞至湖南物流线
A. to (
B. for
C. up
D. between.
  9. Your book is under the chair. Please . A. pick it B. pick up it C. pick it up - . C. All right.
  10.-Happy birthday to you! A . Nice to see you.
B. Thank you.
按要求完成下面的句子。 九. 按要求完成下面的句子。(10 分)
  1. Drivers drive on the right side in China. (改为一般疑问句)

You can take the No.8 bus to go there.

My mother goes to the park every week. (用 next week 代替 every week 改句子)

Mr White and Miss Black is going to have a picnic.(改错句)

Look before you leap.(翻译句子)
十一. 十一 阅读 (10 分)
对话, 对话, 断对话

(T)误(F)并 图 标 各 误 并

This is a classroom. You can see some boys and girls in it. Do you know the boy in a black and white T-shirt? His name is Jim. He sits beside the window. The boy behind Jim is Liu Lin. He is a Chinese boy. He likes stamps. He has many Chinese stamps. The girl next to him is Lucy. She is English. Her twin sister is Lily. They are in the same row but they are in different groups(组). Look at the girl in red dress. She is Li Ying. She sits between Jim and Helen. She is Helen’s good friend. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Jim sits beside the window. )
  2. Liu Lin sits behind Jim. )
  3. Lily sits next to Liu Lin. )
  4. Lucy and Lily are in the same row. )
  5. Li Ying sits between Jim and Helen.
东莞至河南物流线路 东莞至湖北物流线路 东莞至广西物流线路 东莞至陕西物流线路 东莞至湖南物流线
东莞至河南物流线路 东莞至湖北物流线路 东莞至广西物流线路 东莞至陕西物流线路 东莞至湖南物流线
一、听录音,选出你听到的单词或词组。听两遍。 (10 分)
  1. They don’t work at the weekends.
  2. There is a cat running after a big mouse.
  3. I often go to the park with my parents after supper.
  4. There is a singing concert in our school.
  5. I can play the violin.
  6. Turn on the light, please.
  7. It’s a quarter to nine now.
  8. They’re farmers.
  9. He wants to do better, but does not know how.
  10. We often go climbing. 二、听问句,找答句,将编号写在括号里。本题读两遍。 (10 分)
  1.How do you go to school, Sarah?
  2.How many traffic lights are there in every country?
  3.Do you go to the park by bike?
  4.Which light means “Wait”?
  5.Is your father a driver?
  6.How are you?
  7.Can I go on foot?
  8.When do you go to bed?
  9.What day is it today?
  10.Can you go shopping by bus? 三.听音,选择。 Teacher: Amy: Teacher: Mike: Teacher: How do you go to school, Amy? I usually go to school on foot, because my home is near. What about you, Mike? My home is near, too. So I usually go to school by bike. That’s fine. How do you go to school, Sally?
东莞至河南物流线路 东莞至湖北物流线路 东莞至广西物流线路 东莞至陕西物流线路 东莞至湖南物流线
Sally: Teacher:
I go to school by car, because my father has a car. What about you, Zhang Peng?
Zhang: I go to school by bus, because it’s cheap. Teacher: Peter: Do you go to school by bus too, Peter? No, I don’t go to school by bus. I go to school by subway, because it’s fast. 四.听音,补充下面对话中缺少的单词。 Amy: How do we go to the bookstore? Chen: We can go by bike! Go straight from here. Then turn right.
It’s next to the hospital. Come on! Let’s go! Amy: No! Wait a munute. It’s a red light! 五、听短文,判断所给句子是否与内容一致,一致写“T” ,否则写“F” 。本题 读两遍。 (10 分) Jim is a Primary School Student. He goes to school at 6:
  20. His school is near his home. Go straight and turn right at the bookstore. You can see it. He has classes at 7:30 in the morning . He has lunch at school. He has two classes in the afternoon. He goes home at five o’clock. 六.听音,根据听到的对话给下面各句选择正确的答案。 Mike: What are you going to do this afternoon? Zhang: I’m going to visit my grandparents. Mike: How do you get there? Zhang: I get there by subway. Mike: Where do they live? Zhang: Their home is next to the Science Bookstore. I turn left at the traffic lights in front of the subway station, then go straight. Their home is on the left. Mike: I’m going to the Science Bookstore this afternoon! I want to buy a dictionary. Zhang: Let’s go together after lunch.
东莞至河南物流线路 东莞至湖北物流线路 东莞至广西物流线路 东莞至陕西物流线路 东莞至湖南物流线
听力部分答案 听力部分答案 一. BCACA BBCAC 二. BCACB CABBC 三. BADCE 四. bookstore by bike red light 五. × √ √ × √ 六. A C B A B 笔试部分答案 七. DBBAC 八.
  5.I will
  6.let us
  10.twelfth 九.ACBBB AABCB straight here turn right hospital
十.⒈ Do drivers drive on the right side in China? ⒉ How can I go there? ⒊ My mother is going to the park next week. ⒋ Mr White and Miss Black are going to have a picnic. 三思而后行。 ⒌ 三思而后行。 十一. 十一.√ √ × √ √
东莞至河南物流线路 东莞至湖北物流线路 东莞至广西物流线路 东莞至陕西物流线路 东莞至湖南物流线



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