小学英语六年级下册期末检测题( PEP 小学英语六年级下册期末检测题(三) 班级 姓名 等级
一、下列每组单词中,有一个与所给单词不同类,将其序号填入题前括号内。 ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. panda )
  2. one )
  3. white )
  4. banana )
  5. piano A. tiger A. three A. red A. peach A. guitar B. ruler B. door B. brown B. plane B. blouse C. zebra C. seven C. skirt C. pear C. violin
二、选择正确答案,将其序号填入题前括号内。 ( )
  1.--I usually get up seven o’clock in the morning. A .at ( B. on C. of --Thirty-five yuan, please. C. How old

  2.-- is the coat? A .How B. How much

  3. The brown cat is as as the black cat. A .fat B. fatter C. thinner

  4.-- Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the Garden Cinema? -- Let me see. You can bus No.
  5. A .by B. take C. go

  5. --Are there any students in the classroom? -- Yes, there are students in the classroom. A .any B. some C. a

  6.--David is playing basketball in the playground.
A .a (
B. the
C. \

  7.--have two storybooks, but Helen four. A .has B. have C. had

  8. ?She English three years ago. A. learn B. learning C learned

  9.--Happy Day! Here some flowers you. A. Teacher’s; is ; to B Teachers’; are; for C. Teachers’; are;
to ( )
  10. -Helen is talking her parents her birthday party. A. to; about ( B. about; in C. with; for

  11.?My sister a book now. A. reads B. read c. is reading

  12.--The first day of the week is . A. Sunday B. Monday c. Saturday

  13.--It’s time lunch. A. to B. for C. have

  14.--Is there water in the bottles? A. some B. any C. a
)15 I will say goodbye to my friend, so I`m
A happy B excited C sad 三、根据要求写出所给单词的适当形式 three (序数 ) heavy(比较级) right ( 反义词)
do ( 三单)
thin (比较级)
those (单数)
have(过去式) my(名词性物主代词)
  1.?My mother is going on a trip without me ,so I am s. 2 What’s the mwith you ? I have a f.
  3.How his he ? He is 45kg.
  4.?We r a boat yesterday.
  5. My throat is s. My nose h.
6 He likes (踢) football .
  7. Last Friday I (吃)good food.
  8. His tail is (长)than the rabbit’s. 五. 连词成句。 1 are,we,going,this,weekend.

  4. you, did,books,read?
  5.last,weekend,Wu Yifan,was,busy. 六、情景对话 (A) Mike:Hello,Wang Ming.1 Wang Ming: I went to the park last Saturday. M:2
W:I went there on foot .I like flying a kite there.3 M:No,I like seeing flowers there.4 W:Yes,I had a good time there. A.Did you have a good time there? B.Where did you go last Saturday? C.How did you go there? (B) ( ( ( ( ( D. Do you like doing it,too ?
  1.What’s the matter with you?
_)2 Where are you from? )3 When did you go to Xinjiang? )
  4. Is it a panda? )
  5. How was your holiday?
A.It was great. B. I have a fever C.I’m from America.D.Yes,it is E Last year 七、读理解。 Jack is a teacher of English. He is not young, but he is not old. He has a round face and a big nose. He is tall. There are fifty students in his class. They all like him. Now it’s in the afternoon. Look, some students are working in the classroom. Jack is there, too. He’s helping them to study English. He is a good teacher, and he is a good friend of them all. ( )
  1. What dose Jack do? A. He is a worker. ( B. He’s a teacher. C. He’s a doctor. D. He’s nurse.
  2. What dose he look like? A. He has a round face and a big nose and he is tall. C. He has a small nose. B. He is short and fat.
D. He has a long face.
  3. How many students are there in his class? A. There’s fifteen students in his class. C. He has fifteen. B. There’s fifteen.
D. There are fifty in it.
  4、What are the students doing in the classroom? A. They are working there. B. They’re doing their lessons. D. They’re good friends of Jack.
C. They’re helping their teacher. ( )
  5、Is Jack a good teacher?
A. Yes, he does. B. No, he isn't.
C. Yes, he is.
D. No, he doesn't.
八.以 last weekend 为题目,写一篇小短文。



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